Lines in the sky.

I’ll be proven right by this but probably when its too late.

Third day now of chemtrail, this evening there is also the attendant lower alt dark grey reaction clouds and an odd brown colour, doesn’t seem natural.

Milky white sky all day but mid evening it clears and we can see chemtrail. Some are quite big, say an hour after deposition. Now, what reaction do we get to this ie ice crystals! Total BS. Chemtrail plain and simple. Who or what controls this, who decides, meteorologists, the military? Goodness knows, doesn’t really matter in some senses, I’m more interested to getting the average person to operate some critical faculty.

Please delve into this blog, theres lots to learn, ie my DQA reporting system, exc and vivid chemtrail pics.

NASA Worldview has been poor at revealing chemtrail for the three day period in question here in north east England.

For those needing a pic lets look at Saturday 27th May 2023 ie

Note the huge bands of old chemtrail across the picture.

Quite a lot of chemtrail in the above pic from yesterday, late evening. It shows how successive chemtrail widens, and can create an unreal sky. Ask any Californian, they’ve had this for decades.

Come on people, wake up!



bbc r4 and UK news as probably the rest of the world carries AI leader today re the fears of AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton. ie


So prompted, I scan a little and click a couple of youtubes yet no-one mentioned ‘the bad actors’ those tw*ts wishing to do us harm, evil so and so’s big and small. Scams, voice synthesis, goodness knows what else look to be set as future fireworks in everyday life. And those bigger so and so’s, Russia, China, goodness knows who else, I bet they right now are working their hardest to get ahead and beat us with superior powers.


I’m sick and tired of seeking an AI overview and being presented with the inevitable ‘contraption’ a human type figure, dog or ‘thing’ that resembles flesh and blood movement. Crikey, this is not what we should primarily be feared of, its the hard to fathom black boxes somewhere in a lab or server centre.

My attraction to the web apart from information gathering is the pleasure in writing, I enjoy placing words together and explaining a point of view or some educational material or observations that I hope a few other people may enjoy too. I’d always hoped my efforts wld gain connection with others, near 2k entries on twitter in a year brought no dialogue or conversation with others, social media is a misnomer. In a sense my fun activity here on the web is an alternative form of diary. Luckily I’m not otherwise too involved in the web, useful yes, handy for business but not my be all and end all of life. ‘Light touch web usage’ is preferable.

A couple of weeks ago an email customer wanted to develop further conversation, buy a one-off item that remains here, plausible enough, but his expanded second reply really upset me, it read as straight AI, wow did I go into a downer, initially I had replied courteously and in good humour but next day had to correct that. I merely opened his reply yesterday, “Oh no I didn’t use AI” … must think I’m an idiot. This following morning the news tells us students are now using AI as their first port of call to solve any problem, to gather whatever information they need. Human invention and development of ideas on paper has the human quality that is now being seen as second rate, yes the source material is originally human but AI hoovers it all up from anywhere. there seems to be no context with AI, its ‘an all over thing’, this is contrary to the human psyche. I’m adamantly of the previous old fashioned notion that a student is better served by drawing from a particular selection of set texts. Maybe I’m too dumb to realise how wide a span these clever kids need to draw from, however theres only so much that can be read and understood in any given period, hence we come back to the validity of my selected reading list and its value.

It baffles and saddens me to see young kids glued to devices, in some ways one damns their inventors, they are hooked, being tended by parents themselves hooked. Its creating a stratified society, those that hooked and those that have the willpower and discipline to push aside the electronic pap.

School holidays round here are strangely silent, a few kids get out, not many and I assume rickets is on the rise.

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Are plants growing taller this year?

Since mid spring I’ve guessed my garden plants are growing taller, bluebells seem taller, daffodills, as does Leucojum (spring snowflake) tulips too but what prompted me to log in and write a quick post re garden plants seemingly taller this year was seeing a few minutes ago the burgeoning and soon to flower Aqueliga in my garden, definitely taller.

This apparent phenomena has bugged me for a couple of months now. Fertiliser or nitrogen has not been applied, other than a dressing of fish blood and bone which I do twice a year anyway. We know that with inc CO2 initially things will grow bigger, it acts as a nitrogen feed but after a certain point is the enemy of growing plants, soft useless growth and eventually the plant is strangled so to speak. Realise combined plant/tree demise and the loss of ocean algae ie diatoms will be the end of us, this is a truism, undeniable planetary mechanics and interactions of this beautiful chemistry set called planet Earth. Its an incredibly fortunate and harmonious mix we have of atmospheric gases and things (and us) that can function in such a scenario. Luck or God, I’m not sure and increasingly plumb for the latter.

As is usual the scientists seem behind the curve, theres only so many waking hours and googling for things is increasingly my less preferred activity.

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James not so Cleverly…

A poor performance this morning bbc r4 0720 from Foreign Sec James Cleverly.


If I’m reading this right to become Foreign Sec (and a meteoric rise just as with so many non-white cabinet members) Mr Not so Cleverlys only academic attainment is a BA in ‘Hospitality’ …. how fortunate … ideal choice to deal with all the folk from abroad wishing to enter the UK. The irony is quite comic book.

My opinion with James Cleverly is that he should be sacked considering his performance with Sudan and getting our people out of there, but theres questions to be dealt with, what genuine and effective aid are we supplying? Is there whitewash? BBC radio news tells us that latterly we have been cutting aid to Sudan, shame upon them for such paltry efforts; if of course I am correct.

James Cleverly! His performance this morning was a little skilful, perhaps a reflection of coaching but no meat on the bones, nothing different than if it was recorded a fortnight ago. There are an awful lot of UK nationals that would disagree most strongly with his version of events. As someone else has been quoted “We think he writes in crayon.” Being Asian in our inclusive Cabinet means he is ‘fireproof’ … no matter how poor his performance no-one dare criticise, after all, look all at one man disaster zone Kwasi Kwarteng, his stupidity and rampant egoism has cost dearly to all those with mortgage payments and to the financial reserves of this country. The money shoring up the financial markets due to Kwarteng turmoil and the billions lost to the incredibly disastrous Dido Harding ‘Track and Trace’ would be all the money that would have been needed by the NHS to cure its ills. Dido Harding was in charge of Tiscali when its email system became progressively un-usable, another disaster I’m sure she was keen to include on her CV. Where the heck do we get these idiots from ???

Heres how lies are rampant, double speak is in operation … firstly post budget chaos that Truss ‘did not know’ what her Chancellor was about to do (a blatant lie if ever there was one) then it shifted to ‘they’re joined at the hip’ which of course destroys their original (phoney) premise and latterly we have Kwarteng pushing the story ‘He told her not to do it’ …. WOW we have monstrous lies and mis-spent talent.

There are many instances how GB plc is letting itself down, the bar is too low to enter Cabinet. Look at monstrous obstacle Therese Coffey ie ….


Perhaps her chemistry training can help in environmental problems but she displays all the signs of being in the pocket of big business. She appears utterly devoid of any passion about the environment and one could say is merely treading water. A monstrous obstacle to progress or any enlightened thinking.


So many things …

We are only a seventh of the earths surface, oceans, algae, plankton and diatoms hold sway over our right to exist and their reaction to the cocktail of carbon etc we have cooked up.

Our naive foolery / ignorance seems inexhaustible, this week on bbc r4 news we had the excruciatingly dim ‘news’ of a PhD student using a hydrophone to capture in ponds and puddles ‘bubbles’ quote erupting from the pond material … NO MENTION of the importance of algae and diatoms as the major oxygenators on this planet and their possible / probable demise. He actually said ‘leaf layer’ which is not a true representation. No, the algal populations of leaves are not principal oxygenators, ie think ameoba, etc its more plankton attached to stems of lants, stones, bottom mud layer.

How the heck have I still retained all my hair!

The huge vast equation known as unlimited climate catastrophe knows no limits, SO MANY THINGS produce manifold and multiplying consequences. For instance we now read of the Tonga underwater volcano has increased water vapour in the atmosphere, this is classed as a climate accelerant, a greenhouse gas.

And from this link as well as northern waters set to change the scientists have realised Antarctica will also colluding to make life impossible … https://e360.yale.edu/features/climate-change-ocean-circulation-collapse-antarctica

Old friend Sam Carana and his latest … http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2023/04/humans-may-be-extinct-in-2026.html

I dread how dry it will be this year in my garden, we can assume the water table is lower than it should be. I’ve just been outside today and nearly fell over a fledgling blackbird, I had thought already “I bet theres a nest there” and in my garden theres usually six nests built each year. Its all about habitat, a wonderful variety and assortment of natural growing things, nearly all perennial with a little raised each year as vegetables (usually peas) and say sweet pea for flowers. Nooks and crannies, safe havens aplenty. Do others where I live have this ability and develop intentional havens, not really, most garden as children would garden, seemingly unable to develop a knowledge base or intuition.

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Lines in the sky.

Chemtrail diary northern England, Sunday to Tuesday 4th April 2023.

Monday 3rd April chemtrail started early, predominantly over to the west, a long distance away I’d guess eighty miles which puts it on the west coast flightpath; this marked a second day of blue sky. Thats maybe why chemtrail is back with us ie to obscure blue skies. A few years back the fortnight before the last Royal Wedding was an uninterrupted fortnight of bright blue sky then it was back to normal ie chemtrail activity.

I didn’t take many pics, it looks odd me doing so, particularly from the hacienda here, heres mid morning and the last two are in the countryside at sunset. At its peak from the house location I could count easily ten or fifteen parallel lines in the sky over to the western horizon ie chemtrail.

Heres a link to NASA Worldview for a general impression of the chemtrail UK for Monday, https://go.nasa.gov/3U9QM59 ie this is with bog standard Terra/Modis filter.

With NoAA20 ie filter at top of list we get a little bit more to argue our case … https://go.nasa.gov/3UbqD5J

Still, its not the intensity or regularity of the parallel lines as observed. As mentioned many times NASA Worldview gives a less than 50% chance of the imagery I would expect, I’d say somewhere between 25-40% chance.

Lets zoom in, all that is over the Irish Sea, Isle of Man, west Cumbria, north Wales in the sat image is chemtrail for yesterday Monday 3rd April ’23. I bet good money on it, many hundreds of pics and images over the last few years make me unable to discount this merely as ‘aircraft activity’ alone.

Lines in the sky/ chemtrail Irish Sea, west Cumbria, Isle of Man, north Wales … https://go.nasa.gov/3ZUBLFD

Here below is my pic mid morning, what struck me is the number of lines in the sky all on the same bearing, ie parallel.

Chemtrail toward the west, NE England Mon 3rd April ’23

The above does not really display the quantity of material being deposited in the sky that morning.

Chemtrail sunset.

The 30deg trending chemtrail is obvious enough, a horizontal trail was much more discernible to the naked eye, but also all of the haze itself is the result of chemtrail to the west, we had a few sporadic overhead lines in the sky but nothing compared to the west of here. Below is more of the same, turning 30deg to the west.

Chemtrail sunset, northern England.

With Monday chemtrail from what i can view (and there was chemtrail the day previous on Sunday) the volume or material was below what would trigger or develop what I term ‘dark grey reaction clouds’ which really do screw up an otherwise fine day; I witnessed this maybe five or six years ago and the resultant dark grey ‘churn’ was quite horrible to see. Whether or not it was a controlled experiment to see what actually is ‘too much’ I don’t know, but points to such a scenario.

This is probably the longest running and biggest chemtrail blog in the UK so please dig deep. Click DQA for my self-invented reporting system. Which prompts me for DQA from this location for Monday 3rd April ie DQA8.4.4 Note DQA for what observed in the west.

I may as well post this otherwise it will be lost, huge amount of chemtrail over UK March 15th ’23 … https://go.nasa.gov/3Ggvptb

Also, March 11th eastern/ southern England enveloped in chemtrail … https://go.nasa.gov/3U6cKpm

… to be contd


Lines in the sky.

From NASA Worldview 19th March 2023… a busy chemtrail day down in South West England.


Chemtrail, https://go.nasa.gov/3LSbl3L

Same day, now looking down into the English Channel … this is mature chemtrail (1-2 hours or more old) that has had time to broaden wide. ie https://go.nasa.gov/3TIfkSm

Here below we have 16th March chemtrail in the English Channel … https://go.nasa.gov/3z62nIr

Chemtrail English Channel … https://go.nasa.gov/3z62nIr

It ain’t fairy dust!

Lets now raid my camera for lines in the sky above my head here in North East England…

Lines in the sky 8th March ’23 … NE England.

Lines in the sky. ditto 8th March ’23.

Notice old and new chemtrail.

Notice, its ALL chemtrail; this dulls the sky.
Notice the chemtrail drift, I did not ask for this, no-one did. All this and above 8th March ’23 NE England.

Now lets move on, some small piddling chemtrail happens every day or two but to some bigger chemtrail activity.


Chemtrail., as previous 24th March 2023.


I’ll draw a line now, for LOTS of images and my thoughts / opinions be sure to search back into this extensive blog.


Doctored chemtrail imagery on NASA Worldview.

Chemtrail diary UK.

Realise, these are only my own opinions, six or seven years of observation develop an insight and intuition for this work, I’m technically competent in several other real world areas, do not subscribe to the whacky side of the web and try hard to be grounded, objective.

Basically, look up and wonder why, question why those lines in the sky stay there for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and spread wide at high altitude. At its worst when too much chemtrail is up there you will get dark grey ‘reaction clouds’ (my own nomenclature) however usually in its milder form its merely a light sprinkling of talcum powder so to speak and we have lost the bright blue sky. California for instance has had this for thirty plus years.

Yesterday March 8th 2023 here in north east England it was most obvious chemtrail were being deposited.

Looking at NASA Worldview its best to allow 12-15 hours so that all the available filters on the LH self select panel can be utilised.

Firstly, here below is chemtrail north west England, a lot of it! https://go.nasa.gov/41VG5GG

Chemtrail north west England 8th March, 2023 https://go.nasa.gov/41VG5GG

Its this one day the 8th March ie yesterday that I’m interested in, here we had huge ‘across the sky’ chemtrails that were stark raving obvious; did anyone else notice? Possibly not. I’ll post plenty of pics at the end of this piece.

However here below is something I’ve suspected for years and seldom have had such obvious evidence that Worldview has ‘doctored’ the image to remove obvious chemtrail. Normally the image provided would be as cut in two with scissors and a ‘new bit’ added, thats how it appears in simple language with total incongruity / irrelevance of the newly processed overlay.

Here a band of chemtrail imagery has not been fully concealed, what I’m looking for is plain evidence of chemtrail/ lines in the sky but realise NASA Worldview has collected its data long before yesterday afternoons chemtrail display. Maybe I’m guessing 11-12 noon local.

For below https://go.nasa.gov/3ZWm0OP … captured on Suomi/NPP filter from LH panel. Note the disjoint of a band of data roughly E-W across the screen with just under one quarter of screen height. Without doubt its chemtrail.

Hidden chemtrail UK 8th March 2023. https://go.nasa.gov/3ZWm0OP

Camera pics to follow when I’ve time in a few hours.


Satellite imagery deletes chemtrail.

I’d had an inkling this can happen and the image here for south of England and English Channel chemtrail 15th Feb 2023 ie yesterday really does eliminate the data I would like to have been able to view.

The image below on NASA Worldview terra/Modis setting is a huge amount of chemtrail activity, remember this is a snapshot in time not a rolling update (as far as I am aware). On the day of the event other filters can take several hours before the image reveals itself. One wonders if some sort of ‘cleaning up’ is happening.

In the chemtrail sat imagery below at right I would say its ALL chemtrail activity. Easy to do actually as if you click on to something like flightradar24 the sky is absolutely full of aircraft activity. I cannot believe this can be explained away as ‘ice crystals’ or upper atmosphere reaction to aircraft engine exhaust. Surely it points to a decision being made to on this time and day to add this sky whitening effect deliberately. In the future chemtrail sky whitening will have to be formally introduced as we will lose a lot of existing weather pattern/ cloud formation. If the upper ‘cloud decks’ that roll in from the Pacific which protect the complete run of west coast north and south America disappear as Guy McPherson over on http://www.arctic-news.blogspot then it will entail a catastrophic temperature rise, this trigger will be increased CO2 and remember the increasing and inevitable methane release being much more potent than CO2 (short term x200 and x1000 say if talking in weeks) … means basically we are snookered.

Into the mix and I haven’t actually read this stated as such at least cannot recall anyone mentioning the fact that as CO2 and methane increase there will / must be a corresponding decline in the CO2 cycle as plankton ie diatoms disappear from the oceans, it is only recently that scientists are admitting its probable that diatoms are responsible for half the worlds breathable oxygen. A tragic irony as 70% of the worlds oil and gas is derived from ancient diatom deposits.

Diatoms gone = marine food chain inoperable.

Diatoms gone = every other breath of oxygen no longer available.


Chemtrail data hidden from public view, south of England, northern Europe. 15th Feb ’23 … https://go.nasa.gov/3YVUX5K

Postscript re climate change.

There will no doubt be massive fires, huge loss of oxygenating plant life and I hate to say it as I wish no-one any harm a rise in tectonic activity / re-adjustment of plates. Again …. snookered! One could say that whoever devised this bundle of skin and bone to functioning systems will probably now be disgusted at where we have arrived. The human race and Organised Capital demands progress which as in the standard Western Model is now a complete system of achieving so called ‘success’ but how else can it be, there is an obsession (with organised capital) of innovation, growth, market share. Often I feel the unethical grab of obscene profit margin or mark-up can never be justified, to my mind there should be a regulatory guidance to permissable profit margin, likewise my detestation of ‘ornery folk turning themselves into IR35 Ltd Co’s and opting out of paying fair taxes is detestable, a swinging cop-out, but thats another subject. I’m unsure of the figures but we’ve walked upright since five or seven million years ago and its only three hundred years of a modern activity for us to upset the chemistry set and physical interactions of this world to turn itself against us. I don’t normally write in this manner but the realisation of the very simple cross-over CO2 / CH4 and O graph that seems not to be alluded to elsewhere really does set us in a far more dire position than most folk realise. What makes me particularly sad is so much beauty in the natural world, both macro and microscopic will I assume be lost.

Q. How quickly will terrestrial plant life react to a fast diminishing oxygen count?

Q. How quickly will planktonic life and particularly diatoms disappear, I reckon weeks once a tipping point is crossed, they are sensitive ‘niche’ organisms. Look at the now collapsed symbiotic relationship of algae and bryozoans that were at one time coral reef. This is a screaming alarm bell more profound than anyone is admitting.

Q. How many times this year and next will we see the horror of the recent Turkey/ Syria earthquakes repeated?

Q. It will only take one harvest to be ruined by changing weather patterns for the world to be thrown in turmoil, the USA burger obsession will come to an abrupt halt. And probably I assume Chinas pork production.

Q. Not really a question, a simple fact that ice melting rates are woefully under-reported or underestimated, we all know as kids how ice can flash off overnight and next morning as we look out the window and all is gone.

I remind people to visualise the crossover graph of increasing methane and diminishing oxygen, a double whammy so to speak or a logarithmic and catastrophic change in the breathable atmosphere.

These are only my personal views, pls fact check.

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Quick random search .. very interesting re Pacific cloud formation and importance. https://acp.copernicus.org/preprints/acp-2022-108/acp-2022-108.pdf


Five years here now.

Nice of wordpress to remind me, I had thought it was longer.

I’ve learnt lots re climate change ie Arctic ice loss, methane in all its forms and sources, the value and critical position of oceanic diatoms and a possible 2026 demise for our species, If I’m wrong I give £1k wager to friend Gary.

Useful I think … http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/

I was also able to make an effort in casting a critical eye onto the clown known as trump; his deceit, his gross and absolute unsuitability and lack of any ability for the role of President, his presence at the White House as if something from a DC comic. He’s gone, thank goodness.

Today is also my 65th birthday and I could never have realised how I am feeling about this, the sensation is glorious, nothing matters anymore, the yoke of needing to stretch ‘to clear the bar’ has now disappeared! I am without serious mental or physical problems, have a rich mental landscape, can live quite frugally and be happy with this and gain pleasure and interest from so many areas. My fears and needing to hit particular levels of achievement, sales, profit etc no longer matter; I’m skilled with lots of time won experience, I can float along (as admittedly is all I’ve ever done anyway) but completely jettison any hint of guilt or expectation or any particular index of performance, I’m sixty five, I suppose enter a sort of zen-like state of ‘existing’ or being. I already only work part-time at my manufacturing activity and shall continue to do so, cooking and washing by hand take up lots of time. God indeed has had a surprise in store for me, quite wonderful how I feel today, maybe he is putting things right for the years of uncertainty and anxiety, to never be at rest. I had no idea I wld feel like this, those birthdays of eighteen and twenty one mean nothing, merely starting posts for years of toil ahead, balancing uncertainties, gaining and coping with training, fickle employers, mortgage, uncertainties of health, uncertainties of marriage. Now all that is rendered insignificant – kaput- I can float suspended in the juices of my daily activities. Since my wife died seven years ago fatigue and pain have ruled my life, I’ve a feeling now I can shed that suit of trouble and attire myself in a much more free and happy costume.