Aluminium, alzheimers, glysophate …

An important hour with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt tells us that the three main dangers to human health are aluminium (think chemtrails), glysophate (think Monsanto) and electro-magnetic radiation (think un-needed insistence we embrace 5G) …

Here below is a precis of the discussion …

02:90 aluminium with glysophate forms six compounds that can cross the blood brain barrier and induce alzheimers and autism.

04:30 the rates of autism are doubling every five years, the US government have redefined what autism is and took half the children ‘off the spectrum’ ie re-labelling with twenty new terms invented to help the stats look less toxic.

05:30 Seneff predicts that by 2028-2032 all boys born will be on the autistic spectrum.

to be contd …

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Microwave radiation … cellphones.

I agree with this article from Karl Muller, a highly educated, experienced and practical scientist; that a couple of watts of microwave held next to the head is an absolute NO-NO….
I’m lucky, I do not have to use such a device. I bought one two decades ago to pick up / develop work with a new factory I was supplying but that soon fizzled out, fickle engineer that was clueless, couldn’t spot a good man when he saw one. Never mind, thank goodness I do not have to cope with intrusive unwanted phone calls.
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5G madness !

I had no idea LED street lights contained 5G transmitters. bit of a shame really, streetlighting 120 years ago provided someone with a job …..

I detest the 5G idea.

Lets look for more links ….

YUK !!! the classic Economic growth model is doomed, witness climate change, yet still all is powered forward to something we don’t even need or want.