A strange thing to talk about ….

On bbc r4 this week we had ‘Inside Science’ devote a segment to the prospect of the increasing methane levels in the next few years, Professor Euan Nisbet from Royal Holloway University of London emphasising tropical wetland methane but if my ears are working  correctly never once mentioned Arctic methane.

I am assuming tropical methane is a more steady state influence yet the Arctic variety in its three forms ie geological, microbial and thawing hydrates is on an astoundingly high trajectory of growth ie explosions of methane off the chart so to speak.

bbc radio is often a bit wonky and yet another example and shame upon the presentation of the subject.

I’ve blogged on Arctic methane previously, plenty of tags.

One cannot help but feel we are plunged into darkness whilst having just entered a strange new room, our steps are tiny, we will tentatively, timidly grasp at anything.


I find it profoundly irritating (and I refuse to take part) that we have to ‘log in’ to use the listen again facilityfor bbc radio, this is new and a bloody nuisance …



Climate change – Antarctica …

Not very often I can sit still to watch something beginning to end  …



At 07:30 above we see most of Italy and the UK severely modified ie submerged merely with the loss of the western Antarctic ice mass.

At 15:00 … increased precipitation is predicted from the additional freshwater from melt which will accellerate further the melting rate, a continuous compounding of the problem. I quote … as freshwater evaporates faster than salt water there will be a lot more rain and fresh snow.

At 21:00 all life down in the Antarctic seems to depend on krill which to my mind immediately focuses on the necessity of diatoms. Yet again we do not specifically hear or see of them, yet diatoms are ‘the crux of the matter’.  Diatoms are an utter fascination of mine, whether its Alfred Nobel and his dynamite, 70% of the worlds oil and gas,  the symbiosis with or the collapse of coral reef ie the Bryozoans, Pacific seabird collapse … I believe all are diatom based. My wife always said i cannot have an encounter without getting diatoms into the conversation somewhere. Remember silica is also the base for silicon wafers /chips and so often i cannot find a specific acknowledgement of this connection. Ooops and the heat insulation on the Challenger / Shuttle …. all diatoms !

Without diatoms we are absolutely screwed. And the irony of what has lead to their demise is quite horrible ie the burning of fossil fuels which are mostly the end remains of diatoms. Realise also that the huge Pacific seabird dieoff has not been fully explained nor reported as sufficiently as it should have been.

At 43:30 land animals are blinded because of the hole in the ozone layer, the size of North America. Yet theres no mention of the work of James Lovelock in actually discovering and measuring the level of CFCs in the atmosphere. James Lovelock also discovered DMS as emitted by diatoms and diatoms are if my memory is correct responsible for 20% of the planets conversion of CO2 to O.



n.b. I am merely an interested layman, please be sure to fact-check.

chemtrail diary Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 and following days …

Chemtrails started here NE England 0900 GMT and quite obvious, pics to follow, by 11:30 sky mostly obscure and by 12:30 quite hopeless to see if theres any further chemtrail being deposited. Its a MP (medium pressure) day after falling and till mid morning was bright blue and beautiful, we’ve lost all that now at 2pm. with heavy hazing my DQA reporting system is inoperable but is reported as OS (obscured sky) Therefore DQA 844 MP; OS; AS4 (aluminized sky). I think that is quite effective shorthand and allows me to compare days and diary notes instantly.

I wonder at the strength of the material being deposited, can it vary per chemtrail/ per plane ? We’ve had the brown tinged reaction clouds below indicating lots of chemtrail, there can be many days when chemtrail does not produce them, so far i’d say its a DQA 844; AS4 (aluminized sky). I wonder at how food producers cope with this, organic producers complain of aluminium levels reducing their crops resistance to disease.

Unusually worldview gives a picture of the chemtrails today, its the grey streaks that indicates chemtrail and their hazing.





Below … https://go.nasa.gov/2Ip5JPv

https://go.nasa.gov/2Ip5JPv  ... chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh
https://go.nasa.gov/2Ip5JPv … chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh


In my opinion most of the above is chemtrail.

South coast of England chemtrails today …  https://go.nasa.gov/2ImIlBX

chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019...https://go.nasa.gov/2ImIlBX ...
chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019…https://go.nasa.gov/2ImIlBX
chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Imu884
.chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019..https://go.nasa.gov/2Imu884

In my opinion theres a lot of chemtrail in the above pic, chemtrails around Isle of Man to north, Anglesey to south, Dublin to the west. See bottom of post for Anglesey chemtrail pics found on youtube.


contd …

Chemtrail diary UK Thursday 21st Feb 2019. Obvious chemtrail to the east early / mid morning coming in from the NorthSea, fortuitously / coincidentally as shown on worldview below; nothing seen afterwards …  worldview below has captured something.




below … https://go.nasa.gov/2IsztuI

chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019


chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019

All i can say is that ‘it doesn’t look right’ and that the worldview data is very inexact, no time stamp, only the day and that even when we have had v obvious chemtrail days here in NE England it often does not show up on worldview.


Chemtrail diary Friday 22nd Feb 2019 … incomplete observations and intermittent chemtrail activity but mid morning and teatime provided firm evidence. Shipping area Trafalgar / Finisterre ie west of Gibralter got lots according to worldview … https://go.nasa.gov/2GFodto …. scroll upwards to look at Portugal and Galicia  …  https://go.nasa.gov/2GGAxJN

Likewise eastern UK shows lots of chemtrail … https://go.nasa.gov/2GExXE5

I wonder if nasa worldview is intentionally de-sensitised when showing chemtrail areas? As chemtrail activity is often not all day long it would be easy to place images online that contaion as little as possible of the offending activity. Likewise its obvious meteorologists / the weathermen must sign documents to be quiet about all this.

chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019

link for above … https://go.nasa.gov/2GH7JAW


Chemtrail pics Friday 22nd Feb 2019  see below, aluminized / hazy sky assuming leftover from previous days of chemtrail (Tuesday) etc  …. DQA 624 HP; IO; AS4

  • HP = High Pressure (F falling; R = Rising)
  • IO = Intermittent observation
  • AS = Aluminised sky
  • All are from a 1-10 scale;
  • DQA = Duration; Quantity; Altered sky.

The larger pic of the three below contains far more chemtrail that at first glance, its the central Pennine flightpath and seldom contains ‘random’ chemtrails as we see in the sky here in the north east of England.




Chemtrail diary north east England Saturday 23rd Feb 2019. As expected its a chemtrail day with spectacular chemtrails late morning, light chemtrail deposition for the last half week necessitates ‘topping up’ the cheimtrail levels.  I cannot help but feel that anyone that does not have their curiosity tickled by such shenanigans needs to have paid more attention at school ! Dull fellows indeed I wager !


In above, look carefully at bottom LH (click to expand) that is a lot of very deliberate chemtrail activity. Again, below same day, now it is teatime ….


This is not a natural sky.

Lets look at what worldview can reveal for Saturday 24th Feb 2019 …. northern Spain, Biscay, Brittany, I suspect a high volume of holiday flights. But still there is i think surreptitious chemtrailing, click to expand and see how the chemtrails are revealed ….


chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2ItVSI2
chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2ItVSI2

click to expand, that is a massive amount of chemtrail.

chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IzhjYt
chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IzhjYt
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IwkZtO
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IwkZtO

I think there is ‘editing out’ going on here or image modification. If not, then the chemtrail people work hard at making it look like a natural thing.

Tootling around Europe here below we look at Amsterdam, Groningen, Bremen and Hamburg …. https://go.nasa.gov/2GHqUKO

chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2GHqUKO
chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2GHqUKO
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Ix9PF3
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Ix9PF3

A quick google for ‘chemtrails Bremen’ and we find  … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faDHZcGzc2Y





postscript …

Here below is a quick search to find chemtrail pics for Anglesey, north Wales as mentioned at the beginning of this lengthening post.


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chemtrail youtubes …

To quote the start of my profile “I don’t like being fooled.”

I make effort to find what others see happening in the skies above them, the point of this many-post blog is to help others get a quick fix on issues and links that help understand climate change, species loss, chemtrails and suchlike. A fortnight ago i realised adding a location to google searches produced reams of material that had been unfindable ie search  ‘chemtrail pics Vancouver’  or London, or Paris, Rotterdam, Seattle, San Diego, Manchester, Ireland, Spain  …. everywhere!

First youtube below does a good job, just what we see up here on an active day for chemtrails. Yet few if any take notice, or attach any curiosity when the matter is raised, impending reduced CO2 will only increase such lethargy and failing cognitive function. General media does a good job of bundling chemtrails with other unconnected nonsense so as to make ppl like me appear to be idiots. A bright blue day can be ruined with chemtrails – often is – the aesthetic viewpoint alone is damned jarring never mind thinking about the increased level of ‘heavy metals’ inc aluminium etc. We are being fooled and the populace is happy to concur. Likewise with carbon based personal transport, easy jet flights, beef and burger based meals … all will take a lot of prising from greedy hands …..

It must have taken a long time to convince pre-savvy distant man of a century and more ago that something such as  microbes, bacteria, pathogens, viruses etc actually exist in that you cannot see them but they can kill you; that clean hands matter. Likwise Dalton and his atomic theory, I’ve a feeling he wouldn’t have wasted his breath enthusing and trying to convince his neighbours of ‘such little things’,  poor man would only have his time wasted being collared to hear tales of atoms …  ‘ressin cross’t field chessed bi’t dogs’ or atoms nesting under the barn … “But I’ll get the buggers” replies the rustic  … or that only the other week he was bitten by one!

Enough of the comical aside, lets gather evidence …




chemtrail diary …

postscript, its now 16th Feb 2019 (my DQA reporting system 844) and its a chemtrail Saturday, looking at yesterdays NASA worldview we cannot see any of the chemtrail mayhem that flew in the skies all day up here in NE England !! I’ll post it above as a newer page; using the previous day worldview (I need a better set of sat images than worldview) … we find …


chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019

Below, Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019


chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019

So, worldview doesn’t even give a hint, any hint whatsoever of what was up in the sky NE England yesterday, but elsewhere, Irish Sea and also Portugal we see lots of chemtrail; zoom in on that second pic ie Portugal from the link and see quite how many chemtrails there are. I reckon sprayed / deposited so as ‘to look’ like weather ie to disguise.  you often see on the edge of a weather system chemtrails tagged on. As with yesterday, later morning was low quantity to and fro in a corridor NE England…  chemtrails didn’t seem to stop around too long, only a 20% hazing of the sky ie first set of pics below and second set of pics reveal the distant haze in the west to be a corridor of chemtrail prob deposited for several hours as taken teatime. Today 16th Feb its Saturday morning chemtrail.
















DQA Thursday 14th Feb 2019 422 O/S (obscured sky); Friday 15th Feb 2019 833; Saturday 16th Feb looks to be as I guess 844. reporting system i have developed refers to duration, quantity, affect.


footnote: I’m using a tag and category of ‘weather modification’ but its not stricly true in that the term more accurately describes ‘cloud seeding’ where salt with propellant are sprayed in the sky from aircraft, Bloomberg has an interesting article on this for India ….  https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2015-cloud-seeding-india/





Snapshot chemtrail from worldview …

First time for me, only abt three weeks ago i started using NASA worldview. It often does not show the chemtrails we get here NE England ie when i look upwards but  however i get to tootle around the world and pick up what I can.

Heres a pic taken 13:15 GMT northern France a few minutes ago, English Channel … chemtrails i assume and ‘plain as day’… I don’t think its fairy dust. Google location specific and you will find many many ppl around the world are upset about chemtrails.


chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019
chemtrail snapshot 13 Feb 2019 using worldview snapshot facility; resolution 125m per pixel.

Here is a link to get to that specific day and view presented  … https://go.nasa.gov/2IbiwVF

Thursday 14th Feb 2019 … A HP day but hazy, still I can see three chemtrail to the east from here in northern England. Occasionally chemtrails present themselves through the haze only to quickly be obscured again. So maybe tomorrow we will get full on bright blue n chemtrail mayhem if HP persists which looks to be doing … better for the chemtrail photographer !

Googling ‘chemtrail pics west of Ireland’ we find  …. https://twitter.com/chemtrailire

Also once its 1pm we can see the UK on worldview ie ….

chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland ... also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.
chemtrail pic 14 Feb 2019 Ireland … also out into the Atlantic in among a white screen of cloud can be seen the chemtrails flying in.

Link for above is … https://go.nasa.gov/2SS4oVo


chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.
chemtrail pic 14th Feb 2019 Irish Sea toward northern England / Manchester.

Link for last pic is …. https://go.nasa.gov/2SWzvPK

Insect decline.

Plenty of news coverage yesterday re insect decline, bizarre predictions of  ‘100 years’ seem so silly, if insect loss stands as it does now I’d say three years, five or seven. How else, if they’re ‘dropping like flies’  (horrible pun)  with nicotinoids and unmentioned aluminium levels then the tail off will can only be drastic. I feel so sorry for the knock on effects, to lose garden song birds will be so sad. Likewise bees, butterflies, and i wonder at earthworms. I garden for birds here, strangers have told me so, yet we use the term ‘garden songbird’ when in fact gardens suitable for them, swathes of urban garden are punctuated with barren grass patches at best or paving and gravel and the dreaded dreaded membrane. People just do not seem to connect, few people plant a garden hedge, there are other preoccupations, other toys to play with nowadays. People are so THICK …

My garden is a maze of carefully thought out ‘jumble’, niche corners, shrubs, flowering things, every day of the year theres something in flower. All done at little expense, lots from seed and cuttings.

Many farmers are not the best of operators in ensuring biodiversity, often on my rambles hedges are left to fail and thin and then remain as a few straggling hawthorn sixty years later. A most useful small / mini wood at the entrance to Old B Church was destroyed a few years ago, snowdrop churned to muck, for no purpose, the Forestry Commission a hundred miles away telling me they granted a license to fell and there will be i assume grant aid to develop another artificial synthetic planting. Here in our local Park much used by urban dogwalkers similar nonsense is occurring, an obsession in destroying potential butterfly habitat ie strimming and putting out of reach leaf litter for blackbirds with an obsession with wood chippings; maybe I’m wrong, maybe it will house worms and woodlice, I shall have to check.

Likewise at a couple of separate places i visit, i place bird seed in useful rough weathered fencepost, for twenty years yellowhammer have always accompanied me along that road in spring and summer, its the least i can do. I feed horses too, initially a little neglected, twenty years ago, nowadays the owners realise they need to make an effort. Its what you do that matters, not platitudes or vacuous observations with no follow up. In the bad snow of seven years ago it was only one visit in six weeks that I missed a 28 mile round trip to feed each afternoon; snow tyres being essential.

Do kids do gardening at school? They’ve stopped the wood and metalwork decades ago. And I always wonder that once the photo-op has passed what are the results of their efforts with trowel and seed packet? The consistency, the regularity of effort?

I recall my years eleven to sixteen in a village Secondary School NE England … the microscopes only ever came out of the cupboard once in five years, the biology / science teacher hopeless and uninterested, many lessons devoted to playing ‘hangman’ while he played around with his admin tasks!

We most definitely are bringing up kids that cannot make perform simple tasks to satisfactorily conclusion, cannot complete a practical task. The term ‘using ones hands’ still carries to many a derogatory inflexion to it. Lets blame the Educationalists, they have eradicated so much that is practical and geared toward a finished piece of work, not just fannying on with the apron and plastic specs. We live in a bullshit world, we are getting what we deserve.

An American style obsession driven by big business, all sizes of business with red meat and burgers will have to be re-thought, likewise population control; likewise what we spray on the fields. Probably its too late, but i would never give in, never decline to make the effort.

Aluminium levels are much ignored, not embraced as mainstream and my interest in diatoms is just too obscure (fundamental to the marine food chain) to yield anything from online searches!









From the Readers Digest Book of Birds, a most valuable and informative book. It 'appeals' ... is a beautiful object, it draws you in like no website ever could.
From the Readers Digest Book of Birds, a most valuable and informative book. It ‘appeals’ … is a beautiful object, it draws you in like no website ever could.


Isn’t that a beautiful rendition of the lapwing!  So accurate, so characterful, a credit to the artist. Their antics, their beautiful rippling warble across upland landscape is joyful, a masterpiece of creation. To those that don’t know it, they are sadly lacking.

So lets remind ourselves and also learn …