Are plants growing taller this year?

Since mid spring I’ve guessed my garden plants are growing taller, bluebells seem taller, daffodills, as does Leucojum (spring snowflake) tulips too but what prompted me to log in and write a quick post re garden plants seemingly taller this year was seeing a few minutes ago the burgeoning and soon to flower Aqueliga in my garden, definitely taller.

This apparent phenomena has bugged me for a couple of months now. Fertiliser or nitrogen has not been applied, other than a dressing of fish blood and bone which I do twice a year anyway. We know that with inc CO2 initially things will grow bigger, it acts as a nitrogen feed but after a certain point is the enemy of growing plants, soft useless growth and eventually the plant is strangled so to speak. Realise combined plant/tree demise and the loss of ocean algae ie diatoms will be the end of us, this is a truism, undeniable planetary mechanics and interactions of this beautiful chemistry set called planet Earth. Its an incredibly fortunate and harmonious mix we have of atmospheric gases and things (and us) that can function in such a scenario. Luck or God, I’m not sure and increasingly plumb for the latter.

As is usual the scientists seem behind the curve, theres only so many waking hours and googling for things is increasingly my less preferred activity.

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So many things …

We are only a seventh of the earths surface, oceans, algae, plankton and diatoms hold sway over our right to exist and their reaction to the cocktail of carbon etc we have cooked up.

Our naive foolery / ignorance seems inexhaustible, this week on bbc r4 news we had the excruciatingly dim ‘news’ of a PhD student using a hydrophone to capture in ponds and puddles ‘bubbles’ quote erupting from the pond material … NO MENTION of the importance of algae and diatoms as the major oxygenators on this planet and their possible / probable demise. He actually said ‘leaf layer’ which is not a true representation. No, the algal populations of leaves are not principal oxygenators, ie think ameoba, etc its more plankton attached to stems of lants, stones, bottom mud layer.

How the heck have I still retained all my hair!

The huge vast equation known as unlimited climate catastrophe knows no limits, SO MANY THINGS produce manifold and multiplying consequences. For instance we now read of the Tonga underwater volcano has increased water vapour in the atmosphere, this is classed as a climate accelerant, a greenhouse gas.

And from this link as well as northern waters set to change the scientists have realised Antarctica will also colluding to make life impossible … https://e360.yale.edu/features/climate-change-ocean-circulation-collapse-antarctica

Old friend Sam Carana and his latest … http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2023/04/humans-may-be-extinct-in-2026.html

I dread how dry it will be this year in my garden, we can assume the water table is lower than it should be. I’ve just been outside today and nearly fell over a fledgling blackbird, I had thought already “I bet theres a nest there” and in my garden theres usually six nests built each year. Its all about habitat, a wonderful variety and assortment of natural growing things, nearly all perennial with a little raised each year as vegetables (usually peas) and say sweet pea for flowers. Nooks and crannies, safe havens aplenty. Do others where I live have this ability and develop intentional havens, not really, most garden as children would garden, seemingly unable to develop a knowledge base or intuition.

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