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Interesting how my older blogposts attract zero enquiry according to my stats here at wordpress. Maybe we/ I are wasting our time at this onscreen activity?

Anyway, Boris Johnson has pulled another master-stroke to match his Prorogation of Parliament in that the pending Sue Gray report has been totally emasculated by the newer police investigation. A master stroke of simplicity yet a resultant total obfuscation of getting at the facts!! Well done Boris, playing to expected form as usual!!

ie “I report that *** something happened at *** a certain address concerning certain *** individuals but unfortunately *** certain facts said and unsaid cannot be mentioned ! ”

What an utter heap of B/S !!!

You could not make this up, beyond any plausable fiction, but there it is laid out bare for all to see, or not see!

This is censorship of the highest order or perhaps the burial of facts and liability re drinking and socialising in covid times whilst ‘ornery folk suffered massively at correctly interpreting the words and rules of our so-called masters. Wow … were we taken for fools!!! Admittedly and this is how it will pan out is that the good folk at no.10 appear socially distanced in that garden (lucky too, looks very pleasant) and they kept to their work bubble. Yet its the draconian measures levied to everyone else that galls.

I’m sick of hearing endlessly on bbc r4 last week how ‘The Sue Gray Report’ will be a no punches pulled ‘as it is’ hard reality, how she is such a respected and incisive Civil Servant. Bah humbug, puff and bluster as Boris full on would term it… its been utterly ‘throttled’ as per strangled to death. What a waste of resources, news reporting airtime and general gas lighting.

We have climate change, we have (predictably) rampant inflation and the poor are getting poorer and these pointless Boris induced shenanigans are what occupies the time of Parliament and media news coverage. As my dad would say…”They couldn’t organise a p***-up in a brewery”.

Boris strikes again huh. We also hear all last week again on bbc r4 at ‘how much’ Boris has achieved, again this to my mind is a total misnomer. All he has done is tread water so to speak, made Brexit happen regardless of the slow dripping cost over the coming decades and most certainly made the poor poorer (and more anxious).

Yet Boris ‘n Co trundle out the feelgood message of ‘levelling up’ at every opportunity, we know fine well this is all merely window dressing, is hype and actual fact will amount to very little or nothing. I can see them all in a huddle rehearsing this months latest mantra, “We say this we say this – yeah yeah yeah – we got it!”…. all posh boys with low attention spans until the next mantra comes along. I fear it could end up as the proverbial London bus if they’re not careful, you wait ages and all of a sudden two come along together!

Clever kid Boris uh … and what are his qualifications? Not many really … privelige, a posh elite education and Editor of the posh mag ‘Spectator’ …. come on Britain … get real!

And co-hort Rishi who is as ever divorced from the real world and the needs and struggle of the poor now wants to screw the poor as hard as he can, remember he took back the twenty quid a week from the poorest but having scattered money far and wide as ‘loans’ to businesses or any limping business in sight that now have surprise surprise now declared themselves bust and no longer able to pay back their extraordinary naive loans from Rishi. What sort of world do these over-priveliged kids think is out there?

You know when you are poor when you are not only cold but also hungry, when you are in fear of your Landlord due to misguided policy these last thirty plus years of allowing rampant buy to let and throttling to near zero Local Authority housebuilding and theres no chance of a job. We have not achieved progress thats for sure.

We are also told money is now to be taken as additional income tax (again the ordinary will pay, the slick and dubious IR35 tax dodgers again slither out of sight) … for the NHS to clear the backlog, but as is often stated, it takes many years to train and qualify people to do this task, it cannot be turned off and on like a tap

I have no problem with a penny or two of higher tax, I must be the last man in England to deliberately and wilfully retain sole trader status even after forty years of self employment, I quite happilly contribute to the system. I think the IR35 loophole is the hole in the bucket of tax collection.

Con-man bluster-fool Boris needs to be held accountable, his array of courtiers and sycophants need to be brought in, to be reined in. I never thought I would b thankful for Dominic Cummings.

History will judge him badly, inept, out of his depth, a blustering fool. As per a First World War General of the worst sort.

postscript, things aren’t quite right in this world. We read now that the murderers installed in the British army will no longer ever be held accountable by a new ruling, or more precisely be held to account for the 108 live rounds fired on Bloody Sunday (the second such day termed Bloody Sunday after the first mayhem of the Black n Tans in 1920) of 1972 in Derry. Soldier ‘F’ I think the stats declare killed two and injured five others, no way should this paratrooper be not rewarded with jail time.

But why is it ‘the Establishment’ does all it can to obfuscate and move so slow for those rampant paratroopers to never have to pay the price? These were live rounds remember on UK soil. I listened to the Peter Taylor 25th Jan ’22 radio broadcast, interesting interviews, particularly chilling being the manner and response from the Para CO.

copyright 2022

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