Climate change, but trump denies!

Yet the quite lamentable and quite laughable C in C donald j trump would have otherwise. As in all his life trump is so out of step. I deny him upper case.

A few posts ago I wrote on how 12 billion tons of ice melted in one day in Greenland from an embed youtube and this one day added a half millimetre to the worlds oceans. I’ve no means of proving this data but nonetheless etc.

Its my opinion that trumps climate change denial and roll-back/ deregulation of all valuable hard won legislation with conservation, energy sensibility, climate safeguards  are in fact War Crimes. trump goes golfing when he should be a President.

Shame upon him and the blight he brings.

rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency...
rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency…

Chemtrails Canada; a thousand miles long.

Chemtrail diary, Northern Canada.

Pictures of chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island as caught on NASA Worldview for August 28th 2019. A not infallible source but so far my only way to glean chemtrail activity other than directly overhead from here in England. Note how the chemtrail activity mimics and blends with the prevailing weather system, it would defy common sense to do otherwise.

You must realise my reasoning is merely conjecture, hypothesis, intuition prompted by the lines in the sky that widen, increasingly haze and alter the sky; these ARE NOT conventional condensation trails ie con-trails. I am not a trained meteorologist, merely an inquisitive layman. However my so far thousand hours over the last twenty months of daily observations of chemtrail have in some small way alerted my wits to what is without doubt as viewed above from where I live to be chemtrail activity. And hence my wish to glean what I can of chemtrails from NASA Worldview.

Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.
Weather picture NASA Worldview Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.

Also scroll over to Denmark, northern Europe, Vancouver and Southern Alaska, they all received chemtrail activity today 28 August 2019.

My friemd asks “Why are chemtrails happening” my answer is always to preface that there are many wild stories out there, my own view it is to increase reflectivity of the atmosphere ie to combat global warming. The downside is increased aluminium levels, witness retired Fisheries Biologist Francis Mangels reporting collapse of stream and river life, absence of Caddis fly; rapidity of California wildfires (aluminium in powdered / nano-particle form is an incendiary) note also massive increases in ground borne aluminium; vast increase in childhood autism, etc etc.

Note above we are hearing from qualified professionals.

Below as is my habit lets go look at youtubes that connect with the initial picture ie chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, 

Below, chemtrails Toronto …

Here below a valuable and venerable couple on Vancouver Island explain how they first saw chemtrails in 1998 and 1999 became more aware of it.



Wildfires in the North.

Here the bbc has a useful overview of the wildfires in the North.

ie wildfires in Siberia, Alaska etc. We read that lightning strikes are mostly the cause, but record dry conditions and higher than normal wind speed make things much worse.

And here below is the source of data included in the above link that I have yet to explore, time presses!

Its my opinion the California wildfires burnt with such vociferous rapidity due to chemtrail aluminium, I wonder at the aluminium levels in Siberia and Alaska?



Middle class nonsense from bbc r4 John Humphries; foster care.

bbc r4 this morning around 08:50 we hear of the predicament of foster children and how they suffer from multiple homes during childhood and how at age eighteen all professional support stops. I knew of this already, the reason being we are told that ‘insurance’ by which I think they mean professional liability insurance stops when the subject / service user reaches eighteen. Imagine, just at the point when perhaps need is greatest, the need to be mentored and help with the many transitions unfolding, finding a place to live, a job etc etc.

Why is it we are chok-a-blok with BS, that common sense seems in such short supply?

I too was homeless at eighteen, dad was dead six months and my dreadful so-called ‘mother’ couldn’t wait to get rid of me. After suffering the loss of my wife I can say that it takes a full three years to walk on upright again from such a shock to the system, a heavy blow to the head. Never mind, after eleven months in digs and a fortnight to get out, my wife to be fell from heaven and looked after me. Luckily I had an apprenticeship and my boss arranged / twisted an arm to get my dads lifetimes collections of tools and apparatus housed meanwhile. God indeed does look after us.

The reason I write this post is the bumptious middle class and blinkered twaddle from bbc r4 John Humphries for immediately responding to the contributing expert with something like “Oh well they’ll soon be off to University” !!!

I don’t think so !!! …  for the ordinary child from ordinary often quite stressed and basic housing University is something from another kingdom, another world. They will never have met or spoken with anyone from University apart from perhaps a teacher. For many kids even a job, any job is near unattainable. Where the heck do these woolly over-comforted presenters come from? Oh I know … from comfortable middle-class homes that have that weird ingredient called ‘possibilities’. How so different from the vast majority of the ‘forgotten’.

We seem to be in a near euphoric over-estimation of both the value and the attainability of a University Education. Many courses are nonsense near garbage time-fillers. Yet how often does one hear or encounter anyone that has sufficient interest in a subject to pursue it in their own free time, of self-study and reading at home? This is extremely rare; but curiously so many are falling over themselves to be part of a Uni experience.  Seems to me too many have fallen in love with the idea and have dispensed with a pragmatic reality.

It is said ‘we become our fathers’ and indeed in my case the extra two years fourteen to sixteen did me little good, the old apprentice idea at fourteen was not as bad as supposed. If it was an idea from Japan oh my goodness it would become soooo trendy.  To be cloistered (or hindered) to sixteen plus with a gaggle of kids is not the best path to becoming an adult, or skilled.

trump: Hopelessly out of his depth.

Donald trump must be aching with agony and fear as at Biarritz G7 he is encountering for a rare instance people other than ‘yes men’ or long-time established American allies and partners in which he can act the bully. This time it is encounters with people of intelligence, depth, education and vast experience, people who ‘serve’ and are not fixed to a crooked low-knowledge mindset, people that will have risen by hard effort and worked with some of the finest.  In Biarritz no marching bands, no BS five second sound-bites for tv fixated Donald, no whirring helicopter engine to add drama and importance to his neck-jarring about-turns or made-up junk. I applaud the idea and workings and facilitations that G7 allows, contrary to Gordon Browns recent quite churlish denigration of G7 on bbc r4 news.

This time trump will encounter depth and I hope he encounters criticism of his stupid brainless antics. trump as a person doesn’t deserve to be in any position at G7, hopelessly out of his depth; but never mind by hook or by crook he somehow landed in the Oval Office as seemingly unfit he is proving to be and as a hollow yet excitable and unpredictable most certainly non-genius will have to be served and humoured for the time being for the position he represents.

I’d like to think it would prove in some small way an ‘education’ but Donald is so used to from early days being at war with all and sundry from his no questions priveliged yet frighteningly uneducated bubble that I doubt it can ever help. He knows and will have been recently tutored to ‘hang-on-in’ and not run away as in previous encounters.

Ooh … wheres Ivanka?  Totally unqualified of course, yet certainly this is another trophy to be bagged.


rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency...
rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency…




Greenland proves…

That in fact Donald J trump does in fact 100% agree climate change is well and truly altering this planet in his ludicrous desire to ‘buy’ Greenland. Its the same as his bizarre insistence on yet more ‘Border Wall’ when in fact sufficient exists already. trump is very much yesterdays man now but how long will the morally and ethically moribund Republicans shore him up, to prop a limp doll now totally irrelevant to the real world.

Instead of picking fights with the Chinese he should be thanking them for the huge profits generated in the West from buying from China as a low cost supplier.

trump is clueless utterly clueless, is fed just sufficient low brow notions and redundant glimpses of untruths from his backers to keep him dangling alive with a few pronouncements amid a whirring helicopter engine meanwhile behind closed doors the real destruction and roll-backs continue. All accusations trump has ever thrown at others are in fact applicable more accurately to himself, namely he IS the swamp.

Greenland proves trump knows fine well climate change is a huge vast engine of change that cannot be stopped. I write this post as unusually google / youtube is offering me better search results than usual ie reaching out of the Windows 10 bubble that is a restriction that arrived with this replacement stack a few months ago.


Below we are told Greenland has lost eleven billion tons of ice in one day and the sea worldwide rose half a millimetre in ONE DAY!  Remember also that thermal expansion will raise ocean levels still further.


Note in the last two seconds of the vid below how all the river flow disappears down a hole to also erode and melt from below, as if Swiss cheese.