trump and his tariffs …

He’ll go down in history (if we have much of it left) as the biggest a-hole to wander this Earth in recent memory. His life has been sham and mockery, pushing a ‘front’ with nothing behind it; every insult he hurls is foremost applicable to himself ie fake, crooked.

I’m baffled how so called sane people run to his defence, of those in Office and Government are they THAT scared of losing their position? And of ornery folk that defend this indefensible contraption I had no idea Fox was so able to spoon feed the lowbrow unquestioning nonsense that seems to be so accepted without question. its similar in the UK, the bbc radio news paints a most slanted obscure version of what trump is doing. There is a big market for what people ‘want to hear’, always has been.

His latest invented ‘slight’ is how China has been ‘screwing’ the USA on product and prices; perhaps better to ask a hard working Chinese production worker “Who is getting screwed?” The so-called Intellectual Property infringement is not valid in my opinion, research is worldwide nowadays and the scene is too fast moving to cry hurt. China latterly is more inclined to behave sensibly, the old days of a dimly lit shanty ‘knock-off shop’ are much reduced; but this is typical of trump, to conjure up imagined slights, this is how he avoids paying his suppliers and contractors. That only his crazy viewpoint is the valid one. Its like he’s now got his hands on the the biggest machine with the biggest wrecking ball attached to it and boyoboy he’s so happy.

Its been a theme throughout his life of justifying unjustifiable behaviour by pulling from a hat imagined insults. He moves badly among men, can barely read, does not want any insight or new knowledge, instantly ‘knows’ as if by immediate symbiosis. Wow does trump have mental problems! This we know and is immediately observable, his insistence on inverting reality, of reading situations entirely wrong. This sad and sorry and potentially catastrophic un-needed slamming of tariffs onto China made product is insulting to Americans and the Wests best supplier, they should be endlessly thankful China can supply at such low prices that allow the West to make such generous margins.  Margins and profits that are not as clearly visible as perhaps could be.

Maybe this is happening at the right time, he needs to be ousted ASAP and surely so many people, towns and industries looking set to be mangled by another pointless trump invention will vote accordingly. Theres a long road from selling steak in a box mail order or China made ties to being numero uno in the White House and it seems brag and a slack mouth coupled with media skills pandering to the lowest common denominator have stood him in good stead in his being catapulted from novelty tv and pageants to real power. Note how contrived his ‘rallies’ actually are ie the chosen backdrop of so-called supporters, the stage managed audience. I wouldn’t be suprised he is clueless as to how ‘arranged’ it all is. He rose on a wave of reality tv and just merely continued the same.

The Chinese are tough, after all they built the railroads out to the West Coast USA and probably received very little in return. I feel so sorry for American manufacturers and farmers, they will curse that djt ever got into the White House.

A trillion to the already super-rich and a kick in the guts to everyone else !

Aluminized skies …

Its my term, I thought of it yesterday, anyone may use it.

Aluminized skies.

I thought of it yesterday because the sky was so luminous and glaring that unusually for me I had to wear  sunglasses. Which in turn allowed me to see detail in what is in my opinion a ‘modified’ ie aluminized sky that otherwise would have been a ‘white out’ unobservable glare anywhere plus or minus twenty degrees toward the Sun. All weekend Friday thro Sunday we’ve had chemtrails and Sunday was quite obscene, of medium frequency  of trail numbers but apart from the usual late afternoon break was continuous throughout daylight hours ie generally always at least one flight in progress.  There must be a lot of aluminium up there now, I think proven by the semi transparent effect at dawn and fast morphing, then lower brown tinged low alt cumulus type effect by 0830. Observation is thwarted when its a overall thick mat that obscures high alt shenanigans, you can hear them feintly but cannot see them.

This I think is what is called ‘global dimming’ a deliberate programme at weather modification and haze inducement; sectors of the scientific community think it is the way to proceed. I disagree by reason and logic and think it is the wrong approach. Somebody has to be doing something I suppose, after all, natural systems, jet stream, food production areas are undergoing vast changes. The multiple ‘Manhattan Project’ of carbon capture looks likely never to be initiated and anyway once the x80 effect of methane in its three forms starts to kick in we are actually quite ‘lost’. In ten years time will there be any such thing as the ‘grain bowl’ of America? Likewise beef production and a particular American style demand for it will be severley hampered, God knows how we’ll stop the last of the Rain Forest being removed so that some Beef Baron can capitalise on a couple of years of beef production before it all goes haywire.

I’m tired now of the Idiot trump in the White House, grown men now need to get into action and have manifold avenues to pursue in guiding and governing a country that should be leading and not arguing with the world. We need to put the toys away, put the cot in the attic and start using intelligent and experienced minds, people of ability.

Heres some pics from the last three days, use my many previous tags and posts to read of diatom and plankton loss and hence food chain collapse, chemtrail aluminium exacerbating wildfires, jet stream and climate change, disastrous self reinforcing feedback changes in climate systems, arctic sea ice loss ie the albedo effect, methane release, etc etc.

Also, check out on youtube what organic growers have to say, they have the experience ‘the eye’ to be able to see what is happening and how their crops and livelihoods are being affected. We are living in a dumbed down society where developed insight ie anything other than pertaining to do with a screen or keyboard is increasingly less appreciated by the average person.



Chemtrail diary UK … yup all week (except one bright blue day) to this morning 21st Sept its chemtrails, generally light/medium and observation often obscured by overall haze, some aluminized glare present too. More to follow ….




Detail I missed – from Samantha Bee…

I have a lot of time for Samantha Bee, likewise Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert. They are my ‘go to’ to get an overall picture of what the Orange Clown is up to. Generally mornings are online news outlets and evenings I browse the above contributors.

In my search for some peace from the endless onslaught of nonsense and churn from the trump (note deliberate lower case) so-called ‘administration’, I seem to have missed this thread. In the UK we find it hard to believe something like the NRA  … a) actually exists  … b) is so powerful.



How useless we are ?

Ever thought how useless we are?

Ancient man would look down at us and think … ‘He cannot catch his own dinner’

… or that we cannot make our own tools.

We would be a laughing stock as the term goes.

Yet we think we are so slick, so modern on our keyboards and buttons. And yet know nothing of what far brighter and wider minds have left to us on the printed page from decades and centuries in the past, of art, architecture, engineering and how things are made.  These last two decades have seen the loss of so much human achievement, silicon and the electron have put paid to that ! And yes, accessibility is wonderful, but also there is a slower more human dimension we are losing, particularly younger people need to re-set their priorities, their values; they never will. In some ways they ‘undersell themselves’. So little is transferred from generation to generation, as if they are mocking their parents, their ancestry.


postscript … How lucky I was growing up, skilled working class household, ended up at a quite remote off the beaten track village but with some books, encyclopedias, workshop full of tools and garden front and back, decent countryside, stunning coastline. My Dad was a practical man I am glad to say and going out into the remoter parts of the county at weekends for his job gave me a view I’d never have achieved otherwise. With a clever Auntie (who made the effort to correct a late reader, school much like the GPs ie blind to my situation) and a grandmother who was a wonderful cook and generally of high standards. My Dad was the right man for me, grounded, intolerant of pretence and silliness; praise was scant but he expected a manly authentic effort.  So basically I was self reliant at occupying myself and achieved lots by age eighteen which is when he died if cancer and the house sold and me into digs; which actually wasn’t all bad, I could get the bus into the local city and visit bookshops!  One thing that has taken me forty years to realise is that I should have actually taken my so-called mother to Court; she always did tell me she wished she never had me or that I should / could be put into a home, likewise forty years to realise she would not say that in front of my Dad. I should have told him.

I’m baffled when I visit a house and books are not to hand, I was always dipping into the fantastically illustrated Caxton Encyclopedias of the late sixties and seeing the best of World Art (still do occasionally) …  this is what bugs me about the web, the paucity ie lack of new and interesting images and knowledge that is served to me. I have to go seek it. Viewing the web through our little pinhole is not all its cracked up to be, too much is ephemeral, too little of what has stood the test of time. Kids today are blind to so much, as young adults can barely use their hands, struggling like infants.

For years a remaindered bookshop was my main source, latterly a couple of charity shops are useful hunting grounds for £1 gems. I even spent £50 on a dozen Time Life boxed sets of classical recordings, merely to get the notes and booklets that accompanied them, photographs I’d never seen and playlists of the best; to own them as objects.

Ward Hunt Ice Shelf.

I’m no genius. I try to include links and hope people revisit the sites over time so as to see whatever is latest. Therefore a link followed from here can update itself and be a regular port of call providing lots of material to mine into. Heres one from the very useful site neven1 that I posted recently and takes us to … a link to material published in 2004 and still certainly is worthwhile reading ie …..

I need to try to seek out more of the microbial/ algal activity of the deposits mentioned, but I know fine well such microscopic imagery will hardly exist, so seldom is it shown to the wider public and I don’t know why, are there journalistic filters that are blind or ignorant to this ???  I don’t think David Attenborough has any interest in this either. This baffles and annoys me, yes we can take the sight of a diatom without wretching.


diatoms anyone can see through a simple microscope.


The algal/ protozoan aspect of this fascinates me and looms large in my approach to nature. You can’t see it but it is very important and on a global scale utterly essential for life on this planet. Its a bit like my curiosity for chemtrails, as with algae it is not direct and in your face but it most certainly is important. It must have been mighty difficult or near impossible centuries ago to get people to realise theres important and essential ‘worlds’ all around us that cannot even be seen! I could imagine rustic types tekkin excitedly o de ‘atoms’ theh chessed oot ont fields yisterdeh, lowped ower’t wall, but deyn’t worry, he nos where deh nestin  ….

Heres another updated version first link …

I can’t help but notice a certain reticence in the second newer article.





A stooge for trump ?

Whores come in various shapes and sizes, I mean those folk that will do other than ordinary things for money. To my mind a prime example is the hired in rent-a-crowd that are the backdrop at a trump rally, this has bugged me for a long time, their responses and attention so seemingly out of sync, as if a time lag (or a disinterest) to what is happening. Many look as if they’ve ‘switched off’ and are waiting for the end of this trump masturbatory session to conclude. You can also tell that they are picked ‘for the part’ ie looks, clothing, an ‘actory’ sort of presence. For months now its been screamingly obvious his camera visible audience were stooges, the butt of trumps nonsense.

They are ‘extras’ all part of the trump invention and his tv view of the world.

This weekend we find the man in the plaid shirt was in fact mid-spectacle weeded (vetted) out of the backdrop audience and replaced by a staffer, a paid to smile and nod lackey. Note the man in the plaid shirt knew fine well not to nod or move in disagreement, merely to stick to facial expressions for his own safety.  The people of America are being conned bigtime, but small time Donny the Clown is now on the downcurve, sliding down the slippery slope of his foolery.

Ironic how trumps picked ‘actory’ backdrop audience of extras echoes his career, reality tv (and shoddy at that) … and IS NOT real life. However one can say that picking up media skills has served Donald and Ivanka extremely well, beaming into everyones homes, zero-cost blanket coverage, to hoodwink.

To hear Obama speak is wonderful, it reminds us how immature, undeveloped and ignorant the so-called President trump actually is. Quietness and patience are now put aside, Woodwards book, yet more confirmation of the inabilities, the nuttiness that dwells within the White House is all closing in on trump. Once he is out of Office every trump property and hotel will become deserted, excruciatingly empty. Its funny, his grandad was a hotelier in the Yukon ie gold, horsemeat and whores.

No links for this post, I’m not going to capitalise on something so sordid, low brow and ill-intentioned as a trump ‘rally’ and the sinister removal of the man in the plaid shirt.

On a wider view, donald trumps insistent and continuous refusal to look into any wrongdoing, his refusal to condemn racists and bigots all point to inciting a move toward a caustic, divided and angry society, he has done his best to polarise and incite, to agitate. He is using these people but do they realise this?  But also his so-called ‘leadership’ could take America and the world into very dark and dangerous places not just with Trade. His outright, continuous and flat refusal to ‘allow’ a Free Press is indeed dark and dangerous.  Its horrifying to see and hear his hectoring and blunt uneducated stance; I abhor the sound of his voice. He works to a very low common denominator, the irony considering his love of things gold. He has some very undesirable people whispering in his ear ie Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, John Bolton to name three and a diet of Fox; I shudder to think what dark conversations have taken place behind closed doors. And now we read that his private rooms at the White House are regarded as ‘The devils workshop’.

Why do I detest trump … his fakery, his phoniness, his deception. His all out assault on a Free Press, his disregard for the anxious, for people that need help, the ordinary. His in-the-gutter mentality. His hatred of a Green Approach, EPA madness, denial of the inevitable Climate Change,  his endless behind the scenes wrecking of all good work. Clueless as to International Trade or Relations, to Diplomacy. He’d like to be back in the 1930’s when being wealthy was just sooooo pleasurable and the other 99.9% of the population can go to hell. He cannot move easily among people, cannot assimilate, has difficulty reading and so has developed a compensating personality to fool and deceive. All his insults are in fact most applicable to himself. His performance at Helsinki with two hours alone with Putin, no minutes kept, no witness is indeed straightforwardly treason. He cannot argue and debate or develop ideas or reason etc etc ….. he is hopeless and pointless and a danger.


postscript … just found this new story an hour after writing the above, it is typical of the foolery and deceit that breeds from trumps White House and this was literally his first day in Office  ……