Detail I missed – from Samantha Bee…

I have a lot of time for Samantha Bee, likewise Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert. They are my ‘go to’ to get an overall picture of what the Orange Clown is up to. Generally mornings are online news outlets and evenings I browse the above contributors.

In my search for some peace from the endless onslaught of nonsense and churn from the trump (note deliberate lower case) so-called ‘administration’, I seem to have missed this thread. In the UK we find it hard to believe something like the NRA  … a) actually exists  … b) is so powerful.



A stooge for trump ?

Whores come in various shapes and sizes, I mean those folk that will do other than ordinary things for money. To my mind a prime example is the hired in rent-a-crowd that are the backdrop at a trump rally, this has bugged me for a long time, their responses and attention so seemingly out of sync, as if a time lag (or a disinterest) to what is happening. Many look as if they’ve ‘switched off’ and are waiting for the end of this trump masturbatory session to conclude. You can also tell that they are picked ‘for the part’ ie looks, clothing, an ‘actory’ sort of presence. For months now its been screamingly obvious his camera visible audience were stooges, the butt of trumps nonsense.

They are ‘extras’ all part of the trump invention and his tv view of the world.

This weekend we find the man in the plaid shirt was in fact mid-spectacle weeded (vetted) out of the backdrop audience and replaced by a staffer, a paid to smile and nod lackey. Note the man in the plaid shirt knew fine well not to nod or move in disagreement, merely to stick to facial expressions for his own safety.  The people of America are being conned bigtime, but small time Donny the Clown is now on the downcurve, sliding down the slippery slope of his foolery.

Ironic how trumps picked ‘actory’ backdrop audience of extras echoes his career, reality tv (and shoddy at that) … and IS NOT real life. However one can say that picking up media skills has served Donald and Ivanka extremely well, beaming into everyones homes, zero-cost blanket coverage, to hoodwink.

To hear Obama speak is wonderful, it reminds us how immature, undeveloped and ignorant the so-called President trump actually is. Quietness and patience are now put aside, Woodwards book, yet more confirmation of the inabilities, the nuttiness that dwells within the White House is all closing in on trump. Once he is out of Office every trump property and hotel will become deserted, excruciatingly empty. Its funny, his grandad was a hotelier in the Yukon ie gold, horsemeat and whores.

No links for this post, I’m not going to capitalise on something so sordid, low brow and ill-intentioned as a trump ‘rally’ and the sinister removal of the man in the plaid shirt.

On a wider view, donald trumps insistent and continuous refusal to look into any wrongdoing, his refusal to condemn racists and bigots all point to inciting a move toward a caustic, divided and angry society, he has done his best to polarise and incite, to agitate. He is using these people but do they realise this?  But also his so-called ‘leadership’ could take America and the world into very dark and dangerous places not just with Trade. His outright, continuous and flat refusal to ‘allow’ a Free Press is indeed dark and dangerous.  Its horrifying to see and hear his hectoring and blunt uneducated stance; I abhor the sound of his voice. He works to a very low common denominator, the irony considering his love of things gold. He has some very undesirable people whispering in his ear ie Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, John Bolton to name three and a diet of Fox; I shudder to think what dark conversations have taken place behind closed doors. And now we read that his private rooms at the White House are regarded as ‘The devils workshop’.

Why do I detest trump … his fakery, his phoniness, his deception. His all out assault on a Free Press, his disregard for the anxious, for people that need help, the ordinary. His in-the-gutter mentality. His hatred of a Green Approach, EPA madness, denial of the inevitable Climate Change,  his endless behind the scenes wrecking of all good work. Clueless as to International Trade or Relations, to Diplomacy. He’d like to be back in the 1930’s when being wealthy was just sooooo pleasurable and the other 99.9% of the population can go to hell. He cannot move easily among people, cannot assimilate, has difficulty reading and so has developed a compensating personality to fool and deceive. All his insults are in fact most applicable to himself. His performance at Helsinki with two hours alone with Putin, no minutes kept, no witness is indeed straightforwardly treason. He cannot argue and debate or develop ideas or reason etc etc ….. he is hopeless and pointless and a danger.


postscript … just found this new story an hour after writing the above, it is typical of the foolery and deceit that breeds from trumps White House and this was literally his first day in Office  ……

The madness of the trump era …

On bbc radio news just now we hear … that the unfathomable trump has pulled funding to aid Palestinians ie education, health, welfare. Its all in the article, the upside down clownish world of a person that should certainly not be anywhere near Governmental power or policy ….

Climate, news, trump …

Its all interconnected.

Its hard to know with trump what is the greater crime, his apparent denial of climate change, his deliberate and wilful inversion of truth or his desire to control the news. Blame equally rests with the Republican Party, to allow such mindset to rot and eat away at decent honest values.

All of these things are crimes. Much too important to let some barely literate showman steer the course.

Heres an article today that exposes the frustration of news reporters over at  Fox, a news channel much criticised for its pro-trump stance and often unwilling and unable to reveal the bigger picture of what actually IS going on. A sort of myopia. Any news channel that regularly invites the opinion of Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton and promotes that opinion as widely held is most certainly failing its viewers. Yet as explained, its far easier and at lower cost to ask such as Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton for a front of camera interview than use traditional reporters digging out the facts. Maybe it helps ratings when viewers see ‘famous’ heads talking the familiar spiel, its a no-brainer to merely accept such nonsense. So much that is projected is angled, nuanced, worded to make it all the more acceptable to the ordinary voter as in the old adage … ‘Give em what they want’.  There is an obsession with market share, quantifiable numbers and data, not to see the activities of man as righteous and noble but maximising clicks, viewers, votes. So no wonder shit floats to the stop.

bbc r4 bias for trump …

Last nights news 6:10 pm and a bbc r4 piece on trump was most definitely skewed ie unreal, biased, loaded. One would have to be deliberately blind to the obvious, to the facts on the ground and to reality to write and broadcast such utter misinformation / garbage.

To bbc r4 news last evening trump is doing well, much loved, lauded …

EH !!!

So, we got some old grizzled Statten Island soundbites telling us how trump will or is ‘making America great’. I can only deduce that bbc r4 news is indeed in a collusion or plot to turn the truth upside down. Why not go to DC or Manhattan and hear 95% of the voter population denounce him as a disaster. This most definitely is skewed reporting and a travesty if this was ones only and trusted news source.

Its my opinion trumps voter base is in fact smaller than he will admit which generally fits his pattern of behaviour and pronouncements. His latest rally VA, was so corny ‘trump digs coal’ … pity he didn’t ‘dig’ TRUTH. Which basically explained who is a major backer, who it is that whispers in his ear. Note the carefully stage managed picked audience, cors its rigged !!

Pity trump wasn’t able to assimilate grown up topics such as International Relations, or Diplomacy or Reciprocity or Healthcare or Climate Change, or Refugees, other Faiths etc etc  … in other words is a sad failure in all departments. Apart from manifold wrecking crews sent out to do their worst (DeVoss, Pruitt etc) and unsuited appointees most Departments lie languishing, rudderless. Can not even the sad remaining trump base realise he has run counter to all good sense, to all common sense and any intelligent viewpoint. Everyone viewing trump has whiplash, his oscillations twixt truth and  lies and onto yet more lies. His reality tv background has stood him in good stead, a valuable apprenticeship in looking good on camera, Ivanka too reaps the benefit of it.

Two hours unscripted, no minutes, no data with Putin at Helsinki which can only amount to treason, simple and straightforward treason pushed into the faces of everyone around the world. Hence proving his heavy involvement with Russian dirty money. He is a laughing stock home and abroad, thats of course whilst people and Governments aren’t shaking a little and anxious of whatever demented crackpot manouvre he will take next.  His lack of reading ability has engendered a strange compensating mechanism, he does not move easily among men and most certainly of men of ability. Everytime he ‘calls’ or insults the media or say Intelligence Officials of high standing with nonsense calls of fake, or witch hunt or liar he is in fact calling himself, he is the greatest embodiment of these negative principles.  He dotes on Fox News his own adulatory channel and if he knew how ‘up the ass of trump’ bbc r4 news was I’m sure he’d have the coverage downloaded as podcasts to listen to at his leisure or tweet-time.

Shame on bbc r4 news !!

Sceptical of tv …..

Most certainly and healthy it is!

Long gone are the days of Albert Tatlock and Ena Sharples in the snug at the Rovers Return, my formative years and what I consider to be ‘tv’. Dads death and digs at age 18 hence next to no tv and a busy and ‘interested’ adult life mean tv isn’t on my horizon whatsoever, but I am aware how it is offering a false reality for those that use it as their freetime activity, or even a President when he really should be doing daytime High Office activities. Then again I never was into tv, never one to sit there passively, once say age eight or nine always so much else to do, on reflection a lucky childhood. Just remembered …. tv output was only a few hours mostly in the evening, much like the web turned off at 11pm in China we cld benefit from limited access.

Its not real, its made up. I feel likewise about whatever Hollywood churns out these last few decades, I’m just not interested, highly indeed ultra sceptical. The more recent trend for action hero material baffles me, so inappropriate, likewise so much ‘gaming’ involves war, i never knew anyone enthused on such things! So much pointless churn, called product. Something like Fox News appalls me in its support and seldom crticism of trump and the medias treatment of chemtrail alarmists, bundled with nonsense headlines controversy etc to fool the easily led. People / sheeple can often tend to be ‘one-stop shoppers’ for their news needs, to gain warmth and comfort and have their views reinforced from their favourite presenters / format. The bbc in its bbc radio r4 news likewise is alarmingly non-critical of the developments (or degradations) emanating from trumps gangster tenure. Never mind, theres light emerging, Brennan et al are on the move.

So, in my quaint yesteryear idea of tv in my memory bubble it is the more worthwhile news and analysis output that I lament the loss of with programmes like ‘World in Action’. Heres the wiki …

I quote …

Soon after she became Conservative Party leader, Margaret Thatcher was said to have told the BBC Director General, Sir Ian Trethowan, that she considered World in Action to consist of “just a lot of Trotskyists.”[3] Its removal after 35 years was seen by some as part of a general dumbing-down of British television, and of ITV in particular.[4]


So, with the loss of World in Action we can say we have witnessed twenty years of deliberate dumbing down. We are now at a stage where media and online can be so manipulated that gangsters such as trump can have operated pretty well fearlessly in their nasty experiment. Luckily at third week August 2018 Mr Brennan and others can no longer stand by and witness the spiralling cesspit called #45.  Witness trumps gangster cabal in Helsinki – an event or ‘happening’ that should really be unthinkable, totally inexcusable in whatever shape or form.

For what ends, for what purpose?? Where would all this be heading??

Here below is todays Guardian article that prompted finger to keyboard, I never thought I’d be keen to read what Noel Edmonds has to say, but I’m glad he is saying this …