Looking at Russia …


How can someone with such early financial advantage have to stoop so low?

He just cannot be trusted in any way whatsoever, can never take the straight and true line; trump tweets pictures labelled from the wrong country, totally invents what the ppl are shouting and thinks the Paris Agreement is somehow actually  entangled and commessurate to the situation in the city of Paris itself.

Mr Contradictory.

Which in fact is an accurate summation of all of the trump regime.

Everything is a contradiction, an inversion, a lie.

So much window dressing, so much ‘front’ so much mere face, forever a tv arena; so clever at the ten second soundbite and now that he’s found the drama, the stage-prop of a standby helicopter.





The unhingedness of …

It was there for all the world to see, someone already we know moves awkwardly amongst other men, G20 and now a funeral all in barely a week. The body language and manner, time spent, face, interaction … all quite telling.

To drive away before even the coffin had left the Church was grossly uncouth,  insulting I would say. But theres no love lost, everyone knows the jerk they are dealing with, having to patiently wait until all the dirt forms a noose. It was a good idea to have him there, it shows the measure of him.

Previously, to twitch and jerk around whilst supposedly be reflecting at the deceased lain before him again more telling than he could ever realise, he could not even give him a full minute of reflection. The brevity of it all, in fact a deliberate turn on the heel without ever once allowing the body to relax and the mind to ponder and reflect. Not a man that can reflect other than sharpen his hatred.

Look at that face, hear that voice.

What a strange disconnect there is constructed, as if a reality tv character has extended the script into real life. It shows how empty of wholesome human effort the USA has become when so much is given over to makeup and clothes and presentation,  a seemingly endless supply of very expensive costumes for the girls, to the ad hoc press briefing accompanied by the dramatic whine of the helicopter engine.

Mr Makebelieve….

He doesn’t drain the swamp, he drinks it.

Greta Thunberg …

Go for it!

I’m so happy to see this activism.

The problems we now face are beyond anything we could ever have imagined fifty years ago or have contemplated would ever have to be grappled with in any ‘modern’ society. As if by our modernity we are above such things. But it is precisely our so-called twentieth / twenty first century modernity that has brought about such things ie the burning of fossil fuels. So God we can assume never meant for use to insist we all have a pick-up or an SUV or jet around on holidays and timeshares and family villas in other countries. God I mean as the final arbiter, the sense of knowing we are fckd.



Its like being in class, no-one individually wants to sit upright or exercise endless silence during lesson BUT as a corpus a body we must. I’m not at all sure we’ll get out of this, its do-able but means a step back two (or three) generations in comfort and convenience. We now have the ‘me’ and the ‘I want’ mindset, particularly among those with a little bit of financial advantage. How shall we wean them from their burgers? Or more specifically – you can only eat what you grow yourself !!! This would mean our ancient ancestors were so much cleverer than ourselves. Yes we have dumbed own. Imagine, instead of ‘all you can eat for $10’ we changed to ‘all you can eat in 12 months’ of horticultural activity.  We wld be lithe, slim, alert.

Seriously though, these now are problems beyond anything we have encountered previously.

Its a new urgency. And therefore bullshitters the like of trump need to be put in their place.

Postscript … https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/84273524/posts/2090916514

G20 …

trump hasn’t a clue why he’s there, doesn’t know what to do (but we know that already as he moves badly, ineptly and awkwardly among men) … and so gets peculier looks from Putin like … “Your my boy, so perform.”

And yet again as usual we get the funny upside down triangle hands thing.

This is like from a DC comic. And also reinforces the value of education.

Is it Bolton (another retard) that doesn’t incline to like the Paris Agreement and incorrectly thinks it will cost jobs. Huh cost jobs … sweetheart it will cost the planet !

How thick, cloying, regressive, untutored and imbecilic can a so-called ‘administration’ become….

The sooner potus #45 becomes yesterdays story (finished news) …  the better!



trump cancels a Press Conference, of course he would prefer to, theres no whirring of the helicopters engine to add drama excitement and urgency as is now his norm and out of the WH precinct he might be more accurately observed as fake, bogus, shyte.


Lies, Fascism… Etc.

Note my upper-case E for etc  …. its a lot of etcetera.

Its healthier now that the F word Fascism is realised, ie anything which steam rollers over Free Speech and a Free Press and this describes exactly the manner and pursuits of trump and family. I cannot believe it is by chance that the Emperor standing in his fine replendant new clothes has so carefully been able to navigate his filthy agenda without others guiding and goading. To drain the swamp? ….  He drinks it !

Take for instance Ivanka, who in fact knows diddley and I would say cares even less; apart of course from the covert hidden private trump agenda. Yet ever the master of making the right impression and oh so ever media savvy (of course she is look at her background and training) …. with these people its not a degree in Economics or half a lifetime of high level Government experience they’ve intentionally secured but instead how to be good with a microphione and work a crowd, the soundbite, the polished interview. Max return, minimum effort.

These people are riding America.


As stunning a woman but I cannot bear to hear her voice, likewise her dads  …..

reality bites home …

Sorry to say but what else can result from an idiot driving the bus?

The trump family is quite obscene in its denigration of reality and the embrace of its own loveliness and unique bullshit stance. Ivanka and Melania in their own ways present themselves as paragons (hint: theres more to life than make up, presentation,  clothes and real estate)  but in essence theres a total disconnect with integrity, objective truth, honesty and the real world. Much like a trump interview, a trump Press Conference or Huckabee Sanders response ie evasion is not the required outcome.

This poor fellow below and his family have bitten hard on the results of an idiot driver ie Potus #45 …. donald j trump.


There is so much more to being President that donald trump is capable of. At every turn he twists and screws the American Citizen. Look at his track record, his non-payment to his contractors, his lies, his evasion, his pure BS nonsense.

Unfit for Office.


postscript … in the above link we learn that cars are no longer the ‘must have’ and in fact pick-up trucks and SUVs are being bought instead, hence existing plants are less viable. But to hammer manufacturers with higher priced materials (ie tarriffs imposed by trump) is a very cruel move and serves no-one other than a power-drunk idiot. Another instance of trump being the enemy of this planets viability ie Climate Change. The added irony of trump threatening to pull subsidies on EV at GM is as usual with trump …. quite obscene. Whichever way trump turns it is a disaster, all hype, BS effect for the camera, the soundbite. Theres lots of mess to be undone by Potus #46….