Shocking …

How did we get to this level ?

This is the repulsive face of racism and would be wannabe white supremacy.

What is it quite that they want ?

How did we allow such low-grade f-listers to order around the media, to dictate and be unanswerable? Of course they are unanswerable, their hidden agenda from day one has been to trash the media, the pillar of free thought; of the right to place questions and ask for accountability, to expect an honest civil reply from someone of at least average ability and decent ethics.

Fascism plain and simple.

I’ve said before, I shudder to think what crooked, skewed and bigoted conversations occur behind closed doors at the trump White House.

It is important everyone sees material such as the above, it proves the USA is in need of a big fix.


trump and his multi-pronged attack on decency and truth .....
trump and his multi-pronged attack on decency and truth …..

How slow and stupid we are …

I read Sam Carana and anything from Guy McPherson; he has a critical enquiring mind, one of the youngest Professors ever appointed in the USA.

The slowness,  blindness and inaccuracy of the IPCC is astounding. I think I’m correct in saying didn’t include subsea methane release in their most recent ‘modelling’ (highly inaccurate anyway) and ignored melting Arctic ice. Lewis Carrol could have written the script. Levels that are in the short term are the levels that will destroy us, say x130 for methane; theres no medium or long term worth considering, we’ll not be here.

Anyways, 2C will come and go v quickly, better start thinking 3C plus, which of course means human life is teetering and gone.  Think about it, feedback loops of enormous world encompassing comprehensivity, nature in the raw so to speak, grain production areas disabled, theres nowhere else it can be done, corporations had better get ‘superfood’ substitutes developed v quickly. Thank God I don’t live in a large centre of population, water distribution / delivery / pumping and sewage disposal will become so critical.  And so on and so on …

So many pundits / governments / media voices seem to wish to project a false prediction that somehow or other 2 degrees C of warming will leave us all at a levelling off, when in fact the whole system of nature is now a frightening series of triggers and feedback loops revving up to go faster.

  • ice loss
  • jet stream
  • weather patterns
  • sea level rise
  • methane
  • green growing things ‘go in reverse’ for CO2 conversion
  • algae / diatom crash the oceans die (witness diatom / bryozoan symbiosis ie coral reef.
  • grain production
  • insects (pollinators) gone
  • aluminium levels
  • drinking water
  • power stations are nearly all coastal
  • etc



Lines in the sky.

Gdansk, Gotland, Kaliningrad chemtrail geoengineering
Gdansk, Gotland, Kaliningrad chemtrail geoengineering

Lines in the sky ie chemtrails / geoengineering, nothing heavy but most days something to see. I’m wondering if my prolific blogging re the chemtrail phenomena is in fact keeping them away from my own location.

Chemtrail diary, Sunday 14 July 2019.

Short burst chemtrails seen today, this seems to be the preferred way to lay chemtrail into the sky, as observed from the city of Sunderland, County Durham this afternoon.

Casting a wider net ie using NASA worldview to find more lines in the sky we find ….

Baltic Sea, Bornholm, Gdansk, July 15 2019 chemtrail geoengineering.
Baltic Sea, Bornholm, Gdansk, July 15 2019 chemtrail geoengineering.
Le Havre, Dieppe, English Channel chemtrail geoengineering 13 July 2019.
Le Havre, Dieppe, English Channel chemtrail geoengineering 13 July 2019.
Nantucket, New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard chemtrail geoengineering 12 July 2019.
Nantucket, New Bedford, Martha’s Vineyard chemtrail geoengineering 12 July 2019.

Heres youtubes pertaining to the above locations …



postscript: for instance below we can see  Finisterre, Sole, Fastnet all got hammered Monday 15th July 2019 ie west of Portugal and Spain, mid Atlantic chemtrails / geoengineering.

eastern Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 15 July 2019
eastern Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 15 July 2019

Below, a close-up of chemtrail geoengineering in the above area …

chemtrails south of Ireland 15th July 2019
chemtrails south of Ireland 15th July 2019
ditto using upper base layer on NASA worldview sea area Fastnet, Sole 15 july 2019 chemtrails south of Ireland ...
ditto using upper base layer on NASA worldview sea area Fastnet, Sole 15 July 2019 chemtrails south of Ireland;

I go back to a 1950’s style education and outlook, when hard effort gained insight and rewards and not the ‘diet-lite’ education of today. Of memorisation, of books, many books on many subjects. I am not clever, I don’t pretend to be, but I do try to raise the bar.








Bill Maher at his best …

I was going to use the title ‘What would a dick do … ” but maybe google frowns on such direct address … instead we can read the title Bill Maher at his best and hear how the Republicans or more accurately the twisted self interest of over-wealthy benefactors can turn the ear of what should be a democratic process; wow America is hijacked !!!

btw … money DOES corrupt.

trump; traitor, progenitor of evil, cretin.

… oops sorry to offend any cretin. But its true, trumps many chaos, many denials are near beyond number.

Yes you had porn stars and paid them off even though dollar bills were never requested, never required.

Yes you ring hapless contractors and offer them cents on the dollar.

Yes. you steam roller through to bypass any semblance of paying a tax bill or accurate and honest accounting.

trump is quite hapless, the kid that never did homework, sailed along on ‘front’ and brazen disregard.

My particular axe to grind tonight is his breathtakingly pathetic performance at G20 re climate change. 

As usual a few ignorant and off target remarks and trump thinks, fools himself he ‘has it in the can’. Here in the north east of England we would call him ‘donnard’. It means stupid, dim, irrelevant, thick, of catastrophic bad performance; pretty well sums up the whole White House pantomime and its sick tired entourage. His baseless tissue thin platitudes surely can not still fool anyone?

Heres a useful succinct resume as what we are up against with the idiocy of trump; remember, his only qualification is a reality tv show of low merit.

Donald Trump Said Really Stupid Things About Climate Today. Here Are 8 Facts He Ignored.


trump and his many pronged attack on decency and intelligence
trump and his many pronged attack on good sense, established values and decency …


postscript; I am most certainly critical because the nonsense we see and hear and the divisive low brow garbage Presidency of donald j trump can not be allowed to develop into mainstream and accepted as ‘normal’. It is not normal in any shape or form to wreck, sow fear and anxiety, to deride ordinary people, to alter and manipulate impressions, views, free speech ie his achingly tiresome attack of the Free Press.

The man is useless. The photo-op (as with KJU NK) is quite shallow and basically pointless, but KJU loves all of this, propelled from hardly of importance to worldwide coverage.  trump feeds the world his photo-op lead story nonsense knowing fine well theres endless appetite for his trivia, this unthinking tissue thin nonsense.  This obscures a more critical debate or recognition of the dismantling and regressive backward motion of his Presidency. Witness EPA, Universities etc being told to not mention climate change or even accept such peril is at hand. This to my mind is a War Crime.

Heres a useful precis of the idiocy and hopelessness of a latter day Wizard of Oz, puffing and grunting but actually quite hopeless …

Trump’s G20 Trip Was More Bizarre and Embarrassing Than You Thought

I suggest for instance  … Ignorance of “liberal democracy” from the above where trump is hopelessy unable to understand what is actually meant by ‘western liberal democracy’ and thinks in his usual pointless wordsalad response that it is states out west run by LBGT enthusiasts that he is required to comment upon.

soundbite soundbite soundbite  …

Vast swathes of ‘ornery folk have forgotten theres a thing called books, of knowledge, precedent, history, depth and learning.

Open debate re trump the conman.

Makes for worthwhile viewing, Carl Cameron has the juice!

Note the distinction he wishes to be made clear, Fox opinion hosts are not Fox News, the latter he stresses as journalists that make journalistic effort, to quote Carl “Bust a gut to strike fair balance in their reporting.” I cannot vouch for this, I do not have Fox News but Carl Cameron whatever is worth listening to.

But it is a frightening fact that the opinion hosts both cheer lead and help form the opinions held by trump himself. Look at Hannity and trump speaking most nights before bedtime, as if both are reporting in to sum up the day, its progress or lack of it and where next. This is dialogue that should occur with Oval Office briefings, meetings and dialogue with top notch experts, not tv folk; trump likes the easy ‘tv way’. Yet realise so much of trump is tv, his inputs, his view of the world, his earlier training on his reality show ‘the Apprentice’, he both milks it and platforms/ performs from it.

From this it is obvious trump policy, mindset and forward vision is very much tv shaped. And of course the other twisted old white men of Industry and Business that have vested interests, ever mindful to protect and nurture their special interests form the remainder of his input. It is human nature to do so for ornery folk, but with trump as President his game should much excel this ordinary existence, sadly and lamentably this so-called presidential operational level is without the air and light of intellect, knowledge or real world experience, ie Diplomatic outreach, beneficial overseas programmes; looking after the less fortunate, working along with, beneficial trade. All are incomprehensible to trump. A trillion to the already super-rich is not caring for society as a whole. Inclusivity is a term trump would be unable to grasp or explain.

Permafrost, or what was permafrost.

The term permafrost always stuck in my mind from my UK secondary school teacher Mr Lowes, as if he knew its importance, he probably did.  This practical hands-on in your face geography, knowledge and recognition of landscape is a trillion miles in every respect from climate deniers and principally trump and his dastardly callous refusal to ‘get real’ to acknowledge and act accordingly. Its as if ‘act accordingly’ is something singularly missing in the trump gene pool. To ban the use of ‘climate change’ from USA science is a crime, a war crime. Likewise all his hangers-on and sycophants are aiding and abetting his crooked regime, they help no-one whatsoever, blood ties for so many at the top or feeding influence and outlook to an already skewed mentality is a recipe for disaster. As with journeying to the North and knowing of thawing permafrost, the only trips trump takes in his excruciatingly expensive motorcade are the many times built landscape, prestige thoroughfares. Ironic, a reality star (…only in his own mind) yet as far from reality as any hood or crook or bent lawyer that ever existed in the green pastures and open vistas of New York.

Never mind, all things trump WILL come to an end. Yet in the meantime the USA has minimal Diplomatic presence in the world, is reduced to a laughing stock; its medical care for ordinary citizens much reduced, environment and workers rights again much diminished, trade and trust all much eroded and no-one will ever confer or ask trump of his opinion on anything.

trump will be removed as if a malignant stump; a conman, a paste board sham.