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As stated before, an idiot in the White House does NOT help. IPCC predictions and modelling is woefully and increasingly off target incorporating by this time large scale carbon capture that has yet to be invented and totally blind to any release of methane in its three forms. Too many scientists and organisations are treading too carefully, a mindset promulgated from the bizarre stance of the trumps disastrous EPA.

All of what I write demonstrates the total control that nature and simple physics, the forces and interconnected systems of nature plays in this film-thin layer of life on the globe of our planet. Even plants and growing things, algae, diatoms, forests etc are acting in ways contrary to our needs, reducing their vital transpiration ie CO2 to O conversion as trigerred by increasing CO2. Whoops we say “Is that the way its really supposed to happen?”

An example of stupidity, these last couple of weeks seen a highly unusual vehicle for these parts an American Humvee type monstrosity complete with ‘HUM’ personalised reg plate.  I can only conclude … you can guess the words. If nothing else an example of money to burn.

In actual practical conclusion, whatever we try to do in minimising affluent carbon lifestyle is firstly not going to be realised as so many are addicted and welded to their outwardly visible SUV dashing around ‘we are consuming’ lifestyle but also once the methane really starts to release (which it will sooner than ten years) our own efforts ie mankind will be quite ineffective. However, to give up, to not fight is untenable; unthinkable. We need a worldwide one child policy, we need to live in a more sophisticated ie ‘simpler’ manner – not a contradiction in terms. Its quite brainless to buy and consume.  Populations must be prepared for the worst, move or starve, flooding, traditional growing areas no longer viable, extremes. Its all happened before in various forms, its just this time we have too much baggage.

Fran Ulmer on Climate Change.

I’m impressed, good speaker and better if left uninterrupted.

This one hour gets through lots of material, worthwhile, the Q&A works well.

We hear that existing infrastructure and homes on what was previously stable permafrost are having to be relocated.

At 30 mins we hear of the Russian excitement to open up Arctic seaways.

At 37 mins a considered, honest and realistic responese to the Q of “What is trump doing” …. and I’m glad she mentions that companies, corporation, states, cities are making their own way forward on climate change.

Theres lots, worthwhile !

Also Fran Ulmer :


ps… My previous point still holds, that it would be mighty handy if we could get hold of time indexed transcript for talks such as these, I mean talks that are valuable and worthwhile. Surely voice recognition can convert easily and quickly to that ‘lil old thing called ‘the printed word’ ? On paper too, which I enjoy.

Nature wins every time …

Just heard on bbc r4 at 09:35 a most fascinating interview with Bernie Krause and his half century of sound recording, particularly how the volume and variety of natures soundscape has been declining for many years. The example given of the loss of water and habitat has rendered his example landscape near silent from a previous abundance of life and natures activity. Heres a vid I clicked at random, also we get a quote from William Dean Howells and so I also include the wiki. I actually did think of doing something with nature recordings, I’d collected a few dozen hours using my new Olympus DM-670 and was utterly impressed by its range and fidelity. I collected recordings out on walks and here several at say 04:30 spring thro early summer. Being out over the years I devised the June 13th shutdown which i’ve never read of anywhere else, its a ‘moveable feast’ so to speak.  Thats why i need to get this posted ASAP, I want to enjoy the atmosphere of my own garden before the bustle of the neighbourhood arrives.

A friend asked “How do you know all this stuff ?” … easy really, I use a computer at a desk and so can jot down in my daybook or diary or scraps of paper all I find interesting. Theres always pens and paper in every room in this house, books too, lots. Yet some folk think they are more ‘civilised’ than I am  … by living in stereotypical close to empty boxes !! Oh yes and no tv.

The madness of the trump era …

On bbc radio news just now we hear … that the unfathomable trump has pulled funding to aid Palestinians ie education, health, welfare. Its all in the article, the upside down clownish world of a person that should certainly not be anywhere near Governmental power or policy ….

Climate Change links …

I started this blog half a year ago to bring together pithy to the point links and worthwhile material to try and save time for others. It sort of works as I hoped, visitor numbers are woefully low but if nothing else its been an education for myself and a valuable repository.  I bring you only quality material … ie science / pro contributors. Hint: click these film channels to see more.




Above at 05:20 note that the top ten percent on the planet produce 50% of the CO2 emissions. People knock China for instance (and India) but aren’t we lucky the bicycle was their mode of transport for the ordinary, the masses. And to see an Indian train with hundreds cling to the exterior must surely be max utilisation of motive power.


Chemtrails UK diary page 2 …

Diary format page 2.

19th Aug was some activity; 25th Aug, 29th ditto… all  characterised by late afternoon activity if memory serves me correctly, not the usual early morning performance.

Yesterday Thursday 30th Aug 2018 chemtrails started only at mid/ late morning, unusual as say 0700-0800 is the usual routine to see them on a high pressure / HP day here in north eastern UK. It ruined what should have been a bright clear blue sky day and produces fake type low alt cumulus with the characteristic dull grey verging to brown undersides. This is like following animal tracks ….. theres no written labels, you have to open up and fine tune your perceptions.

This morning the 31st its a very obvious high pressure day, my recording paper drum barograph tells me so and illustrates beautifully the fall and rise each day. Most certainly HP and bingo at breakfast with parallel tracks of two synchronised planes the action starts. Great way to monitor who blogs on this, by stating the exact time they flew overhead it can be pinpointed as to where the subversive actually resides.

The first set of pics below I’ll post as from yesterday 30th Aug …





So, I’m assuming building up an aluminium presence induces haze then cloud; this we do know is long held accepted bona-fide theory and practice, Governments admit to this, likewise the military but it is in the specifics ie time, date and location they will not admit to, in other words a specific diary of it.  Pattern lately seems to be high alt haze and lower phony cumulus. In spring there was so much of this phony weather I can assume crop growth and hence yields were affected.  Note also the media / tv bundle up any mention of chemtrails with nonsense material so as to discredit anyone like myself that is troubled by what they see. Its just after 0900, lets see how this terrifically HP day progresses, contractors will be itching to get some ‘air miles’ in and likewise those with their fingers on the button will be itching to ruin this clear bright blue sky. Two pics below of the sky so far ….





Right ! Thats 54 minutes gone from my life from blogging, lets see what unfolds until sundown.

Update … The day above looked to be uncontaminated by any further chemtrails (this suprised me).

Day after was a suspicious rippled low haze, when it cleared early afternoon I could see some chemtrails. Following day ie 1st September was a mixed bag, a few chemtrails early or mid morning, some mid/late afternoon, but nothing overt or glaringly obvious. Below I will post two pics I took when time allows….

postscript … We’ve had days of low dark overall ‘cloud’ or churn, not natural to my mind, so cannot see through to the higher chemtrail activity.

Sunday 9th Sept moderate chemtrails in the morning. V changeable.

Tues 11th some thro the day, moderate chemtrail deposition. 1007 LP at 0430 and rising. Changeable. Pics obtained.

12th Sept two massive trails, hazing at 0650 first observance, then bright blue by 0830 mid P day at 0830… lets see what junk happens as the day progresses ? Later, nothing all day, half an hour before and after sunset into twilight and darkness its v obvious chemtrails. Maybe thats the new regime, chemtrails at sunrise and sunset?

13th Sept 2018 chemtrails here north UK at 0630 and continuing. Quite alarming actually. Yet no-one ‘sees them’ just as theres still a portion of the UK here that thinks trump is doing well as discovered these last couple of days with chance encounters !! Blimey. A useful response is to ask them to spend ten minutes reading of what trump did in Atlantic City. Obviously their husbands or fathers have never been a contractor or subcontractor to anything trump.

At 0720 its the characteristic ‘fast morphing’ skyscape of previous chemtrail mornings say April 9th, see my prev posts – quite unreal and the to be expected brown tinged lower cloud. Note also the underside rippling, v noticable last night. You can get away with lots in this world apparently… ppl are just ‘that bloody thick’. Yes boys and girls these are aircraft trails but observe and note how they persist and form an overall haze when the day is not intended to be ‘overcast’ to my mind contrary to nature. As with this morning, as expected the dark brownish lower cloud is fast clearing, I assume natures physical reactions does not want this crap.  Lets get some pics, note I don’t include the resultant heavy and complete obliteration of clear sky that occurs say 30mins after say top l.h. pic. Hard to believe until actually captured and documented onscreen in this way ! This is a valuable record.



For instance if you wanted to gently sprinkle the populus with fairy dust, how would you go about it! Why …. you’d incorporate it into the existent maze of overhead air activity. Which last night was up there for a full hour after sunrise, as I also hear it before I get up at daybreak. Realise, autism levels in California, the exacerbated fires due to aluminium particles, the actual documented dementia in bees, the catastrophic collapse of caddis fly ie river food for fish along west coast USA, west Pacific seabird extinction due to algal and plankton collapse, ditto collapse of the coral reef (bryozoan) and symbiotic diatom relationship. Get past Fox and their friend donald trump, seek out real news.

Its 0850 now same day ie 13th Sept 2018 …. complete turnaround in skyscape !! I am proven right at every turn. Every time I lift my head from a task its changed and mostly dramatically.

The day turned out to be quite obscene with the amount of chemtrail deposited in the sky. Is it the military, Government or private contractors? How much money and profit results from this? What are the aluminium levels from this, on the ground or in the water ?

Its difficult to get ornery folk to open their eyes to this. As I type I can hear high altitude aircraft but I’ve no idea if their trails are clean or pushing out aluminium to alter the sky, to modify the weather.

I can only look out and take pics when time / tasks permit. Below is a sample of the chemtrail activity of 13th Sept 2018 second and final gallery of the day … lots of fast churn, brown tinged lower cloud, tell-tale undercloud rippling, an un-natural skyscape.



Next morning as I type this it is overcast, grey, so far at 0740 nothing discernible. Of the three ‘related links’ that pop up below, have a look at this  …



Climate, news, trump …

Its all interconnected.

Its hard to know with trump what is the greater crime, his apparent denial of climate change, his deliberate and wilful inversion of truth or his desire to control the news. Blame equally rests with the Republican Party, to allow such mindset to rot and eat away at decent honest values.

All of these things are crimes. Much too important to let some barely literate showman steer the course.

Heres an article today that exposes the frustration of news reporters over at  Fox, a news channel much criticised for its pro-trump stance and often unwilling and unable to reveal the bigger picture of what actually IS going on. A sort of myopia. Any news channel that regularly invites the opinion of Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton and promotes that opinion as widely held is most certainly failing its viewers. Yet as explained, its far easier and at lower cost to ask such as Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton for a front of camera interview than use traditional reporters digging out the facts. Maybe it helps ratings when viewers see ‘famous’ heads talking the familiar spiel, its a no-brainer to merely accept such nonsense. So much that is projected is angled, nuanced, worded to make it all the more acceptable to the ordinary voter as in the old adage … ‘Give em what they want’.  There is an obsession with market share, quantifiable numbers and data, not to see the activities of man as righteous and noble but maximising clicks, viewers, votes. So no wonder shit floats to the stop.