Lines in the sky.

Chemtrail diary northern England, Sunday to Tuesday 4th April 2023.

Monday 3rd April chemtrail started early, predominantly over to the west, a long distance away I’d guess eighty miles which puts it on the west coast flightpath; this marked a second day of blue sky. Thats maybe why chemtrail is back with us ie to obscure blue skies. A few years back the fortnight before the last Royal Wedding was an uninterrupted fortnight of bright blue sky then it was back to normal ie chemtrail activity.

I didn’t take many pics, it looks odd me doing so, particularly from the hacienda here, heres mid morning and the last two are in the countryside at sunset. At its peak from the house location I could count easily ten or fifteen parallel lines in the sky over to the western horizon ie chemtrail.

Heres a link to NASA Worldview for a general impression of the chemtrail UK for Monday, ie this is with bog standard Terra/Modis filter.

With NoAA20 ie filter at top of list we get a little bit more to argue our case …

Still, its not the intensity or regularity of the parallel lines as observed. As mentioned many times NASA Worldview gives a less than 50% chance of the imagery I would expect, I’d say somewhere between 25-40% chance.

Lets zoom in, all that is over the Irish Sea, Isle of Man, west Cumbria, north Wales in the sat image is chemtrail for yesterday Monday 3rd April ’23. I bet good money on it, many hundreds of pics and images over the last few years make me unable to discount this merely as ‘aircraft activity’ alone.

Lines in the sky/ chemtrail Irish Sea, west Cumbria, Isle of Man, north Wales …

Here below is my pic mid morning, what struck me is the number of lines in the sky all on the same bearing, ie parallel.

Chemtrail toward the west, NE England Mon 3rd April ’23

The above does not really display the quantity of material being deposited in the sky that morning.

Chemtrail sunset.

The 30deg trending chemtrail is obvious enough, a horizontal trail was much more discernible to the naked eye, but also all of the haze itself is the result of chemtrail to the west, we had a few sporadic overhead lines in the sky but nothing compared to the west of here. Below is more of the same, turning 30deg to the west.

Chemtrail sunset, northern England.

With Monday chemtrail from what i can view (and there was chemtrail the day previous on Sunday) the volume or material was below what would trigger or develop what I term ‘dark grey reaction clouds’ which really do screw up an otherwise fine day; I witnessed this maybe five or six years ago and the resultant dark grey ‘churn’ was quite horrible to see. Whether or not it was a controlled experiment to see what actually is ‘too much’ I don’t know, but points to such a scenario.

This is probably the longest running and biggest chemtrail blog in the UK so please dig deep. Click DQA for my self-invented reporting system. Which prompts me for DQA from this location for Monday 3rd April ie DQA8.4.4 Note DQA for what observed in the west.

I may as well post this otherwise it will be lost, huge amount of chemtrail over UK March 15th ’23 …

Also, March 11th eastern/ southern England enveloped in chemtrail …

… to be contd

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