The trump Presidential Library …

Hailed as ‘Library of all Libraries’ I have a small shoebox here that may may suffice for the factual element, otherwise for all the lies, vested interest, get rich quick kerfuffle, veiled trickery and trumped up nonsense several aircraft hangers will be required.

I am submitting said design of shoebox forthwith.

Doesn’t he appear hopeless, of all the names he can be called ‘politician’ will never be one of them. Nor does he care for the good of America, never did, never will.

Safeguards and limits need to be set in place to stop a yet more capable conman entering the White House, this would pose far greater danger as yet seen with anything trump; remember its the movers and shakers hidden behind the scenes that were the real malevolence and assault on decency. And as many news outlets have commented in the last year, it would be a clever scheming manipulator that the world has to watch out for, someone with an excellent brain that will do the worst damage, not Mr tossed aside Candyfloss himself ie trump, so obviously never up to the job. I feel so sad ordinary people were hoodwinked and also sickened that overly ambitious ‘professional’ axe grinders were so easily able to climb aboard the trumpian cavalcade.


Carbon footprint …

No washer no tv no mobile no fridge … all these things purposely not being used here in this house. Small car too, I still find the obsession with SUVs and second and even God forbid un-needed vanity vehicles to be stupid.

I’ve utterly no need of the above but last nights meal bugged me from the beginning as bound to fall flat and bingo I was in a perverse sense ‘not disappointed’. It was all toms, courgette, sliced pepper and onion in the dreaded supermarket offering, the first three I intentionally try to avoid, not a good idea as being someone prone to aches and pains. However it was the hopeless excessive use of the electricity that really grated on me.

The night previous I behaved out of character, open to the idea of something different in my shopping basket, a tray of pre-prepared so called ‘Mediterranean vegetables’ probable real cost at max 20p at the factory and cost me i dunno £1.40 at the supermarket but what really bugged me was having to roast them in the bench top oven for what seemed 40 mins and add lots of garlic and herbs to get anything with taste and with the cold chicken it was … a disaster; time was at a premium. I ate most of it but it was not the pleasurable experience I had hoped for. Another important lesson was having to run the electric oven for so long and this is quite obscene, intolerable in these days of minimising carbon footprint. The roasting of vegetables will not occur in this household ever again, I much prefer my five year regime of lightly stir fried veg with pre-cooked chicken, ie all in the same pan, needing only a small gas flame to make the complete meal (admittedly using supermarket pre-cooked chicken). Yes I know, its burning gas but at least it eliminates 40mins of oven roasting, that is the point! .

Rough idea of my hopefully low carbon meal …

cubes of swede, cubes of potato, leek, gently fried with a good ext virg olive oil.

sea salt, fgbp, ajiwan seed, black mustard, the latter two must be fried on the bare pan, not just mixed in.

spring onion, sweetcorn, garlic,

dash of curry powder, maybe a little amchur, few drops maple syrup and a new trick of mine a dash of brown sauce on the chicken as it is fried.

… now at this point one can add a stockpot and some white wine and reduce for 5mins (I use presently a Aldi Chardonnay) or you can proceed as a dry meal.

The result is tasty, nuitritious and minimises my carbon requirement. Everything is to hand, its my daily routine and the other main meal is casserole with lots of veg, generally thick sliced swede, potatos, sweetcorn. Sometimes half a can of spinach or quick sauted spring greens / cabbage.

Everything must start at the individual personal level, as with heating in less warm weather, do as the Chinese and the Russians do … put a coat on! I admit in real cold run the central heating but nowadays at the slightest cold draught with many households on goes the heating! We may have lived in the land of plenty here in the west for a century but nature and physics and the vast chemistry set called climate change necessitate a change in how we consume energy.

People knock China but they had the one-child policy and for many years the bicycle was the near universal method of personal transport. That bogey of voluntary population control really needs to addressed.

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How do we teach children?

I know nothing of this but do know that with myself learning has been lifelong. I also do know I’m not impressed with the writhings of the Educationalists, points that still today bug me:-

  • a most terrible choice of set book at thirteen, fourteen and fifteen at our rural Secondary
  • science and history and RE teachers of the either lazy in the former or most uninspiring of the latter
  • a headmaster blind to a childs mental health when he in fact considered himself to be exceptional
  • luckily i’m old enough not to experience the elimination of woodwork and metalwork – excellent for developing hand eye co-ordination and minds eye planning, helps one become ‘a practical man’.
  • sport! … I utterly hated it in all its forms, never knew the point of it, weekly humiliation.
  • music … again badly taught, no explanation of the value of it all, its composition, structure or beauty.

Hearing on the radio (UK bbc r4 morning till 0900) an hour ago how a billion has been secured as funding to help minimise the lag in pupils equates we are told as fifty quid per pupil and is intended as extra tuition. Its this ‘extra tuition’ that sticks in my mind, theres tricks and ways of doing things that I imagine are not being applied. We also heard that kids are having trouble holding a pen or pencil, that their writing is abysmal and that throughout lockdown they never picked up a pen nor formed any writing … surprise surprise. The interviewer was relentlessy aggressive toward I think it was the Education Secretary but hold on …. how many schoolkids in Britain? Ans= 7.25 million which patently undermines the aggressive numbers of the interviewer Nick Robinson! Just goes to show that in life a little reticence is most useful.

7.25 million x£50 per pupil = 362 million …. ha ha ha nowhere near a billion!! Nick Robinson you owe one heck of an apology to that poor man you roasted, in fact needlessly roasted this morning; looks like they get just over £150 each not £50. Apparently one point something billion.

Hint:- when going on air always have a quick list of numbers already worked out, don’t let them have you freeze in the stress of the moment, its called prep.

I occasionally encounter numbers and am a great believer in limiting everything to three significant figures, a sliderule also is invaluable, unlike a calculator it can reveal in real time in front of your eyes and deal with variables, thats before of course the latest graph crunching wonders, which bring with them needless complexity. So the quick mental realisation of what is in the above is seven fives, add a bit, increase by ten (ie 7×50) and call it millions. Or call it seven hundred and half it.

The real point of this post is how I would have children learn, some tricks. Also not enough importance is placed on the development of language, many kids have the burden and handicap of low attainment parents that often themselves have very poor language development. A richness of language hand in hand goes with the ability to visualise, for form views, questions, to enquire, to express, to evaluate text, to see form and style. I finished with a girlfriend a while back, super figure, tiny brain, any utterance or glint of viewpoint from her never led to her forming a question of why it had to be that way or any chance of wondering at remedy or improvement. Nothing followed on, just hung in the air. To her credit she liked to hear me talk, it often seemed so very one sided and its fair to say she will have forgotten most of what I said.

So, as Education Secretary and of course being a big team player, we would do exactly as I say viz :-

  • a series of graded readers or number books in small format low page count, to be carried at all possible times age five to eleven. These could be changed at say each term but must be completed to the back page, would include word lists.
  • an emphasis in pen and paper … NOT screens.
  • dictation
  • comprehension
  • spelling
  • importance placed on legibility, layout and neatness but not to a stultifying extent, speed, sketching skills.
  • add a little competitiveness, post a results table of marks obtained, after all the sports field can be crippling in its hierachy, yet no-one objects in that instance.
  • encourage self made crib notes on recycled card packaging (a real boon) handy for the pocket!
  • for a minutes interval in each lesson depart from the rigid linear chasing of the curriculum, the bane of creative and fun teaching in the UK I think, quickly display something that is ahead of them an object, a graph a chart but not incomprehensible, be sure to use a couple of buzzwords, it will encourage those interested of the gems that lie ahead.
  • in state schools (UK 7.3 million pupils) introduce mention of the origin of words, latin or germanic roots, this surely is interesting, again it is language development. I’m not sure the development of mathematical ability for the average pupil particularly matters after age fourteen but language, reading and comprehension etc is vital, is lifelong.
  • encourage parent tutoring with worksheets, they must become involved.

I’ve always found leafing through a more advanced text to be very useful, words, pictures, diagrams stick in ones mind and spur one on to do better. Sadly bizarrely on the news this week mention was made of a huge new ‘impressive’ Municipal Library built I think in Birmingham, nice idea but library usage has definitely shrunk, you’ll never get them back.

A comic aside, each outgoing President has a Library built and dedicated, maybe housing some valuable collection or focus of study, in trumps case it would be a small disused toilet block, quick whitewash and a small table with one solitary mobile phone on speed dial to a hooker …. The Presidential Library of trump.

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Cars cars and yet more cars …

On this small estate of fifty houses (north east UK) they all appear to be IC engine mad and in the thirty years I’ve been here the cars have doubled in quantity, motorbikes in profusion where once were none and the motor-home has appeared as a must have in the last thirty years… its rampant consumerism!

If were not spending we are not living!

Households now seem to buy ‘vanity vehicles’ that have no basis on practical need … after all one thinks to oneself what the heck else could one do with £30k, never mind the depreciation, fixed and running costs etc! We absolutely must have that soft top open tourer! What easy lives such people lead.

Climate change, impending methane and the need to remodel our lives (low carbon etc) seems not to have occurred to any of these people.

I come from a cautious household, my dad growing up in the 1930’s and once he died in ’76 after a life of hard manual work his wife my dreaded mother did a magic act with his hard earned money, she made it all disappear as in fact she did with herself, moving far far away; eventually hooking up with some clown called Mainprise from Scarborough and all went down the pan covering debt for this nasty waste of space on a doomed to failure taxi business. I met him once, he called to our house at no.67, a day late some bogus reason, my poor wifes cooking i insisted be served from the previous day, he was a shit, domineering, repulsive. Moral drawn, trust no-one, if necessary take your mother to Court, realise your inheritance is exactly that – YOURS – and realise truth can be stranger and possibly more cruel than fiction. Businesses are in operation to make and generate money, anything that does not is beyond laughable and will drag its owner down.

It is idiotic, brainless and offensive to the predicament we now face of having extracted the oil and gas from predominantly (say 70%) of that pet hobby horse of mine ie diatoms that people have so far not engaged with the changes we need to make. Strangely prescient how my fascination with these invisible to the naked eye foundations of the food chain have circled back to bite us on the whatever. Ocean generated DMS and associated weather systems and CO2 conversion equal to all the trees on land are the result of microscopic and near microscopic algae and plankton.

So what do I do … no mobile phone, no washer, no tv, no fridge … all is quiet and my life functions perfectly well, you even develop some muscle in wringing things dry!

okay, winge over!

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I righted a sheep…

There are no big prairies here in the UK, in fact here in Northumberland it is generally a landscape of modestly sized fields with sheep grazing and open upland at higher elevation even though these animals bring little monetary gain unless you are recognised assisted hill status.

Its quite easy to find ridge and furrow bullock ploughing from 150 years ago, in fact theres some parts that are substantially mediaeval, with touches of Roman roads and even incredibly, “I could take you there myself” (to make a quote from a well known film of seventy years ago) as Neolithic in one or two locations as indicated on the OS map, itself a thing of great beauty. Luckily in Northumberland there is upland that has escaped ‘improvement’ (a subject close to near all farmers hearts) ie how to improve and in times past importantly improve your chances of survival which matters a great deal, in times past of hoping a surplus to barter and perhaps generate a few coins in your purse. It would be stupid to expect a farmer to think otherwise, the balance at the bank account or held in the purse or the lack of it is a mighty driving force. We can look at say China and see until 1960 it was still very much a hand to mouth existence, small scale (despite Maos collectivisation) and fundamentally precarious. Even today from what I see theres hardly a square foot of land that is ever wasted.

And so, a couple of evenings ago at one of my locations to park and wander down country lanes I notice a sheep stuck on its side say 300 yds away (land around Gorf_ _letch, Morpeth, Northumberland) but hesitating at being too reactive when it is hoped the animal can right itself, its only twenty minutes later I think its time to act, to get across the fields and possibly put the sheep back onto its feet.

In reality the animal is of very little weight, but the fleece is very bulky and cumbersome once the poor thing is on its side, the natural extent of the a sheeps legs is also a hindrance, unable to curl up under and hence of no aid in righting itself. By the worn nature of the grass and accumulated faeces etc I’d say she had been stuck more than a couple of hours, more like all afternoon. Several times over the years I have released sheep from barbed wire or brambles or being stuck and unable to right themselves, that is why in the car I always have scissors and wire cutters.

Job quick done, a second or two at most to right the sheep, I stayed ten minutes to make sure she coped, apart from a RH back leg seeming a bit lame she hobbled on to search the field for her offspring, moving methodically among the jumble to locate her own.

Curiously in the same location perhaps two years ago I found a sheep carcase that must have lain for weeks unbeknown to the idiotic, malfunctioning would-be pretend small holders that insist on keeping animals but know bugger all. This vexes me a great deal. Police, County Council and Ministry were alerted. In addition I found a dead lamb well away from its mother three or four years ago, we can blame the same offending would-be small holders, it leaked from a field of excruciatingly untended unrepaired fencing. Useless tw#ts – yes. Its called effort, you have to make it!

A beautiful location, lots of memories, the evening light is incredible; with my beagle on the grassy bank we would sit to catch the evening light, I know where to find marsh marigold, where diatoms are easiest to collect, recording birdsong and all are many many happy memories whatever the weather.



I’ve noticed here at the hacienda that search terms ‘arctic methane’ and ‘arctic ice loss’ increasingly do not deliver up to the minute (or month) information. Why is google skewing me? As if I’m insulated from what IS actually happening. So here is an antidote, its up to date, pulls no punches and is written and posted by educated professionals…

Arctic News: Extinction by 2027 (arctic-news.blogspot.com)

The author is Earth Systems scientist Dr Malcolm Light, heres an interview from 2014 … Arctic News: Malcolm Light (arctic-news.blogspot.com)

The main point is that the shallow East Siberian ice shelf which in my mind was the biggie to look out for, ie Laptev Sea etc regarding the dreaded release of methane hydrate but in fact its over above Canada from the above link from arctic-news.blogspot.com that the bigger danger is lurking. Its a bit like playing with tampered dice, whatever we throw we cannot win in this super-size chemistry set called atmospheric physics / climate change/ mass extinction … call it what you will.

But I still maintain the trumpian cavalcade and its primary movers are qualified to be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity in their wilful and deliberate refusal to acknowledge climate change; this is greed and undue influence gone mad.

At least its pointless wasting time painting my window frames ….

The above is a copy and paste from the initial arctic-news.blogspot.com link as mentioned at the start of this post.


The horizontal plane…

…. or non-vertical mindset seems best to explain a fifteen year old grandson of a woman I knew for two years. A year ago I wrote out two worksheets for him at the start of lockdown, little things that are useful in ones knapsack of information carried about in ones noggin and fingers crossed would lead to discussion and pen and paper sessions. In other words something we could talk about. Primarily I wanted to get his brain working, to be better able to weigh up the world and to some of the pranksters and clowns within it, to gain insight. Not so with this kid, total and utter disinterest; he’s not a rough type, he’s not a sports type either, neither I’m guessing preoccupied with and involved with any group of friends, other than of course the pointless fluff of social media. Apparently he’s mostly in his room attached to the ‘dreaded device’ ie the smart phone and so what does his 36 yo auntie give to the boys younger sister as a Christmas gift, another bloody iphone! One cannot believe such circles of repeating idiocy, of such idolatry to the byte and its digital manifestation. The culture difference is too great for me, looks as if g/f dumped me, no phone calls being sent anymore to this house, seems I am cast out and all I think because I wanted to help the kids! To some strata of society ‘education’ is now akin to witchcraft! ha ha ha …. the gap apparently to them is too great to bridge, they wish their ignorance to continue.

Interestingly, the parents themselves exhibit nothing, no conversation or knowledge or activity other than he himself possesses at fifteen. This is interesting, his mind is telling him “Theres nothing more to know”. Question; is this a symptom of four generations of tv kids?

His nana describes his writing as atrocious and I’m assuming his sketching and manual page layout skills are equally bad, hence the worksheets and their ‘thought out and planned’ topics …. but theres lots of assuming here as I have found in the say four times we’ve met to be utterly unable to achieve anything like a sensible exchange of words, I’m attempting to have a conversation with a void. I do not look forward to his being there. Say three months ago I laid it down for him please look at the worksheets and do some of the work, however the result is zilch. Now if I’d been in that position I would have been delighted to encounter an older knowledgeable person full of ideas and vision happy to give of their time; but no, he does his damnedest to see merely in the paper thin horizontal plane of an extremely limited outlook. His parents are plodding stuck also in this very thin horizontal plane; no idea whatsoever it is his brain we need to be working with. A friend of mine remarked you cannot make a purse out of a sows ear, slightly off target analogy, but certainly essentially correct. My reading of the situation is that his now deceased of ten years grandfather that spent a lot of his life chasing big wages abroad with that money implanted a skewed vision of what life is and their place in the world. Not one but for a while both parents were abroad needlessy, that is not how to bring kids up. Perhaps that is why theres so little effort, no hunger to do better.

I was very lucky, a dad with technical books and hobby technical magazines of the late fifties and to mid sixties, encyclopedias specifically bought for me, a really good home workshop, an ever changing and productive vegetable garden etc etc. It was expected of me that I work, digging and planting as a man would but at age fourteen, at that age I was repairing and painting exterior windows frames up ladders, insulating the loft (cough cough) working again as if a man. I could mix and lay concrete, clear rough land, turn on the lathe, make components, follow instructions, solder, make things that went BANG, indeed I was lucky! I can accurately place these activities in time as it would all happen when living at the old house which we left in 1972, which would have been better for me if we had never left. I had thoughtful and intelligent grandparents too, particularly on my dads side that lived only a mile away and my dads unmarried sister was the only one that took the trouble to help a very slow reader. We in fact used the same readers / story books that she had used as a child in theearly1920’s and I have them here on the shelves. Everyone was in some way or other ‘improving themselves’ moving to do better, had standards. Life was more fearful then for most everyone, certainly the working class. This lot, hard to say, money comes in, feeds their consumerism, end of story. They themselves have cut their nose off, the encounters would be useful for us both, I fear for the youngest daughter of my g/f and her mental health, already too isolated for a woman in her thirties.

The worksheets were easy, with ideas, pictures, diagrams and maps he will never have seen before nor realised their interest. I underlined easily found search terms and included simple sketches, lots of distinct areas of interest drawn together to a compendium.

Heres a quick recall at subjects covered and introduced ever so painlessly …..

tricks with triangles,

simple surveying, calculating heights.

sketching (this used to be part of military officer training)

value of pi, frac and decimal.

the county geological map, types of rocks.

plankton, algae, diatoms, linking to climate change.

constellations in the sky and my three dimensional model of Orion on a two foot plank of wood.

what is a transistor, name the parts, a diode, what do they do.

how many transistors in a iphone, Moores Law.

make a one inch cube of paper with ruler, pencil and scissors n glue (accurate draughting, patience and dexterity).

what is an IC, a chip, a foundry, a wafer fab.

name and draw half a dozen electronic components.

what is a gate, what is a flip-flop.

….. goodness knows what else!

You see nothing difficult really, but unusual in being presented outside of a course of study where ideas and knowledge is presented often to my mind in far too rigid linear progression. That is the value and beauty of books is that we can flick forward and backward so easily, it helps open up the subjects to us and to excite our intellectual taste buds of what is around the corner. But no, it was a household of no learning, no desire to learn, no idea of the brevity of life, as if everything continues as is forever, life in aspic fuelled by a seemingly endless supply of money.

It is scandalous the experience and knowledge available from carefully written books is now seldom accessed if at all. I did buy him a copy of an excellent little electronics primer for junior readers that i too had at say age ten as published by Hamlyn in the late sixties, surely I thought this would draw him in but the stodge of disinterest and lack of curiosity was palpable and even though I handed them a few books this one i kept back, better it stays here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually throw books in the bin. I think also his total intellectual lethargy is a mirror of his own parents and remaining grandparent, they exhibit no advantage and learning in addition to what he himself now exhibits at an ill-educated fifteen. The boy will never hear bright talk neither in his own household or at nanas. As friend Ted explains, theres no expectation of him to do better or to expend effort.

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Angela Rayner.

I feel so sad this poor woman has been sacked from her post as Labour Party Chair and Campaigns Chief. I’m not sure she should have been Chair nor do I agree to the position (ie a handicap to the Labour Party) given to Ian Lavery these last few years, quite inappropriate but after all its reward for time at the picket; please lets get some brains and up-to-speed savvy into the Labour Party. I always thought Jeremy was quite excellent in the Chamber but unfortunately once ensconced into his cubby-hole office each day ‘went to pieces’ so to speak, lots of beard stroking, tweaking and twiddling to no cumulative positive effect. For Angela Rayner, she’s young, she may well develop and be a shining asset to the Labour Party, but I’ve always had doubts of Keir Starmer himself, the hand on the knife blade, yes his Dad was a toolmaker, an honourable and highly skilled job but Keir himself somehow lacks gravitas in his presentational manner, hard to believe his Lawyer and DPP role, lets assume brains are there. This ‘modern world’ … and this oh so relevant bogey subject of ‘presentation’, a curse upon us all. Witness a stuffed fool in the USA, a ‘stand up president’ that has been able build a four year tenure on a so-called presentational skill learnt at a work-up to a crummy and creaking American reality tv show, skill with the mic and camera, and no doubt all placed as ‘tax-deductible’.

interesting … a Doughty Street connection … Keir Starmer – Wikipedia

and theres certainly no wiki for Lavery to be posted here!

Oh dear I got my mixed herbs mixed up …

… an impetuous crazy and over-daring purchase of a can of ‘Yekta’ brand of ‘oil fried mixed herbs’ ie parsley, coriander, leek, fenugreek etc from the nearby city Lebanese deli has resulted in my total consternation and a general ‘yuck’ reaction. The fault of course is all mine, reading and thinking subsequently shows me that my own general base of red onion, leek, Indian seeds black mustard, ajiwan and optional celery and or mushroom according to the end result concoction is probably best for my north European specifically British palette.

I of course did not have the ‘dried limes’ as deemed so essential for this Persian dish, again I must apologise.; but the dire consequence of green stuff was so difficult to cope with that half of the served portion was binned this lunchtime … this is a first for me. And some online sources suggest a boiled egg in addition … yuck again. I wonder if they actually cook this stuff or its mere invention and pandering to their ‘online followers’?

Never mind, I’m rustling up the second portion of the rest of my Lebanese deli purchase ie my asked for half kilo stewing steak that turned up as 1.1 kilo at checkout and at home three hours later is sixty percent binned as hard fat and bone wastage, half an hour spent carving up good from crap, again am I missing something here? A six quid spend for basically two servings ! Maybe not the bargain place I had assumed it was. Also the label said four quid something per kilo at point of purchase, but six quid something per kilo at check-out … is the mickey being taken I wonder? I try not to notice boundaries etc but still others impose them upon me.

A four quid spend at Morrisons will get me sufficient beef with my additional saueted veg as a casserole for four days with side orders of veg say potato, sweetcorn, tinned spinach leaves or a half can of peas and some swede in addition ie all providing me for a filling nuitritous lunchtime meal.


Prince Philip.

I can remember exactly when I heard the news of Prince Philips death, lunchtime bbc r3 and my instant and enduring reaction was joy for his release from an old age. News reported how sad it all was, but surely no, from an extreme old age he needed release, you cannot get better from it, a time for us all to be happy at such a lifetime of achievement.

What a life!

Within hours my response was to regard him as ‘Action Man’ as no-one else I can think of merits this description. And so toward the end of the funeral to hear the Naval ‘Action Stations’ sounded was most fitting to this Philip ‘man of action’, but also this ‘from beyond the grave signal’ sends from Philip a call to get us all into gear, our butts into action and make the most of our lives, to step up and do better; to help motivate and assist.

His incredible intellectuality, experience and outreach I doubt we’ll ever see again.

HRH Prince Philip was very much a practical man and as we have heard these last few days extremely all encompassing in his interests and passions, a voracious reader of all manner of things, a high level thinker regarding God and Faith, passionate before it ever became mainstream to voice ecological concern. This man puts 007 to shame regarding vigour and pure energy and as handsome as any Bond figure. My reading of the man is his self deprecation, a mixture of Naval ‘get on with the job’ and an appreciation of his early precarious start. Soon after the funeral had finished, after four o’clock had passed we were able to listen to a close friend that stressed Philips focus on the need to be passionate, to have enthusiasm, to (with luck) hold passionate interests and to pursue these interests with vigour and therefore without it the world is dull and goes nowhere. Hence for instance his Award Scheme, his discussion and conference projects, a driving force for ecological and climate concerns, a great body of work.

I agree entirely with the importance of enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity, many times through my marriage years I expressed exactly the same sentiment, in fact knowing fine well if I were to lose the drives and enthusiasms then I too would be snookered. My own bereavement and subsequent revelation of things hidden hit me hard, in fact the hardest struggle of all has been to continue to work, forty years working alone and I sense the skeleton is picked near clean, yet each day I battle to do better. Other people, the right people would help me greatly.

I didn’t see the funeral as no tv in this house, but had radios playing around the house so as not to miss anything. The overwhelming image in my mind is when one leaves the formalities and the Service and it hits hard for the first time one is travelling back home alone, your other half will never return, never be seen again.

Action Stations! … this so-called modern world wastes so many peoples potential talents, kids are hooked on iphones, books are never consulted for the knowledge and experience contained within; everything is a fleeting image seldom retained, little depth, all a novelty, endless unsupervised frivolity of a so-called ‘social’ media. The only good point I can think is the succinct and valuable wiki page that allows one to grasp and recall a topic easily. Hence ‘Action Stations’ is the briefest yet most powerful signal that can be imagined, what an incredible prompt for us all, it reaches to the past, it reaches forward to the future.

Action Stations also allows Philip to connect instantly and pay tribute with all those men and woman no longer here that gave their lives in action.

And so the other big emotional thrill was hearing the old seafarers hymn which I actually have here on the Owen Brannigan ‘Noyes Flud’ LP, a live Aldeburgh recording of 1962, obviously written by Benjamin Britten, something unusually I immediately bought a second copy of as I know it will get played a lot, keep the best unused and stick to playing the inferior. Anyway to hear “For those in peril on the sea” etc immediately got me, on the Brannigan LP it features side 2 during the storm and Noah and his family sing to God to keep them safe; the girlfriend when she used to call heard me sing this many times, also a great tune to extemporise upon. My ancestors on both sides having strong sea connections, Royal Navy, inshore fishermen, sailmakers etc. This is why as I have maintained all my life we must all do our best, to make an effort as we are all part of a long thread and connection with our ancestors, we must never let them down.

Postscript, recently I’ve lost contact with a girlfriend of two years and the catalyst for this sudden cooling was her fifteen year old grandson utterly being unable to show any interest in anything I can offer or say, in other words in his presence and indeed his own family I cannot think of anything to say! This frustrates me mightily. I had set him a couple of worksheets a year ago at the start of the lockdown that would widen his horizons, something I gave careful thought toward ie to reveal new reveal topics, tricks with geometry and simple maths, improve sketching skills, buzzwords he would never encounter at his state school and yet this careful effort of mine, a lot of thought on my part, hoping to introduce a love of learning which in the duration of a year resulted in absolute zilch, nothing. One can often tell what others think by how their children or grandchildren react. I cannot help draw the parallel with the funeral of Prince Philip in that his whole life was developing himself and others, their knowledge, their conversation, their exploration of the physical and intellectual, yet with this particular family which are certainly not short of money they have not the wit nor realisation of what Philip stood for and actively promoted. I’m sorry to say as with many others they life in a bubble of pap, consumer junk and ephemera, Hollywood, Disney, iphones, etc etc.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save – Wikipedia

Psalm 107 – Wikipedia

Here I copy and paste from wiki …

Use in funerals[edit]

This hymn has been played or sung at a number of funerals for those who have served in or been associated with the Royal Navy or US Navy.

In 1979, it was sung at the funeral of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, a member of the British royal family who served in the Royal Navy from 1916 to 1965, including as First Sea Lord from 1955 to 1959 and Chief of the Defence Staff from 1959 to 1965.[17]

It was sung at the funerals of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and played by the Navy Band at the funeral of John F. Kennedy. Roosevelt had served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Kennedy was commanding officer of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 in World War II, and Nixon served in the Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theater.[18] The hymn was sung by the congregation and choir during the funeral of Senator John McCain at the Washington National Cathedral on 1 September 2018[19] and at the funeral for former President George H. W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral on 5 December 2018,[20] as both were US Navy officers (specifically Naval Aviators).

On 17 April 2021, it was sung at the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.[21] Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy from 1939 to 1952 and was Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom from 2011 until his death.

Eternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It’s own appointed limits keep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the seaOh Christ whose voice the waters heard
And hushed their raging at Thy word
Who walkest on the foamy deep
And how amidst the storm did sleep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the seaEternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave,
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It’s own appointed limits keep,
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea.Oh Christ, the Lord of hill and plain,
O’er which our traffic runs amain.
By mountain pass or valley low,
Wherever, Lord our brethren go,
Protect them by Thy guarding hand
From every peril…

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