The Deal is the Deal …

I feel so sorry for TM … and she is quite entitled being on tv to express her utter frustration at the ‘basket of snakes’ known as the House of Commons. Yet again we had Corbyn walking out of a meeting, forever projecting the image of the Labour ‘fighter’ … more now a hackneyed projection than any sense or desire to get things done. This thing we are stuck with called Brexit is way beyond party politics and way beyond MPs consciences and their wish to project the desires of their constituents. Such motivations and desires are piddling and irrelevant, a four percent swing to leave in my opinion should not have been sufficient to trigger all this nonsense, many constituencies voted overwhelmingly to stay. For the sake of business alone ie car manufacturing Brexit will be a disaster.

Its far too late, was too late three months ago for MPs to think ‘debating’ would serve any purpose, the debate should have rode in tandem with the negotiations one and two years ago. So many fractious views, the Geoffrey Cox bombshell, a bloody minded Speaker, so much disregard for how we make our living ie business and trade.

This morning on bbc r4 we had Oliver Letwin with more nonsense, speaking with the apparent voice of reasonableness but the content itself ie his message simply unworkable, out of step and half a year too late.

The Deal is the Deal, its the best that could be hammered out. Its at least two years of hard effort, not just a weekend chinwag. For Parliament to at this point think it can meld or influence is laughable. I applaud TMs Thursday ‘addesss to the nation’ indeed Parliament is holding up / destroying any positive forward movement. At least she had the guts to indicate why / where the responsibility of the holdup lies.

If we do leave this present situation its merely the beginning of masses of new legislation, debate, turmoil which to my mind is beyond the abilities of Parliament as an en masse functioning entity to resolve.

The crux is that theres too many facets to the Brexit arguament.

Perhaps we should send them by Eurostar en masse all six hundred and fifty of them and dump them outside the required building in Brussels and tell them “Do better if you can” !


Who is pulling Bercows strings?

I’m only writing for myself here, i fully realise that.

Why in Heavens name derail a process nearer to its completion of which much much more will follow in the months and years ahead by Speaker Bercows insane catastrophic interjection? Who put him up to this? No good can come of it, by the 29th we had somehow to reach a position to move forward and Bercow has blown it !

Has he not each and every day seen and heard the passion, anger and urgency of everyones contribution? Shame upon him.

Yes its the same Bill, but the reactions to it and the surrounding mass of politicians are in flux at each vote, the news bulletins for months broadcasting the huge churn and turmoil meant not much other business is being done; Corbyns inability to get involved and make positive progress is also shameful, and just as things were settling down and voices sounding calmer Bercow blows it!

Theres no other option, years of negotiation have resulted in what we have here at present; we could cancel and remain but i shudder to think how the EU will develop in years to come. Ggain, if Corbyn is so ‘clever’ (which he is not) send him to Brussels and see what he can achieve!

I personally think to remain would be more suited to business prosperity and even the survival of industries here in the UK but EU membership brings with it some unpleasant frustrations. In some senses Farage who i am completely disillusioned with, over the years has made some good sense but where has he been when theres work to be done? We live in a dynamic interconnected society, car plants, supplier chains, perishable foods in transit, our own high welfare agricultural system, i thank God i’m not involved in any of those industries, and i fully expect the French at their border will be as bloody and as awkward as they can.

In this instance Bercow needs to be bypassed, its Bercow himself that needs to think of finding work elsewhere.

Geoffrey Cox …

Funny how this echoes with the ‘just before’ finale / vote and as with James Comey some unheard of pillock comes along and drops an absolute bombshell, which again, has resulted in a disastrous outcome.

There is business to be done, uncertainty, this endless debate is reaching a brick wall, at this stage with Europe there is still the major part of negotiation to be entered. I’d rather in some airy fairy glowing goodly fantasy world filled with fairies and glow-worms and kindly elves be a separate country … BUT … EU membership brings advantages ie trade, employment. You can wave goodbye to any significant UK motor manufacturing, to financial services, to God knows what else. We’ve become Romania in one fell swoop ie marginal, struggling, trying hard to sell anything we make.

Surely as in both cases we need as little turbulence as is possible in the last day or two before crucial votes, already all the arguments  have been ‘done to death’ and now individuals need to search their consciences and think hard (I hope) on the right way forward. A Geoffrey Cox we do not need.

Aha … not in this case. As in the Comey bombshell we have some utterly unwanted unforseen misjudged interjection that does nothing but muddy  and de-rail cogent thought.

I think a 4% swing did not justify Brexit in the first place and most certainly the likes of Nigel Farage (even though his easy arguments were so convincing) needs to be signalled his presence has caused nothing but harm, he needs to crawl away and make himself unseen permanently. Easy arguaments are ‘easy’ but we have to earn our way in this world, the likes of Nissan Sunderland seem unlikely to follow us into the margins beyond Europe. These are huge enterprises of manufacture and distribution, you cannot play with them as ‘toys’.

I can’t believe …  he’s two years younger than i am ….

postscript … Corbyn looks particularly bad in all this, his months of obstructive silences and non-cooperation and then point-scoring eruptions to harp and criticise have not helped, adds nothing constructive, merely delays. This current problem is bigger than he realises and bringing back the old Labour disruptive practices is sorely out of date. Makes one wonder if he’d rather be in Russia. As bbc r4 interviewees this morning commented his performance last night at the big vote have been ‘pure politics’. I feel so sorry for Theresa May.

I also think the 4% swing is insufficient to have instigated this dreadful situation, we are cutting our own throats, I cannot see how overseas motor manufacturers would ever think of Britain again as an investment opportunity, unless of course our currency were to seriously devalue, which in fact it probably will.  The UK public were given insufficient data to work on, I mean not endless soundites but greater depth and ‘what-ifs’. Its funny how people attach themselves to ‘a camp’ a viewpoint and fight tooth and nail to defend that position. Fluidity of thinking seems not to be readily available. Maybe its how we are presented our news, how people / viewers attach themselves to particular news outlets or tv channels. We are not as clever as we think we are.

Asking as we did the UK public to make such a vote was incredibly naive by the politicians, we didn’t really know what we were voting for which i think renders the Brexit decision fundamentally (with hindsight) INVALID.