A sickening time of year…

To see food piled so high at supermarkets when a significant part of the world is troubled and starving, this is hard for me to …. stomach.

The poor folk of Afghanistan and the Yemen, etc would indeed be sickened to witness such gluttony. My view of how the Yanks and the Brits pulled out of Afghanistan is its tantamount to a war crime.

I think all of society already knows web addiction is a real and present difficulty, so what do kids receive around now, an avalanche of laptops, tablets, i-phones, xbox and games. Oh dear!

I know of a couple of kids that their greatest gift would be to receive some quality time with an intelligent adult, but they’ll never receive that!

Those without friends or family of any sort find it difficult I’m sure, to wonder what the heck this annual ‘spendathon’ is all about?

Me…. I’d perhaps be better with one of my pet dogs from years ago, thereby able to enjoy being in the countryside, but thats all dead and gone literally. Photographs are a useful reminder how active we were, the wonderful places where we could really soak up being in nature, gain intimate knowledge. Luckily I’m quite work orientated again and increasingly see this as a means to counter the effects of old age. It doesn’t seem a good idea to retire people as we do, mine is more a hobby activity in it is light manual, provides satisfaction and self esteem. Luckily I can say until its the very end I’ll always have the need to be dextrous and to get things done. Luckily also my house is lined with books, so many immediately triggering memories and pleasant associations of knowledge and things revealed; likewise a not small garden filled mostly with things grown as cuttings, everywhere I turn in my life there is abundance and things to engender a lively mind.

So basically Christmas can sod off.

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