Climate and species loss …

I had been wondering if google had been channelling me away from the likely material I search for.  I don’t know … never mind heres information we need to be sure to read and digest.

People / ornery folk get tired of yet another news story as ‘climate change’ as if the subject is just part of the usual round of news items. As David Attenborough and many others point out it is ecological and planetary survival. These observers are professionals, of decades of experience. General mass civilisation IF it  continues is undergoing a complete mangling and deformation, squeezed like at no other time since we have walked upright. Already the cascade of heating, drought, ice loss, mass extinction is in slo-mo action to our eyes but realise geologically its supersonically rapid compared to any other epoch. No other epoch was industrialised and burnt / converted carbon and polluted as we have. Now it is a major re-jig of a vast array of interconnected feedback systems. Oceans are dying, food chains are being eliminated, witness diatoms a particular interest of mine.

Over Christmas we had several news stories re space exploration, furthest object, dark side of the moon etc and this seems so stupid when its here on this planet we need to focus energy and resources like at no other time, a hundred fold any Manhattan Project. I fear what we need to do will never happen. Only if this was a ‘declared war’ would the response be moving ahead at any where near the required level of urgency and application.

I look around, we still see gas guzzling commuters in SUVs, needless use of electricity, affluent massive desire for beef production, huge amount of air traffic. All could be trimmed. But are many people making an effort? Crass inept needless reasons to consume electricity such as bitcoin need curtailed.

Here in northern England I can see fine well the water table is much reduced, we just don’t get the rain. Yes, reservoirs fill up but I rate that as surface water.

I’ve always had the problem in life that its v difficult to get the information I want, the conversation.

Note the IPCC is living in a twenty year time lag from real world events and reactions. Much emasculated, much subjective.

Chemtrails obscure the suns energy for crops and universal vitality. The aluminium is causing organic growers big problems. A years observation and chemtrails can take several forms:-

  • west coast flight path to drift eastward next day,
  • multiple build up of an intense corridor,
  • chemtrail activity above an obscuring lower cloud level.
  • random.


Mass extinction … trying to understand.

Look at the contributors, for instance … Paul Erlich.

Not many bees this last year, no hubble of flies as I walk along late summer country lanes. The little critturs go first …. go ask a diatom.

Then the birds will fail and as above the pollinators and meanwhile some twat at 5G tells us how lucky we are ….

I am so glad I do not live in a city.


That bloody term ‘bleaching’ …

You mean the Bryozoans have given up, expired.

This falsity and laxness vexes me. And what of their symbiotic relationship with from what i have read … diatoms ?

ie …

So maybe we can say that the Bryozoans are the aquatic canary in the coal mine?


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Scouting for climate info …

trump and his nastiness diverts us from pursuing a more usual constructive life and chemtrails I reckon are probably to be absent until spring and the warming of the sun, at least here in the UK. So now at backend 2018 we can look at climate change info ….

look at micro-granules of plastic and the blood/ brain barrier …

countries acting now …

sixty percent gone  …

ditto …

It would take a full page A4 of close-typed headings to even bring together the basics of enquiry / search terms for the layman.

mainstream denial of Pacific die-off …

From experience I know that successive days or sessions on youtube yield better, more detailed or less populist material on any form of search, this was obvious about eight years ago one Christmas where I focused on Italian Neo-Realist cinema of the 1950’s. It took three evenings before I was offered the full-length ‘Umberto D’.

Heres some hints to look out for and many are covered/ linked here in previous posts …

  • bee and insect decline
  • arctic ice loss
  • antarctic melting from beneath
  • increasing sliding speed of glaciers
  • diatom and plankton loss and the importance of this
  • dead rivers
  • loss of caddis fly
  • fish stock decline (everywhere)
  • alzheimers in bees
  • west coast USA river entire ecosystem decline
  • Pacific seabird collapse (starvation) and its under-reporting
  • Fukushima
  • aluminium from chemtrails
  • California wildfires and chemtrail aluminium accumulation
  • autism increase (aluminium)
  • deforestation
  • needing to decrease beef consumption
  • population growth
  • too great a dependance on digital and the web and how we think
  • web manipulation, manipulating opinion
  • trumps madness and denial, the EPA tragedy
  • trumps lies and graduated decline into authoritarianism, American Fascism
  • the inadequecy of the IPCC reporting
  • methane in its three forms, frozen hydrate, microbial, geological (ice capped)
  • green plant transpiration reversal at increased CO2
  • the love affair with the SUV and carbon based personal transport
  • human arrogance and conceit
  • electric vehicles not being the answer they seem
  • chemtrail deployment, resultant ‘haze’ and impact on organic growers
  • Monsanto patents and aluminium resistance
  • jet stream alteration and split resulting in warm wet air over the Arctic
  • etc etc



Chemtrails UK today.

Its Saturday morning northeast UK 29th September 2018.

Up at 0630 and at least dozen trails visible in the sky. Now at 0700 two aircraft visible blatantly laying trail in the same quadrant of the sky, parallel to the ones nearby. All last week its ‘on and off’ most days, exception / exceptionally Friday yesterday there seemed to be NO visible air traffic all morning, seemed most odd in a clear bright blue sky! This morning looks set that we get lots of aerial spraying. Yesterday evening I’m talking to someone up at an old Church, I point out the trail and its aircraft, he was quite polite, didn’t ridicule (remember that media/ tv bundles chemtrails with other nonsense so as to ruin any sane discussion) … and forty minutes later the trail is still very visible, having drifted and ‘hazed out’ to do its work. He listens as I tell him about the near extinction of caddis fly in west USA rivers, their multi-decade chemtrail bombardment (ie aluminium deposition) also dementia in bees, exacerbated wildfire due to aluminium, loss of lower (important) marine food chain ie my ‘beloved’ diatoms and algae, and I forgot to tell him of the scandalous autism rates in California.

Thursday 27th Sept was dreadful, all day it was chemtrails, far more than usual.

As I type I can hear aircraft crossing the skies, now at 0720 since before dawn I’d say we’ve had say at least thirty chemtrails placed overhead. From previous experience this clear sky could  be churning and in turmoil by 0800-0900. Its the rate / speed of churn that rings my alarm bells, not at all natural. Note how the chemtrail haze drifts, melds and forms an overall dulled sky.

I suppose Governments have to do something, they are prepared to see a nine tenths  population loss, scientists can be found online speaking of this. Difficult and immediate measures such as shutting down personal car transport (ie live close to work) limiting air travel for leisure purposes and abandoning the constant need for Economic Growth (and increasing wages) all will have to be severely curtailed and quite soon if humans as a species are to cope with the situation ahead.  The Paris Agreement has great failings but at least it got everyone on board even if its figures now incorporate carbon capture yet to be invented and totally ignoring the impending eightyfold effect of methane in its three forms.  Thank goodness I don’t live in a city or large town or on the coast. People are openly saying online that if they haven’t had kids they are okay with it now. Sad really as we’ve reached a point where healthcare is near universally available, working hours are not as bad as they were, no longer are we slaves to a master, we have personal mobility in many forms, news, being connected, low cost books are all to be enjoyed. You have to remember that two hundred years ago the ruling masters of this country would not even allow people to ‘correspond’ with others of like mind ie of the lack and cost of food for the ordinary person and that ‘ornery folk were forbidden from assembling to meet and discuss….. it would be done at night in a dark field, with passwords to protect from Government spies … only two hundred years ago !!! I suggest E.P. Thompson ‘The Making of the English Working Class’, an incredible book.

Its 0735 lets take a peep outside  ….. yes, always a couple of aircraft somewhere in the sky, lots of older high alt trails dulling what should be a bright clear morning. No sign of the lower cumulus type cloud forming as yet.

Its 0830, two sets of three trails in parallel (evenly spaced) streak the sky. And all the folk around here sit in their little houses oblivious.

Yup … 0838 and a fast evolving lower strata of the cumulus type cloud has appeared within five minutes, tinged grey-brown underneath as is the case with heavy alumium spraying / inducement. What an incredibly fast change, sun now obscured, a now dark morning. THIS IS OBSCENE. I’ve always said that most people are whores, they’ll do anything for money and the fly-boys up there should be ashamed of themselves. However, why has it taken me so long to cotton-on to this chemtrail problem? It was only eight months ago when I started to look up and take notice, to wonder what is going on and ten months ago that I woke up to the climate change that is occurring; so perhaps I need to temper my view of those that have yet to agree with me.  Online we can find blogs long since dormant from five and ten years ago highlighting chemtrails in various parts of the UK.  What made stop? fatigue? boredom?

Its 09:03, the sun has appeared again, a couple of big trails remain, brown grey ‘reaction clouds’ (my term invented … 1 sec ago) gone, otherwise any ordinary person would not see anything untoward.  Now its 09:30 brightish, one or two old (say 40 mins) trails, maybe just one new trail per 3 or 4 minutes, mixed sky, sort of believable ‘not phoney’ to most people.

Lets look at this mornings pics so far ie 06:58 to 08:40 …


The trails look weaker in these photographs than when seen in reality.

Sunday 30th Sept 2018 no distinct trails (its 0920) but most certainly an ‘aluminised sky’. And so it should be, theres been lots of chemtrails deposited these last few days and particularly Thursday and Sat morning, the latter by mid morning the trails still visible but little plane activity. I would assume theres sufficient aluminium up there already, as I’d say Sunday morning proves.  It looks to me that the trails stay high and there is a much lower reaction that produces the fast ‘churn’ and morphing. Top RH pic above shows this most clearly, the lower fluffy brown stuff gadding along at a fair rate of knots yet the upper trail apparently remaining stationary apart from a slow widening and spread to do its work. This is spooky, un-natural and should cause alarm bells to ring but in fact no-one bothers, it is I suppose ‘above their heads’.

Tuesday 2nd Sept 2018 I had opportunity to drive out fifteen miles and a moderate show of chemtrails but all at a distance, though plain enough. The morning started with in my opinion lots of aluminized high alt haze in the sky, fast churn, at evening an hour after sunset new trails just perceptible overhead. The object I would think is to getting up sufficient nano-particle aluminium into the upper altitudes, so maybe night deposition will or is occurring, we read the material stays up there for days. A day later ie today Wed its fret and misty so far this morning.




Guardian on wildlife…

Harrowing stats, all down. An open window at night might bring in a moth, 25yrs ago there would be lots and you would make sure it was only slightly ajar at night for eight months of the year. Even toads the Guardian tells us are at two thirds down in the 30 years I’ve been visiting the pit heap, funnily enough these last few years toads have been far fewer, water is fed in at a dribble from ag land further up, I wonder if and what they are spraying?

As cited previously its difficult to find up to date news of moth decline. Silence too on Pacific seabird decline and next to nothing on my favourite topic of diatoms – a strata of base level food chain that all successive levels depend upon.

I think municipal authorities could do more, excessive verge clearing must surely not help, though I do realise sapling encroachment may be part of their remit. Our local park is poorly managed say for unhindered sapling ash sprouting out of everything yet still there is the needless strimming at mid summer of any marginal herbage. So what about campion, yellow rattle or suchlike being able to set and scatter seed? Or my pending one thousand orchids scattered as seed a couple of years ago, the repeat of an experiment conducted sucessfully elsewhere. This tells me they know zilch for butterfly conservation. Also old and dead timber is not allowed to remain, hence are adamant on minimising food supply for songbirds.


Tiny toad found on the road. say 2011


Chemtrails UK

These last few days ….

Why are there trails that morph quickly to overall haze when it should be clear?

Why is it change, churn and turmoil, why not a steady state in the sky?

And days indicated as high pressure ruined with chemtrail haze. Its like that this morning, rapid changes, people tell me that rain is forecast (which I do not trust to happen …[but did]…) and now at 10am after clear at 7, dark at 9, its now wanting to be clear again. Light chemtrails all morning and the last few days also light chemtrail deposition. One could say this last week its little and often so as not to alarm the natives

Last few days have been only ‘light’ chemtrail effects but i think it was Saturday afternoon later on when the overall grey sky cleared and bingo above out of sight were the dreaded trails. Wednesday, a distinct trail 0600, half an hour later overall haze and light number of trails thereafter, as discussed prev we need a reporting system as per the old time radio communications RST  code ie 5-9 etc maybe I’ll invent it. Theres too many lone voices, but maybe thats a good thing – to reach our conclusions independantly rather that feeding off one another and mutually reinforcing. Objectivity must be the order of the day!

Beware of media / tv treatment of this, its bundled up with all sorts of nonsense so as to ridicule people like me.

Pics below are from 18th July – 27th July north east UK. Nothing spectacular as earlier this year, but still nefarious and needing to be understood. Likewise now its 10.30 and I can hear jets high above but hidden by the manufactured cloud and wonder if they too are laying more chemtrail?



Bottom left, note how the trail is interrupted or turned on and off.

Apart from the clever hatchet job from tv regarding these things, most people would  say its just jet trails. But why do they persist, can morph un-naturally quick, haze and quickly drift to form overall haze when it WAS a bright clear day. Theres the planes, theres the buggered day!! And why particular pockets of time when it seems so easy to see them ie an hour or two at breakfast, an hour or two at teatime. Remember, the massive aluminium levels where this has been happening for decades ie California and the horrible levels of autism in boys and no caddis in the streams and hence no trout to fish for and raging wildfire feeding on nano-particle aluminium fallen to the earth. I also have a feeling the chemtrail aluminium is affecting diatoms and algae, microscopic and utterly essential and fundamantal for most life on Earth. Diatoms don’t matter I hear …. thats where 70% of the worlds oil and gas is derived from ie ancient geological deposits. Its also the only material on this planet that allowed the Challenger and Shuttle to re-enter this atmosphere unfrazzled. A fascinating subject – diatoms. Its also thought aluminium from chemtrails is a major factor in bee decline, they develop Alzheimers.

Please see my previous posts on chemtrails, the photos prove theres something ‘going on’.

Look at my diary page started Aug 4th 2018, I’ll build up a few days material as diary entries.