I cannot believe…

That someone was stupid enough to bring live ie with lead projectile ammunition onto a movie set.

Whoever supplied ‘the props’ I’m assuming lets say the armourer I would assume should NEVER leave his house / HQ with anything other than crimped dummies. There should never have been anything in his vehicle other than dummies … hey folks its a movie set he or she is going to … no-one requires any lead.

Baldwin and the other top brass cannot be blamed or held liable for this surely, they hire folk supposedly savvy in this area, the hired individual carries the can …. IMHO.

When an ordinary person expects and assumes and the ‘expert’ fails them, then its the expert at fault. We pay them for this expertise and their role of supply, but also they accept liability of any failure in this service surely.

My heart goes out to Alec Baldwin, the cast, the family of the deceased.

But please those looking for $ compensation be cautious, be mindful, money is not the remedy.


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