UK chemtrail diary, 4th week May 2020. As observed from south east Northumberland, England.

Increasingly an ‘aluminized sky’ (my term) these last few days and today Friday is sort of taking the mickey. Seven parallel chemtrails at say 3pm, quite a strong deposition, certainly not fading, certainly not a conventional and harmless ‘condensation trail’ trending roughly N-S (pic to follow). The day started extraordinarily bright blue and aluminized hazing developed / drifting in as the day proceeds. Earlier this week the trend was for aluminized drift-in from the west, NASA Worldview helps in seeing this but is not a 100% catch-all; I give it only a one in three chance of grasping the picture. What is worse is, no sign whatsoever on playback of yesterdays three successive stacked circles at 11:30am or of todays seven parallel chemtrails at 3pm, all BST.

Heres a link to Friday chemtrails over the English Channel …. … but of course nothing of what we are looking / seeing up here in Northumberland.

Yesterday on Worldview we can see a little of the chemtrail material captured ie … as usual the Irish Sea and western Scotland get plenty of chemtrail.

Why are people so apathetic, why is next to no-one else taking notice? I don’t want to get blogging on this again, at 430 posts I’ve done my bit, I need to live my life, other things to do.

Previous day Thursday 28th May 2020 we had three huge stacked circles over the coast say Amble direction, I even remember this phenomena say four or five years ago before I became turned on to the chemtrail idea but that time it was north of Morpeth.  I watched as each of the successive circles was created, I’m guessing a single plane.

Basically we are being pooped on, it certainly is not fairy dust but in fact generally held to be aluminium nano-particles. Theres 430x posts on this blog, lots to see as photographic eveidence and links and reasons to be wary. ie toxicity to the freshwater and marine food chain, bees, insects, earthworms, creating incendiary landscapes (ie California wildfires were prob chemtrail aluminium induced) etc etc … please dig into this blog

It baffles me how ordinary people are blind to the chemtrails above.

Chemtrails are back …

Today 22 April 2020 after a few days of bright blue sky we can see some slight ‘aluminisation’ from late morning onwards and at teatime here in NE UK a huge spreading, definite straightline chemtrail above us. The only other time since I began to notice chemtrails 2-1/2 years ago and photograph them (also my DQA reporting system see categories) was a fortnight of blue skies for the Royal Wedding.

In many ways the cv-19 is very bad for climate change, clear blue skies are not a good idea, maybe apart from fruit growers!

  • therefore the shutdown has proven it is not normal to have continually hazy skies.
  • the shutdown has proven WE CAN get clear skies if the chemtrails are turned off.
  • the shutdown proves it is not man-less drones but ordinary air traffic that can emit the aluminium, barium, strontium known as chemtrail.

Chemtrail geoengineering 31 Oct 2019.

Chemtrail diary, UK and Europe  – ongoing.

North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.
North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.

The above image / data has just been available and so later today other layers / filters may be available to possibly enhance the above. But no doubt, these are not clouds of any natural shape or form.

Sweden …

Chemtrails Isle of Man Irish Sea bottom of capture and another batch extending Firth of Forth to Glasgow.

On the above Isle of Man / Irish Sea location, if we select the base layer aqua/MODIS we obtain

Northern Spain chemtrails …

What did not show up were the half dozen very persistent chemtrails here north east England nearly all parallel but unusually open spaced high altitude corridor trending SE by NW strangely stationary for a couple of hours yet from 2:30pm until after 4:30pm consistently present and remaining dense ie not particularly breaking up or dissolving. If up there above our cloud cover there is something we shouldn’t be breathing we are certainly being fooled or compromised or both.

Chemtrails lately …

Chemtrail diary 7 Aug 2019.

Theres lots of chemtrail that are picked up on NASA worldview and many more from observations here at the homestead that worldview does not reveal. Firstly, NASA worldview screen capture is today over in Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai. There is some natural cloud formation at right of pic but most is chemtrail geoengineered and not just the distinct straight lines, more mature heavy deposition leads to a distinct colour and haze, chemtrail haze.

Chemtrail geoengineering over Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai.
Chemtrail geoengineering over Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai.

Then below we can see Corsica and Sardinia are getting another blast of chemtrail geoengineering.

Corsica Sardinia chemtrails today 7 August 2019 ...
Corsica Sardinia chemtrails today 7 August 2019 …

Going back to say 4th Aug we find chemtrails over the North Sea, wash, Humber.

North Sea, Humber, Wash chemtrail geoengineering 4 Aug 2019
North Sea, Humber, Wash chemtrail geoengineering 4 Aug 2019
Bay of Biscay, Gironde, Bordeaux chemtrail geoengineering
Bay of Biscay, Gironde, Bordeaux chemtrail geoengineering 3 Aug 2019
 Rockall, Shannon, North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 1 Aug 2019
Rockall, Shannon, North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 1 Aug 2019


What further proof could one possibly require that chemtrail geoengineering actually exists?  I shall continue to blog on chemtrail / geoengineering and please delve into the 320+ posts so far on this medley of chemtrail revelations, climate change latest and a  critique of trump that comprises ‘my blog’. My feeling re chemtrails is that any active blogger such as myself is given a wide berth, I’d say in comparison to what I witness in the previous year. However a new trick is ‘interrupted’ on and off chemtrails.

Postscript … here below a day later is a worthwhile vid. For instance listen to what the man has to say about chemtrails at …

02:05 “Todays spray job above us”

02:20 … “Does this look natural to anybody? All activists right now all we want is for you to believe us”


Western Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering.

I endeavour to remain level-headed, to pay attention only to facts and observable verifiable actions and activities, to avoid conjecture. But here today, captured before any possible modifications render it lost to the general public is what is to my mind a mighty suspicious rendering of a manufactured sky over in the Western Atlantic. Here in the UK- north east it was a messy bag of chopped up intermittent chemtrail / geoengineering but certainly obvious in its intent; obviously the product of an agenda from somewhere or other.

Verbose tonight as I post this, my apologies, I’m in that sort of mood.

Heres the link and screen grab of the Western Atlantic chemtrail / geoengineering shenanigans from today. Could this be natural? I find that hard to swallow, follow the link and zoom in on the action ie bottom left of pic and parallel lines of chemtrail, surely it cannot be anything but!

Western Atlantic suspected chemtrail geoengineering 24 July 2019
Western Atlantic suspected chemtrail geoengineering 24 July 2019




Chemtrails in Greece.

Valuable footage, too good to bury in my previous post which is basically a 17th July 2019 tour of NASA worldview looking for chemtrail geoengineering activity which was a bumper day for chemtrails around Europe. Worldview is not a watertight source, much slips through so to speak, but it makes a worthwhile contribution to finding chemtrail activity. My own thirty mile ‘cone of view’ has been remarkably quiet for chemtrails these last few weeks, but meanwhile Denmark, North Sea, western Atlantic, Black Sea, Adriatic, Greek Islands etc get the usual chemtrail lines in the sky geoengineering.

NASA worldview also shows forest fires in Siberia, screen capture pasted after the youtube of chemtrails in Greece. Be sure to see 05:09 below, note also a chemtrail corridor being built up and also an ‘aluminized sky’ being formed (my term, free to use).


Below are what I’m surmising are forest fires in Siberia …

forest fires Siberia 17 July 2019
forest fires Siberia 17 July 2019




Lines in the sky…

worthwhile link, convincing and valuable material …

A post to be added to as a chemtrail diary …