The marine fossil record.

Quite by chance whilst viewing NASA worldview I find Anticosti Island, a big place and holding a marine fossil record of world importance.

I don’t travel bodily, but certainly enjoy using the an old school atlas and the web to get acquainted to locations all over the world; more of us need to do the same and maybe do as i do and wash by hand, no washing machine, no spinner, no tumble drier. A washing line and a light breeze do all that is required, a bamboo pole across the kitchen ceiling to finish off. In winter anyway theres less perspiration and my job is light duty, a clean one so apart from boxers and t-shirts you can wear an item for an extra day and or a quick rinse will suffice. Whilst coping with hernias for a couple of years I found  diabetics thin cotton socks under your main socks means they stay comfortable for at least two days.

Here below is the pic that started my Anticosti Island hour of curiosity.

Anticosti Island 23 July 2019 ... and I would think a generally modified chemtrail / geoengineering sky.
Anticosti Island 23 July 2019 … and I would think a generally modified chemtrail / geoengineering sky.




plastics recycling is mostly pretence.

I’d like to think I’m wrong but I doubt it, most plastic is not recyclable, its just heaps of unmanageable crap, plain and simple and often is transported to another unseen country across the planet. Its too small its too jumbled and of too great a volume to be capable of micro-processed to any satisfactory level, the economics of it do just not work for an ethical outcome.

What really bugs me is endlessly there is never any mention of the profound difference between thermoplastics and thermo-setting plastics, the same difference as a vacuum formed food tray and a resin/phenolic based fibreglass component. Some will reform and some just char and become useless. This is day one hour one of any materials course at day release technical college or thirteen year old  science / chemistry school lesson and is utterly fundamental to any consideration or  understanding of how to recycle.

Not exactly the clearest explanation …

Clearer ……

Its also fundamental we navigate away from short life throw away food and provisions that arrive in such small and tricky to recycle packaging.  Its also endemic with pharmaceutical and say vetinary products, often over-designed and plastics technology gone mad. It is the smallness itself of the discarded parts being part of the problem. In my own lifetime I can remember Co-op blue paper bags for dry goods, filled as required when out shopping. In a sense our own disaster is written into the so-called present day solutions we have arrived at.

Food is over-packaged and too few people cook from scratch.

Here below is the article that prompted me to write this post …


How slow and stupid we are …

I read Sam Carana and anything from Guy McPherson; he has a critical enquiring mind, one of the youngest Professors ever appointed in the USA.

The slowness,  blindness and inaccuracy of the IPCC is astounding. I think I’m correct in saying didn’t include subsea methane release in their most recent ‘modelling’ (highly inaccurate anyway) and ignored melting Arctic ice. Lewis Carrol could have written the script. Levels that are in the short term are the levels that will destroy us, say x130 for methane; theres no medium or long term worth considering, we’ll not be here.

Anyways, 2C will come and go v quickly, better start thinking 3C plus, which of course means human life is teetering and gone.  Think about it, feedback loops of enormous world encompassing comprehensivity, nature in the raw so to speak, grain production areas disabled, theres nowhere else it can be done, corporations had better get ‘superfood’ substitutes developed v quickly. Thank God I don’t live in a large centre of population, water distribution / delivery / pumping and sewage disposal will become so critical.  And so on and so on …

So many pundits / governments / media voices seem to wish to project a false prediction that somehow or other 2 degrees C of warming will leave us all at a levelling off, when in fact the whole system of nature is now a frightening series of triggers and feedback loops revving up to go faster.

  • ice loss
  • jet stream
  • weather patterns
  • sea level rise
  • methane
  • green growing things ‘go in reverse’ for CO2 conversion
  • algae / diatom crash the oceans die (witness diatom / bryozoan symbiosis ie coral reef.
  • grain production
  • insects (pollinators) gone
  • aluminium levels
  • drinking water
  • power stations are nearly all coastal
  • etc



Corbyn is a many headed snake …

Corbyn is so predictable, today Saturday we hear Corbyn wants teenage trainees to receive the full adult minimum wage ie UK politics, ie Labour the working mans party (supposedly).

What fantasy world does Corbyn inhabit?

How so obvious can he be to harvest votes fom the unwitting?

All this nonsense emanates from addressing a pre-21 focused rally today. It is all so predictable. As predictable as his twee little blue battle bus as he ups the ante and says it like it is in his beloved public appearances.

I feel sorry for Theresa May with Brexit, her hoping that negotiating with this woolly nonsensical and ultimately impractical Corbyn will give her the arithmetical clout to push Brexit forward. It can never be!

Visualise, you are a small business owner, extra help/ manning sort of handy / essential but from day one you are to be paying some gauche slow motion unkempt twit the full hourly rate !!

To hear the incompetence and unreality of Labour listen to Dianne Abbot.

Nuff sed.



Chemtrail diary 29th March 2019.

Its 0830 here and sleeping near an open window first time for three years at 0600 four distinct plain as day chemtrails, with dribs and drabs since; three of the chemtrail tracks being parallel and uniform. Its a HP day which usually means in conventional times a clear blue sky. I wonder how the day will proceed? Last Saturday was atrocious for chemtrail (see prev posts)  lots till late morning and complete grey haze all afternoon as i am assuming the result / reaction to chemtrail aluminium. All week since again bits of chemtrail inducing haze / maintaining a chemtrail aluminium presence. Several times in the single clearing in the sky and hey presto there is a distinct chemtrail. Likewise, my analogy of a child screaming “The circus has gone the circus has gone”  … its merely it has moved to another town, the circus still exists.

Worldview through the week has shown chemtrail corridor in North Atlantic, or northern mainland Europe North Sea or as yesterday a corridor across southern Scotland. A major aspect of chemtrail activity is drift from chemtrail areas beyond the visible horizon, mid week was an excellent demonstration of this, Tuesday/ Wed I think. This drift effect has been utilised for years in the USA.

Also through the week one could tell that an aluminized sky remained, the rippled pockmarked effects and haze visible above all week in one slight form or another.

Lets see how today develops ….. maybe it will all start at late morning or teatime, at the moment up above apart from the slight haze of earlier chemtrail theres nothing visible.

How did the day develop ….. hardly any chemtrails until later afternoon and then only say half a dozen and all indistinct and distant. Apart from the 0610 chemtrails below, very powerful, very visible it would be hard to convince anyone that chemtrails exist. By 0800 feint haze, nothing that would turn a sceptic. Which i suppose is the point of this blog, to gather observational data, to convince something is amiss. I cannot let this go by unchallenged and i do not like being fooled as mentioned in my profile.


Next day Saturday 30th March 2019 morning chemtrail say a dozen easier to see 0600-0730 … thereafter obscured by light haze and some cloud. Remember i am limited by ‘cone of view’ until i drive to higher ground. Basically we are being sprayed most every day and the weathermen must be bound by O.S.Act / non-disclosure. Which they would anyway because in time of conflict meteorlogical data is a valuable resource. As with the previous Saturday lots of lunchtime onwards grey sky and overcast, a trip to higher ground revealed likely chemtrail on the distant horizon say forty or sixty miles away ie west coast flightpath. late afternoon the solid grey sky above did look aluminized, but no fast churn. The incidents of fast churn last year was too many chemtrails, whoever is doing this is ‘learning’. Pics below … the beyond cloud further chemtrail i assume on the west coast flight path are hard to discern, works better with binoculars.




Postscript …. looking at worldview for Friday 29th March 2019 we find the UK clear, but we can see chemtrail west coast USA, chemtrails Los Angelese, chemtrail San Diego, Pasadena, Mexicali, north of Baja.

chemtrails LA 29th March 2019 ... chemtrails San Diego, Pasadena, Mexicali, north of Baja. ie geo-engineering.
chemtrails LA 29th March 2019 … chemtrails San Diego, Pasadena, Mexicali, north of Baja. ie geo-engineering.

link for above = the colour is a giveaway, the shade of grey.

Below, suspected chemtrail activity Great Lakes ie Lake Superior.  … note i am not 100% sure on this one.

chemtrail Lake Superior 29th March 2019
chemtrail Lake Superior 29th March 2019

Footnote … as mentioned above some chemtrail here today Saturday 30th;  on worldview also chemtrail across the North Sea and coming into the UK above the Humber, corridor pattern, not random. Six hours later worldview seems to have lost most of this obvious activity coming across the North Sea north of the Humber. Uh-oh.

Chemtrail diary contd … Sunday 31st March 2019 …. lets look at worldview …

noon chemtrail part shot gulf of danzig and kolobzeg 31st March 2019 ie Sunday.
noon chemtrail part shot gulf of danzig and kolobzeg 31st March 2019 ie Sunday.

What i would like to do now is ring someone Gulf of Danzig or Kolobzeg and ask them what they saw in the sky earlier this morning. Never would i have known my familiar schoolboy pocket atlas of fifty years ago would be so useful to me now, purchased most likely in Berwick upon Tweed probably as a Christmas or Birthday gift for the young lad (me).  Like an old friend so familiar but unopened since a boy; I am so glad we are of the mind to keep such things. Above, note colour / shade of grey and exact straightness of the chemtrail laid in corridor fashion. denmark to left still awaiting upload to the NASA worldview site. Lets see if any of that chemtrail intensity gets watered down. And also lets see what we can find chemtrail for Saturday 30th …

chemtrails above Hull 30th March 2019 a Saturday.
chemtrails above Hull 30th March 2019 a Saturday. … note also Irish Sea.

Note above how horrible the sky is above the Irish Sea ie chemtrails. Lets look closer, below.

Chemtrails Irish Sea 30th March 2019 geo-engineering.
Chemtrails Irish Sea 30th March 2019 geo-engineering.

The above pic is a very convincing arguament that chemtrails are real and true.

Theres also a visible chemtrail activity out into the North Atlantic, below.

chemtrails North Atlantic Sat 30th March 2019 geo-engineering.
chemtrails North Atlantic Sat 30th March 2019 geo-engineering.

Click the link and click to enlarge ie centre of image. Note Iceland and Greenland top of image.











The Deal is the Deal …

I feel so sorry for TM … and she is quite entitled being on tv to express her utter frustration at the ‘basket of snakes’ known as the House of Commons. Yet again we had Corbyn walking out of a meeting, forever projecting the image of the Labour ‘fighter’ … more now a hackneyed projection than any sense or desire to get things done. This thing we are stuck with called Brexit is way beyond party politics and way beyond MPs consciences and their wish to project the desires of their constituents. Such motivations and desires are piddling and irrelevant, a four percent swing to leave in my opinion should not have been sufficient to trigger all this nonsense, many constituencies voted overwhelmingly to stay. For the sake of business alone ie car manufacturing Brexit will be a disaster.

Its far too late, was too late three months ago for MPs to think ‘debating’ would serve any purpose, the debate should have rode in tandem with the negotiations one and two years ago. So many fractious views, the Geoffrey Cox bombshell, a bloody minded Speaker, so much disregard for how we make our living ie business and trade.

This morning on bbc r4 we had Oliver Letwin with more nonsense, speaking with the apparent voice of reasonableness but the content itself ie his message simply unworkable, out of step and half a year too late.

The Deal is the Deal, its the best that could be hammered out. Its at least two years of hard effort, not just a weekend chinwag. For Parliament to at this point think it can meld or influence is laughable. I applaud TMs Thursday ‘addesss to the nation’ indeed Parliament is holding up / destroying any positive forward movement. At least she had the guts to indicate why / where the responsibility of the holdup lies.

If we do leave this present situation its merely the beginning of masses of new legislation, debate, turmoil which to my mind is beyond the abilities of Parliament as an en masse functioning entity to resolve.

The crux is that theres too many facets to the Brexit arguament.

Perhaps we should send them by Eurostar en masse all six hundred and fifty of them and dump them outside the required building in Brussels and tell them “Do better if you can” !


Who is pulling Bercows strings?

I’m only writing for myself here, i fully realise that.

Why in Heavens name derail a process nearer to its completion of which much much more will follow in the months and years ahead by Speaker Bercows insane catastrophic interjection? Who put him up to this? No good can come of it, by the 29th we had somehow to reach a position to move forward and Bercow has blown it !

Has he not each and every day seen and heard the passion, anger and urgency of everyones contribution? Shame upon him.

Yes its the same Bill, but the reactions to it and the surrounding mass of politicians are in flux at each vote, the news bulletins for months broadcasting the huge churn and turmoil meant not much other business is being done; Corbyns inability to get involved and make positive progress is also shameful, and just as things were settling down and voices sounding calmer Bercow blows it!

Theres no other option, years of negotiation have resulted in what we have here at present; we could cancel and remain but i shudder to think how the EU will develop in years to come. Ggain, if Corbyn is so ‘clever’ (which he is not) send him to Brussels and see what he can achieve!

I personally think to remain would be more suited to business prosperity and even the survival of industries here in the UK but EU membership brings with it some unpleasant frustrations. In some senses Farage who i am completely disillusioned with, over the years has made some good sense but where has he been when theres work to be done? We live in a dynamic interconnected society, car plants, supplier chains, perishable foods in transit, our own high welfare agricultural system, i thank God i’m not involved in any of those industries, and i fully expect the French at their border will be as bloody and as awkward as they can.

In this instance Bercow needs to be bypassed, its Bercow himself that needs to think of finding work elsewhere.

Statins …. over-prescription?

Maybe…. and in my case no cardiovascular disease, reasonably okay healthwise for born 1958, yet at no request of mine steered to take statins when in my opinion unrequired. The only factor mentioned in our conversation at the GP clinic to prompt being prescribed statins was borderline cholesterol, which is something i’m working on with diet anyway.  We’ve now got blood pressure down and the weekly or more cause of panic attacks namely my wife has now left this planet. By panic attack i mean rigid steel bar right up my central core, horrible pain, steel tube in throat, along into jaws, temples, iron band around my head and my usual exhortation to shut the f up. No-one could ever tell me what this was whist she was alive, two years after her death a Pharmacist admits ‘panic attack’. At worst case it also generated a v intense burning at the base of my spine. Luckily no pain down left arm. And I got out of marriage alive.

Apart from asking what i did for a living there was utterly no enquiry as to my frame of mind, daily chores / activity, outlook on life – nothing. Nor diet and what i would term pleasure or happiness or hobbies and enthusiasms. Tweaking any of these things would be as good as a daily statin.

I took then for a month and stopped (this was a year ago) with no intentions etc  …. the fatigue was horrible, a problem I already raise when at the Docs. My own answer is to find one own ‘natural high’ to without drugs get happy, live life from what suits one-self, generate ones own happiness. I’m lucky i have my own little one–man business and i have incredible freedoms.

What did alarm me is that statins can prompt Parkinsons and / or diabetes. I mentioned the latter and all i got from the glib, slimey ‘Pharmacist’ at the GP Clinic was that “we can control that with diet” … and for the former its the last bloody thing I need as i live alone. Even when she took my BP couldn’t even tell me the answer, without my prodding as to …..

Seems to me we need some ‘joined up thinking’.


Postscript, my wifes death was totally avoidable, with hindsight the Docs were blind to the obvious. Paramedics insisting here in this house she slows her breathing when in fact with undiagnosed blood clots on the lungs needed to breathe rapidly. When ordered to breathe slower in my arms she responded “I can’t I can’t” …. ten days morning and night this fast breathing and mentioned five times to the professionals over this ten day period … NOT ONE REALISED this obvious sign. Forty years ago my dad dieing of cancer was undiagnosed until his last few weeks (a fortnight). I’ve seen other things too, other people whose deaths i think were as much the result of Paramedic incompetence as anything else, Mr s in the next town whom i gardened for, he too suffered when kept out in the cold by the Paramedics, they had no knowledge of him having a ‘weak chest’ yet his voice would be (and gasping) an instant giveaway.  Its baffling the lack of accumulated expertise, the fog and bullshit of procedure, protocols, as if automatons rigidly adhering to a checklist whilst the patient dies. Forgetting what they witnessed yesterday and every day previous.

To my mind the problem with the NHS is attitude.


Geoffrey Cox …

Funny how this echoes with the ‘just before’ finale / vote and as with James Comey some unheard of pillock comes along and drops an absolute bombshell, which again, has resulted in a disastrous outcome.

There is business to be done, uncertainty, this endless debate is reaching a brick wall, at this stage with Europe there is still the major part of negotiation to be entered. I’d rather in some airy fairy glowing goodly fantasy world filled with fairies and glow-worms and kindly elves be a separate country … BUT … EU membership brings advantages ie trade, employment. You can wave goodbye to any significant UK motor manufacturing, to financial services, to God knows what else. We’ve become Romania in one fell swoop ie marginal, struggling, trying hard to sell anything we make.

Surely as in both cases we need as little turbulence as is possible in the last day or two before crucial votes, already all the arguments  have been ‘done to death’ and now individuals need to search their consciences and think hard (I hope) on the right way forward. A Geoffrey Cox we do not need.

Aha … not in this case. As in the Comey bombshell we have some utterly unwanted unforseen misjudged interjection that does nothing but muddy  and de-rail cogent thought.

I think a 4% swing did not justify Brexit in the first place and most certainly the likes of Nigel Farage (even though his easy arguments were so convincing) needs to be signalled his presence has caused nothing but harm, he needs to crawl away and make himself unseen permanently. Easy arguaments are ‘easy’ but we have to earn our way in this world, the likes of Nissan Sunderland seem unlikely to follow us into the margins beyond Europe. These are huge enterprises of manufacture and distribution, you cannot play with them as ‘toys’.

I can’t believe …  he’s two years younger than i am ….

postscript … Corbyn looks particularly bad in all this, his months of obstructive silences and non-cooperation and then point-scoring eruptions to harp and criticise have not helped, adds nothing constructive, merely delays. This current problem is bigger than he realises and bringing back the old Labour disruptive practices is sorely out of date. Makes one wonder if he’d rather be in Russia. As bbc r4 interviewees this morning commented his performance last night at the big vote have been ‘pure politics’. I feel so sorry for Theresa May.

I also think the 4% swing is insufficient to have instigated this dreadful situation, we are cutting our own throats, I cannot see how overseas motor manufacturers would ever think of Britain again as an investment opportunity, unless of course our currency were to seriously devalue, which in fact it probably will.  The UK public were given insufficient data to work on, I mean not endless soundites but greater depth and ‘what-ifs’. Its funny how people attach themselves to ‘a camp’ a viewpoint and fight tooth and nail to defend that position. Fluidity of thinking seems not to be readily available. Maybe its how we are presented our news, how people / viewers attach themselves to particular news outlets or tv channels. We are not as clever as we think we are.

Asking as we did the UK public to make such a vote was incredibly naive by the politicians, we didn’t really know what we were voting for which i think renders the Brexit decision fundamentally (with hindsight) INVALID.



Thom tells it like it is !

Useful ten minutes from Thom Hartmann, shorter vids are better vids, thanks Thom.

Heres the comment i made, makes sense ….

to quote myself ….

I’ve a benchmark pinned to my kitchen wall, it will be somewhere between three to four degrees C by end of 2026, if i’m wrong and it doesn’t reach that temperature then I’ll donate £1k GBP to the poor and needy (but i cannot see how it can be avoided by say 2030). From what I’ve read the interconnectedness of feedback loops is quite staggering and how very insightful independant scientist James Lovelock was in his book ‘Gaia’ to open this to the layman. I fear Greenland is going to de-ice a lot quicker than the ‘2100’ figure that is bandied about. Air travel, beef consumption and the need for multi-car households are all going to have to be crow-barred from the hands of the affluent west. I fear many will want to continue ‘as is’ until they are gasping for breath, in a confused state and eating basic rations merely to survive. And the rich? ….. maybe its time the rich were taxed a little more significantly. It annoys me at present at the silence from better reporting of the Pacific seabird die-off three and four years ago and near universal omission to mention the role diatoms play both as the base of the marine food chain, symbiosis with the now departed bryozoans and producing DMS and conversion of CO2 to O. As you rightly say IPCC is a most emasculated and lamentable in some respects charade, i realise its better than nothing but do we continually have to be making excuses? They didn’t even include Prof Peter Wadhams re Arctic ice !! The worlds expert.


And i forgot to say the IPCC do not even factor in the impending release of methane in its three forms ie geological, microbial and thawing hydrates.