Chemtrail UK

I see my last major post on chemtrails here in NE England was October, there have been chentrails since then but nothing woth throwing time at.

This afternoon Jan 28th the the near overall cloud layer dispersed and there looked to be the remains of earlier in the day chemtrail, some I would guess built up in a repeated corridor. I’ve no pics so far ie 4pm GMT as I post this.

However NASA Worldview does hint at plenty of chemtrail over Wales today ie …


You must look carefully, note shadows cast on lower cloud layer, its all a bit of a ‘knack’ this photo-interpretation.

May I just say the ever ‘evolving’ WP format is quite awful to use.

The above image is corrupted, lets re-embed …



Convince me these are not chemtrail…

Chemtrail … lots easily found, at present I’m sort of (slightly reluctantly) using NASA Worldview which basically gives us one daytime shot, I reckon around noon or a little before.

Heres a hottie, chemtrail Sept 10th ’22 … https://go.nasa.gov/3xvE7z2

Chemtrail south west England and Irish Sea, https://go.nasa.gov/3xvE7z2

Chemtrail Sept 11th … https://go.nasa.gov/3DzCq7J

Chemtrail Sept 11th … yikes! … https://go.nasa.gov/3BP7qiU

Chemtrail Sept 10th using a different filter … https://go.nasa.gov/3qIMIuG

Chemtrail again Sept 10th, north east of Scotland, Shetland, Orkney … https://go.nasa.gov/3DyCq7N

Sept 12th, chemtrail northern France … https://go.nasa.gov/3qMP9w5

Chemtrail Midlands, East Anglia, Irish Sea 13th Sept … https://go.nasa.gov/3LokXky

Chemtrail Sept 17th southern Ireland … https://go.nasa.gov/3QQfLXS

Please explore and find more for yourself!


UK heatwave…

Its pretty obvious to make this prediction but from late last week each day theres been a good smattering of chemtrail to ‘whiten the sky’ and cut some of the more extreme heat and UV radiation. After four or more years blogging re chemtrail I now have reached the point i am thankful for chemtrail as things get hotter on planet earth.

Yesterday was thick (not extreme) chemtrail reaction cloud to shield the earth, at least it was here in NE England and today Sunday its light ‘wispy’ chemtrail reaction material and more chemtrail. I’m trying to get ppl to agree with me that its obviously a man made phenomena to whiten the sky and not conventional condensation trail, but eh …. experience has proven its pointless trying to get ppl to acknowledge what we see plain with our own eyes.

I’ve just been outside to the washing line, its mid-afternoon, crikey I did not know it was so hot outside, an indoors day methinks!

See my previous post re the chemtrail run-up to this dreaded heatwave and heres a link for chemtrail over the North Sea from the limited ‘NASA Worldview’. https://go.nasa.gov/3B4FCqu

Lets see whats in the camera …

Multiple chemtrail NE England, 10am16th July 2022

Chemtrail 11:43 am, note how wide the chemtrail has become. 16th July 2022 NE England.

Yet more chemtrail in already chemtrailed sky, 11:40am 16th July ’22. All the existing haze is chemtrail.

Chemtrail, chemtrail, chemtrail … 11:50 BST 16th july 2022 … Looking NW Sat 16th July.

Chemtrail NE England, 1pm Sat 16th July ’22. This is all chemtrail.

Chemtrail UK

Just a few minutes ago I’m seeing an artist in Kent include the chemtrail as if a natural phenomena. Here NE England last few days quite often merely a meagre few, often mid evening some are present for a couple of hours, broadening and to my mind never looking ‘natural’. In other words they trigger my sense of enquiry and my need to find out more.

Today Sunday 10th July 2022 its been lines in the sky all day, morning to early afternoon plenty trending SE by NW but now mid afternoon mostly now drifted to over and beyond the NE coast. Strangely at 16:34 local no NASA worldview material obtainable, at 13:30 they should have presented northern England in full and as its a clear sky theres a good chance the chemtrails would be plainly presented.

So lets look two days ago at chemtrail for Cornwall and Devon ie https://go.nasa.gov/3c6rwe5 .

ie lines in the sky / chemtrail Devon and Cornwall around noon +/- two hours as a guess.

Chemtrail Devon and Cornwall, 8th July ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3c6rwe5

Six hours late we have a chemtrail image for the NE of England, no way registering the obvious lines in the sky above this house. https://go.nasa.gov/3yV9rsn

Believe it or not … a serous chemtrail day NE England Sunday 10th July ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3yV9rsn

In the above you realise the anomoly between what is observed on the ground ie lots of definite chemtrail and what (only, sparingly) is revealed or captured as chemtrail by NASA Worldview. I would pay good money for realtime high def sat imagery but so far I cannot find out how to do this.

Heres a link for chemtrail over the Irish Sea, ie Isle of Man, northern Wales, same day as above. https://go.nasa.gov/3IDJEYU

btw so as not to forget, heres chemtrail for Brittany, Cornwall and Devon two days previous ie 8th July ’22 … https://go.nasa.gov/3o34dV6 …very obvious, very real. Realise Meteorologists will have signed the Official Secrets Act.

Chemtrail NE England 10 July 11:30am, looking SW.

Note in the above the trails do not disappear but will widen and basically ‘pollute’ an otherwise clear sky. Its called or will be called when this goes mainstream ‘whitening of the skies’.

Next two pics same day ….

Chemtrail now broadening to ruin a clear blue sky. 11:40 am10th July NE England 2022, looking west, a Sunday morning.

What further proof do you ever need of chemtrail, Sunday morning 10th July ’22 same time and day as prev two chemtrail pics, looking east over the North Sea.

In the above chemtrail pic note the broadening of the chemtrail, this is exactly as intended.

Next morning (from memory) … early on say 0600 a promising blue sky but by mid morning a grey chemtrail obscured sky, it was obvious a chemtrail induced sky would occur, odd ‘wispy’ white ‘non-clouds’ ie finger-like/ spikey white fluff rolling in.

Chemtrail 07:52 looking NE over the North Sea, these are serious chemtrail with earlier lines turned to an overall grey obscuration. 11th July ’22

looking East, same day same time as previous chemtrail pic.

Note in the above that is some serious chemtrail, lines in the sky, whitening of the skies, whatever jargon one applies. And do my neighbours notice or assimilate, I don’t think so. How obvious does this have to be before ‘ornery folk wake up to this, yet those that know nothing ie zero observational activity or experience are the first and most adamant to knock back this idea of man induced chemtrail !

Here below are the same day as above, all mid-morning.

Note the curve RH of chemtrail pic as the plane swings to align itself with the existing chemtrail streaks; looking East in NE England 11th July ’22 10:26 am.

Now lets look at NASA Worldview for 11th July ’22 and yes ‘a chemtrail soup’ is revealed. https://go.nasa.gov/3uTLpvh

ie the chemtrail sat imagery as linked above …

UK chemtrail sat imagery 11th July 2022.

In the above the orientation of the straight line chemtrail follows what was observed from the ground. Theres also a lot of other ‘chemtrail fuzz’ included in this sat image. Sort of ‘clever’ how chemtrail weather is mixed up with real / natural cloud formation.

footnote: this ‘whitening of the skies’ is not an unintended accidental by-product of aviation activity, it is an intentional effort and plan at altering the sky. It is not ‘cloud-seeding’ as the apologists may suggest; it is chemtrail plain and simple; cleverer people than I tell us it is nano-particle aluminium, barium, strontium as retired fisheries Biologist Frances Mangels has deduced by scientific lab analysis. His Mt Shasta region has suffered badly with chemtrail, likewise life in rivers and lakes is much impacted, ie the freshwater food chain is / has collapsed. It starts from diatoms (only visible by a bench lab microscope) which are also fundamental to ocean life, you cannot take away any of the steps or building blocks of food chain interdependance and not create a catastrophe. Yet chemtrail activity goes on, with its attendant environmental damage. This baffles me, I cannot understand why. Its not an ‘if’ … its a fact, its happening.

Lets add a diatom vid, theres plenty of good material on youtube, here at 01:30 we hear that magic word … diatom! I concur, one of the loves of my life quite seriously. And as stated at 01:40 these are the secret to the worlds oxygen supply. Is this taught in schools, probably not.


Chemtrails after sunset …

UK chemtrail diary.

All day Saturday 16th April ’22 its chemtrail here north east UK and chemtrail criss-crossing the sunset and as day turns to night and into a dark sky its yet more chemtrail, to the east large chemtrails temporarily obscuring the moon over on the horizon as the moon rises. Difficult to get a photograph, I didn’t have the time or attention to make a proper job of it, plus street lighting fouled up any long exposure attempts, but here it is anyway …

Night-time chemtrail north east UK. Saturday 16th April ’22.

What has not been captured in the above is the big significant chemtrail streaking from the eastern horizon my left of the moon to right above and beyond my location here. In the above there would be say four chemtrail visible to the naked eye but only one is captured as silhoutted against the Moon.

Heres the noon-time image capture on NASA Worldview for that day and yes its a lot of obvious chemtrail activity particularly in the south west of England and all over Wales. https://go.nasa.gov/3rzsm7L

Lets look at a random chemtrail area of zoom in on what is happening …

Chemtrails south west England. 16th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3jMcg6L

In the above we can easily see chemtrail 60miles long.

Below is the exact same frame but a day later, https://go.nasa.gov/3vqalKv … a tragic amount of chemtrail all over England. A ‘whitened’ milky sort of obscuration makes seeking these out visually from the ground more difficult. The sky reacts to the amount of chemtrail, too much as has been witnessed here a few times and we would get ‘grey reaction clouds’ and a churning turmoil in the sky above. Theres hundreds of chemtrail posts on this blog, pls explore.

Chemtrails galore 17th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3vqalKv

Lets expand the above to cover all of the UK and the chemtrail mayhem of Sunday 17th April ie Easter Sunday. Link only … https://go.nasa.gov/38ZlOZU

Zooming in on the above we can see chemtrail / geo-engineering for Spurn head, Flamborough, Whitby, Teesside, Tyneside and Northumberland.

Chemtrails north east England, Whitby, Scarborough, Teesside, Tyneside, Northumberland. Sunday 17th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3ElYv8c

In the above, a lot of those chemtrail are a hundred miles long; which in itself I’m safe to assume means they ARE NOT condensation trails.

Same day as above, Sunday 17th April, here below a lot of chemtrail over Brest, St Nazaire, Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Biscay. https://go.nasa.gov/3xwXpoI

Chemtrails France, Brest to Bordeaux, Bay of Biscay. 17th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3xwXpoI

Chemtrail diary contd …

One small example on NASA Worldview of lots of chemtrail particularly in the eastern side of the UK for 18th April, ’22 ie https://go.nasa.gov/387XTXx

Chemtrail / geo-engineering Channel Islands, English Channel. Easter Monday 18th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/387XTXx

Theres lots more, please follow links and explore. For instance, chemtrail mess over northern Denmark (link only) 18th April … https://go.nasa.gov/3OpLcIhc

Chemtrail diary 19th April, ’22. Again eastern UK and the North Sea seeing lots of chemtrail / geo-engineering / whitening of the skies. Luckily my ‘one-third chance’ of detecting what is seen in the skies above being recorded on NASA Worldview is holding up, evidence a’plenty … https://go.nasa.gov/3rDAcNR

Chemtrail / geo-engineering Tuesday 19th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3rDAcNR

Lets take a closer look into the chemtrail soup of the above screen capture of chemtrails as they appear on sat imagery … https://go.nasa.gov/3rDAcNR

Chemtrails below easily sixty miles long, on the small side for what can sometimes be found. Note top of pic the older (say one hour plus) chemtrail that is at least five miles wide.

Chemtrail / geo-engineering eastern UK, The Wash, Norfolk, Kings Lynn. 19th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3rDAcNR

Chemtrail / geo-engineering diary 20th April,’22. Chemtrails visible for most of the day when lower cloud permitting, probable chemtrail induced haze. NASA Worldview looks peculier for this day and as per yesterday only two filters available. As per yesterday chemtrail over North Sea and eastern England. https://go.nasa.gov/38ZfFwB

Probable chemtrail / geo-engineering 20th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/38ZfFwB

To my mind, the above is not natural. Some quite significant chemtrail seen from the ground.


Heating my house for less money.

I’ve central heating but why oh why am I paying to heat spaces I merely fleetingly pass through if at all in any one day?

My kitchen, a small one by modern standards heats up super quick, is comfy and affords a fabulous view of the garden and its avain inhabitants if it is daylight, also allows me to gauge the sunset, the weather, whatever.

I think about carbon footprint a lot, I’ve a small car with much reduced annual mileage, no tv, no fridge, all is homecooked luckily I’ve the time and I enjoy the nightly ‘quick shop’. I’m intolerant to dairy and hence why have a fridge! The dreaded washing machine packed up say four years ago and thank goodness for that, its near interminable spin cycle drove me nuts, now its all in the sink in the downstairs loo which is used for nothing else but hand washing of clothes and a quick and efficient hand wring before its all on the washing line. I’ve gone back three generations and both myself and the planet I think are better for it.

The real reason I write this blog is I think we often have adopted the needless use of central heating, warmth costs money in these cold days north east England and the kitchen heats itself so to speak and here at my computer desk or at my second desk in the next room a mere five minute blast of the tiny 2kw fan heater does all I want. Luckily i cook with gas, I find electricity painful for cooking on the hob, many of my meals are sort of fusion cookery stirfry hashups, low salt, near zero fat. I’ve a small benchtop oven and that I think is more efficient than the never used huge metal box called ‘the cooker oven’.

Its the adoption of the tiny fan heater that I think is much more efficient, more enjoyable too, a greater sense of warmth rather than a vague background tepid ‘not-coldness’. Luckily this is naturally not a cold property to live in, I realise I am lucky. For eight months of the year I use a very effective blanket over my knees and lately these last couple of months keep my outdoor fleece on until bedtime as per Ruski style! And why not…

Its a simple trade-off ….. money on heating on rooms I’ll hardly enter or hallways and landings I merely pass through to go to bed or sit here in your comfy jacket and keep your money for something else. There are many people these days that have lost sight of ‘prudence’. This rapid and extreme increase in energy costs here in the UK as well as the need to reduce carbon footprint demands we modify our usage, its no pain, merely going back two or three generations, better that and then be able to afford decent food on the table.

postscript … its easy for me to adopt the above position cutting central heating and applauding my little fan heater because the UK is warmed by the Gulf Stream, its not cold here as per the winters my friends in NY State have to endure. It could however become a real lose-lose situation here in the UK as ocean currents are in a state of flux with climate change its only these last few years scientists are realising how quite beautiful (and useful) these perennial motions of water around the world actually are and their connection into the Arctic, to have afforded us the steady state climate that so far we have become used to. Everything now is on the change, this winter in the UK we’ve had worrying high wind, to my mind unusual …. and certainly unwelcome. I wonder how the grain and rice production areas of the world will fare in the coming years, our need for heating, how many parts of the world will suffer extremes of hot or cold or wet or wind, the inescapable fact of hitting ‘wet bulb’ temperatures that the ordinary and the poor will be unable to avoid.


One cannot help but think …

Boris Johnson has taken a trick out of the trump playbook, in utterly refusing and being deaf to retract and apologise for the disgraceful and bizarre jab at the Labour Leader re Saville.

Heres a list of the many failures of the Johnson Government …. https://climate-change-briefing.com/2022/02/07/a-poor-performance-by-boris/

It was a ‘mad’ remark and should have been immediately retracted, retraction happens often and easily in heated open debate in the House and as per my previous post its my opinion Boris could well be showing early signs of dementia. Boris Johnson has never been in thrall of the House of Commons and his Peroguing of Parliamant was both scandalous and illegal.

Yet he got away with it.

So now we have bands of hot heads that circumvent the usual channels of lobbying, of the established route to raise concern and wish to directly assault any given target, this is actually the germ of mob rule, quite despicable. I had thought this was well behind us.

It was interesting and gratifying to hear Kim Leadbetter MP this morning on ‘Womans Hour’ bbc r4 express entering Parliament as a means of getting things done, to make a difference. However reading yesterday at the wiki for Kwasi Kwarteng there are some controversial points, I quote …

‘In March 2021 he was criticised for dissolving the Industrial Strategy Council, the advisory body seeking to regenerate Britain’s regions.[33]

‘In the days after the COP26 climate summit Kwarteng met oil industry bosses to encourage them to continue drilling in the North Sea.[34]

‘In 2008, he received financial assistance from the secret group Le Cercle to attend a conference in Washington, DC[27] and in 2019 he was funded by the same group to attend a meeting in Bahrain.[28]

And its this last remark that particularly galls …. ‘In August 2012, Kwarteng co-authored a book with four fellow MPs titled Britannia Unchained. The authors made a number of remarks and suggestions, including that “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”.[18] The book argues for a radical shrinking of the welfare state in order “to return it to the contributory principle envisioned by its founder Sir William Beveridge – that you get benefits in return for contributions”.[14]

Wow, not looking good at all, I’m worried of Kwasi Kwarteng and his personal mission to get things done, we shall have to be careful who we elect! Seems my first judgements were correct. His defence of Johnson at the weekend was bizarre yet devoid of any shame! Kwasi is actually one of the cleverest people of his generation, gifted parents, scholarship to Eton, a clutchful of highest calibre academic prizes and accolades, so there should be no excuse for him naively mis-interpreting the situation.

How clever they can evaluate the workforce of this country with such inaccuracy … “Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”.[18] Does that mean we idle so badly and hence could well be the best workers in the world? Poor choice of words with a poor choice of opinion, in my opinion not so clever at all.

In the same day that I write this post of the dangers of Kwasi Kwarteng he pops again to this time instant and widespread ridicule in surprise surprise defence of Boris Johnson in the untrue and ridiculous statement that “Crime is down” yet refusing to accept in this digital age that crime is in fact UP, it is in fact rampant and tripping over his own words Kwasi Kwarteng is adamant cyber fraud is NOT included as a crime. Thankfully bbc r4 news at 5pm could not miss this opportunity to correct what is an outright lie from Boris and Kwasi, thankyou for that.

Strange world, but in fact we can read this as a total manipulation of the truth, something that the likes of noted Eton scholar and gifted student Kwasi should have no trouble in disentangling from the spin and nowadays outright fluffy nonsense of Boris Johnson, the outright ‘balderdash’ of the PM and no.10 to use a typical Boris word.

Kwasi thinks crime is down, let him consider quietly for a few moments where squeezing the poor will get him, less money when surrounded by a world of consumerism, kids leaving school with less skills and knowledge than ever, Kwasi wants to cut benefits, we all know Eton is magnificently equipped. It is this disjoint, a kick in the teeth and not realising the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged that particularly irks me, is dangerous for society.


What to eat today?

Wow that is a perennial question, luckily I’ve developed a routine that suits me, is all home cooked as luckily I can make the time for this and though can often morph into a chore it is generally pleasurable, particularly in the eating.

Two or three times in two or three years I’ve looked at a ready made alternative and this usually fails on three points, does not hold sufficient nuitrition in its list of ingredients ie the lack of herbs and spices I’ve become accustomed to, contains far too much sugar, salt and fat, and is a total non-event at the eating of it. Plus needlessly extended cooking time.


But what is yuckier still is when the foray into the ‘readymade’ is downright offensive. Yesterday was a case in point and drives me to write this post …. a can of Baxters ‘Super Good’ Root Vegetable and Turmeric soup. Verdict… FOUL!

What numskull and untalented so-called food technologist dreamt of this concoction and worse still was allowed to get it into production? Come forward, be counted! At first tasting I’d guess it contains cream, not good for me as I’m generally low gluten and most certainly dairy free. However the label contains no mention of dairy merely cornflour; oh no, the contents tell me its 2g of salt per can, this is needless and ridiculous. I create my flavours with middle eastern and Indian herbs and spices, various seeds; sans salt.

Twenty four hours later I still have a sore stomach (or upper intestine) and for three hours after I ate this crappy Baxters ‘Root Veg and Turmeric’ I was crippled with pain.

After a few spoonfuls and after it had reduced a little I had to put my thinking cap on and visualise how to improve this little better than a flavoured stock. Answer was…

some pre-cooked new potato cut into 3/8in cubes,

lots fresh ground black pepper,

1tbsp tinned sweetcorn,

a little fine chopped garlic,

Optional maybe if you are so inclined a small fine chopped spring onion, a few pieces thin sliced leek, maybe a few coriander leaves; maybe a few pieces thin chopped celery. Always be careful not to overload, you are looking for enhancement not disaster. You could also try a little oregano or basil from your herb jars.

I can see nothing on the supermarket shelves that comes anywhere near fulfilling my requirements, take in point a nice looking ‘Toad in the Hole’ as illustrated on the box. Oops another less than desirable, too much salt, too much fat and takes forever to cook ie horrendous carbon footprint, all my meals generally are economical with carbon usage. How can people expect to be healthy when their repertoire of ingested ingredients leaves so much to be desired?

The only way forward with the boxed ‘Toad in the Hole’ would be to cook the sausages (a handy way of utilising otherwise unusable butchers waste) separately to drain them, they take ages, then combine for the last say 20-30 mins for the Yorkshire pud to cook itself. Its a lot of time in my little benchtop oven and is exactly on carbon footprint alone that I am trying to move away from. The trick is to get the base cooked whilst not burning the upper parts.

So it seems theres no quick ready made option for me whatsoever. And of course being curmudgeonly, anti-social and tight … eating out is not an option.


Boris …

Interesting how my older blogposts attract zero enquiry according to my stats here at wordpress. Maybe we/ I are wasting our time at this onscreen activity?

Anyway, Boris Johnson has pulled another master-stroke to match his Prorogation of Parliament in that the pending Sue Gray report has been totally emasculated by the newer police investigation. A master stroke of simplicity yet a resultant total obfuscation of getting at the facts!! Well done Boris, playing to expected form as usual!!

ie “I report that *** something happened at *** a certain address concerning certain *** individuals but unfortunately *** certain facts said and unsaid cannot be mentioned ! ”

What an utter heap of B/S !!!

You could not make this up, beyond any plausable fiction, but there it is laid out bare for all to see, or not see!

This is censorship of the highest order or perhaps the burial of facts and liability re drinking and socialising in covid times whilst ‘ornery folk suffered massively at correctly interpreting the words and rules of our so-called masters. Wow … were we taken for fools!!! Admittedly and this is how it will pan out is that the good folk at no.10 appear socially distanced in that garden (lucky too, looks very pleasant) and they kept to their work bubble. Yet its the draconian measures levied to everyone else that galls.

I’m sick of hearing endlessly on bbc r4 last week how ‘The Sue Gray Report’ will be a no punches pulled ‘as it is’ hard reality, how she is such a respected and incisive Civil Servant. Bah humbug, puff and bluster as Boris full on would term it… its been utterly ‘throttled’ as per strangled to death. What a waste of resources, news reporting airtime and general gas lighting.

We have climate change, we have (predictably) rampant inflation and the poor are getting poorer and these pointless Boris induced shenanigans are what occupies the time of Parliament and media news coverage. As my dad would say…”They couldn’t organise a p***-up in a brewery”.

Boris strikes again huh. We also hear all last week again on bbc r4 at ‘how much’ Boris has achieved, again this to my mind is a total misnomer. All he has done is tread water so to speak, made Brexit happen regardless of the slow dripping cost over the coming decades and most certainly made the poor poorer (and more anxious).

Yet Boris ‘n Co trundle out the feelgood message of ‘levelling up’ at every opportunity, we know fine well this is all merely window dressing, is hype and actual fact will amount to very little or nothing. I can see them all in a huddle rehearsing this months latest mantra, “We say this we say this – yeah yeah yeah – we got it!”…. all posh boys with low attention spans until the next mantra comes along. I fear it could end up as the proverbial London bus if they’re not careful, you wait ages and all of a sudden two come along together!

Clever kid Boris uh … and what are his qualifications? Not many really … privelige, a posh elite education and Editor of the posh mag ‘Spectator’ …. come on Britain … get real!

And co-hort Rishi who is as ever divorced from the real world and the needs and struggle of the poor now wants to screw the poor as hard as he can, remember he took back the twenty quid a week from the poorest but having scattered money far and wide as ‘loans’ to businesses or any limping business in sight that now have surprise surprise now declared themselves bust and no longer able to pay back their extraordinary naive loans from Rishi. What sort of world do these over-priveliged kids think is out there?

You know when you are poor when you are not only cold but also hungry, when you are in fear of your Landlord due to misguided policy these last thirty plus years of allowing rampant buy to let and throttling to near zero Local Authority housebuilding and theres no chance of a job. We have not achieved progress thats for sure.

We are also told money is now to be taken as additional income tax (again the ordinary will pay, the slick and dubious IR35 tax dodgers again slither out of sight) … for the NHS to clear the backlog, but as is often stated, it takes many years to train and qualify people to do this task, it cannot be turned off and on like a tap

I have no problem with a penny or two of higher tax, I must be the last man in England to deliberately and wilfully retain sole trader status even after forty years of self employment, I quite happilly contribute to the system. I think the IR35 loophole is the hole in the bucket of tax collection.

Con-man bluster-fool Boris needs to be held accountable, his array of courtiers and sycophants need to be brought in, to be reined in. I never thought I would b thankful for Dominic Cummings.

History will judge him badly, inept, out of his depth, a blustering fool. As per a First World War General of the worst sort.

postscript, things aren’t quite right in this world. We read now that the murderers installed in the British army will no longer ever be held accountable by a new ruling, or more precisely be held to account for the 108 live rounds fired on Bloody Sunday (the second such day termed Bloody Sunday after the first mayhem of the Black n Tans in 1920) of 1972 in Derry. Soldier ‘F’ I think the stats declare killed two and injured five others, no way should this paratrooper be not rewarded with jail time.



But why is it ‘the Establishment’ does all it can to obfuscate and move so slow for those rampant paratroopers to never have to pay the price? These were live rounds remember on UK soil. I listened to the Peter Taylor 25th Jan ’22 radio broadcast, interesting interviews, particularly chilling being the manner and response from the Para CO.

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Unusually I drove out yesterday a Saturday, a few dozen miles to a town I know the other side of northern England, I needed a change of scene and to hopefully chat to a few people I sort of know a little or thirty years. The day was okay, missed seeing Pauline, her place is now condemned, and my excuse for the carbon footprint on this is that already my small car is only running 8k miles annually as opposed to what would have been 18k miles in years gone by. Gone is the horse charity work and a strange marriage that ‘drove me’ to places as now dog-less I’d never venture; memories suffice. Recently merely a second time such a ‘need’ has overcome me … last exercised a year ago. Result not too exciting admittedly but actually the best part was the journey across this part of northern England, through some always interesting landscape and a chance to criss-cross on foot the two towns I know best.

What struck me and horrified me was the amount of hardcore heavy drinking spilling out from the main watering holes, and this at 6pm! I doubt they could be very well off and wonder what hardship this causes at home, my wife grew up in a household where weekends were hell, as she many times told me “When drinks in wit is out”. Luckily she was able to move to her grandmothers age eleven and gain some peace and quiet, and yes her parents were usually stoney-broke, looked it, sounded it and what would be termed disadvantaged by the social workers.

Noise, volume, heated banter, all which covid would enjoy, likewise the other town I drove over to in taking a walk to the lake; I had no idea the town became a drinkers mecca on a Saturday night, silly me …. how else could all these pubs and eateries justify their existance! I cannot myself see the point, value or pleasure in this, a certain type only is drawn to it. I’ve never had the luxury to throw money away in such a manner, admittedly I did have a half year of pub visiting when in digs but soon met my wife thankfully and the interest quickly waned, we actually moved town and being strangers never did fall into any pattern of ‘going out’. My pleasure nearest to this is enjoy my own home cooking and some late evening beer at home, any pub or bar will never see my presence nor my money.

My point is, covid deaths are still high if I’m reading the news correctly and after all the sacrifices made, surely the pendulum is swinging too far in the opposite direction? Is this a smokescreen from Boris Johnson to deflect from his own disastrous predicament? The next thing is they’ll be having a war, an age old diversion for such times as now.

On the drive back at our local town there is a tiny public house, recently converted from a small office premises say ten years ago just before the T**ford Bridge and it was full packed with drinkers, mostly older and windows all steamed up, only one single doorway as access. Again, why?