How to mis-manage the UK…

Anyone with half a brain can see the UK Govt is in a mess, the vacuum of an over-lengthy Tory leadership race leaving us with an entrenched near tone-deaf Liz Truss (surely not first-choice material) and backed by Cabinet choices of those that a) defended and promoted her and b) proved effective at lying and hoodwinking the general population in the last few weeks of a failing Boris Johnson administration. Their loyalties have been rewarded.

Jacob Rees-Mogg seems an odd choice as a leader for business, likewise his previous appointment, is this to stifle and stymie forward progress? Where now is mention of zero-carbon? Which actually under scrutiny is a misnomer but laudable all the same. His recent comments of extracting every last ounce of gas (in post 2022 !) does not go down well to anyones ears, as with all of this dreadful Truss cabinet line-up brazenly tone deaf and likely to incite a strong reaction.

Kwasi Kwarteng increasingly looks better suited to not being in Govt, his inclination to running down what has taken many decades to establish frightens me, likewise Therese Coffey with similar nihilistic lassez-faire tendencies means the poor, the under-equipped and the ordinary are in for a rough ride, God help the NHS, this couples with what I consider could well be a 20% reduction in UK living standards means all but the ‘other half’ will suffer. This is a rampant and deliberate drive towards inequality. Therese Coffey insists the poor need only work say two hours extra a week and bingo they suddenly have money to spare; if only life were so simple, she really dug herself into a hole on that one, but then again thats the Coffey phenomena, impractical, disregarding and eventually a complete waste of time.

The writing is on the wall, not the best analogy but with a slimming down of tax revenue and a huge crippling Govt debt problem guess what the outcome can be … ‘hard men’ have been installed (inc Truss and Coffey) to toe this line.

To not have selective help with energy bills, oft quoted as ‘too complicated’ is nonsense, never has a Govt Dept ever cited ‘too complicated’ as a means of not extracting or reducing ordinary income re benefits or taxes or assistance. Like Pinkerton they get their man… in this digital age surely it must be immediate which of us need help and which of those (the other wealthier half) can fine well afford whatever it takes to heat and light their bigger more comfortable homes. Lets face it IR35 tax avoidance is rampant and people openly brag how little tax they pay when their ‘Co’ is little more than a high end motor vehicle and a ball point pen! Yet this crooked Truss Govt insists even wealthy households get the energy assistance. Does that mean, lets imagine in some twenty room mansion you can run the heating continuously and cook endless hours in the huge open plan cooking area and the Govt pays for most of it? This does not stand up to any scrutiny, this does not engender energy thrift. We are now being told huge ‘porkie-pies’ and expected to swallow it all! Everyone knows that borrowing to merely finance week to week running costs is the road to ruin and, as being mentioned several times we have yet to hear any word from the Truss Govt for householders to economise effectively.

A ghoulish list that does not inspire hope … Truss, Coffey, Kwarteng, Zahir, etc.

God help us!

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