A poor performance by Boris.

I just wonder if he has early stages dementia, and I am quite serious about this question.

Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for the peculier mention of Jimmy Saville whilst at crossed swords debate in the House and gives no valid reason to drag this irrelevant point into the harangue; merely to hurt the Opposition Leader, to stab Sir Keir Starmer; this by any standards was brainless, ignorant and cruel. All he need do is apologise and admit the situation, the heat overcame him, but his ongoing waffly obfuscation since then and somehow pretending there was any justification for this most awful blunder compounds his hurt, his damage and what little is left of his credibility. To anyone, it looks bad, a despicable act.

This last few days have been shameful in those that are now defending Boris, hearing Kwasi Kwarteng this weekend was particularly dire, Kwasi insisting the vaccine roll-out and fight against covid was plainly the achievement of Boris Johnson, others have voiced how he was near death and his epic battle to fight it, he pulled through, etc etc! I could practically hear ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ start to play in the background! Embarrassing how Kwasi Kwarteng can stoop so low, this would fit more with Russia and China than the UK.

As blogged previously I’m horrified how these sad blind unfortunate so called supporters are insistent on voicing what are supposedly a ‘list of achievements’ of Boris Johnson, utter humbug. I beg to differ and would say his REAL list of achievements makes for very sad reading and worst of all we have to live with the real world consequences of it all, ask any ordinary working person; Rishi Sunak likewise equally in my mind not so clever as so many would have us pretend, history will not be kind to them.

Where is objective clear thinking and accountability?

Lets list top of my head the dastardly acts of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak et al ….

  • Peroguing of Parliament (actually now seen as illegal).
  • Pushing through Brexit which again is disastrous, for decades we will hurt from this. It will hit precisely those businesses comprising ordinary working people, growers, manufacturers.
  • Blind to the impracticality of the Northern Ireland / EU trading border.
  • Most definitely eroding the status of the poor and the ordinary, the mass of people, the stats in 10yrs time will amply demonstrate this.
  • Snatching the notorious £20 note from the poorest, this Rishi is very mean and cruel.
  • Billions wasted on HS2 particularly in a time of zoom meetings and remote working.
  • Both NI and income tax up for ordinary workers.
  • Crippling energy costs, on the rise, unfettered a huge profit machine for the those companies that can stay the course.
  • Still allowing the IR35 tax loophole, this is disgraceful by any standard other than vested interest and greed.
  • Not any great real effect on climate change, Boris is a Johnny come lately at even accepting the phenomena.
  • In my opinion Boris disrespects the House, remember it suited Boris fine to have the likes of Dominic Cummings as close advisor; whoops that is a misnomer, theres nothing ‘the likes of’ Dominic Cummings, fortunately a total one-off and Boris couldn’t get enough of him.
  • The phoney mantra of ‘levelling up’ which will prove to be empty and hollow.
  • The disastrous withdrawl from Afghanistan and its consequences, I shudder at the suffering and poverty we have left behind, as with Iraq a consequence of western meddling.
  • The multiple serial contravention of covid restrictions at no.10 and if Boris couldn’t recognise the contravention then what was happening inside no.10 on a day to day basis?
  • The billions wasted on the Dido Harding track and trace fiasco.
  • Draconian lockdowns, quite needless when losing family members. Imagine the misery in adhering to a ‘rule’. This well illustrates the Boris lack of empathy and callous disregard to the ordinary and suffering.
  • The millions perhaps billions wasted on inappropriate substandard PPE at the start of covid, bought from ‘mates’.
  • The billions wasted on naive Rishi shovelling out money as ‘loans’ to companies that subsequently surprise surprise declare themselves bankrupt.
  • The stupidity of the cash grants ie free money no strings handed out without any screening whatsoever from Local Authorities to any small business that said ‘yes’, lets face it hospitality needs to shed massive overcapacity and many niche businesses under covid have thrived. A waste of money once again.
  • We’ll see the situation quite soon where doctors on call-out will be making visits to homes six months of the year in cold weather where the occupants suffer without heating, Boris and Rishi have set the clock back a hundred years.
  • Immediate rampant inflation, surely not a surprise to anyone but Boris.
  • Measly near non-existent rates for savers.
  • The rise of the private landlord has been allowed to increase unfettered.
  • And perhaps worst of all the huge NHS backlog, literally millions of people held in limbo UNABLE to enjoy the magnificent resources of as we are told so often this wonderful NHS.

Its hard to believe such a list of blunders. I would like all of these blunders to be investigated and will it happen, not really. The Boris Government is increasingly looking to be a clowns comedy cavalcade.

Rishi is so divorced from reality if he were to walk along a street (I doubt he ever would) and if a poor person were to hold out their hand he would probably mistakenly think they want to give him money!

Theres not much cheer or hope in any of this; merely ‘dread’ for the ordinary.

We are in dangerous territory here, where its expected the public have no memory of the rolling disaster of Boris Johnson or whatever Government, this whitewash and lack of any sense of history is precisely what George Orwell warned us against.

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