Climate change.

I’ve read http://arctic-news.blogspot for several years now, all contributors being experienced and professional scientists.

Please read and assimilate the link.

I’ve a £1k wager with friend Gary we will be over 2deg C by end of 2026, I think unfortunately my money is safe. Present temp suppression of La Nina is set to turn over to temp acceleration of El Nino and as with sunspots hit a peak in surprise surprise 2026. Cleaner air will also heat us further.

I look around at an intransigent UK Government, gas guzzlers increasingly abound, as much for vanity and status as any practical runabout and no-one wanting to move to be near their work.

Why are so many of the population deaf?

I function perfectly well here without tv, no washing m/c, no fridge and have knocked 10k miles from my annual car usage. This winter I’m finding I generally am happy to sit in the small kitchen, is generally warm or if elsewhere stick on a small fan heater for a couple of minutes rather that click on the central heating system which is heating areas of the house seldom visited. I often wear my outdoor fleece when back from work till bedtime, a blanket over my knees, all points solved.

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