The horizontal plane…

…. or non-vertical mindset seems best to explain a fifteen year old grandson of a woman I knew for two years. A year ago I wrote out two worksheets for him at the start of lockdown, little things that are useful in ones knapsack of information carried about in ones noggin and fingers crossed would lead to discussion and pen and paper sessions. In other words something we could talk about. Primarily I wanted to get his brain working, to be better able to weigh up the world and to some of the pranksters and clowns within it, to gain insight. Not so with this kid, total and utter disinterest; he’s not a rough type, he’s not a sports type either, neither I’m guessing preoccupied with and involved with any group of friends, other than of course the pointless fluff of social media. Apparently he’s mostly in his room attached to the ‘dreaded device’ ie the smart phone and so what does his 36 yo auntie give to the boys younger sister as a Christmas gift, another bloody iphone! One cannot believe such circles of repeating idiocy, of such idolatry to the byte and its digital manifestation. The culture difference is too great for me, looks as if g/f dumped me, no phone calls being sent anymore to this house, seems I am cast out and all I think because I wanted to help the kids! To some strata of society ‘education’ is now akin to witchcraft! ha ha ha …. the gap apparently to them is too great to bridge, they wish their ignorance to continue.

Interestingly, the parents themselves exhibit nothing, no conversation or knowledge or activity other than he himself possesses at fifteen. This is interesting, his mind is telling him “Theres nothing more to know”. Question; is this a symptom of four generations of tv kids?

His nana describes his writing as atrocious and I’m assuming his sketching and manual page layout skills are equally bad, hence the worksheets and their ‘thought out and planned’ topics …. but theres lots of assuming here as I have found in the say four times we’ve met to be utterly unable to achieve anything like a sensible exchange of words, I’m attempting to have a conversation with a void. I do not look forward to his being there. Say three months ago I laid it down for him please look at the worksheets and do some of the work, however the result is zilch. Now if I’d been in that position I would have been delighted to encounter an older knowledgeable person full of ideas and vision happy to give of their time; but no, he does his damnedest to see merely in the paper thin horizontal plane of an extremely limited outlook. His parents are plodding stuck also in this very thin horizontal plane; no idea whatsoever it is his brain we need to be working with. A friend of mine remarked you cannot make a purse out of a sows ear, slightly off target analogy, but certainly essentially correct. My reading of the situation is that his now deceased of ten years grandfather that spent a lot of his life chasing big wages abroad with that money implanted a skewed vision of what life is and their place in the world. Not one but for a while both parents were abroad needlessy, that is not how to bring kids up. Perhaps that is why theres so little effort, no hunger to do better.

I was very lucky, a dad with technical books and hobby technical magazines of the late fifties and to mid sixties, encyclopedias specifically bought for me, a really good home workshop, an ever changing and productive vegetable garden etc etc. It was expected of me that I work, digging and planting as a man would but at age fourteen, at that age I was repairing and painting exterior windows frames up ladders, insulating the loft (cough cough) working again as if a man. I could mix and lay concrete, clear rough land, turn on the lathe, make components, follow instructions, solder, make things that went BANG, indeed I was lucky! I can accurately place these activities in time as it would all happen when living at the old house which we left in 1972, which would have been better for me if we had never left. I had thoughtful and intelligent grandparents too, particularly on my dads side that lived only a mile away and my dads unmarried sister was the only one that took the trouble to help a very slow reader. We in fact used the same readers / story books that she had used as a child in theearly1920’s and I have them here on the shelves. Everyone was in some way or other ‘improving themselves’ moving to do better, had standards. Life was more fearful then for most everyone, certainly the working class. This lot, hard to say, money comes in, feeds their consumerism, end of story. They themselves have cut their nose off, the encounters would be useful for us both, I fear for the youngest daughter of my g/f and her mental health, already too isolated for a woman in her thirties.

The worksheets were easy, with ideas, pictures, diagrams and maps he will never have seen before nor realised their interest. I underlined easily found search terms and included simple sketches, lots of distinct areas of interest drawn together to a compendium.

Heres a quick recall at subjects covered and introduced ever so painlessly …..

tricks with triangles,

simple surveying, calculating heights.

sketching (this used to be part of military officer training)

value of pi, frac and decimal.

the county geological map, types of rocks.

plankton, algae, diatoms, linking to climate change.

constellations in the sky and my three dimensional model of Orion on a two foot plank of wood.

what is a transistor, name the parts, a diode, what do they do.

how many transistors in a iphone, Moores Law.

make a one inch cube of paper with ruler, pencil and scissors n glue (accurate draughting, patience and dexterity).

what is an IC, a chip, a foundry, a wafer fab.

name and draw half a dozen electronic components.

what is a gate, what is a flip-flop.

….. goodness knows what else!

You see nothing difficult really, but unusual in being presented outside of a course of study where ideas and knowledge is presented often to my mind in far too rigid linear progression. That is the value and beauty of books is that we can flick forward and backward so easily, it helps open up the subjects to us and to excite our intellectual taste buds of what is around the corner. But no, it was a household of no learning, no desire to learn, no idea of the brevity of life, as if everything continues as is forever, life in aspic fuelled by a seemingly endless supply of money.

It is scandalous the experience and knowledge available from carefully written books is now seldom accessed if at all. I did buy him a copy of an excellent little electronics primer for junior readers that i too had at say age ten as published by Hamlyn in the late sixties, surely I thought this would draw him in but the stodge of disinterest and lack of curiosity was palpable and even though I handed them a few books this one i kept back, better it stays here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually throw books in the bin. I think also his total intellectual lethargy is a mirror of his own parents and remaining grandparent, they exhibit no advantage and learning in addition to what he himself now exhibits at an ill-educated fifteen. The boy will never hear bright talk neither in his own household or at nanas. As friend Ted explains, theres no expectation of him to do better or to expend effort.

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Angela Rayner.

I feel so sad this poor woman has been sacked from her post as Labour Party Chair and Campaigns Chief. I’m not sure she should have been Chair nor do I agree to the position (ie a handicap to the Labour Party) given to Ian Lavery these last few years, quite inappropriate but after all its reward for time at the picket; please lets get some brains and up-to-speed savvy into the Labour Party. I always thought Jeremy was quite excellent in the Chamber but unfortunately once ensconced into his cubby-hole office each day ‘went to pieces’ so to speak, lots of beard stroking, tweaking and twiddling to no cumulative positive effect. For Angela Rayner, she’s young, she may well develop and be a shining asset to the Labour Party, but I’ve always had doubts of Keir Starmer himself, the hand on the knife blade, yes his Dad was a toolmaker, an honourable and highly skilled job but Keir himself somehow lacks gravitas in his presentational manner, hard to believe his Lawyer and DPP role, lets assume brains are there. This ‘modern world’ … and this oh so relevant bogey subject of ‘presentation’, a curse upon us all. Witness a stuffed fool in the USA, a ‘stand up president’ that has been able build a four year tenure on a so-called presentational skill learnt at a work-up to a crummy and creaking American reality tv show, skill with the mic and camera, and no doubt all placed as ‘tax-deductible’.

interesting … a Doughty Street connection … Keir Starmer – Wikipedia

and theres certainly no wiki for Lavery to be posted here!

Oh dear I got my mixed herbs mixed up …

… an impetuous crazy and over-daring purchase of a can of ‘Yekta’ brand of ‘oil fried mixed herbs’ ie parsley, coriander, leek, fenugreek etc from the nearby city Lebanese deli has resulted in my total consternation and a general ‘yuck’ reaction. The fault of course is all mine, reading and thinking subsequently shows me that my own general base of red onion, leek, Indian seeds black mustard, ajiwan and optional celery and or mushroom according to the end result concoction is probably best for my north European specifically British palette.

I of course did not have the ‘dried limes’ as deemed so essential for this Persian dish, again I must apologise.; but the dire consequence of green stuff was so difficult to cope with that half of the served portion was binned this lunchtime … this is a first for me. And some online sources suggest a boiled egg in addition … yuck again. I wonder if they actually cook this stuff or its mere invention and pandering to their ‘online followers’?

Never mind, I’m rustling up the second portion of the rest of my Lebanese deli purchase ie my asked for half kilo stewing steak that turned up as 1.1 kilo at checkout and at home three hours later is sixty percent binned as hard fat and bone wastage, half an hour spent carving up good from crap, again am I missing something here? A six quid spend for basically two servings ! Maybe not the bargain place I had assumed it was. Also the label said four quid something per kilo at point of purchase, but six quid something per kilo at check-out … is the mickey being taken I wonder? I try not to notice boundaries etc but still others impose them upon me.

A four quid spend at Morrisons will get me sufficient beef with my additional saueted veg as a casserole for four days with side orders of veg say potato, sweetcorn, tinned spinach leaves or a half can of peas and some swede in addition ie all providing me for a filling nuitritous lunchtime meal.

bbc r4 news bias…

… around 0800 BST here in the UK yet more incredulous bbc pro-trump bias from the rolling news programme BBC Radio 4 – Today, 06/05/2021

trump was referred to as ‘The President’ and within minutes as ‘Leader of the Republican Party’. One can throw all manner of words and insults toward donald j trump but one could never call him a politician!!!

This pro-trump bbc r4 unquestioning acceptance of the most lazy ill-educated and hapless encumbant of the White House with great manner to deceive and corrupt all he touches has for four years been presented in a most unreal light of bias from bbc r4 ‘Today’ morning news and interview programme.

We also heard a top-bod interview with facebook this morning (re trumps ban) and bbc r4 totally incapable of receiving as a ‘given’ that trump incited violence, encouraged ‘the wrong sort’ and generally we are informed revelled in the Capitol Jan 6th breakdown in Law and Order. A shouting mob and violent too, creating great fear and in fact injury and death. As one commentator remarked, imagine the crackdown if these were predominantly coloured folk; its a fact from transcripts and witness statements of security and police on duty that day that all security and awareness seemed deliberately to have been ‘wound down’.

What these hapless ‘grasping for a cause’ individuals and demented ‘rent-a-mob’ should realise is that the path into the Capitol is via the voting ballot, not by screaming, paramilitary attire and creating great fear in anyone not part of the rampaging rabble, its called democracy.

I think there was more ‘organisation’ went into this than is currently being discussed. And I think we know from what direction that came from; trump-the-destroyer.

Ironic, we have iphones and sophisticated cell phone technology yet all it has accomplished in this case is a clarion call to assemble these dangerous thugs, it all compounds to a scene no different than two thousand years ago. Later footage released of the ‘horned individual’ reciting some mumbo jumbo psuedo christian incantation / prayer in the Capitol was a most accurate portrayal of how skewed non-thinking and ignorant the whole escapade had become.

An end result of no substance and no way forward, just like trump himself.

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Tech for good, bbc r4 ‘One to One’ programme today.

This had me fascinated, I hung to every word.

One to One – Tech for Good: Marcus Smith speaks to Tristan Harris – BBC Sounds

I was going to say this is good enough to get me to sign up to the bbc i-player but I’m already kicking against the time web and media intrudes and so if I don’t catch it live then it will just have to go. Biggest boon for me is a small handheld transistor radio bought secondhand a couple of weeks ago, now I don’t lose any interviews, music or programmes as i flit from room to room around this house and can so much more easily swap from r3 to r4 as I choose without all the additional walking to and from where the mains powered radio is sited in the kitchen. I deliberately do not possess a mobile or iphone.

It was highly informative to hear (I quote) ‘Tristan Harris, one of the contributors to the successful Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma.’ I thought actually he said Tristan Han, so lets explore ….

The Social Dilemma | Netflix Official Site

The director is Jeff Orlowski (I wonder any relation to Peter) and yes its Tristan Harris and its looking like I’m the last person in the western world to be aware of this … maybe thats good!

Netflix documentary ’The Social Dilemma’ unveils psychological manipulation used by social networks (

The Social Dilemma – Wikipedia

Tristan Harris – Wikipedia

Note one of my tags is ‘the web starves us of art’ …. not found anything better yet than the encyclopedias my dad bought me when i was ten, other books came along too with that quite considerable spend for an ordinary working man. Nothing electronic can provide the richness and diversity of leafing through those still very well illustrated and produced encyclopedias from fifty five years ago.

The tragedy of Aid cuts by the UK…

… this vexes and saddens me greatly, established programmes and hard won connections and systems of delivery are being thrown to the wind and rendered useless. Stability and continuity I would think are vital.

There is no need for this trivial so-called cost cutting in the name of ‘saving money’ and with the covid response I’m sure huge vast amounts of money have gone down the plug-hole (the scandal of track and trace Dido Harding etc) at zero positive effect for the intended purpose. Witness the Government sending me ten thousand pounds which I do not need nor ever wanted (certainly not at this stage of my life, forty or even twenty years ago I would have been desperate for such munificence to help my workshop facilities) just one of about four schemes the self employed could ‘benefit’ from during covid in the UK, thrown to the recipient with no means testing, no follow up, no scrutiny of application or examination of real need. I gave the people a quick call at County Hall, intending to say no thanks and in fact laughing at the silliness of it all but to be told everyone is accepting the money, but I’m okay, I don’t need it! Its the only hand-out I secured in this long turgid covid crapathon and initially turning it down but Mr Greed took over and I was egged on by the ex girlfriend. I’ve not touched a penny of it, maybe I’ll return it. I pay full tax and willingly as a sole trader, deliberately as not a small company, it annoys me so many people vaguely eligible as small company status (which appear to be short term individuals with zero establishment or operating costs) revel in not paying their fair share of tax. Something like 98% of self employed / small business were grabbing for this £10k handout I was told; how not to run a country Mr Sunac.

Anyway, they shower me with money but other people really do need it ie the helpless, those lacking resources; therefore networks, aid programmes and hardworking folk with insight and expertise finding their umbilical is cut. UNICEF etc. cut, cut, cut ….. the lamentable Mr Sunak. A slick kid, well adulated on bbc r4 but I am very sceptical.

UN agencies warn of ‘serious consequences’ for children as UK cuts funding | World News | Sky News

UK’s aid cuts hit vital coronavirus research around world | Aid | The Guardian

Children will ‘suffer the consequences’ of Unicef cut as Govt also plans to reduce polio funding by 95% (

These cuts are tragic, short sighted, silly and reprehensible.

Considering how Britain exploited the less developed world in times past its baffling we can be so mean.

A valuable link …

… re climate change, arctic ice loss and ice thinning.

Arctic sea ice’s dramatic transformation revealed through 42 years of satellite data – ABC News

You have to realise thinning can occur from underside as well as from the top. The former I’m guessing will be the downfall of the Antarctic ice shelves as they are levered away from the parent body, its a different set-up down south so to speak.

The action is in the Arctic as we read in the above, the highest and lowest extremes in Siberia at one same location has now set new records and sat imagery shows the depletion and the near non-existance of multi-year ice. You can add my tears to the ever increasing sea level.

Arctic News ( is also a valuable read. Locations such as the shallow Laptev Sea are forever burnt into my mind. I’ve a £1k wager with friend Gary who is a little sceptical of the severity of my forecast that if we have not reached 3deg C or above by end of 2026 then I will hand him £1k cash, no quibble. I don’t want it to be so but we must all realise the severity of what is happening with multiple feedback loops, all self and mutually reinforcing to greater and higher levels, its a lethal chemistry set we should never have set in motion, as if all the ingredients are present and its one big joke to see how we exploit, extract and set in motion the inevitable. If only we could have lived as in a Biblical simplicity.

There are so many factors and components and values feeding into the active equation that is planetary science, remember our space on this spinning ball of eight inches diameter scales at one thousandth of an inch ie 0.001in equivilant to a cigarette paper licked and placed on a childs eight inch toy ball.

There is nothing we do re carbon emission that will take any effect inside of a decade, the latest scares and truths in fact are many, loss of the aerosol masking effect, arctic methane, loss of high altitude cloud cover, and my own pet hobby horse of (near never reported) of the loss of the oceanic plankton particularly diatoms, quite ironic as it is ancient diatoms that form the basis for 70% of the worlds oil and gas supplies.

Arch clown, otherwise now realised to be a ‘stand-up president’ as in comedian namely trump should be tried at The Hague for his four year climate denial, this is a crime against humanity, four valuable years lost.

What would help is a universal one child policy, a move from the American burger culture, to live close to work and abandon your car in whatever form it takes petrol or electric, none of them are particularly green. Everything starts and rests with the individual, I deliberately have hand washed my laundry for the last couple of years, its no problem to me as luckily I have a clean job, here in north east England works fine, a quick wring and the washing line does the rest, none of the endless tumbling and spinning of the electrical machine.

Theres approx five hundred posts on this paid for blog, please explore.

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nooks and crannies …

… these are the things we have lost that insects, bees and butterflies crave as their winter locations, our slick modernity offers them nothing. No tree is allowed to weather and decay as nature intended, offering a multitude of opportunities for new insects and molds and organisms to appear on the altered now declining tree, a home for bats perhaps; a tree or at least some trees surely must be allowed to follow its natural cycle that can offer a new feast and home to so many living things. In the liability culture and ‘tidy’ malaise that seems to be taken up by everyone from municipal gardeners to householders all must be cut down, levelled and rendered sterile, all trees young, exemplified by the dreaded ‘rowan’ of municipal planting. Likewise our habitations and structures offer next to nothing for the tinier members of the natural world.

So what do I do to counter this ignorance of ecology, this ignorance of the living world? I allow things to decline and rot, I create jumbles of prunings in quiet areas of my garden, I stack same length cut limbs and branches from small trees say eighteen or twenty four inches long topped with roofing felt and a couple of bricks at many places at the perimeter of my garden. I allow bees to take over the various nest boxes if they so wish, which reminds me I’d better get another birdbox made and installed this weekend.

Each autumn I often can find say six nests dotted around this medium size semi-urban garden and also know each nest box generally produces two clutches a year; my garden is alive with the sound of garden songbirds, all it needs is common sense and to read a little to pick up the basics, all gardens should be like mine! But how many people nowadays enjoy the contents of an instructional or non-fiction book, especially kids, so much lost!

A great thrill a few years ago was seeing the queen bee fly in her flightless workers one by one piggy back into the commandeered dry and waterproof birdbox I’d made myself, theres lots of thing I make myself, its my particular mindset and approach to life, its the way I was brought up.

For bee and insect and butterfly overwintering I sometimes wrap up bundles of umbellifer stems with string and place them in unvisited parts of wherever. I specifically allow leaf litter to remain, essential for healthy worms and soil, the latter being much more complex and beautiful than most people realise, likewise the blackbird for instance craves to turn over a mature long established leaf layer. Daily I feed birds at my own garden and the location for my list below.

A location nearby which was once a pit heap wsaste ie spoil heap, then a waste infill site is now reclaimed and wooded and since moving here thirty years ago I’ve introduced two dozen native north British species over the last twenty years plus, at 7th May 2021, this is all done to help insects and therefore bird life.

  • honeysuckle
  • foxglove (wild collected seed)
  • bluebells
  • teasel (from an old pit site a mile away)
  • common spotted orchid (from a nearby pit yard two miles away)
  • round leaved orchid (from motorway services)
  • cranesbill
  • avens (geum) from Beacon Hill (now being much over-exploited by greedy holiday lets)
  • red campion (silene) from Wooler
  • cowslip (from the motorway verge at the Seaham turn-off, relevant to my wife Christine)
  • primrose
  • dog violet
  • ragged robin
  • cow parsley
  • pignut
  • angelica
  • wild carrot
  • milk parsley
  • unwittingly … thatching reed
  • yellow flag iris ( lots and as botanists say ‘successful’)
  • common polypody (ie a common fern, at the stonework of the outfall, my wifes ashes etc)
  • round leaved mint
  • sweet chestnut from seed (failed, too much shade)
  • wood sorrel (failed, I think doomed to failure anyway)
  • goatsbeard … now gone due to overzealous cutting of verges, lets collect more seed this summer etc
  • snowdrop seed five years ago and waiting
  • blue whelted thistle
  • knapweed (very useful for hoverflies)
  • marsh marigold – latest addition May 2021 – I’m sure will thrive.
  • enchanters nightshade
  • my wifes ashes

So far a list of thirty items!

And I’m sure theres more but cannot recall; each of the above would be a deliberate effort with wild collected material. I shall try again with the round leaved mint, I know of a roadside location where I can obtain complete rooted material, its wonderful for bees, as is the glorious, valuable and much unappreciated knapweed. Likewise I need to get back over to the donor pit yard for the common spotted, ten years ago I had hundreds and now much dwindled to a couple of dozen. I would have thought the reclaimed / disturbed land would suit them.

All done by me and cost nowt …. no app no screen no signal !!! Its what my Dad would call ‘good with his hands’.

copyright 2021

Prince Philip.

I can remember exactly when I heard the news of Prince Philips death, lunchtime bbc r3 and my instant and enduring reaction was joy for his release from an old age. News reported how sad it all was, but surely no, from an extreme old age he needed release, you cannot get better from it, a time for us all to be happy at such a lifetime of achievement.

What a life!

Within hours my response was to regard him as ‘Action Man’ as no-one else I can think of merits this description. And so toward the end of the funeral to hear the Naval ‘Action Stations’ sounded was most fitting to this Philip ‘man of action’, but also this ‘from beyond the grave signal’ sends from Philip a call to get us all into gear, our butts into action and make the most of our lives, to step up and do better; to help motivate and assist.

His incredible intellectuality, experience and outreach I doubt we’ll ever see again.

HRH Prince Philip was very much a practical man and as we have heard these last few days extremely all encompassing in his interests and passions, a voracious reader of all manner of things, a high level thinker regarding God and Faith, passionate before it ever became mainstream to voice ecological concern. This man puts 007 to shame regarding vigour and pure energy and as handsome as any Bond figure. My reading of the man is his self deprecation, a mixture of Naval ‘get on with the job’ and an appreciation of his early precarious start. Soon after the funeral had finished, after four o’clock had passed we were able to listen to a close friend that stressed Philips focus on the need to be passionate, to have enthusiasm, to (with luck) hold passionate interests and to pursue these interests with vigour and therefore without it the world is dull and goes nowhere. Hence for instance his Award Scheme, his discussion and conference projects, a driving force for ecological and climate concerns, a great body of work.

I agree entirely with the importance of enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity, many times through my marriage years I expressed exactly the same sentiment, in fact knowing fine well if I were to lose the drives and enthusiasms then I too would be snookered. My own bereavement and subsequent revelation of things hidden hit me hard, in fact the hardest struggle of all has been to continue to work, forty years working alone and I sense the skeleton is picked near clean, yet each day I battle to do better. Other people, the right people would help me greatly.

I didn’t see the funeral as no tv in this house, but had radios playing around the house so as not to miss anything. The overwhelming image in my mind is when one leaves the formalities and the Service and it hits hard for the first time one is travelling back home alone, your other half will never return, never be seen again.

Action Stations! … this so-called modern world wastes so many peoples potential talents, kids are hooked on iphones, books are never consulted for the knowledge and experience contained within; everything is a fleeting image seldom retained, little depth, all a novelty, endless unsupervised frivolity of a so-called ‘social’ media. The only good point I can think is the succinct and valuable wiki page that allows one to grasp and recall a topic easily. Hence ‘Action Stations’ is the briefest yet most powerful signal that can be imagined, what an incredible prompt for us all, it reaches to the past, it reaches forward to the future.

Action Stations also allows Philip to connect instantly and pay tribute with all those men and woman no longer here that gave their lives in action.

And so the other big emotional thrill was hearing the old seafarers hymn which I actually have here on the Owen Brannigan ‘Noyes Flud’ LP, a live Aldeburgh recording of 1962, obviously written by Benjamin Britten, something unusually I immediately bought a second copy of as I know it will get played a lot, keep the best unused and stick to playing the inferior. Anyway to hear “For those in peril on the sea” etc immediately got me, on the Brannigan LP it features side 2 during the storm and Noah and his family sing to God to keep them safe; the girlfriend when she used to call heard me sing this many times, also a great tune to extemporise upon. My ancestors on both sides having strong sea connections, Royal Navy, inshore fishermen, sailmakers etc. This is why as I have maintained all my life we must all do our best, to make an effort as we are all part of a long thread and connection with our ancestors, we must never let them down.

Postscript, recently I’ve lost contact with a girlfriend of two years and the catalyst for this sudden cooling was her fifteen year old grandson utterly being unable to show any interest in anything I can offer or say, in other words in his presence and indeed his own family I cannot think of anything to say! This frustrates me mightily. I had set him a couple of worksheets a year ago at the start of the lockdown that would widen his horizons, something I gave careful thought toward ie to reveal new reveal topics, tricks with geometry and simple maths, improve sketching skills, buzzwords he would never encounter at his state school and yet this careful effort of mine, a lot of thought on my part, hoping to introduce a love of learning which in the duration of a year resulted in absolute zilch, nothing. One can often tell what others think by how their children or grandchildren react. I cannot help draw the parallel with the funeral of Prince Philip in that his whole life was developing himself and others, their knowledge, their conversation, their exploration of the physical and intellectual, yet with this particular family which are certainly not short of money they have not the wit nor realisation of what Philip stood for and actively promoted. I’m sorry to say as with many others they life in a bubble of pap, consumer junk and ephemera, Hollywood, Disney, iphones, etc etc.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save – Wikipedia

Psalm 107 – Wikipedia

Here I copy and paste from wiki …

Use in funerals[edit]

This hymn has been played or sung at a number of funerals for those who have served in or been associated with the Royal Navy or US Navy.

In 1979, it was sung at the funeral of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, a member of the British royal family who served in the Royal Navy from 1916 to 1965, including as First Sea Lord from 1955 to 1959 and Chief of the Defence Staff from 1959 to 1965.[17]

It was sung at the funerals of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and played by the Navy Band at the funeral of John F. Kennedy. Roosevelt had served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Kennedy was commanding officer of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 in World War II, and Nixon served in the Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theater.[18] The hymn was sung by the congregation and choir during the funeral of Senator John McCain at the Washington National Cathedral on 1 September 2018[19] and at the funeral for former President George H. W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral on 5 December 2018,[20] as both were US Navy officers (specifically Naval Aviators).

On 17 April 2021, it was sung at the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.[21] Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy from 1939 to 1952 and was Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom from 2011 until his death.

Eternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It’s own appointed limits keep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the seaOh Christ whose voice the waters heard
And hushed their raging at Thy word
Who walkest on the foamy deep
And how amidst the storm did sleep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the seaEternal Father strong to save
Whose arm has bound the restless wave,
Who bids the mighty ocean deep
It’s own appointed limits keep,
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea.Oh Christ, the Lord of hill and plain,
O’er which our traffic runs amain.
By mountain pass or valley low,
Wherever, Lord our brethren go,
Protect them by Thy guarding hand
From every peril…

I excercise copyright on whatever on this page is my own contributed material

UK chemtrail diary.

Chemtrail, sky whitening, geoengineering (call it what you will) a UK diary, north east centred, second half April 2021.

Chemtrail diary, Friday 16th April 2021. Clear sky above but when on high ground mid evening the UK west coast flight path corridor displayed obvious chemtrail, i can easily see sixty possibly eighty miles without binocular aid for this. Following morning we have a ‘lightly aluminised’ sky here in Northumberland, which in my experienced guess-timation denotes ‘drift -in’ from most likely yesterdays chemtrail deposits in the west. I go back three years on this with many observations each day, I do not surmise, I do not draw in whacky theories or psuedo-notions, I merely observe and build up experience and insight.

Yep, here we are, its blowing in from the west .. Wind, waves & weather forecast Newcastle upon Tyne Airport – Windfinder

Other locations displaying chemtrail western Mediterranean ie Corsica, Sardinia 9th April …

A lot of chemtrail, Biscay, English Channel 8th April 2012 …

Remember NASA Worldview is not conclusive, its only a snapshot at a particular time of day, my estimation is late morning towards noon.

NASA Worldview is displaying chemtrail activity as per my observations yesterday …

and another link to similar for yesterdays northern England chemtrail …..

It fits closely, at 80miles distant. My only quandary is observed altitude, at disregarding the Earths curvature they should be at 30k feet something like 30deg elevation, so can we assume curvature must have halved this to 15deg, this seems excessive, the Earth is bigger than this! I need to think on this and get more accurate numbers and times of particular passage of flightpaths.

flightradar24 will give actual details of aircraft seen, but be warned many flights are omitted, military I assume. Look back at a previous post of mine for an incredible example of flightradar24 dropping a whole load of flights one Sunday morning of obvious chemtrail activity …

postscript, heres more chemtrail, this time coastal Netherlands ie Waddenzee to northern Germany, Thursday 15th April 2021 …

Pertaining to the above is a chemtrail blog post of mine from Saturday Dec 29 2019 showing massive chemtrails over northern Holland ie Waddenzee … Chemtrail awareness, lots today UK. – climate-change-briefing (

heres a link for that particular screenshot Waddenzee as mentioned above …

wow quite a body of work, certainly valuable and worthy of study. All done by mere effort, no money or influence powered this activity.

Heres most obvious chemtrail for central England 17th April 2021 ie …

Chemtrails eastern England 17th April 2021.

btw if anyone from WP can read this, please please please bin this crappy new editing software / format and get us all back to the way it was, we’ve had a most abysmal non-intuitive ‘so-called improvement’ thrust upon us. I still can’t work out how to get photographs and screen capture on this new format.

Below is NASA worldview for 20th April 2021 for the North Sea east of the Humber and The Wash. Look at how long the circles and squiggles of aircraft chemtrail have remained in the air. Extraordinary. They’ve been very busy up in that sky. I cannot see the seven in parallel chemtrail laid down all at once this morning at around late morning 11:30am BST therefore we can assume when NASA Worldview presents its data for my own area at say 13:30 BST its missed the blatant seven aircraft squadron that flew at high altitude above my house. Another point, flightradar24 did not register or record any of this.

As we can see it is devoid of the image i wished to embed. Lets try again …..

Again nothing will download.

Here I have changed filters on NASA Worldview and we can see massive amounts of various chemtrail in repeated elongated loops But again I cannot seem to capture or download this image, perhaps pointing a camera at the screen would work; but shortage of time etc. What i can see are four perfectly circular stacked circles 50 miles in diameter and many (say twenty to thirty off) elongated loops say thirty and fifty miles long, and west of this near the English coast are older more drifting chemtrail of similar elongated loops of say an hour or two previous. Wow …. its all true folks!

Next day chemtail diary UK 2021, yes at last i can secure screen shot downloads, new links and pics …

NASA Worldview multiple loops North Sea, Dogger Bank 20th April 2021,

Here is the link for the specific image above…

The elongated chemtrail loops at right appear to be thirty miles long, guessing ninety miles in circumference.

South of the above shenanigans on the same screen setting we can see matured/ older chemtrail from the same morning. All that you see in the screen capture below is chemtrail.

Chemtrail near coastal Norfolk ie chemtrail Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth, Tuesday 20th April 2021.

Here below are the ‘perfect’ circular stacked loops above Dogger Bank, North Sea, on the same day 20th April 2021 however filter settings altered to uppermost filter setting and hence revealing their presence. One could say “we are seeing aircraft stacked” but this cannot be a valid interpretation of these lines in the sky as for the time taken for this 45 mile diameter loop to be constructed four times over say 150 miles per loop times 4 stacked chemtrail loops we can estimate six hundred miles and at least an hour or ninety minutes to construct this chemtrail spectacle and during all this time the chemtrail has hard and fast remained fixed in the sky – this is the salient point of my arguament here, that they do not quickly fade to nothing as per regular contrail. See bottom left hand ie nearer the Norfolk coast that earlier chemtrail is spreading and creating near obscuration of what otherwise would have been a blue sky. The last few weeks of clear sky will now i think become a rare event, as per the last couple of years, remember the only time here north east UK we got clear skies was the fortnight run-up to the Royal Wedding. Those are the facts.

NASA Worldview chemtrail circles in North Sea 20th April 2021.

Same day theres lots of chemtrail over Wales and the Irish Sea, no link – go look.

…to be contd for the remainder of April 2021

Chemtrail diary, Friday 23rd April 2021. Less easy to detect in the sky above here for the inexperienced newcomer of long white streaks in the sky here in north eastern England, many are over to the west on the central Pennine flightpath and further. Chemtrail/ sky whitening all day, not too intense but creating a whitened near featureless sky which then allows it to obscure as further chemtrails are possibly released. I had a gut feeling a couple of weeks ago that soon the unmeddled skies would cease and we wld be back to chemtrails again, so far looks my guess proved right. Couple of times in some places the white sky cleared to nearly blue and is often the case BINGO theres a chemtrail! Remember, its the persistence, the duration these chemical trails remain in the air that drives me to continue my observations and blogging and on a clear day one can easily see the one-sided drift from a previously deposited chemtrail which surely should raise concern from anyone. This long duration whitening does not happen with any form of legitimate benign condensation trail. People need to think on this, I fear many have had their wits much decreased from generations of lounging and tv, pap and nonsense.

Many chemtrail flights are not available as data on flightradar24 and NASA Worldview can be suspiciously cleansed / erased of chemtrail imagery, see below, firstly on setting at bottom of panel of filters available and then second screen capture of using filter uppermost on the selection of filters at left of page. Certainly Wales and the Irish Sea received massive chemtrail activity at the time NASA Worldview collected its imagery, its a snapshot not a complete story.

Using lower filter on LH panel UK chemtrails using filter at bottom of LH panel Friday 23rd April 2021 UK chemtrails using filter at bottom of LH panel Friday 23rd April 2021

The second image above does not really display the extent of the chemtrail activity observed here in north east England, but as stated previously its merely a ‘snapshot’ at a particular time. Note on the upper ie first chemtrail image that the data/ chemtrail imagery is split, we are not given the full picture so to speak. And as a day later as I post this material I’ve a nagging feeling I was getting a more obvious image when first viewed yesterday, I know flightradar24 massages data a day later, maybe same with here above, I should have known fine well this would be the case.

Chemtrail diary Sunday 25th April, 2021. At 0600 BST huge expanded chemtrail trending E-W, straight and v obvious. Increasingly a whitened sky trending to grey reaction clouds (nothing too dramatic) therefore dull all morning. Aluminised sky to mid day, afternoon increasingly bright. Sunset with obvious long chemtrails over to the west, say mid Pennine or west coast flightpath. Here below is a most ‘telling’ screenshot from NASA Worldview, in other words what are we to believe? Anway, it portrays what was observed from the ground here north east England. NASA Worldview chemtrails UK Sunday 25th April 2021

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