bbc r4 and UK news as probably the rest of the world carries AI leader today re the fears of AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton. ie

So prompted, I scan a little and click a couple of youtubes yet no-one mentioned ‘the bad actors’ those tw*ts wishing to do us harm, evil so and so’s big and small. Scams, voice synthesis, goodness knows what else look to be set as future fireworks in everyday life. And those bigger so and so’s, Russia, China, goodness knows who else, I bet they right now are working their hardest to get ahead and beat us with superior powers.


I’m sick and tired of seeking an AI overview and being presented with the inevitable ‘contraption’ a human type figure, dog or ‘thing’ that resembles flesh and blood movement. Crikey, this is not what we should primarily be feared of, its the hard to fathom black boxes somewhere in a lab or server centre.

My attraction to the web apart from information gathering is the pleasure in writing, I enjoy placing words together and explaining a point of view or some educational material or observations that I hope a few other people may enjoy too. I’d always hoped my efforts wld gain connection with others, near 2k entries on twitter in a year brought no dialogue or conversation with others, social media is a misnomer. In a sense my fun activity here on the web is an alternative form of diary. Luckily I’m not otherwise too involved in the web, useful yes, handy for business but not my be all and end all of life. ‘Light touch web usage’ is preferable.

A couple of weeks ago an email customer wanted to develop further conversation, buy a one-off item that remains here, plausible enough, but his expanded second reply really upset me, it read as straight AI, wow did I go into a downer, initially I had replied courteously and in good humour but next day had to correct that. I merely opened his reply yesterday, “Oh no I didn’t use AI” … must think I’m an idiot. This following morning the news tells us students are now using AI as their first port of call to solve any problem, to gather whatever information they need. Human invention and development of ideas on paper has the human quality that is now being seen as second rate, yes the source material is originally human but AI hoovers it all up from anywhere. there seems to be no context with AI, its ‘an all over thing’, this is contrary to the human psyche. I’m adamantly of the previous old fashioned notion that a student is better served by drawing from a particular selection of set texts. Maybe I’m too dumb to realise how wide a span these clever kids need to draw from, however theres only so much that can be read and understood in any given period, hence we come back to the validity of my selected reading list and its value.

It baffles and saddens me to see young kids glued to devices, in some ways one damns their inventors, they are hooked, being tended by parents themselves hooked. Its creating a stratified society, those that hooked and those that have the willpower and discipline to push aside the electronic pap.

School holidays round here are strangely silent, a few kids get out, not many and I assume rickets is on the rise.

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