A strange thing to talk about ….

On bbc r4 this week we had ‘Inside Science’ devote a segment to the prospect of the increasing methane levels in the next few years, Professor Euan Nisbet from Royal Holloway University of London emphasising tropical wetland methane but if my ears are working  correctly never once mentioned Arctic methane.

I am assuming tropical methane is a more steady state influence yet the Arctic variety in its three forms ie geological, microbial and thawing hydrates is on an astoundingly high trajectory of growth ie explosions of methane off the chart so to speak.

bbc radio is often a bit wonky and yet another example and shame upon the presentation of the subject.

I’ve blogged on Arctic methane previously, plenty of tags.

One cannot help but feel we are plunged into darkness whilst having just entered a strange new room, our steps are tiny, we will tentatively, timidly grasp at anything.


I find it profoundly irritating (and I refuse to take part) that we have to ‘log in’ to use the listen again facilityfor bbc radio, this is new and a bloody nuisance …



A precis of climate change …

A different style here, entertaining even if the subject is harrowing …



Also …


The above 5 min youtube works well, brief and to the point, i’m unable to sit still or have the stamina to a 15 minute plus presentation. Theres not enough time for ramblings. I ask high profile climate change youtubers to pls paste a succinct transcript for what is discussed. As yet no-one takes me up on that, but they will in time.

Heres a useful link re climate change info … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtGLy_Yi5kH832k8p4e1_UQ



postscript ….

So heres a trick to circumvent google keeping us reined in to our own circular never escaping environment, confined geographically, limiting my outreach … google yr favourite subject and key in another location ( I mention this recently elsewhere) ie ‘chemtrail pics Vancouver’ or Seattle or San Diego or Holland or Sardinia, etc etc and hey presto full strength bona-fide material appears to hand ! An example … of gold to mine …. http://stopsprayingus.com/

Also … http://thegreaterpicture.com/chemtrails.html

and … https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/12/north-pole-faces-unprecedented-climate-future-nasa-says/577915/

chemtrail diary 25th Jan 2019

I don’t want this, I didn’t ask for it and the media obfuscation / ridicule re chemtrails annoys me ie bundled up with spurious nonsense theories. All is factual here, nothing photoshopped; a nasty day full of chemtrails, on my reporting system say DQA 955 (MP)  … see bottom of post linked below to read of my reporting system, likewise search tags and categories. Note early DQA was max of 5,5,5, now its a max of 10,10,10, which allows me a finer gradation.

Previous post of mine re sat imagery … https://climate-change-briefing.com/2019/01/22/chemtrails-caught-on-nasa-imagerey/

Nothing appeared till 0800, then until 1200 noon it was continuous and quite blatant chemtrails (likewise as i type the 26th Jan ditto) …. the above link also includes sat imagery as additional proof. The sky was very much man made, aluminized.

Its obvious meteorologists / weathermen must all be under the Official Secrets Act, to not notice or comment on this is absurd.

Note the very obvious ‘aluminized sky’ … a term I’ve coined along with my DQA system and the slogan … ‘wise up – CARBON DOWN!’

And so everything we love such as pictured below is being rendered useless. I cannot see how the well heeled can swallow the bitter pill of a greener economy and lifestyle other than being massively taxed on both fuel and engine capacity, which I think will have to happen anyway.

Its imperative we live closer to work, rid ourselves of the obsession with beef and beefburgers, drastically reduce cheap air travel, stop having so many kids.

We need to forget the endless craving for yet more Economic Growth.

Plant conversion reduces with inc CO2, theres the methane time bomb not even included in the recent IPCC Report and jet stream, climate feedback loops etc have gone walkabout, escalating horribly interconnected. Marine food chain, sea life all fright now being screwed.  you cannot even find up to date data re earthworm reaction to aluminium from chemtrails nor the affects on diatoms at sea, algae, molds, bacteria as for soil health. Two year peer review and all that nonsense is now proving a hindrance I reckon. Lets say crop loss in three years, methane release out of control say year six.

wise up – CARBON DOWN !



Climate change discussion.

Just found this … https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-35068-1

… its in nature.com so it has validity.

With the temp rise, the loss of diatoms and the loss of coral (erroneously in my opinion termed ‘bleaching) the bryozoans fail, die because the microscopic partners have gone. Therefore to paraphrase trump … “Who would have known invisible things could be so complicated” … yup!

I got the link above from arctic-news … makes for the grimmest reading, but I’m glad its there. As I’ve learnt and repeated for the life of this blog the past year it is the sledge hammer threat from the thawing subsea methane that will stop the pendulum of life. Its a fact, its elementary observation and realisation, things as yet hardly seen that we cannot get politicians or the IPCC to take heed; the latter as generally acknowledged by climate-savvy scientists to be a report twenty years behind; witness the fact that the IPCC does not even recognise or factor in the importance of arctic methane release which in fact will be the death of us all.

Yet can we get ‘the man in the street’ to ponder on these things, to think a little bit more ???

Go back to my post half a year ago ‘making a model of planet Earth’ we are in fact a habitable zone of a wet cigarette paper placed on a childs 8inch football. Thats all we have and so hence our habitable layer is ultra sensitive to change, is staggeringly interconnected in all climate systems, jet stream, oceanic waterflow, gulf stream, accelerated melting of Greenland ad infinitum …  never mind the fun down in the Antarctic.



Please note I always have my radar turned on for either plain simple crackpot sites or sites designed to mislead or render a subject as ‘nuts’ ie misinformation. Beware that general media can be ‘loaded’ in this respect. My own beef being bbc radio news r4 being so un-crtical of trump and their choice of words actually sounding to support him or serve him up in the best light. That is what I think is the value of my blog, quality material.

postscript …. we may as well have the video from the latest arctic-news, it makes a valuable contribution.


Its just hit me, this year I cannot recall seeing the little hoverflies that used to be so prevalant at my local nature reserve the ‘pit heap’.

In five years time will I be able to see any honeybees, any pied flycatchers here in the UK ?? … I think the answer will be negative.

IPCC underestimations …. COP 24

Are massive and most likely catastrophically so. The battle is with nature and the natural world of feedback systems. All were in place, fully functioning and in equilibrium  well before we walked upright.

To paraphrase the twit in the White House …. “Who would have thought Climate Change could be so complicated” … Yes and so powerful and so all enveloping. Its ‘everything’ and its as if the roulette wheel decides our fate on one cruel spin.

Carbon capture must happen, yet so far its exploratory and small scale. And may I interject that for each oversize SUV or needless pick-up there will be a swathe of carbon capture apparatus to offset the crap!

The IPCC for instance does not even factor in loss of Arctic ice; its computer modelling is twenty years behind the times and not one recognised Ice Scientist was on the panel. Its as if we are suffering from collective stupidity, the Brits cannot handle the Brexit problem, the Americans are saddled with an idiot in the White House.

Heres some exclamation marks !!!!!! and a few more !!!!!

Below is a vid tieing in Prof Peter Wadhams (Arctic Expert) and a presentation in immediate response to IPCC outdatedness / time lag / ineptitude.

Salient points ….

  • IPCC much over complacent.
  • Controversial area of geo-engineering not explored.
  • IPCC contains / embraces discredited modelling ie ice won’t disappear till end of century.
  • IPCC ignores albedo effect ie reflectivity of the suns warming rays instead of worst case being absorbed (think Arctic methane) .
  • IPCC ignores increased melting of Greenland.
  • IPCC not factoring in loss of ice caps.
  • Govts can quote any target for the future, yet we all know theres always a shortfall that is excused away sometime hence…

To contradict the IPCC, reaforestation is in a practical world not feasible; timescale too! But it always makes nice tv to see junior school bods piddling about with seedlings… Germany for instance is stripping forests to get at open cast mining of lignite  … dirty dirty dirty.

Also the bitchiness, obfuscation and sheer downright twattery of Science reared its head when Dr Wadhams chapter on arctic methane was omitted from a written book / presentation for a Conference in China (without informing Prof Wadhams)  because we are told the Harvard Prof in charge did not believe Arctic methane was a possibility !!!  Remember that methane will arrive from three sources, geological, microbial and the release from thawing frozen hydrates; all from vast areas previously frozen we never visit nor can visualise in their seemingly endless expanse, ie East Siberian ice shelf which exists in huge swathes of shallow sea.

Interestingly Stuarts presentation included ‘Villian of the Day’ naming Theresa May in which she has sanctioned fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure; I don’t know details.



Also, a brief list ….









chemtrail diary UK

Chemtrail diary starting Sunday 9th, Mon 10th and Wed 12th Dec 2018 north east UK in pics and also pics for Thurs 13th and Fri 14th, Sun 16th and the big day on Mon 17th Dec 2018. An ongoing diary, more will follow on newer posts.

Generally light to middling chemtrail activity, I cannot avoid but be curious.

Why? What for? Why not openly acknowledged and why the wrapping it up with ‘nonsense theories’ on media / tv so as to deliberately discredit people such as myself. All that we see on this post stops short of the fast churn witnessed spring and summer 2018.

I merely record what I see and what triggered this interest was last Feb when heavily trailed skies quickly spread to overall haze early morning and resulted in most bizarre fast churning and cloud change. Didn’t look at all natural. Its the resultant haze, churn and change that bugs me, the lower altitude brown tinged invented cloud. Activity was generally an approx 0630 to 0830 slot and was a repeated schedule on a number of days. I mentioned this to a couple of ppl and of course was ridiculed, a bit insulting as for instance apart from being spoon fed Fox News had it ever been given any observation or consideration? Most likely not.

To not take notice is like seeing a masked burglar acting most suspiciuosly but not acting or reporting in any way whatsoever. Or to accept the general media treatment of this is believe the fairies open the flowers each summer morning.

Another phenomena observed recently is trails turned on and off again over say a mile long burst, sometimes its two and three trails together ie separate aircraft. Another is where theres basically nothing visibly flying other than say a dozen aircraft in one corridor and trails being left.

Its peculier, Governments acknowledge in general terms this happens but on specific photographic evidence will refute. Media is ‘set-up’ to ridicule any sensible chemtrail evaluation.

I read that California has had this for decades, aluminium levels are way too high, bee decline (Alzheimers) and life in streams and rivers much reduced; the loss of the caddis fly, oceanic diatoms, algae, phytoplankton, etc.

Lose the lower food chain and you can wave goodbye to it all.

Trails I thought would have stopped until the Sun warms the planet next year but recently there is chemtrail activity again as if trying to get us used to it. By chemtrail I mean a trail that does not disappear, hangs around and adds haze to the sky, dulling what could / should have been a high pressure bright blue sky. At times I can also detect what i consider to be a high altitude aluminized sky and also sometimes much lower brown tinged cloud. The rapidity of all this change on a ‘heavy’ chemtrail day frightens and baffles. Many days are bad for observation, near all cloud cover but as on Sunday and Monday there was a break in the cloud and bingo theres a trail.

9th Dec 2018 …










10th Dec 2018 …










12th Dec 2018 …










13th Dec 2018 a Thursday,  is certainly a medium level chemtrail activity, two and three aircraft along similar flightpaths in various parts of the sky for lots of the day of course where visibility / cloud permits. Unfortunately not able to use the camera this day. Worst day for several weeks, and hey presto its a Thursday, a statistically significant day for such things as proven by previous observations.

14th Dec 2018 Friday, again low level but present all day. Notice main pic in panel below 13:00 GMT I hadn’t looked out till this time, super busy at work. Most certainly man-made ie chemtrails. I’ve included bottom LH pic as it is the resultant sky at 14:35 hrs.




15th Dec a Saturday not much of anything to report, a break in the run, therefore no pics for this day.

16th Dec Sunday as pictured below and BINGO from 12:30 noon  its continuous low to middle activity, often two aircraft in any period to photograph but to my eyes obvious and obscene. Mostly 12:30 until 2:30pm. Maybe the trails themselves weaker less powerful as of last spring, but wait for it to ramp up in a few weeks time. Maybe the experiment / trick is to achieve altered skies but without the obscene and overly un-natural reactions witnessed last spring and summer. I suspect they are playing around ‘learning’ as because its winter there really is no need for this weather modification / geo-engineering. Top LH below I regard as an ‘aluminized’ sky, note the ‘hazing’ which should not happen if it were conventional contrail and not chemtrail.




17th Dec 2018  Monday below … chemtrails gone stupid all day, the biggest display of these last few days. Not the greatest intensity / turmoil, more ‘middling’ but deposited ALL DAY and v observable / easy to see. We are being taken for fools. Most odd and not a natural thing whatsoever. Top RH is taken ninety minutes after sunset.






Lets get real with this, sure as hell next year after the reports and predictions we’ve had late 2018 there most certainly will be this chemtrail / geo-engineering activity. Its the cheapest quickest easiest way they can think of to react and actually is quite ineffective. The poor French cannot even take a hike in fuel tax and they go bonkers, admittedly with hotheads making it their business to stir-up bad behaviour. Why not take yr foot off the gas pedal or be more local, or car share or get rid of the not really necessary SUV or pick-up.

Where we are going (and remember the ticking methane time-bomb) the pillocks in Paris will be receiving some nasty realisations they will find both fantastic and incomprehensible.  They can shout and scream all they like on the streets of Paris but how silly stupid and puerile it will seem when they are waging war with long buried carbon ie once green stuff and the resultant methane release.

I’ve no time for trump now, his fate is sealed, witness his endless nastiness and now is wanting to deport Vietnamese refugees and asylum seekers from more than four decades ago. NASTY NASTY NASTY … an overblown outdated and irrelevant pantomime dame huffing and puffing  … spewing such utter nonsense.