I cannot let it go …

… that trump yet again last night applauds, congratulates, incites anger and promotes physical abuse to the Free Press, anyone of the Free Press and last night notably Guardian Reporter Ben Jacobs.


Its time for the F word ie FASCISM. These masturbatory stage-managed sessions of trump (so-called rallies)  need to be seen for what they are. His tv reality show skills have served him well.

This undoubtedly is fascism. I am horrified and much troubled. Yet we must remember that what trump projects may not be the actual truth, may not be a true reflection of how people feel and most certainly is not at all a mainstream movement. As with all things trump there is much that is smaller than you think, his so-called business success, his abilities in general, his insight and understanding, his ability to lead a nation as President.  He knows he gets worldwide major coverage, but I think he needs to be seen for the hollow man he is; a human form of the animal genus Sus, facing downwards nose buried raking about in the dirt.  Ironic its yet another parallel from writer George Orwell.

Look back to other Fascists, they work the sore of the disaffected to ride along on them as a platform, they project a sense of injury imaginarily perpetrated by minorities so that others can hitch a ride in ‘denigrating’ and feeling superior. They abuse free speech, they have madcap schemes and see sleight and offence where none exists. This is as if adverbatim from the trump playbook. Fascists destroy the economy of their nation, people become much poorer, the so-called ‘wealthy elite’ become so much richer, yet ordinary people are restricted and confined and fascists create endless upset and friction and eventually war with anyone and any country that ‘is not their friend’.  Fascists cannot see reality in anything like a clear light and do not have the enlightenment that a real education provides. Fascists have media that promotes their cause without criticism; reality, decency and truth being abandoned. Viola! … its trump.

I remember reading a couple of biographies of playwright Arthur Miller and him telling us how when younger his stomach turned to hear home after home spewing the filth from Father Coglan, inciting hatred as he walked along the street.

Realise too the extent of trumps showmanship, selling himself as a brand and convincing prospective users of his name/ branding (which will cost them money) this does indeed take showmanship; this perhaps goes a long way to explaining his personality. He projects  himself to sound a realistic grounded in-the-know type man and quite easily makes the other man feel a cleverer person. This is called salesmanship.

Remember, he was a ‘millionaire’ by age three, his formative years were spent away from home in a military academy, tax and regulation mean nothing to him. He is ‘brass-faced’ to an extreme, the master of quite hollow lowest denominator wisecracks.

He turns everything inside out, upside down. Every insult he hurls is most applicable to himself. He says knows the art of the deal, I disagree, he knows the art of  ‘the screw’.  Maybe when he said he was the King of Debt perhaps that was his one true statement. I cried when I heard his Inauguration Speech as if written by a gaming obsessed nihilistic inadequate thats seldom ventured from his room; yes probably as it fits Bannon. We see pics of Bannon but when he speaks he too falls down flat, like much of the fascist detritus that hangs around trump. Bannons one true remark – “Trump is a streetfighter”.

I think trump is more stage managed and rehearsed than we realise, after all the backdrop to his rallies are hand selected for the camera. Something that is phoney and make believe would never jarr with trump, he’d ride with anything that promotes him. I also think trump feeds off a constant flow of twisted croneyism, he cannot take this deliberate downward path without being coached and mentored, its all a voice of twisted old white men; of on-the-make prototypical fascists. Hence his rising early, tweets, phone calls to like-minded all before coming down at 11 to play a little in the Oval Office.

The poor, the ordinary and the anxious do not matter to trump, he is blind to them.

A president should also be the good shepherd.

We find he is remote from his own Intelligence material, after all its to a depth ie several sentences and multi-strand concepts that he has no patience for, it is from actually intelligent people, professionals… https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/18/jamal-khashoggi-trump-intelligence-community-saudis-914280

postscript … this week bbc r4 ran a story on the pm programme from trumps ghost writer for ‘The Art of the Deal’ Tony Schwartz. His warning was stark. First vid is before election and is frightening enough ….



So thats where the 12 years came from ….

I gained a chance conversation Sunday and the expression ’12 years’ was mentioned, I assumed she meant something like Sam Caranas prediction in that …  we have a decade left before annihilation, but in fact tootling on the web its a quote from the whacky, so very retro outdated … like … asshole useless IPCC bods.

Twelve years to act as in the quote ….

“there are just 12 years left to act to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

To act … that is too late, treacherously too late.

This is so off target … like … silly beyond belief. As posted previously Prof Peter Wadhams must be sickened whilst amazed and laughing and cringing that such out of sync IPCC thinking is promoted as ‘current’.  Dear God, Sam Carana would suggest its a decade max before serious human depletion on this planet, this little ball eight inches in diameter and with a fag paper covering ie 0.001 inch a thousandths of an inch is to live breath, fuck and fantasise.


Anyone who knows me realises I’m cheesed off tonight. Reasons don’t matter but what does matter is how many ppl are ‘not up to speed’. To anyone new to this I suggest googling ‘East Siberian Ice Shelf’… this is the biggie. Better add ‘jet stream modification’ ‘loss of oceanic lower food chain’ … ‘loss of Greenland ice mass’ … hell the list needs its own page of A4.

So lets link to some other material gleaned online in the last hour, before I settle down to read …  like  … (not an e-book) one of my paper based books (of more than 2k) contained here within my chambers.


uh-oh, tiscali my ISP is messing abt, useless as usual. It often loses the server lately three times each morning and these last few weeks destroys my emails by notifying me as undeliverable via unwanted unneeded … spamhaus … to block my online activity. Be aware, spamhaus is quite nasty and often quite needless. Also, tiscali email say four years ago became un-usable so no bloody wonder its virtually abandoned by all and sundry; ailing, unusable, f’kcd… therefore I’m using a third party email provider which annoyingly is being thwarted. Who what is spamhaus and quite why they take it to be their business to disrupt my simple tiny quite clean activities ??

Oh well, back to reality …





Kanye West ….

Poor man,  I feel so sorry for him.

Totally out of his depth, thinking that trumps outward projection for mass consumption ie tv Showman ‘straight from the hip’ antics were the real thing and Kanye responded accordingly. Sadly perhaps he was incapable of anything else, I cannot determine as I’ve never seen him perform, never heard him speak before and have never read anything about him. He must feel like shit this morning.

Was that Ivanka at trumps left, looking very ‘white’ … using fashion to make a point.

Very odd that trump wanted the media in on the encounter. I have a feeling the lunch soon after went quickly.

As with I assume most people I couldn’t bear to watch more than a minute or so. trumps body language was quite something. I wonder how much the Administration knew of the likely outcome beforehand?

I’m thinking that all this was a set-up, all staged to push an image that plays to the requirements of the bitter, twisted and regressive GOP.  No wonder trump has been chuckling to himself these last few days.

Pots of money and endless to-ing and fro-ing from restaurants and ‘leisure lifestyle’ does NOT a life make; the photo-op is not the reason we are on this planet surely? He needs calming and some work on what he probably missed at school, to work with pen and paper, write his thoughts down and see how they re-read to himself, to realise where one stands with ones abilities; to dip into books, to follow an exposition or arguament on paper, or even go to youtube and listen to for instance Noam Chomski. This comes back full circle as to my saying for years that all kids would benefit from the study of ‘rhetoric’ at school.

I think now there will be many homes all over the USA seeing the need to make more effort at Education. Maybe Kanye has done some good after all.


postscript two days later …Kanye to my mind showed a life too (web) connected, a life removed from real practical work that can help to keep us grounded; too tied in to the American projected ideal of a ‘leisure lifestyle’.  He needs to work with his hands, not just hang around poolside with girls and not some government ‘make believe’ programme but real working people whose livelihoods depend upon getting things done, maybe market gardening for fruit and veg or even high quality grounds maintenance. A couple of hours hand weeding and edging lawns will focus the mind, I am talking from thousands of hours of my own practical experience. To garden is useful and valuable and if he could find talented focused people to work with so much the better. At present a case of idle hands perhaps.

To work with animals, Riding for the Disabled actually stems from the First World War when working with horses was the only thing that could ‘reach’ shell shocked and damaged men when they returned.

I certainly would not allow the so-called professionals to get involved (from what I’ve seen here in the UK) ….  free form art therapy for instance is the last thing he needs right now unless its to develop hand eye co-ordination the old fashioned way, to aim to a standard ie to throw a pot well.  Theres lots of young men out there that would be challenged to complete simple tasks to a high standard, to stay focused, to make the effort. Theres too much idle chatter.

Learn a poem! Reciting fifty and a hundred times to get the thing embedded into ones mind makes us look at every word and phrase from every possible angle. I’m sure there are cleverer people than us that have lived on this planet and their words can teach us, enlighten us.

And what else, go trekking or backpacking for a long weekend. Go fishing with a mentor. Most kids now have no sense of history or the art that can telescope us back to past times, I really enjoy looking at old etchings and engravings, for Kanye I’d say use books, but not walking gallery visits, at least not until much later;  books to help him to sit down and focus.

Get away from the pool, get away from restaurants; cook your own food, garden, make things, read, learn, study, attend to nature. These are what I do.

I wish him well.

Heres a link that ties in with something of the above  …..


bbc radio 4 news fails again ….

So, we have the latest IPCC report and the 1.5deg C is sort of like …. wha …. its like sooo YESTERDAY.

whoops I’m being monitored, slow drag take up from whatever I type, oh well as it may  …

So, listening to bbc r4 here in the UK today 9th Oct 2018 was sad, laughable and bloody annoying. So wet, so insipid following from the tougher IPCC Report to hear the invited ‘expert’ girlie person tell us we need to insulate our homes (we mostly are already) look into solar panels but mind the cost and use the bus if we can. My dear girl, and I wish to be derogatory, the necessary moves we need to make are so much harsher and unpalatable to our affluent consumer and car mobilised society  … ie a BIG reduction in red meat (forget about burgers America and everyone else) … walk or cycle to work, wash clothes less or quicker and air dry if poss, forget the SUV, cut needless roadside lighting, forget about personal consumer air travel, wrap up more and stop bitcoin mining. Think like  … great grandparents. Think ‘paper bag’ and lessen off from ultra convenience.

Maybe we should all have pedal cars, gets ya fit, but of course there would always be the swanky git with extra chrome and a personalised reg …. on his pedal car. We would have to have two and three car families, we could only get one person in!

Its quite bizarre, we hear on the news of dire climate predictions and yet the next news item laments a hardly perceptible drop in Economic Growth or wages will not rise as much as we’d like them. This mindset will only be changed when its a last minute too late backs to the wall situation. Human nature ….

It used to be said in the west that we are becoming an increasingly classless society, I find that to be totally untrue, we are as stratified as ever, from what I see theres very little interaction between the disadvantaged and those well heeled. We mingle and shop among each other but there it seems to end.

… Oh yeah and I just realised why trump is so adamant for his Border Wall, I assumed it was that he really does concur with Climate Change, then just now I’ve realised its possibly because the Israelis are wall obsessed  … n Net will have whispered in trumps ear re this method and so trump takes it all on board. The Palestinians have a right to stay on their land, to live and breath as others, they are NOT an underclass. I don’t like bully tactics. trumps idiocy is demonstrated with the move to Jeruselam for the Embassy, as usual he is a destructive, simplistic non-understanding embarrassment. The boy that can barely read and has ridden on his fathers wealth liking to thrust a stick into the hornets nest.

Perhaps theres a glimmer of hope, as always looking to score points and milk his public image perhaps he’ll amaze us all and do a complete about-turn on Climate Change, suddenly announcing that He and only He was able to see this and has come up with a great (that bloody word) idea !!

We read from the link below that the post of White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has at long last had someone appointed to lead them, Kelvin Droegemeier. That name Kelvin … how appropriate for Global Warming !! Wouldn’t be suprised if having that name of Kelvin was the reason subliminal or not for being chosen? No, trump wouldn’t know the connection. What will he do, I can’t see what he can do in the face of arrogant ignoramuses.

I see said the blind man …

… sort of applicable, this Bloomberg news story of today tells us of tiny rogue chips disguised as something else from Chinese factories to infiltrate western servers, to monitor and to circumvent password protection. So is this the intelligence that motivates trump to screw up China/ USA trade?  Looks to be, as if trump might have actually hurriedly scanned an actual  memo headline whilst shouting at Pence “Get outa tha f***ing space-suit”,  likewise reason for his at first sight odd reason to accuse China of all sorts of meddling. But still his deafness to the World screaming “Its the Russians, its the Russians” is most odd, and points to only one thing.


I’ve always been a great believer in keeping things ‘in-house’. So perhaps its a case of ‘ye reap as ye shall sow’ …. like, what the hell did you expect!

Heres another link a day later… https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/04/china-planted-chips-on-apple-and-amazon-servers-report-claims

I had begun to worry over taking at face value a news article that most certainly would aid trumps anti-China stance. Increasingly we need ‘three sources’ and ones of high calibre. The world is awash with misinformation. I read a couple of days ago that Russias military spending is down, but I wonder at the ramp-up of its web and computer activity. China has been very stupid to plant these rogue chips if the story is as told.


postscript …

Never did we think that Obama ribbing trump a few years ago at a Public Dinner (was it the Annual Press Gathering) … would have fired up trump in his destruction of all things Obama. It goes back further than that, the unwanted harping on by trump of Obamas birth certificate, as if forgetting the USA is one great melting pot. But realise also all the chatter and manouverings that occurs behind closed doors that egg-on and steer trump in his despicable journey.

Never once will you hear trump be guided by decent values, nor ask himself is this right or is it wrong.

All along and particularly with trumps abysmal Inaugration Speech very seldom can he arrive at anything constructive or from his own mind; to break up, to waste, to wreck are all that he knows. Theres truth when Bannon said ‘He’s a street-fighter’ I now see indeed he is, we read that he was close to Roy Cohn, legendary for being Roy Cohn and so its the hit ’em back fifty fold and go on the aggression that suits trumps mindset perfectly. Everything he says in fact when turned upside down is clearer to the truth; as with every insult he hurls, to himself they are most applicable.

Why is it so much can be out of view even if we are purposefully searching for background info ie aided or hindered by google? The New York Times trump and tax investigation article pub 2nd Oct 2018 was a triumph of bringing much needed background information to public gaze and seeing the measure of trump father and son. Likewise with Kavanaugh, someone so sullied, even toxic has been elevated to a position he is unworthy of. But in this trump dominated USA ‘the past’ and past misdemeanours carry no weight, gangsters are brass-faced to what should be on the historical record. This is why he rails against the Free Press and journalists and thank goodness for the likes of Sarah Bee, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher.

trumps base is far smaller than he says it is, I’m even sceptical of polls. Here in the UK the bbc r4 news woefully under-reports the extent of trumps deadly tenure, proving to be a treasure trove of bias for future students of journalism to analyse. Why is this?

Its a multi-pronged attack from trump and his sleazy behind doors whisperers, EPA stripped and gagged, needless tax giveaways to the already super wealthy, International Trade (and trust and co-operation) in tatters, his siding with Dictators, mayhem in Iran the Middle East, siding with Israel, denigration of the Palestinians, back to coal, back to fracking, his hurt of women of people of colour … etc etc etc. All are distasteful, regressive, damaging. Old white bigots rule the earth ???

The madness of king trump will surely be revealed as the future unfolds, everything for the ordinary citizen cut, closed or curtailed, their rights or position diminished, environmental and working conditions and housing localities degraded, people becoming tribal in their fixedness of viewpoint, polarisation of class; meanwhile Fox telling everyone repeatedly and endlessly how well the ‘Great Helmsman’ is doing. The double-whammy of Climate Change and altering weather patterns (jet stream etc) coupled with trumps destruction of overseas markets for American farmers will be a sorry sight. There will be a competitiveness and fear of fellow workers, of neighbours, just like Roy Cohn would have wanted. I hope in that there will be a backlash to this dark scenario, I have faith in common sense but meanwhile trump has breathing space, a bubble to operate in.


trump and his multi-pronged attack …..

Realise too that in this topsy turvy world of trump he fully realises the realities of Climate Change, this is why he is so adamant for a needlessly heightened and strengthened Border Wall with Mexico when already theres sufficient wall for all practical purposes.


Thanking and thinking …

The plutocracy, regime, gangster rule of trump, name it what you will, without a jot of conscience will alter the facts to produce an outright lie, I mean if it suits them.

He has been born and raised in a bubble of advantage, has no sense of decency or moral outrage. He’s a grabber in all senses of the word.

In the Rose Garden Press Call on Monday trumps behaviour was quite unwarranted, nasty, despicable; the same week he steamrollers ahead with a phony near to meaningless and manipulated FBI investigation into (what we know will progress regardless) the installation of Kavanaugh as a trump / GOP stooge.

trumps callous disregard to female gender is utterly shocking.

I wrote on this a couple of posts ago and its a thread I cannot leave alone, it needs to be kept visible, to illustrate how mean, ignorant and uncaring this so-called ‘administration’ under POTUS 45 really is. Its a regime with window dressing, Ivanka, Jared, but theres nothing good to be said for them. Ivankas affront to ride on ‘womens empowerment’ yet her dad, the worst offender goes unchecked. Its fantasy, pandering to the two minute news slot, the photo-op, the soundbite. All these things are mighty dangerous. trump can deliver an hour of obscenity and downright ignorant tirade but he knows fine well news picks up on a ten second clip and we never know the full extent of his mean and ignorant performances. His base is really quite small, as with all things trump, exagerrated.


The core of this post is the White House transcript deliberately changes the insult given to Reporter Cecelia Vega from “thinking” as uttered by trump and witnessed clearly by the World to the nonsensical and false word ‘thanking’. This smacks of Sarah Huckabee, a prime example of topsy turvy denial of what is real and true. It also smacks of a plutocracy, a regime, of gangster rule. No wonder he said he ‘loved’ Kim Jong un.


Its quite fair to say Mnuchin comes across as one of the creepiest people I’ve ever seen.

The whole ensemble is monstrous.

This regime is drunk on its own aggrandisement. Its own back-slapping “We can do no wrong”. Power can indeed bring out the worst in people. It’ll get worse too, as trump kicks against the walls that are closing in; the double pressure of also needing to dance the tune of his Master in Moscow.

I think we are heading for ‘nasty’ like we’ve never seen nasty … well done to Cecelia Vega for holding up with aplomb and vigour to this unholy nitwit, the electric buggy genius; the only world he knows ‘outside’ is the golf course, too damn lazy to even walk!!

postscript … heres new material,  the reason why they are pushing Kavanaugh as fast as they can … SCOTUS docket is Gamble vs US. No 17-646.

Human compassion ….

What a fine man Juan Romero actually is, he provided comfort when all around would have been instant craziness. The article informs us that at the time young Romero was an immigrant from Mexico. Human compassion knows no bounds of borders or filthy walls. No matter where in the world all people are decent. This man is my hero !

Please read the link, Juan has something to teach us all.

Its impossible not to cry, something that reaches us directly from all those decades ago. Thank goodness we have a free press, that these things are not buried under callous disregard that masquerades as a so-called ‘administration’.



Juan Romero
Juan Romero … from the link above


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_F._Kennedy … from the days when men had experience, ability, gave hard work and were something to look up to.