This is NOT levelling up…

The silly huff-puff nonsense administration of Boris Johnson in his onward and downward insistence of removing the twenty quid boost for people on benefits here on the UK is stingy in the extreme, Dickensian and mean to excess. It deserves to be on a list of queerly named characters that by their mere pronounciation spell ‘hard times’.

So who are these people in Cabinet that so sincerely appreciate the day to day and hour to hour existence of the poor, I mean ‘the poor folk at the bottom’ that can only hope at best to scrape along, or to survive for another twenty four hours but know fine well they imbibe nothing of any decent nuitrition and overall are ‘going down’. No bloody wonder we have beggars in our cities, what else are they supposed to do !

Lets look at a few of these considerate and understanding folk, with life experience to stand them in good stead; in no particular order …

Boris Johnson …

Kwasi Kwarteng …

Nadhim Zahawi …

I’m choosing at random, I applaud their achievements and opportunities in education, but I still question their ability to realise the nerve-frying insult to stop £20 a week. The above are all very wealthy, possessing considerable capital, they have confidence, unfazed by what tomorrow may throw at them. Even the less advantaged are drunk on power, witness Prit Patel, callous indeed and of such modest beginnings.


Sorry, but I am very very sceptical.

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