Chemtrail geoengineering 31 Oct 2019.

Chemtrail diary, UK and Europe  – ongoing.

North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.
North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.

The above image / data has just been available and so later today other layers / filters may be available to possibly enhance the above. But no doubt, these are not clouds of any natural shape or form.

Sweden …

Chemtrails Isle of Man Irish Sea bottom of capture and another batch extending Firth of Forth to Glasgow.

On the above Isle of Man / Irish Sea location, if we select the base layer aqua/MODIS we obtain

Northern Spain chemtrails …

What did not show up were the half dozen very persistent chemtrails here north east England nearly all parallel but unusually open spaced high altitude corridor trending SE by NW strangely stationary for a couple of hours yet from 2:30pm until after 4:30pm consistently present and remaining dense ie not particularly breaking up or dissolving. If up there above our cloud cover there is something we shouldn’t be breathing we are certainly being fooled or compromised or both.

How to find chemtrail / geoengineering.


Gleanings from NASA Worldview third week October 2019.

This a loose chemtrail review of the last few days, some spectacular chemtrails to be seen from NASA Worldview and also a few observed in the sky above (no pics) of chemtrail in northern England. Maybe being a consistent blogger on this means my ‘cone of view’ above is avoided.

Liverpool and Manchester chemtrails Wed 30 October 2019.
Liverpool and Manchester chemtrails Wed 30 October 2019. A lot of what you see here is man-made / chemtrail.
Rome, Naples chemtrails Wed 30 Oct 2019
Rome, Naples chemtrails Wed 30 Oct 2019 Note Italy and the Adriatic often are the target for chemtrails.

To save endlessly consuming storage, heres a link for the same day for chemtrail / geoengineering in the skies above Greece ie … Thessaloniki, Macedonia chemtrails geoengineering Wed 30 Oct 2019.

As usual the Baltic Sea and Gdansk find chemtrail; geoengineering in the skies above …

The previous day Tuesday Oct 29th we find the Mediterranean sky above Sardinia, Corsica and the Balearics to be a complete geoengineering dogs dinner ie

Corsica, Elba, Rome and the northern Mediterranean; lots ofchemtrail geoengineering in the skies above for 28 Oct 2019.
Corsica, Elba, Rome and the northern Mediterranean; lots of chemtrail geoengineering in the skies above for 28 Oct 2019.
Southern England, English Channel chemtrails in the sky above / geoengineering.
Southern England, English Channel chemtrails in the sky above / geoengineering. Sunday 27th October 2019.

Look also to southern France trending to central Europe Sunday 27th Oct 2019 ie

For Saturday 26th October look at Bay of Biscay ie

A huge band of chemtrail for a few days ie

Offshore chemtrail geoengineering for Lisbon, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean ie

Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering Friday Octiober 25 2019.
Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering Friday October 25 2019.

Also, chemtrails northern Med, Corsica and the Ligurian Sea ie

La Rochelle, St.-Nazaire, western France Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering.
La Rochelle, St.-Nazaire, western France, Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering. October 24 2019.

Also, chemtrails Baltic Sea ie

Going back to Monday 21 Oct 2019 we find a chemtrail corridor extending across southern Scotland and into central Ireland ie

Friday 18 Oct chemtrails geoengineering Cyprus, Rhodes, the Med ie

Tuesday 15 October 2019 Denmark, Lolland, Rugen chemtrails ie

Theres lots I’ve omitted re chemtrail geoengineering especially the big wide corridors of chemtrail activity and its mostly for where I live ie Europe.  Most links here are to the ‘spectacular stuff’, there lots I’ve missed and remember using NASA Worldview is only part of the story, often there is chemtrail activity above in the sky that NASA Worldview doesn’t display or has missed due to either afternoon and evening  chemtrails deposited after NASA sat has collected its data or real time chemtrails were far earlier in the day and nothing but indistinct haze or maybe nothing at all to be the result on NASA Worldview.


Postscript: as is my habit lets go look for chemtrail youtubes in the skies above the mentioned locations.

Chemtrails Liverpool, below.


Chemtrails Manchester, below.


Thessaloniki, below.


Chemtrail geoengineering Rome, below.


Chemtrails Napoli, below.


Chemtrail geoengineering Italy, below.


Chemtrails La Rochelle.


Chemtrail geoengineering France, below.


The importance of time and how long until trump is gone?

Its as if we are dripping sanity drop by drop and there isn’t so much of it remaining in the gossamer thin planetary surface we call civilisation, at least for as long as the clown trump can call himself a so-called President.

It is the dripping of time itself that trump so insults.

trumps destruction and crazy mismanagement which are all lifelong donald trump characteristics endlessly creates problems (it is what he revels in) and plunge for instance Syria and worldwide trading relationships into ever more mayhem; the blood sweat and tears of so many in the middle east seem as if thrown away, on all sides.

How difficult it will be to alter the imprint in middle eastern minds as to the crass ignorance of a donald trump tenure, of the unreliability of the Americans; a simple overview revealing basically a malicious nasty so-called president, an actor playing a veneer thin part just as in his second rate tv shows, as artificial as his peculiar contrived and quite silly mop of hair. I feel so sorry for the Kurds.

trump is now indefensible, his damage to the Kurds alone is sufficient to remove him from office.

Nasty to previous policy and diplomacy, nasty to trading partners, nasty to reasonableness, experience and established partnerships yet fawning to dubious at the margin foreign leaders, characters much like himself.

djt endlessly denies truth, knowledge, experience and clarity. Just as with all fascists or extremists of any sort right or left, reasoning intelligence is wallpapered and white-washed out of sight, the people are conned.

My opinion is that we will all, the world, recoil quickly from the turgid nonsense of a trump so-called administration, get on with grown-up matters and yet valuable time has been lost coping with the child in the White House, ie climate change, moving toward a greener lifestyle etc.

Bottom vid incorporates what sounds to me to be a Shostakovian insult for the emperors appearance. Its a sad thing to see and hear but remember the misery, upset and turmoil he has meted out to others at the twist of a hand, the call of a soundbite. Its becoming incredulous there are still scoundrels low enough to continue to either prop him up or not question his presence.


Analysis overview of trumps madness, for instance :-


*He’s off to Florida now, I assume his new HQ as opposed to what was trump tower NY,  much easier I guess to patrol and secure. How will it end, sadly without jail time for multiple misdemeanours, there’ll be much huffing and puffing and in the end a rap on the knuckles. He’ll walk away without a second thought, as a child would lose interest in what was a new toy.

In helping realise what in fact Donald j trump might actually be …

We find the above link from this Guardian article ….

And if I may quote from the above ….

Wilson, the author of Everything Trump Touches Dies and a Daily Beast article headlined “This Isn’t the Madman Theory. This Is a Madman President”, agrees that recession talk might be a causal factor in Trump’s downward spiral.
“He plays a strong man on television,” he said. “The character he played on The Apprentice is what most Americans voted for and they thought of him as a strong negotiator and a bright person and a person with integrity and mental discipline and strength. But that was a TV character, that’s not the real Donald Trump.
“The real Donald Trump is a narcissistic person and a weak person and a person who lacks personal discipline on almost every axis and so what’s happening, as he feels the mighty pressures of the presidency, is ugly. He doesn’t have the cognitive ability or the bottom to handle the pressures he’s under and so it’s gotten to be this extraordinarily ugly picture of a man who’s very much out of control.”

end of quote.




Yesterdays chemtrails.

Chemtrail diary.

To economise needless creation of data-bulk links for yesterday will suffice with one pic ‘the star pic’ to finish. I think we need to be mindful that data / web is multiplying to stupid proportions.

Chemtrail geoengineering clues as per NASA Worldview are revealed by colour, sometimes by the creation of corridors as well as random pattern and often visible hints given by the edges of systems and chemtrail geoengineering activity.

chemtrails Berwickshire and Northumberland, northern England …

chemtrails southern Scotland, Isle of Man …

chemtrails Volgograd, Kharkov …

chemtrails Baltic Sea, Gdansk …

chemtrails Gulf of St Lawrence …


Rome, San Marino, Trieste, the Adriatic, chemtrail geoengineering 14th October 2019
Rome, San Marino, Trieste, the Adriatic, chemtrail geoengineering 14th October 2019

In the above a full 50% of apparent ‘cloud’ (ie white / grey stuff) is man made and deliberate chemtrail geoengineering. The down side is that chemtrail is a deliberate pollutant, aluminium barium and strontium we are informed being the major ingredients. Hence CA wildfires burnt as they did, hence bees are now suffering from dementia and life in lakes and rivers is much if not totally depleted in some areas of the world, no-one sees bugs or insects on the front of cars anymore. What more proof do we need things are going very wrong. The importance of the hit to microscopic life in water and oceans is not fully conveyed, as I’ve written before the irony of losing the base of the marine food chain ie diatoms looks to have led to the loss of the coral and the marine food chain itself. Ancient diatoms account for the creation of 70% of the worlds oil and gas deposits. In a sense we could say Man is eating itself.

Disclaimer, these are merely my own personal views to help open up discussion, raise awareness and somehow fight back the smothering mass-media influence that chemtrails are a joke. E&OE.


postscript: googling for ‘chemtrail pics UK I get good ranking, especially on image searches, a post for period Christmas 2018 and as an example specifically December 22 2018 has been augmented by my current use of NASA Worldview, ie the post for and its recently added content …

you may also find useful  …

From the 22nd Dec 2018 updated chemtrail post(to include my nowadays inclusion of NASA Worldview material) lets include here below ‘the star pic’ of a chemtrail frenzy, ie the middle of the three recently added.

Lisbon, Porto, Portugal chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018
Lisbon, Porto, Portugal chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018





The gold-plated turd known as trump.

I cannot believe trump is allowed to inhabit the Office of President. It is quite baffling, his apparent low IQ approach and defiance of decency, good sense and not one iota of human compassion renders his Presidency as to be evil. Its his backers that need to be recognised and tallied, a sordid mess. A mobster tenure.

This below is a useful resume of his wrecking ball, super-arrogant and ignorant so-called presidency.|29


Trump is a clown.
This is the swamp ie trump… a total fake that can barely read !


A defiant little shit.

The ultimate fake, schooled by a decade of crummy tv programme and thinking he can ride the tv soundbite, ride the people of the USA.

Look at that face, a face determined to be blinkered to reality, to see nothing, to live in its own constructed bubble, in fact a bubble-gum mentality of nothing over the horizon that could possibly interest him intellectually, nor offer any compassion to anything outside of that bubble. In my opinion he will go down as being quite sordid and the most dreadful aberration to decency and good humanitarian practice one could imagine. Mao of China perpetrated the most dreadful ignorance and callous disregard to rights and human life, trump in his way will be his equal.

Any normal person would be crushed by the embarrassment of being trump, but oh no not Private Bonespurs himself; he exists in his own fantasy bubble. The most recent chaos of destabilising the Middle East and his abandonment of the Kurds is a most evil and callous act, as if acted out without even a moments consideration to the human suffering and turmoil created. But that is the nature of trump, it is an ongoing chaos.

Its strange and frightening how such a destructive individual is by a series of flukes and manouverings, by seeking out vested interests of big money pals and enabled by tv skills honed over a decade has enabled trump to weasel himself into the Oval Office. I’ve met someone like trump before, all that results is a room full of broken toys, festering utter distrust and a fake reality based on fantasy rather than the here and now.

Handed on a plate, strong proof of chemtrails UK.

At noon it was easy to see a wall of haze and chemtrail above our local city of Newcastle upon Tyne to the south of here. Four hours later looking at NASA Worldview and my already suspected idea that chemtrail is often added to an existing cloud system as an ‘outer band’  is today finally proven and to my mind without doubt.

All afternoon chemtrails have been added to the existing hazy mess, not high intensity but say at a guess ten an hour. The results we see on Worldview match what has been observed today. I was right, the colour, tone all point to chemtrail when observed on Worldview. Direct observation and Worldview results confirm one another.

across the UK a devious band of chemtrail as observed on the ground 11th Oct 2019
across the UK a devious band of chemtrail as observed on the ground 11th Oct 2019


How do I find chemtrails?

Its easy here (or was) … merely look up; but I reckon being a prolific ongoing blogger of things chemtrail has sort of cleared the skies around me. However on more days than not chemtrail can be spied at some time or other during the day. Chemtrail techniques include corridor, pre-dawn, intermittent ie on/off and drift from chemtrail released some distance away beyond the immediate cone of view. Its all true and its all been observed here repeatedly by me and at times blatant and insulting in its obviousness.

I’m way behind with posting camera material so lets look at NASA Worldview ie the lazy mans tool. Plenty to see today for chemtrail 10th Oct 2019.

Italy chemtrail geoengineering Taranto, Lecco, southern Adriatic 10 October 2019.
Italy chemtrail geoengineering Taranto, Lecco, southern Adriatic 10 October 2019.

Above, chemtrail geoengineering in southern Italy and southern Adriatic, its also all of the fuzzy grey chemtrail obscuration of the Sun not just the obvious straight lines.

Theres lots of chemtrail activity today, for instance over the North Sea, ‘tacked onto’ the northern edge of an already existing cloud system ie

And here below, chemtrail over the English Channel.

English Channel chemtrails geoengineering 10th Oct 2019.
English Channel chemtrails geoengineering 10th Oct 2019.

Chemtrails Greenland for instance, link only  …

Chemtrails Vancouver Island, see below …

Vancouver Island and Pacific chemtrail geoengineering 10th Oct 2019.
Vancouver Island and Pacific chemtrail geoengineering 10th Oct 2019.

For instance the day prev ie the 9th Oct looking at northern Adriatic …

As is my habit lets round up some relevant chemtrail youtubes …