Lets look at chemtrails ….

Its 0900 here, northern UK, too overcast and drizzly to see if chemtrails are being created today; though Sat, Sun and Thursdays seem likely days if there is any pattern to it.  Last couple of weeks its been ‘weak’ activity at most, several days with an obscured overcast sky but say one third of the time intermittent occasional trails staying up and hazing, also noted some way after sundown. And some days bright blue with no observable aircraft overhead, which makes the chemtrail days all the more obvious. Note its the drifting and hazing of what should be a clear bright sky that draws my attention, I never proffer conjecture or conclusions other than lets notice whats going on …  ie the creation of an artificial sky in turmoil due to chemtrails.

What drives me on this are those occasional days (say three since Feb) when the quantity of chemtrail is so great that the resultant churn and turmoil needs to be seen to be believed.

Heres a vid that helps shed some light on the chemtrail problem ….

Nothing then an orgy …

This morning I stupidly slept in and at 0800 the sky had gone quite bizarre with chemtrails much dispersed, an hour later the usual heavy handed grey mess. At 0800 to the east was a most peculier dense bank of non-natural brown tinged low cloud, note the brown tinge.

These last couple of days I had strangely been hoping FOR a little chemtrail activity to take the glare and heat out of the relentless clear blue sky. Admittedly ‘the glass’ is dropping, my new toy of a recording barograph helping me on this.

Its been a week of bright blue sky, better to be kept out from mostly and prior it was a say five day run of chemtrails every teatime, being so very obvious.

A week ago on the radio a specialist adviser told us farmers thought we had a fortnight before ‘wilting’ would adversely affect crops. Its been obvious to me that contrary to the statement that sufficient rain had fallen this year (NO …. not where I live) it has been a dry spring one of several here in the north east UK. Surely the water table must be horrribly low. I’m an observant gardener, the impending drought is obvious, I am observant in many things but I don’t know what the reason is but most people seem blind to what they see around them (ie chemtrails) or the reactions of plants, bees, insect life etc  …. maybe four generations of tv and endless mobile phone usage has fried their brains. And maybe they would never be much into these things anyway, my own life and work has been different thats for sure. Few people enter the countryside and even fewer can ‘read’ what they see or put names scientific or otherwise to plants. There was a flurry of car ownership in the 1960’s – 90’s when a ‘drive out into the countryside’ was popular but now I think things digital has captured their attention, too many mesmerising toys to play with. I think it was Aldous Huxley that predicted that we would fritter our time away with  new-tech gadgets and playthings.

Here below is my basic chemtrail checklist.

To get a handle on this chemtrail problem…….

non-fading aircraft trails

fast morphing and obstruction of clear skies

forming an overall haze

what should be a bright blue ‘high pressure day’ ruined

Also be aware organic growers are suffering most definitely, aluminium promotes disease and malformed growth. Bees are being destroyed by it, developing dementia.