Lines in the sky.

Quick search on NASA Worldview and we are delivered chemtrail for around noon.

Sept 25th ’22 we find Its my opinion the two parallel lines south of the main mass are chemtrail and I also feel the main body could well be substantially chemtrail. Note my hesitation and preference to not be absolute and certain in some cases.

Oct 3 ’22 we find

Chemtrail Cornwall coast, sea area Fastnet. 3rd Oct ’22.

Note in the above the chemtrail are 100 miles long and cast a shadow on the more usual cloud beneath. A lot of the above is a chemtrail sky, the dove / French grey to my experience indicates this. Remember, Worldview is only a ‘snapshot’.

Heres more chemtrail for the same day, Oct 3rd ’22, chemtrail over Holland … and also look at Biscay

Here below is chemtrail / lines in the sky for 7th Oct ’22, Note two distinct bands of activity. Chemtrail northern Europe, France.

Chemtrail English Channel, France, northern Europe. 7th Oct ’22.

As I type this at 21:40 BST for the last couple of hours chemtrail has been visible in the sky above ie in the dark. Not greatly obvious but there all the same if one stops a moment to take notice. This afternoon too we had chemtrail, huge streaks in the sky. Does anyone notice ‘or is bothered’ probably not. For my ‘DQA Reporting System’ I would offer DQA-3,2,1 (duration, quantity, affect 0-10).

Link only chemtrail north east coast 8th Oct ’22 …

Kwarteng needs to get back to his Latin poetry …

Chancellor material he certainly is not, even with his priveliged education, Eton etc the extent of his blunder, blindness and sheer arrogance at his ‘alternative fix’ beggars belief.

I don’t know how they are going to write this up in the history books, I really do wish it wasn’t happening and thats from a man who lives frugally, I eat modestly cooking all I need and don’t have an employer to rely on, no mortgage either, thank God. People must be tearing their hair out (with attendant blood pressure) at everything they have built up being shredded, rendered useless, reposessed.

I imagine most folk are already stretched to the limit, so Kwarteng really does think its a good idea ….

Petrol prices up massively (dollar based).

Food prices to soar.

Agriculture at home will be severely stressed, its always been heavy on borrowing.

Borrowing costs pushed to the limit, for private and business.

Businesses will not invest, many will fail.

Mortgages now unaffordable for I suspect most folk.

House values yet more added fun from Kwarteng pushed to negative equity.

Rental sector looks set to collapse (ie evictions) as its mostly fuelled by interest only mortgages.

All the effort to prop up catering/ leisure during covid all down the pan, we are stuck with paying it off for decades.

Leisure industry, eating out, pubs etc will be massively hit.

The insanity of borrowing to fund a tax cut to the super wealthy, its unwanted, unwarranted.

Imports and materials now much more expensive, cars too.

NHS looks set to be squeezed even further, we assume education and social care ditto.

etc etc

And this is called progress? Kwarteng is set to do as much harm as the German bombers that flew in our skies eighty years ago.

I can think of no-one in the Truss Cabinet that is any good including Truss herself. What are they on?

Its hard to believe its less than a week since Black Friday, the totally mis-named ‘mini budget’ better termed ‘major catastrophe authored by Kwarteng‘. It is catastrophic and the workings of a man from the madhouse, quite seriously. I mean this objectively; as much as I find Kwarteng to be repulsive, a great deal of UK sentiment is already against him at his bizarre performance at the Queens funeral the previous Monday. It would be best, imperative he is removed from Office immediately. But what happens … Truss will not hear criticism of him, likewise so many Tories, Redwood, Frost, Coffey, Zahir, Dorries etc you name them … all will not see the elephant in the room, the catastrophe that is unfolding on all fronts. I would assume their personal security is much hardened, they will not be feeling safe at any time for what they intend / have delivered to every citizen of the UK.

With Kwarteng, surely to God his parents both high fliers have pulled him aside and had one heck of a frank conversation? Along the lines of “You cannot do this”.

As of today 28th Sept when you have received a letter from the IMF telling you what you are doing is both bad (and mad) for the UK and will have world repercussions then surely this somehow must get under the thick skin of this hopeless and unwanted Chancellor Kwarteng?

Chemtrails on NASA Worldview.

Theres often chemtrail to be seen as has been highlighted here hundreds of times.

Last Thursday it was chemtrail galore …

Chemtrail southern England, northern France, sea area Plymouth, Portland, Wight, Dover, Thames etc 22nd Sept 2022.

Theres lots of it for that day, here we are in closeup west of Guernsey, the sky must have been full of chemtrail tracks.

Change filters upwards to Aqua/MODIS and we get (below) …

Chemtrail English Channel.


Here we are NE England and Saturday 24th September was clearly a chemtrail day. NASA Worldview was useless for this , rendered nothing to see, yet in the sky above huge long tracks in the sky that are undoubtedly surely not condensation trail. As with recent mornings, chemtrails started early, try 0630 local.

For Saturday and my hazy memory I apply my own-devised DQA Reporting System (duration, quantity, affect) for the day as DQA 8,2,1. This means during all of the day chemtrail could be seen in the sky above (8 out of 10) with quantity only a few ie one, two or say three in the sky at any given time and little real overall effect ie not the dreaded ‘grey reaction clouds’ as on an April morning abt four years back.

Chemtrail pic. Saturday 24th Sept ’22 12:10 pm.

Lets go look at flightradar24, its free and v interesting, a small subscription adds extra info. We click replay to see if anything is recorded as flying overhead at that time, be warned, some aircraft overhead never make it to the fr24 screen. Yes, we have three planes around that time leading up to specifically 11:10 UTC (GMT) it is the third of the three flights to the USA I see directly overhead ie the newer thinner chemtrail to our left in the pic above; all from Vienna, first of the three is to Chicago, the second to Washington and if fr24 is accurate the newer second chemtrail is from the last of the three aircraft ie Vienna to New York, callsigns AUA65, AUA93, AUA89 respectively. Therefore two out of the three aircraft provided us with chemtrail free of charge yet one of the three left no chemtrail at all.

How to mis-manage the UK…

Anyone with half a brain can see the UK Govt is in a mess, the vacuum of an over-lengthy Tory leadership race leaving us with an entrenched near tone-deaf Liz Truss (surely not first-choice material) and backed by Cabinet choices of those that a) defended and promoted her and b) proved effective at lying and hoodwinking the general population in the last few weeks of a failing Boris Johnson administration. Their loyalties have been rewarded.

Jacob Rees-Mogg seems an odd choice as a leader for business, likewise his previous appointment, is this to stifle and stymie forward progress? Where now is mention of zero-carbon? Which actually under scrutiny is a misnomer but laudable all the same. His recent comments of extracting every last ounce of gas (in post 2022 !) does not go down well to anyones ears, as with all of this dreadful Truss cabinet line-up brazenly tone deaf and likely to incite a strong reaction.

Kwasi Kwarteng increasingly looks better suited to not being in Govt, his inclination to running down what has taken many decades to establish frightens me, likewise Therese Coffey with similar nihilistic lassez-faire tendencies means the poor, the under-equipped and the ordinary are in for a rough ride, God help the NHS, this couples with what I consider could well be a 20% reduction in UK living standards means all but the ‘other half’ will suffer. This is a rampant and deliberate drive towards inequality. Therese Coffey insists the poor need only work say two hours extra a week and bingo they suddenly have money to spare; if only life were so simple, she really dug herself into a hole on that one, but then again thats the Coffey phenomena, impractical, disregarding and eventually a complete waste of time.

The writing is on the wall, not the best analogy but with a slimming down of tax revenue and a huge crippling Govt debt problem guess what the outcome can be … ‘hard men’ have been installed (inc Truss and Coffey) to toe this line.

To not have selective help with energy bills, oft quoted as ‘too complicated’ is nonsense, never has a Govt Dept ever cited ‘too complicated’ as a means of not extracting or reducing ordinary income re benefits or taxes or assistance. Like Pinkerton they get their man… in this digital age surely it must be immediate which of us need help and which of those (the other wealthier half) can fine well afford whatever it takes to heat and light their bigger more comfortable homes. Lets face it IR35 tax avoidance is rampant and people openly brag how little tax they pay when their ‘Co’ is little more than a high end motor vehicle and a ball point pen! Yet this crooked Truss Govt insists even wealthy households get the energy assistance. Does that mean, lets imagine in some twenty room mansion you can run the heating continuously and cook endless hours in the huge open plan cooking area and the Govt pays for most of it? This does not stand up to any scrutiny, this does not engender energy thrift. We are now being told huge ‘porkie-pies’ and expected to swallow it all! Everyone knows that borrowing to merely finance week to week running costs is the road to ruin and, as being mentioned several times we have yet to hear any word from the Truss Govt for householders to economise effectively.

A ghoulish list that does not inspire hope … Truss, Coffey, Kwarteng, Zahir, etc.

God help us!

Convince me these are not chemtrail…

Chemtrail … lots easily found, at present I’m sort of (slightly reluctantly) using NASA Worldview which basically gives us one daytime shot, I reckon around noon or a little before.

Heres a hottie, chemtrail Sept 10th ’22 …

Chemtrail south west England and Irish Sea,

Chemtrail Sept 11th …

Chemtrail Sept 11th … yikes! …

Chemtrail Sept 10th using a different filter …

Chemtrail again Sept 10th, north east of Scotland, Shetland, Orkney …

Sept 12th, chemtrail northern France …

Chemtrail Midlands, East Anglia, Irish Sea 13th Sept …

Chemtrail Sept 17th southern Ireland …

Please explore and find more for yourself!

Two hundred mile chemtrails …

Theres no doubt these chemtrails over sea area Shannon are two hundred miles long.

If these were ‘condensation trails’ they would not have persisted; imho its chemtrail.

Lines in the sky …

Lots of chemtrail here in north east England today Sunday 28th Aug ’22, duration all day, not intense but altering the sky all the same, ‘whitening the sky’ to use the term as no doubt will be unfolded to the general public in the next year or two. It will have to be, as climate change is very quickly taking us to situations we would find hardly credible a decade ago.

Interestingly mid evening we could see a single say 30k elevation aircraft proceed across the sky without any vapour or condensation trail whatsoever, but 5 minutes later a near sky-wide visible thin chemtrail deposited and an hour later drifted or broadened much wider. Legitimate ‘ordinary’ condensation trails would never do this. This proves my point.

As mentioned many times NASA Worldview (my only source of sat imagery unfortunately) will only display in my opinion 20-30% of what we actually witness up in he sky as chemtrail, my four year observational experience has proven this to be true. Lets look at the spectacular chemtrail over the south west of England and the Irish Sea and southern Ireland …

chemtrail from sat imagery …

Lets take a closer look at the above chemtrail Devon, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland as per Sat 27th Aug ’22 ….

Good God! An obscene chemtrail display and yet hardly anyone takes notice. look at all that morning chemtrail over Ireland!

Lets zip forward to today Sun 28th Aug ’22 …

Remember, NASA Worldview can only display chemtrail activity prior to mid-day. Here its all morning chemtrail, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, English Channel …

Chemtrail English Channel, southern England, Channel Islands. Today 28th Aug ’22.

So, there is some chemtrail revealed for this morning ie north east England but by comparison the chemtrail over to the west, ie west of England, chemtrail Isle of Man, chemtrail Ireland was in great profusion.

Hint, click on the chemtrail link and click to enlarge

Lets now look at photographs of chemtrail today here in NE England ….

Chemtrail all day, here we are mid evening north east England looking NW. A totally altered and chemtrail sky.

Chemtrail diary contd … a day later ie 29th Aug ’22 is chemtrail over English Channel, chemtrails Channel Islands, chemtrails Cornwall, Brittany …

Show me chemtrails …

…yup here they are,

Folk in Channel Islands and north Brittany must surely be getting tired of the chemtrail shenanigans, but lets face it most folk are blind to this.

Googling chemtrails Devon…

… we obtain;

Its an interesting gallery of profound displays of chemtrail. I’m assuming all genuine, all chemtrail material posted on this blog I can vouch is as taken from the camera and unadulterated.

Often googling for chemtrail hits a ‘dead end’ of the same old dreary newspaper articles, the same one or two dormant blogs and little else apart from my own efforts here and of course the more recent Lana del Ray collection of songs strangely titled ‘Chemtrails over the Country Club’.

Google search is a wonderful thing but I can’t help but think sometimes one gets funnelled into a certain set of results and maybe not a more clear and whole picture of what is available.

So many efforts at documenting chemtrail seem to fizzle, just at a guess I reckon this blog here is one of the longer running / more substantial sources of chemtrail pics and an attempt at interpretation.

Apathy, for instance ‘Dawn skies Vale of Neath’ posted Aug 2016, resulting in 61 views!

And here below is near random pic of todays chemtrails north east England Sunday 14th Aug ’22

Chemtrail pic Sunday.