trumpian distortions …

… trump is used to this, its his mindset; to invert, to upset and meanwhile offer a contrary dialogue.

Whilst he is busy scything down (oops bad analogy –  connected to the world of work) a Free Press and any critical appraisal of his nasty White Nationalist standpoint (ie a latterday Fascism) he can spoon out sufficient quotable niceties so that his ‘in his pocket’ mutually favoured news service have sufficient to paint a white-washed feelgood commentary whilst he can meanwhile destroy all that is good about America.

He embraces thugs and dictators whilst legitimate World Leaders are repulsed and other than Macron attempting to connect and turn his stupidity they have little to do with him.

trump is in a closed feedback loop (as he has been all his life) …  much like the many environmental and climate systems he is intent on ignoring, feasting on Fox that yet again reinforces ‘the donald’ viewpoint. Shame on Fox and suchlike. As mentioned before, quite what are the crazy conversations behind closed doors that we are not privy to?

Media can serve to eliminate developing a wider viewpoint, or to see the wider picture, of the wrecking ball of trump, both materially and psychologically, of social structure, bonds, communities. His actions are sick, his mentality is sick.  George Orwell was incredibly prescient.

trump didn’t like it being pointed out by CNN Jim Acosta that the caravan is in fact many hundreds of miles away and poses no real immediate threat. trump seems to have bypassed what an education should provide, ie realistic, thinking citizens that will not see their country trashed.

trump turns words upside down, they are bullets of falseness to injure, disrupt and con. Lets remember trump university !! A worst case narcissistic spoilt brat. He’s not drained the swamp, he’s drinking it.

Everything, every insult he hurls is most applicable to himself, fake, lies, the enemy of the people etc etc


trump and his multi-pronged attack on decency and truth …..





International ridicule …

Its okay to be piss-taken in ones own country or ones own bailiwick but to be shunned internationally is surely one gold-plated put down.

And of course   donald j trump  has achieved such a thing !!!

Mao, Hitler, Stalin all registered internationally and many experts were focused on each of them, but with    donald j trump   the whole world at an elementary level can see he is hopeless, useless, a hindrance, no good.

Its a good rule in life to never pretend one is cleverer than one actually is. Do not bluff, do not lie, do not con, realise others are far cleverer …. offer humility.

trump … the nothing man !

Visualise the enormity of transporting the cretinous retard to Paris and then the dizzy shit doesn’t like drizzle.

Neither did men of the First War, or endless days of bombardment, rats, disease, lice, gas, endless rain, freezing temperatures, fear, slaughter, mud and its stench, abysmal and inexcusable food, shrapnel, snipers bullets, repeated and endless death. Meanwhile Haig is out riding for the afternoon with his half dozen fully dress-uniformed accomplices avoiding all signs of ‘war’ with a sixty mile buffer. trump would like the latter, he likes toy soldiers.

Its now proven beyond doubt that trump is malfunctioning socially, utterly incapable of connecting in a real-life manner with overseas counterparts ie leaders of other countries. He continues to bluster as if time-trapped in a continuous rolling reality tv situation. This most certainly demonstrates …

  • the value of and need for education.
  • to not allow bluster and bluff to substitute for knowledge and experience.
  • to be inclusive.
  • to set higher standards for Public Office.

As was demonstrated in Paris and thank goodness for it … that all world leaders consider     donald j trump    to be a total loser, a fantasy man, a nothing man.

It takes far more than an exquisitely dressed wife (and what expense) to make for a president !




The not so great Dictator …

My heart goes out to Jim Acosta of CNN and suchlike people,  to any sincere journalist that has to endure the downright nastiness of trump. Tin-pot is hardly in it, it is trumps vehemence, his venom that I find so alarming and repulsive. trump must remember he is a servant of the people but we can see we are in territory far beyond that now.

I wonder what conversations occur behind closed doors for this open hostility toward a Free Press to display itself in moments of public exposure? What shenanigans has trump in mind that he needs to discredit the journalists and reporters of his entire kingdom? And as we know every insult trump issues is most applicable to himself, fake, horrible, nasty, unworthy etc etc

Its my view that he is so tied in, indebted to and active with Russia that they’ve decided amongst themselves (ie witness two hours alone with Putin in Helsinki, no records kept) for some shocking events to unfold in the months ahead, its obvious trumps energy and impudence has roots deeper than we realise; how or why else for his onslaught and ridiculous behaviour. I’m surprised we can’t see the strings.

Likewise Kushner, Mnuchin, Pence … tagging along with the increasing sickness in the White House. Is it not procedure that recordings are kept of everything that is said? When a so-called president is actually found eating paperwork / notes then we are really in a sick malfunctioning environment.

Words from trump are increasingly worthless, debased, robbed of value, rendered meaningless; thrown as javelins merely to injure…



Postscript : 8-9th Nov 2018 the undoubted first witnessed ‘fake news’ trophy goes to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for issuing a manipulated vid of Jim Acosta to deliberately alter the facts. This is blatant, intentional and most despicable. As stated many times all the fakery and fake news does indeed emanate from this crooked so-called administration, from no one else. Gangster, pantomime dame, conman all are applicable to these sick manouverings. The world knows fine well how crooked this setup actually wishes to be and thank goodness will fine-focus on anything and everything issued for public consumption.

The vid modification we are informed is hardly noticable unless viewed frame by frame but nonetheless is a deliberate alteration of the truth; some one somewhere has made the effort to effect this trick.

Imagine the months ahead as trump gets cornered, feels the sweat of his follies close in on him. Its a shame many ordinary voters plain simple people have been used for him to hitch a ride into the White House, he cares nothing for them.  Jared, Ivanka and Mnuchin wistfully smiling on….

To quote Dr MLK … “Our sick white brothers …..”