How to mis-manage the UK…

Anyone with half a brain can see the UK Govt is in a mess, the vacuum of an over-lengthy Tory leadership race leaving us with an entrenched near tone-deaf Liz Truss (surely not first-choice material) and backed by Cabinet choices of those that a) defended and promoted her and b) proved effective at lying and hoodwinking the general population in the last few weeks of a failing Boris Johnson administration. Their loyalties have been rewarded.

Jacob Rees-Mogg seems an odd choice as a leader for business, likewise his previous appointment, is this to stifle and stymie forward progress? Where now is mention of zero-carbon? Which actually under scrutiny is a misnomer but laudable all the same. His recent comments of extracting every last ounce of gas (in post 2022 !) does not go down well to anyones ears, as with all of this dreadful Truss cabinet line-up brazenly tone deaf and likely to incite a strong reaction.

Kwasi Kwarteng increasingly looks better suited to not being in Govt, his inclination to running down what has taken many decades to establish frightens me, likewise Therese Coffey with similar nihilistic lassez-faire tendencies means the poor, the under-equipped and the ordinary are in for a rough ride, God help the NHS, this couples with what I consider could well be a 20% reduction in UK living standards means all but the ‘other half’ will suffer. This is a rampant and deliberate drive towards inequality. Therese Coffey insists the poor need only work say two hours extra a week and bingo they suddenly have money to spare; if only life were so simple, she really dug herself into a hole on that one, but then again thats the Coffey phenomena, impractical, disregarding and eventually a complete waste of time.

The writing is on the wall, not the best analogy but with a slimming down of tax revenue and a huge crippling Govt debt problem guess what the outcome can be … ‘hard men’ have been installed (inc Truss and Coffey) to toe this line.

To not have selective help with energy bills, oft quoted as ‘too complicated’ is nonsense, never has a Govt Dept ever cited ‘too complicated’ as a means of not extracting or reducing ordinary income re benefits or taxes or assistance. Like Pinkerton they get their man… in this digital age surely it must be immediate which of us need help and which of those (the other wealthier half) can fine well afford whatever it takes to heat and light their bigger more comfortable homes. Lets face it IR35 tax avoidance is rampant and people openly brag how little tax they pay when their ‘Co’ is little more than a high end motor vehicle and a ball point pen! Yet this crooked Truss Govt insists even wealthy households get the energy assistance. Does that mean, lets imagine in some twenty room mansion you can run the heating continuously and cook endless hours in the huge open plan cooking area and the Govt pays for most of it? This does not stand up to any scrutiny, this does not engender energy thrift. We are now being told huge ‘porkie-pies’ and expected to swallow it all! Everyone knows that borrowing to merely finance week to week running costs is the road to ruin and, as being mentioned several times we have yet to hear any word from the Truss Govt for householders to economise effectively.

A ghoulish list that does not inspire hope … Truss, Coffey, Kwarteng, Zahir, etc.

God help us!

Tax evasion.

Funny how I can be so prescient, as with the newly revealed ‘Pandora Papers’ the point I have made for years is at last driven home, to how tax evasion has even drivelled down to the little man, as my neighbour waddled up to me to brag of his near nil contribution on £50k to this countrys performance… so many, so many bust a gut and or hire the trickiest and cleverest accountants to make their tax contribution dwindle to near microscopic proportions.

Money … what a strange God to choose.


Boris, lorries and food…

If Boris cannot match drivers to the necessary requirements of an adequate operating capacity for this countrys food needs then what the heck is he doing managing this country?

Can he be trusted or can he even comprehend the necessary fine detail and sophistication of fiscal policy, the control of money supply and inflation, of effective financial management, of international relations, ie complicated stuff ad infinitum etc etc all bound up with understanding nomenclature and terms that I cannot comprehend? The last few days we have had daily re-runs of ‘crisis what crisis’ when in fact the first requirement to solving anything is to realising there actually IS a problem.

Increasingly when I see and hear Boris I cannot help but recall some bumbling inept middle or higher rank military man.

The highly toxic and disadvantageous mix of Brexit and shunning of all European hired hands is an absolute recipe for disaster but yes we certainly walked into it eyes wide open. Farage and any other brexiteer you can think of have certainly landed us into a complete mess, setting the clock back fifty years.

The Tories talk of ‘levelling up’ but as every day ticks by there is nothing other than an increasing inequality, a blind halfwit would surely be able to ascertain of this. A case in point has been the withdrawl of the £20 regular covid payment, being withdrawn we are told ‘to save money’ but this so-called reason is complete nonsense, the hardship, anxiety and fear engendered by this measly withdrawl of an assistance payment will result in far more than any twenty quid per person in future spending to help the poor and needy. Yet it is only now that furlough payments are to cease, an expense that could have stopped even months ago. A bit of a joke considering present day mobility, there must be many people back to working full time and pocketing the furlough money. Another state sponsored scam…..

To compound Tory stupidity as well as announcing stopping the £20 covid payment Boris and team announce ‘new measures’ to help the poor ie another form of payment to look for. Surely if all is ticking over why the heck introduce yet another with set of hurdles with all the attendant stress and admin costs of starting all over again from scratch! Loony is the only term for Boris & Co. Madness. All of this when we are staring into the prospect of inflation of the likes we have never seen for many decades even for the simplest things as food and heating.

Why is practical wisdom and the foresight of experience so unfashionable?

Another quite blind and stupid idea from Boris and his team of which Rishi Sunak the Chancellor seems adamantly keen are the cuts in Overseas Aid, this again is madness. Imagine in your mind projects and programmes that would be abandoned, food, medicine, healthcare, schools, assistance to self sufficiency, birth control, education, equal rights …. all scuppered by the ‘levelling up’ Tories. I’m sure China would be delighted to step-in, if we in the West are so stupid then good luck to them. Very much a case of out of sight out of mind with Boris and the team I think, this could in fact suit them admirably as a campaign slogan.

If I were in charge the first thing I would do is hunt down those big corporations that are so skilfull at tax evasion, the Amazons that are destroying the multivarious web of stockist to end user network that has existed for a long time, their relentless market capture.

Additionally here in the UK we have an epidemic of individuals operating for tax purposes as Limited Companies, this I think is as obscene as any tax avoidance by say Amazon. Already this typical individual IR35 is on ‘big money’ and somehow pleads themselves as a special case somehow not needing to contribute as all the rest of us…. quite sickening. Yet still expect a legal system, Police, education, healthcare whenever it suits them! IR35 hypocrites I think is the correct term.