Utterly fascinating …

… good questions pitched to a most fascinating subject.

Only very occasionally do we meet someone as erudite, wide ranging, knowledgable and spirited and excited by his work as Prof. Kevin Anderson.



At 05:13 above for instance in the above (is an EXCELLENT guide to our impending problems and remember recorded at 2013) we have to reduce our energy consumption  … please tell that to my idiot neighbour with often front door access light illuminated and generally always his rear security light blazing away … merely to illuminate his shit-hole useless non contributory patch of three times bulldozed ‘yard’ to use the American term. Strong language prompted by severe stupidity.






I’m so glad he went off-script …

This way we can see the real man.

I’ve never known anyone read a tele-prompter so badly, as if never encountering the script before or even the dialogue or agenda. ‘Hollow words’ cannot describe how badly he attempts to proceed with something so alien to his mindset, experience and abilities. We now can see a ‘reality’ tv programme is insufficient for President material. Putin is happy though, his puppet is installed and wrecking ball djt is working his magic.  Luckily in that he is now ‘contained’ as the Guardian wrote last week, the world and America has made up their mind to basically proceed WITHOUT donald j trump.

I’m so glad he went off-script, it is a little entertaining and especially curious to see how close he can match his impersonators, as if what they portray is too outlandish, no … donald can descend to that level no problem.

Whacky voices, crazy animated expressions meanwhile Ivanka, Jared and Huckabee Sanders want to justify this garbage !!! The past-his-sell-by-date clown now needs to be retired from anything White House, anything Presidential; the pretendy stage managed rallies now need to stop.

As I’ve said before, he’s like some ranting fourth-rate burger stall vendor, stuck down some no-hope alleyway repeating junk from whatever his last few customers have told him. I also think he’s on something, certain to tell us he doesn’t consume alcohol but theres other things that can give a high, enable a sense of ‘coping’ and to be creative. I think this explains the charade of Hanoi.  Imagine, Airforce One flying for a day just to get there and a sumptuous banquet totally ignored. In Asia particularly this will be seen as an insult, but then again what others perceive as insult is for donald j trump to be a matter of routine. Therefore in future I would send him Tourist Class, he could entertain with his wacky impersonations and funny voices, he just loves an audience.

Anyone involved in Mental Health will be very concerned and alarmed at this parade of funny voices and wild exagerrated motions. Its obvious how he regards ‘his generals’ for instance; he has utterly no idea of the depth, experience, operational level or knowledge at which goverments and professionally educated people operate.

Note at 02:30 trump uses a pre-arranged trigger word so that the paid stooges in the audience wake up, cry and cheer and immediately launch into a “USA USA USA” concerted rant. This is all phoney and highly stage-managed as is this so-called Presidency, and proves yet again that whatever trump directs as insult and criticism ie ‘fake’ is in fact most applicable to himself.





Richard Hoggart, applaud and rejoice …

This evening at 8pm bbc r4 we are treat to an hours radio documentary of Richard Hoggart and his book ‘The Uses of Literacy’.


I have the book here on the shelves, purchased I reckon forty two years ago. It fit in well with my George Orwell, Miller Arthur and Henry; art and architecture and SWP Paul Foot booklets. All made good sense and indicated a world beyond …

Theres lots we can learn from him and lots that is revealed in the not very distant past ie seventy years when Britain was so very hide-bound, so ossified that to be working class, or even worse labouring class meant a phenomenal trajectory for the bright child to ‘do better’. Labouring and working folk were kept in their own areas of town, cross-over was not invited; yet self made men were accepted, if their new earned money was sufficient. We spoke differently, yet our so-called betters inherit an already customed superiority, perhaps sometimes warranted sometimes not. If you take all the warm unctious syrupy-ness out of Dickens then it is harrowing and i reckon is closer to what it really would have been. Mayhew etc…

Sometimes I think little has changed.

richard hoggart
richard hoggart, a brainy young man that flew far fom his early difficulties.


Postscript, this evenings radio prog reinforces yet again that rhetoric is much needed as a curriculum subject in State Schools. And music too, which in the UK is now being taken apart. Morning Assembly classical music has stayed with me throughout my life, those couple of dozen tracks were certainly not lost on me, Pearl Fishers, Fingals Cave, Beethoven 6th, Peer Gynt Suite etc all were a catalyst to have bbc r3 as a daily companion. As usual the Educationalists to my mind are clueless; the loss of a traditional wood and metalwork course thirty and forty years ago deprives so many of a once in a lifetime to develop manual skills and insight, to use their hands … which the Educationalists blinkered in their vision cannot realise uses the brain too!

so lets hear and see …..












Below, I know so very well the duet of Robert Merrill and Juse Bjorling on RCA Victor. Again so lucky to be given this music by my old Headmaster. Even from early years I was so very touched by such beauty and accomplishment. Hint … wiki the lyrics, its quite wonderful what they are fighting about.









Lets have Caruso … again the wiki is very worthwhile …..










wow, below is supercharged … typical Lennie! I could never get my wife to admit Bernsteins genius, theres much more to him than ‘West Side Story’ as accomplished and clever as that actually is. Without reading about him one could never realise his breadth and accomplishments, his career.








I rather would go for the Karajan …..for instance at 01: 15 it is often described as swans taking off after their long run up on the water …. wonderful to see footage of the great man himself. At 06:35 we do in fact see swans, utterly beautiful …..







Here it is becoming more a list of personal favourites, I fail to see how anyone could not be enthralled in the richness, broad landscape or full invention of the musical mind …. yet i need to keep this within the bounds of say ten embeds and not one hundred or a thousand !!!






Imagine, being able to see and hear Caruso himself on stage !





Below, Furtwangler conducting for Robert Schumanns 4th Symphony  …



We are so lucky to get this material below, the wit and energy of Bernstein (and Gould)  …




Theres lots more on the world of classical. If this doesn’t ignite an interest then its hopeless. Witness tonights puerile Baddiel programme on bbc radio, quite stupid https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/david-baddiel-from-bowie-to-bach-can-i-learn-to-love-classical-hrhgxzx9p

Its about brain and heart, if after listening to these excerpts you are un-moved, unexcited, uninterested then forever this rich landscape is unattainable; the intricacy, the invention and intelligence, of human endeavour.  No probs, you’ll never know what you’re losing, you will be happy to not have this rich tapestry of genius thrust upon you. when i hear the pointless prattle of everyday life around me its then I crave this material, these sounds.

hint: try the Beethoven Late Quartets starting with Rasumovsky no.1,

anything Haydn,


Purcel, inc Shakespeare songs,

J S Bach – the Great Chaconne,

J S Bach – the second half of the unaccompanied Cello Suites.

Rosalind Turek (Goulds teacher) playing the first half hour of Bachs ‘Goldberg Variations’

Ravel ‘Introduction and Allegro’,

Vaughan Williams ‘The Lark Ascending’,








f … for Fake ?

I started a facebook account a few days ago (which I have mothballed) and already knew it was a jumble of nonsense as any form of blogging platform; the local tie-in unwanted was an irritation as were ads which screamed ‘fake’.

An hour or more of my life wasted. Compounded by several logins foiled and insisting on a pic of myself log in after log in.  Needless to say it was a random piece of junk submitted.

But ….WTF !

facebook is a crappy cluttered trivial to extreme piece of junk. Yet think of all the lovely analytics it provides. Quite obscene. Life was never meant for such up the arse triviality called facebook. Or surveillence called facebook.

My reason for this post is the irony of trump endlessly hurling the insult FAKE to the Free Press ie journalists of acumen and hard effort yet when it comes to the fakery and nonsense of facebookhis little helper to election – he is silent. We can now see the extent of Russian manipulation via facebook. I’m sorry to say that I don’t hold Zuckerberg in any positive esteem.



A test for Art.

Heres an interesting aside, a smidgeon of ‘something else’ to add some levity to the usual shenanigans called our preoccupations (ie web / trump / climate).

I’ve taken to looking at art books these last few days, the blanket nothing-ness of Christmas is proving its toll and I need nourishment. Apart from the sumptuous, educating and beautiful six parter Peter Philips ‘Polyphony’ on BBC r3 late evenings not much from the ordinary to engage me radio-wise. However the dreaded Christmas Day was quite good, well done bbc r3. Considering their library of material and skills as broadcasters it really would have taken a great effort to screw it up.

Plenty of art books here, plenty of art too that I’ve made twenty and thirty years ago, lots to engage any conversation if anyone were to visit or get access to my activities. As I’ve stated previously our web hours seldom if ever serves us any art (or images from past decades and centuries) …. of value, yet pick up a book or an encyclopedia and instantly dozens of incredible images, forms and ideas fly into our vision. I’m into planning and architecture too, I suppose all developments of human thought and ability, often the web is like peering through the thinnest of cracks in a broken door yet pick up a book and theres a feast for your mind, you instantly learn new things.

Point of this post is figuring out how to test for Art, how to evaluate a piece of nonsense presented as of merit. A case in point being trying to figure out a household where a family member makes a point to emphasise her new degree yet all around theres utterly nothing to reveal such an interest, walls bare, no book in sight. I think we’ve got a little bit of the emperors new clothes creeping in here. We have tv, we have phones and handy personal transport but does it make us work and study any better  …  I think not. So where is the Masterwork of this handy person? A masterpiece is a very old term indeed, ask any watchmaker or skilled time served worker of three hundred years ago. It will have carefulness and veer toward perfection; yet I enter the house in question and all I can recall is seeing something that looks likely, a homemade five minute drunken scribble masquerading as art. Depth ability and genuine effort seem in short supply.

My test for Art :-

  • You should immediately be able to tell which person produced it with only the merest acquaintance of the ppl involved as you enter the home. Which family member is likely to have done this, the six year old now fast asleep, or the demented grannie coping with her last years ? Can we tell ?
  • Can you instinctively put a name to it, a maker, a style of execution. Usually we can if it is cooking or needlework or handicraft … or why is the adept working so hard to conceal their supposed knowledge and enthusiasm of which I am increasingly sceptical? How much tackle is involved in its production, a work area, if none of these things present then i wonder.
  • Is this the remains of an art therapy session for someone injured or seeking recovery ? Scribble scribble, colour colour ….
  • Is this the only thing they’ve ever done now proudly or desperately displayed as a Masterwork; what is the hinterland we are drawing from? None? Ask ‘explain this to me’ … Can they speak for five minutes on this piece … I reckon not. Its all a charade in the particular case I’m thinking of.
  • Genuine application (ie our supposed ‘degree’ person) is sadly wanting,  not some few minutes  wannabe artist wishing to create an aura …  glib waffle to impress the check-out girl and strangers.
  • One hour is not a thousand hours. Please!
  • What knowledge, insight or craft was entailed in its production, show me your portfolio, your effort. Increasing ability with practice and effort.
  • What is the dialogue for this piece, references, developments, a body of work, an ongoing conversation, next step ?
  • Have a child make a copy, could anyone tell the difference?

The answer to this  (from my viewpoint a year later) … is go for the jugular … show me your portfolio, your development, your books and notes. Your enthusiasm.  Talk to me about it. In other words I’ve been duped and this is why I am so angry about this. These are wannabes and fantasists wishing to impress the girl at the checkout or a passing neighbour.  I am mighty vexed its assumed I’ll tag along with the fantasy, I don’t mind ppl acting a part or being pretentious, it generally always looks silly and raises a smile but I do not like it assumed I am taken in by this; trying to weave me into their dumb web. Thats two big scams I can put a name to for the same couple.

This highlights a problem I see more of, ppl kidding us they are something they are not. Its getting worse.

I’m all for people playing around harmlessly and maybe even learning something, hopefully to appreciate the value of books (ie a bound collection of information compiled by an expert) …  but what vexes me profoundly is nonsense, non-performance dressed up as something else, a self deluding pretension or mirage of greater things. All my reading, all my effort and I have adults playing as if children to perpetuate a no-hoper blind fantasy.

And once you hear “Oh I don’t read books!” then you know its time to quit.

postscript … something I wrote this summer … https://climate-change-briefing.com/2018/08/19/we-need-art/