Lines in the sky.

UK chemtrail diary Fri 13th Sept 2019.

Loads of crappy lines in the sky this morning, would have to be blind or stupid or both not to notice, but hey presto …. few take notice.

NASA Worldview luckily displayed lots of lines in the sky ie chemtrails yesterday at 14:40 basically as soon as the data was available for southern England, however six hours later the criss-cross lines in the sky as revealed by NASA Worldview for southern England had disappeared.  Luckily I took a screen shot of the chemtrails at first viewing ie 14:40 hrs.

Six hours later this chemtrail pic was replaced at NASA Worldview to one with far less number of chemtrails. England chemtrails Fri 13th 2019 1440 hrs
Six hours later this chemtrail pic was replaced at NASA Worldview to one with far less number of chemtrails. England chemtrails Fri 13th 2019 1440 hrs


Here below is what we find a day later when we view retrospectively chemtrail / lines in the sky for southern England Fri 13th Sept 2019 ie my chemtrail diary.

second version of southern England chemtrails published by NASA for 13th Sept 2019 ...
second version ie altered to eliminate chemtrails of southern England lines in the sky as published by NASA for 13th Sept 2019 …

On the above elimination of the lines in the sky for southern England ie chemtrail data  note slight difference in area encompassed by the screenshot.

Same day further in northern England as was most certainly obvious early and mid morning we see an obvious ‘corridor’ of chemtrail material. Chemtrails in corridor fashion is one technique as is ‘on and off’ chemtrail spraying when making a more random / any direction chemtrail performance. Another trick often used in North America chemtrail spraying is to tag onto the outer limits of a cloud system as posted here a few days ago; link pending.

Below, is heavy chemtrail action across the Irish Sea, Anglesey, Lancashire and onto the North East as captured and still remaining accessible for Fri 13th 2019.

Irish Sea chemtrails, Anglesey, Lancashire, North East England Fri 13th Sept 2019 ...
Irish Sea chemtrails, Anglesey, Lancashire, North East England Fri 13th Sept 2019 …

Note I am always keen to use the particular name of the day, to try and see some rythmn to the weekly routine of chemtrails.

Heres another for that Friday, Hudson bay ie

As is my habit lets go look for some youtubes to accompany these locations …

As the first embed narrator tells us “Its the big elephant in the room nobody is talking about”. 


Greenland ice, carbon capture, climate debate.

Debate is perhaps not the best term but a useful search tag for google to pick-up on, action is more likely a better route. Yet here below is recent material to help us focus and realise we need action and fast.

From the above …

02:02 … Greenland ice loss id 8,500 tons per second… PER SECOND.

02:15   Half permanent arctic ice has gone.

09:20   How we will have to live and the 3 trillion that is half of what is present day subsidy to the fossil fuel industries that SHOULD be directed to carbon capture.

Author David Wallace-Wells in the above at 09:20 informs us that the IMF estimated world subsidy to traditional fossil fuel industries is approx 5.3 trillion annually; wheras a spend of 3 trillion could possibly completely neutrelise world carbon emission to zero by  utilising carbon capture.

Here below is author David Wallace-Wells that when talking to scientists ‘off-the-record’ realised the disjoint between what scientists think and realise themselves and what is released to the public for general media / news consumption.


Methane and climate change – the basics. in my opinion is the ‘touchstone’ for up to date climate change info.

Here is a previous post from Sam Carana that explains the methane conundrum / problem / emergency…

I can read a text based post much quicker and is a more satisfying and efficient experience than listening to a fifteen minute recap of what I could read in a text format much quicker.  Paul?

It is all irreversible, is by its own nature of interconnected climate change feedback loops irreversible. Who would have thought warming ‘dirt’ would be so dangerous!

Note also the demise of diatoms, a particular keen interest if mine; the gas DMS a product of diatoms and algae is fundamental to ocean cloud formation. We think ourselves so slick and clever but our lifestyles are anathema to this planet.


chemtrails Denmark.

My web has been down a week, yes chemtrails continue, yesterday 10 Sept in Newcastle upon Tyne yes chemtrails easily and obviously seen, yet who notices ??  Seldom I visit the trendier synthetic manufactured and no doubt grossly over grant-aided locations yet the comicality of two separate groovesters photographing the graffiti and ‘street-scene’ when in fact chemtrails blaze overhead is quite pathetic. Oh dear.

So today Denmark has some quite obvious chemtrails in the (only partially useful) NASA Worldview (it misses lots) … click onto the link and use the mag icon, theres lots.

Denmark chemtrails Sept 11 2019
Denmark chemtrails Sept 11 2019


As is my custom lets hunt around for youtube evidence of chemtrails in Denmark, below.



Climate change, but trump denies!

Yet the quite lamentable and quite laughable C in C donald j trump would have otherwise. As in all his life trump is so out of step. I deny him upper case.

A few posts ago I wrote on how 12 billion tons of ice melted in one day in Greenland from an embed youtube and this one day added a half millimetre to the worlds oceans. I’ve no means of proving this data but nonetheless etc.

Its my opinion that trumps climate change denial and roll-back/ deregulation of all valuable hard won legislation with conservation, energy sensibility, climate safeguards  are in fact War Crimes. trump goes golfing when he should be a President.

Shame upon him and the blight he brings.

rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency...
rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency…

Chemtrails Canada; a thousand miles long.

Chemtrail diary, Northern Canada.

Pictures of chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island as caught on NASA Worldview for August 28th 2019. A not infallible source but so far my only way to glean chemtrail activity other than directly overhead from here in England. Note how the chemtrail activity mimics and blends with the prevailing weather system, it would defy common sense to do otherwise.

You must realise my reasoning is merely conjecture, hypothesis, intuition prompted by the lines in the sky that widen, increasingly haze and alter the sky; these ARE NOT conventional condensation trails ie con-trails. I am not a trained meteorologist, merely an inquisitive layman. However my so far thousand hours over the last twenty months of daily observations of chemtrail have in some small way alerted my wits to what is without doubt as viewed above from where I live to be chemtrail activity. And hence my wish to glean what I can of chemtrails from NASA Worldview.

Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.
Weather picture NASA Worldview Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.

Also scroll over to Denmark, northern Europe, Vancouver and Southern Alaska, they all received chemtrail activity today 28 August 2019.

My friemd asks “Why are chemtrails happening” my answer is always to preface that there are many wild stories out there, my own view it is to increase reflectivity of the atmosphere ie to combat global warming. The downside is increased aluminium levels, witness retired Fisheries Biologist Francis Mangels reporting collapse of stream and river life, absence of Caddis fly; rapidity of California wildfires (aluminium in powdered / nano-particle form is an incendiary) note also massive increases in ground borne aluminium; vast increase in childhood autism, etc etc.

Note above we are hearing from qualified professionals.

Below as is my habit lets go look at youtubes that connect with the initial picture ie chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, 

Below, chemtrails Toronto …

Here below a valuable and venerable couple on Vancouver Island explain how they first saw chemtrails in 1998 and 1999 became more aware of it.



Wildfires in the North.

Here the bbc has a useful overview of the wildfires in the North.

ie wildfires in Siberia, Alaska etc. We read that lightning strikes are mostly the cause, but record dry conditions and higher than normal wind speed make things much worse.

And here below is the source of data included in the above link that I have yet to explore, time presses!

Its my opinion the California wildfires burnt with such vociferous rapidity due to chemtrail aluminium, I wonder at the aluminium levels in Siberia and Alaska?