Dr Paul Ehrlich in interview …

As posted previously this man ‘is the bizz’ – intelligent, far sighted, wise. I bought his book ‘Machinery of Nature’ a couple of decades ago, its here on the shelves. He is a Stanford Professor, entomologist at PhD and beyond, expert on butterflies,  he knows a lot about conservation, about biology.


More info … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_R._Ehrlich

Looking around so many of our best people are ‘getting on a bit’ to be polite and there seems a lack of younger people, activists, concerned thinkers, scientists.

I hope in time we can have available the condensed text of such valuable interviews so that we can read through at a fraction of the time it takes for the youtube post takes to play. And on paper too, the ultimate portable always at hand solution.

postscript, you have to be patient for our host to get onto the meaty bits  …


trump and human rights at the UN …

For instance …

trump has no Ambassador to the Human Rights Council in Geneva having withdrawn from the Council altogether. This is staggering in its wilful malice toward all the suffering and injured people of the world; but its called ‘what trump does’.  As the article informs us all the despots, all the nasty regimes around the world take strength from trumps callous nasty and inhuman viewpoint ie the neglect of the weak the ordinary and the deliberate destruction of free speech, of free thinking media.


Read the article, all of the text illuminates and begs for expansion.

As I’ve always said of trump he cares nothing for the ordinary people, its my opinion he is setting the scene for when climate change really begins to bite, the people will be conditioned to expect nothing. He fully realises that climate change is real and happening, hence his desire for the wall and its impending militarisation.

trump is indeed an oddball, seemingly quite the idiot in his day to day utterances; but be mindful and visualise a flow chart of his schemes and utterances and its all carefully graduated in tone to set further newer levels of disregard and ignorance to the needs of ordinary people. Clever too how he has a feel in controlling present day media, but then again people of his ilk always have done so in most expert fashion.

For instance, his recent gift of a trillion dollars to the already rich is the displacement or indeed theft of the taxes paid by the ordinary wage earners to those that do not need it whatsoever as already being super  wealthy they will have conjured every trick in the book to minimise their tax liability. Whoever inherits this fiscal mess will have the headache of all headaches in sorting it all out. trump stepped in when Obama had set the economy into better shape and quite wrongly claims credit for it.

We have lost rigour and honesty in our thinking, trump knows this, as if we are indeed ‘dumbed down’ and now so very controllable, pliable, unthinking.

We are standing here wondering how the heck did we ever get to this point???


wordpress likes a pic, heres the the Human Rights Council in Geneva  …

Human Rights Council, Geneva.


UK chemtrails diary …

4th August 2018 a Saturday and as expected once the overcast sky had cleared mid morning there are indeed chemtrails to be seen. The Governments little helpers or contractors or whatever doing their best to inject a little fun into the sky ie aluminium and other metals. Its not even noon here so probably once I’ve uploaded the first gallery of pics of the past week  a second gallery will follow tonight or tomorrow.

We’ve had ‘little bits’ for days or even none prior to that a week ago so therefore chemtrail sessions are more likely this weekend and next week.

I don’t like being fooled and would like to open peoples eyes to this ie chemtrails BUT the media tv whatever have got there before me and bundled this message up with nonsense such as ‘conspiracy theory’ a term I utterly detest, it is lazy and presumptive English; but then again, theres a huge market for such an approach, in fact near universal. Therefore I am extremely cautious as to who I mention this to, most folk are just baffled and run the pre-received ‘program’ in their minds as they remember from tv.




Climate-wise its quiet until the autumn and then we’ll see better the extent of wildfires and record temperatures, of increased methane and its instability, of jet stream mayhem, drought and agricultural failure. As modern as we think we are we are still a form of animal that needs to eat and in fact eating animals ie meat is going to take a downturn, it is a wasteful way to farm/ provide protein. As Sam Carana says elsewhere and I’ve blogged ages ago its the spikes that will hammer us, its not been an El Nino year, when that strikes the screw will indeed have turned.

Remember, its all feedback loops and all interconnected. The beauty and mystery of nature will also reveal its power. In a way, one could say Nature is God.


postscript, next morning Sunday yes theres chemtrails. Likely times are 0700-0800 and teatime. Here its a subtle, less noticable all morning event today.


  • chemtrails do not vanish as trails should, chemtrails form into haze.
  • often fast cloud change and churn when chemtrails are present.
  • its not natural.
  • its a HP day but chemtrails seem to be bringing cloud and haze when non likely.
  • supposedly to reflect the heat of the sun BUT with dreadful side effects, aluminium etc. Note effects on aquatic insects, bees and suchlike.
  • note disappearance 24 hrs later from my Sunday morning April 9th plotting of many flights from flightradar24, extremely difficult to explain.

postscript: – Using my reporting system DQA scale 1-5 as introduced elsewhere lets add some data.

Mon 6th Aug 2018 5pm onwards DQA222.

Tuesday 7th Aug 2018 6pm onwards DQA344. pics below


Using no zoom on an old zoom camera, narrow field of view, P setting ie slightly enhanced colour effect. Some of the evidence is subtle, you have to ‘look’ and get your eye accustomed to the evidence.

…. to be contd each day as a diary on this one post.

Where is trump heading?

Why does trump and little helper Huckabee put so much effort into reshaping what is viewed as truth ?

Allowing only his version of reality as according to Dictator Donald and endlessly trying to destroy the validity of others, whether its politicians, critics or experts.  And all achieved with a twenty word vocab !

trump endlessly promotes and extolls his vacuous pointless viewpoints and often sheer crass ‘achievements’ or more accurately embarrassments. He and his cohorts and unseen backers are in the White House and they are determined to stay there, not by talent and honest hard work but by manipulation, lies and deceit. Russia figures bigger in this than even now anyone realises ie money sex and greed, the same old story.

He cannot move among men as a conventional man would, sadly displaying as if he has always been at odds and contrary to decent moral behaviour.  I assume there are dark and obscured promoters and backers, but to what end? Is it all about lining the pockets of the already rich or wilfully destroying the USA?  Why the onslaught on International Goodwill, established relationships? I suspect he wants to bankrupt the American farmer so the big corporations can clean up.

trump is attracted to dirt.

I met someone a little like him 45 years ago, a kid that was so out of step with reality, a would be con-man,  a fantasist,  never think suitable whatsoever for any position of responsibility never mind High Office. Its like when we get any despot or dictator, an unfortunate series of giddy steps upwardly self reinforce to seem bigger and better than they actually are, they are as if magically propelled.

trump plays the fool but construct a flow chart in your minds eye and see how hell-bent he is on his mission; staggeringly as if all premeditated, a plan. Why the need to control the media, to invert the truth and arch-manipulate, what new tricks and scams does he have in mind ?? Why trying to con and destroy all of the time ?? Note the subtle gradations of his message over the months, his slow driving of the wedge of ignorance, division and hatred. He’s saddled America, riding her good folk and he’s driving the wedge, stood there with a huge sledge hammer….

He is deliberately and vociferously rendering any criticism to be unacceptable, to be unheard. Certainly his love for and skill with his beloved rallies are grossly aided by hired hands to whip up an obscene denial of decency and good practice, to deny established time-won equitable procedure, of truth. Hitler worked crowds this way in Germany, Moseley had it in England. A crowd is a strange leviathan and I admit trump certainly knows how to pitch to the lowest common denominator, successively over the months he has promoted in discrete increments his gross nastiness; ever the slick salesman. Its as if we are losing the ability to think independently and this suits trump just fine. How long before hardly reported violence spreads like a cancer at these events?  Jim Acosta of CNN as per my last post sees it coming, many likewise.

trump is creating an atmosphere, a stage setting, a situation, a country where anything (nasty) can happen.

Note these last couple of days someone at the WH has got it into their heads trump needs to be seen with people of colour … so bingo … pics to fulfill the new message.

trumps fellow travellers know fine well that all they need to control is the first page of google; the little people, the reality of daily life of the little people he is neither concerned about nor will come into focus as long as he daily churns with his evil nonsense. The definition of chaos is evil, every dictionary tells the same.


postscript 4th Aug 2018 …  having to work at my desk today provided a chance to view some Thomas Hartmann youtubes, always worth listening to. Here he also is wondering where trump is heading, how far will he go, be allowed to go  ….





Jim Acosta – Speaking up for truth.

Well done Jim Acosta of CNN to stand up for truth, for the facts. These are basic tennants that Fox, trump and cohorts wilfully avoid. Its my opinion that trump rallies are stage managed and the audience visible behind trump are picked to look a little more affluent and integrated than those that trump can see ahead of him. To my mind his voter base is small but seemingly solid, I cannot see how functioning integrated wage earners are taken in by him. The tired and hollow slogan MAGA – ie make America look like a total  *rse-hole on the world stage …repeatedly … is wearing thin, in fact what is ‘great’??  We had a ‘Great War’ but i wouldn’t like to repeat it.   If these are ‘genuine’ fools then a continuing trump cancer will see their children and grandchildren propelled back to the 1930’s when ordinary folk had near zilch rights or protections, where kids went barefoot and medicine was not for the ordinary.  trump I think is engineering needless trade wars so that the big Corporations or Monsanto can come in and clean up at rock bottom prices. He also should be thankful for China, its allowed the West to create huge margins of easy money on imported product.  Its also my view that the whole NK KJ-un debacle was a stage managed event from day one so as to lead up to a vacuous and empty photo-op surrounded by flags.


As Noam Chomski says its what is happening unseen, the dismantling that is the real problem, trumps smokescreen of stupidity is merely deflection.  He gets up, defecates and tweets and so yet again the media is daily occupied with the latest obfuscation.

trump hasn’t quite yet introduced a new numeral system but with truth and decency and news reporting he most certainly is wishing to destroy all that exists to expose wrongdoing. trump busts a gut to invert what is right and true YET when it comes to clear and obvious Russian meddling various deceits and malpractice and financial shenanigans, he invertly busts a gut to be blind and deaf to these things. Words are straining to explain what we are seeing and hearing,  flow charts drawn in ones minds eye help best. Feynman had his newly devised squiggles and zig-zags to explain new knowledge and maybe we need something similar to indicate what is going on now.

trump is building hatred into peoples lives that is an unacceptable unenlightened unthinking way to exist. For sixty years its been hard work, a long road to win an enlightened outlook, he is doing all he can to build-in a return of blind violence and non-acceptance. Once people are charged up and seething as it were its like a loaded canon he can direct anywhere. KJ-un used a loaded canon, trump likewise has his own.

Trumps mindset ???

Trying to fathom what the heck trump ‘is about’ is not easy. Below sheds light on what is murky, difficult and apparently the contrary world of djt, an entity that can be likened to a shark in dark water. You can think he’s a fool but analysing his whole whacky and dangerous charade signals there is a strong mindset behind the madness.

A horrible mindset. This article helps ….


Be warned that in the UK for instance BBC news ie r4 is very poor at reporting trump in anything near a clear and full light, it endlessly will never criticise, will not place in context the harm, danger and lunacy of his activities. Some of the coverage verges on obscene in its bias and uselessness. The nearest that r4 can deliver to worthwhile coverage is bbc r4 ‘The World Tonight’ at 10pm.

Its scary to the extent trump and his evil cohorts know to manipulate media, to control the news cycle, generate churn and what coverage google will present the average person that is likely only to search goog page one, as in fact most of us are inclined. The first article links to this second link below and likewise helps understand what is going on. Last weeks obscene spectacle of trump trying to reverse 180 degrees his obvious support and subservience to Putin hinged on would / wouldn’t when context, body language, dialogue fore and aft all pointed to a very dirty situation. Yet he still tries to pull a fast one, Don the con, to lie to the entire world and its media that the opposite was true; cameras rolling, reporters present. STAGGERING !!! …. seesaw seesaw zigzag zigzag … not even heavy drug users are so contradictory and lieing within one bundle of flesh and bone. Surely to God truth and clarity must triumph eventually.


Climate change and its visible effects are sort of quiet now (and seem to be thus from simple searches) until we get the catastrophic confirmation of zero ice in Arctic waters later this year and approaching the release of methane in its three forms, likewise with mapping the Jetstream, water temps, and my pet interest of the seldom reported loss of diatoms (and plankton) that are esential to all ocean life as well as oxygen production;  remember, this thin film that we live in and which envelopes planet Earth is equivalant to making a model using a football and the usable thickness is 0.001 inch ie the thickness of a cigarette paper.

Interesting point is to realise ice in the north, the Arctic generally melts from the upper surface and as we know as children ice can suddenly next day be not there at all; yet south the Antarctic the ice loss is occurring from below, being undercut to break off huge lumps as melting seas drives inward. Greenland is melting from above and also in Swiss Cheese fashion as fast water torrents hundreds and thousands of feet deep.  People talk of ‘end of century’ ice loss but i think in ten years 2028 the decline will have been faster than most folk are likely to admit at this stage.


Meanwhile trump huffs and puffs ever the Dotard, outwardly ignoring climate change (he believes in it witness the Wall and its increasing militarisation) … pulling at his pointless levers just like the fake wizard in the ‘Wizard of Oz’.


Repulsed at trump …

Basically he is a fair imitation of a turd, stinking unwelcome and at every turn an embarrasment. Theres no excuse now, its gone too far.

Todays Helsinki charade with lover boy / puppet master Putin was indeed a shambles.

Treason is fair comment and the most prevelant response; a gold plated shit.

One to one behind closed doors, no advisers present, no agenda, no goals, no minutes kept … COME ON AMERICA GET REAL !!

I think its time the American public, Senate, whatever turned on this con-man called trump and moved forward, but as bbc r4 ‘The World Tonight’ mentioned it would be seen as a coup and so traditional democratic voting practice must be followed ie 2020.

trumps twenty word vocab was at straining point, if he turned up for a job I’d never give him one, theres nothing he can do. He trashed his own Intel people to side with Putin, wow they really must have the dirt on him, financial and whatever. Seemed very much to be reading Putins script and sounding dumb whilst doing it.

My heart bleeds for men of integrity in America, he is fast selling you to the lowest bidder.

Likewise these last couple of days Elon Musk has shown a side that is utterly repulsive. To insult a man and in turn all the team when they have successfuly carried out a most gargantuan feat in rescuing the trapped bods in a Thailand cave system demonstrates a most nasty ego. Musk is often referred to as an ‘engineer’ but I think not, a writer of code ie paypal but nothing more. His cars are certainly not as green as they are promoted, far better no cars at all, they will soon date once eventually delivered and praise as Eliot noted must never be over lavished; something needing to be noted by his busy online sycophants.  And whats this thing about space travel, lets look at home first. Colonise Mars crap repels me, wow thats a pleasant wake up each morning, looking out over …. nothing. If Musk really had worked as ‘an engineer’ in the sense that I know the term ie practical hands-on physical objects of complication (that sometimes can go wrong when you least want them to) he would know to keep quiet, not to barge into situations thinking he knows it all.

Third gripe tonight and its not easy to avoid A1 first class blunders on present day media and broadcasting was a final piece on bbc r4 ‘The World Tonight’ that informed us of the Human Zoo exhibited in 1958 in Belgium, unfortunate folk from the Congo literally fed peanuts and bananas by visitors/ gawping twits. Thankfully it was shut down. But what the piece did not mention was the prior previous involvement of Belgium with the Congo. Astoundingly dire, of a huge scale, shameful and still to this day not fully acknowledged. To mention one but not the other leaves the listening public woefully underinformed.



Postscript : earlier at 5:35 pm bbc r4 ‘PM Programme’ we had a most odd adulatory intro to the Elon Musk Thai cave story, a whole load of how he is so clever, is saving the planet (!) etc  ….. some naive young girlie reporter really did demonstrate her inexperience. How does this material get past vetting or a dry ‘run-through’? My view as I near retirement is that I know more than these people, maybe less an IQ but at least some common sense. bbc r4 has mostly nearly always throughout the trump Presidency given him the benefit of the doubt and mostly never even reacted to trumps obvious lies, nonsense and bluster.