Five years here now.

Nice of wordpress to remind me, I had thought it was longer.

I’ve learnt lots re climate change ie Arctic ice loss, methane in all its forms and sources, the value and critical position of oceanic diatoms and a possible 2026 demise for our species, If I’m wrong I give £1k wager to friend Gary.

Useful I think …

I was also able to make an effort in casting a critical eye onto the clown known as trump; his deceit, his gross and absolute unsuitability and lack of any ability for the role of President, his presence at the White House as if something from a DC comic. He’s gone, thank goodness.

Today is also my 65th birthday and I could never have realised how I am feeling about this, the sensation is glorious, nothing matters anymore, the yoke of needing to stretch ‘to clear the bar’ has now disappeared! I am without serious mental or physical problems, have a rich mental landscape, can live quite frugally and be happy with this and gain pleasure and interest from so many areas. My fears and needing to hit particular levels of achievement, sales, profit etc no longer matter; I’m skilled with lots of time won experience, I can float along (as admittedly is all I’ve ever done anyway) but completely jettison any hint of guilt or expectation or any particular index of performance, I’m sixty five, I suppose enter a sort of zen-like state of ‘existing’ or being. I already only work part-time at my manufacturing activity and shall continue to do so, cooking and washing by hand take up lots of time. God indeed has had a surprise in store for me, quite wonderful how I feel today, maybe he is putting things right for the years of uncertainty and anxiety, to never be at rest. I had no idea I wld feel like this, those birthdays of eighteen and twenty one mean nothing, merely starting posts for years of toil ahead, balancing uncertainties, gaining and coping with training, fickle employers, mortgage, uncertainties of health, uncertainties of marriage. Now all that is rendered insignificant – kaput- I can float suspended in the juices of my daily activities. Since my wife died seven years ago fatigue and pain have ruled my life, I’ve a feeling now I can shed that suit of trouble and attire myself in a much more free and happy costume.

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