James not so Cleverly…

A poor performance this morning bbc r4 0720 from Foreign Sec James Cleverly.


If I’m reading this right to become Foreign Sec (and a meteoric rise just as with so many non-white cabinet members) Mr Not so Cleverlys only academic attainment is a BA in ‘Hospitality’ …. how fortunate … ideal choice to deal with all the folk from abroad wishing to enter the UK. The irony is quite comic book.

My opinion with James Cleverly is that he should be sacked considering his performance with Sudan and getting our people out of there, but theres questions to be dealt with, what genuine and effective aid are we supplying? Is there whitewash? BBC radio news tells us that latterly we have been cutting aid to Sudan, shame upon them for such paltry efforts; if of course I am correct.

James Cleverly! His performance this morning was a little skilful, perhaps a reflection of coaching but no meat on the bones, nothing different than if it was recorded a fortnight ago. There are an awful lot of UK nationals that would disagree most strongly with his version of events. As someone else has been quoted “We think he writes in crayon.” Being Asian in our inclusive Cabinet means he is ‘fireproof’ … no matter how poor his performance no-one dare criticise, after all, look all at one man disaster zone Kwasi Kwarteng, his stupidity and rampant egoism has cost dearly to all those with mortgage payments and to the financial reserves of this country. The money shoring up the financial markets due to Kwarteng turmoil and the billions lost to the incredibly disastrous Dido Harding ‘Track and Trace’ would be all the money that would have been needed by the NHS to cure its ills. Dido Harding was in charge of Tiscali when its email system became progressively un-usable, another disaster I’m sure she was keen to include on her CV. Where the heck do we get these idiots from ???

Heres how lies are rampant, double speak is in operation … firstly post budget chaos that Truss ‘did not know’ what her Chancellor was about to do (a blatant lie if ever there was one) then it shifted to ‘they’re joined at the hip’ which of course destroys their original (phoney) premise and latterly we have Kwarteng pushing the story ‘He told her not to do it’ …. WOW we have monstrous lies and mis-spent talent.

There are many instances how GB plc is letting itself down, the bar is too low to enter Cabinet. Look at monstrous obstacle Therese Coffey ie ….


Perhaps her chemistry training can help in environmental problems but she displays all the signs of being in the pocket of big business. She appears utterly devoid of any passion about the environment and one could say is merely treading water. A monstrous obstacle to progress or any enlightened thinking.

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