chemtrail diary Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 and following days …

Chemtrails started here NE England 0900 GMT and quite obvious, pics to follow, by 11:30 sky mostly obscure and by 12:30 quite hopeless to see if theres any further chemtrail being deposited. Its a MP (medium pressure) day after falling and till mid morning was bright blue and beautiful, we’ve lost all that now at 2pm. with heavy hazing my DQA reporting system is inoperable but is reported as OS (obscured sky) Therefore DQA 844 MP; OS; AS4 (aluminized sky). I think that is quite effective shorthand and allows me to compare days and diary notes instantly.

I wonder at the strength of the material being deposited, can it vary per chemtrail/ per plane ? We’ve had the brown tinged reaction clouds below indicating lots of chemtrail, there can be many days when chemtrail does not produce them, so far i’d say its a DQA 844; AS4 (aluminized sky). I wonder at how food producers cope with this, organic producers complain of aluminium levels reducing their crops resistance to disease.

Unusually worldview gives a picture of the chemtrails today, its the grey streaks that indicates chemtrail and their hazing.





Below …  ... chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh … chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh


In my opinion most of the above is chemtrail.

South coast of England chemtrails today …

chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019... ...
chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019…
chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019 ...
.chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019..

In my opinion theres a lot of chemtrail in the above pic, chemtrails around Isle of Man to north, Anglesey to south, Dublin to the west. See bottom of post for Anglesey chemtrail pics found on youtube.


contd …

Chemtrail diary UK Thursday 21st Feb 2019. Obvious chemtrail to the east early / mid morning coming in from the NorthSea, fortuitously / coincidentally as shown on worldview below; nothing seen afterwards …  worldview below has captured something.




below …

chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019


chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019

All i can say is that ‘it doesn’t look right’ and that the worldview data is very inexact, no time stamp, only the day and that even when we have had v obvious chemtrail days here in NE England it often does not show up on worldview.


Chemtrail diary Friday 22nd Feb 2019 … incomplete observations and intermittent chemtrail activity but mid morning and teatime provided firm evidence. Shipping area Trafalgar / Finisterre ie west of Gibralter got lots according to worldview … …. scroll upwards to look at Portugal and Galicia  …

Likewise eastern UK shows lots of chemtrail …

I wonder if nasa worldview is intentionally de-sensitised when showing chemtrail areas? As chemtrail activity is often not all day long it would be easy to place images online that contaion as little as possible of the offending activity. Likewise its obvious meteorologists / the weathermen must sign documents to be quiet about all this.

chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019

link for above …


Chemtrail pics Friday 22nd Feb 2019  see below, aluminized / hazy sky assuming leftover from previous days of chemtrail (Tuesday) etc  …. DQA 624 HP; IO; AS4

  • HP = High Pressure (F falling; R = Rising)
  • IO = Intermittent observation
  • AS = Aluminised sky
  • All are from a 1-10 scale;
  • DQA = Duration; Quantity; Altered sky.

The larger pic of the three below contains far more chemtrail that at first glance, its the central Pennine flightpath and seldom contains ‘random’ chemtrails as we see in the sky here in the north east of England.




Chemtrail diary north east England Saturday 23rd Feb 2019. As expected its a chemtrail day with spectacular chemtrails late morning, light chemtrail deposition for the last half week necessitates ‘topping up’ the cheimtrail levels.  I cannot help but feel that anyone that does not have their curiosity tickled by such shenanigans needs to have paid more attention at school ! Dull fellows indeed I wager !


In above, look carefully at bottom LH (click to expand) that is a lot of very deliberate chemtrail activity. Again, below same day, now it is teatime ….


This is not a natural sky.

Lets look at what worldview can reveal for Saturday 24th Feb 2019 …. northern Spain, Biscay, Brittany, I suspect a high volume of holiday flights. But still there is i think surreptitious chemtrailing, click to expand and see how the chemtrails are revealed ….

chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 …

click to expand, that is a massive amount of chemtrail.

chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 …
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 ...
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 …

I think there is ‘editing out’ going on here or image modification. If not, then the chemtrail people work hard at making it look like a natural thing.

Tootling around Europe here below we look at Amsterdam, Groningen, Bremen and Hamburg ….

chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 …
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 …

A quick google for ‘chemtrails Bremen’ and we find  …





postscript …

Here below is a quick search to find chemtrail pics for Anglesey, north Wales as mentioned at the beginning of this lengthening post.


I exercise copyright on all my own material, please ask etc to re-use.

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Nederlands Denmark get chemtrails today …

Saturday 16th Feb 2019 chemtrail diary. Lots as revealed on worldview. Though notice right of screen how all signs of this are eliminated east of Denmark … a re-drawn previous image or some means to eliminate the evidence? Worldview offering no signs of the all-morning chemtrail shenanigans here NE UK ie my DQA 844 for this period to 1pm, afternoon slowing up to 633 (or 522) at most for the complete hours of daylight, middle of the hours as expected obscured skies. My DQA reporting system allowing me to see in an instant how the day has gone and only applied to actual ‘observations first hand in the skies above. Worldview is more of a novelty, a side order of excitement, not the real thing by any means.

The chemtrails observed firsthand in the skies above are real and deliberate, there can be no misunderstanding, a CONTRAIL being a different thing. I don’t think it could be termed cloud seeding as done in say India, see prev post for links etc.

Anyway, using worldview to get a hint of what is happening elsewhere … chemtrail Sat 2pm worldview, Denmark. chemtrail Sat 2pm worldview, Denmark.

chemtrail Nederlands Saturday 16th Feb 2019
chemtrail Nederlands Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Yet in my own patch here ie NE England nothing is shown on worldview, the morning Saturday being a most obvious and irritating spectacle of chemtrails. This year will be worse for the chemtrail thing as the IPCC have given the green light.


chemtrails in Cornwall …

This is a valuable film, showing exactly the crap that we too get up here in the north east of England. As i mention in my pastable comment below it was only fourteen months ago that i ever even noticed such things, yet how can anyone be blind to such chemtrail shenanigans !


Below is what i left as comment and anyone is free to copy and paste my words as i think they make a succint and accurate introduction to the chemtrail conundrum, to try to get some sense into diehard deniers.

I quote …

North east England here … yes we get it up here too. That lower cloud at 03:20 is what I call a ‘lower reaction cloud’ heavy chemtrails and they turn to a brownish colour…. I also have devised a DQA reporting system for accuracy and brevity; modelled on the radio operators old RST report system. I only turned on to chemtrails fourteen months ago, why was I so blind and stupid? Well made film, accurate, informative, I’ll link to this from my bog if thats ok. …. Last summer I tracked two hours of heavy Sunday morning chemtrail ie 0800 – 0900 and 24hrs later flightradar24 on playback didn’t show me the original 300 plus flights but only 70 !! … I used a dryboard marker to record the criss cross lines and bingo have proof, comparative photos taken against white screen. Now we have last autumns IPCC Report ( a very emasculated inaccurate and outdated thing, doesn’t even include impending methane release) … I think this year they’ll go mad with chemtrails. General media do a very good job at bundling up chemtrail activity with disparate ‘nonsense theories’ so as to make ppl like u n me look stupid. This last week I’ve just discovered how google searches can often keep me contained in my own backyard so to speak and so now use search terms with locations added ie ‘chemtrail pics vancouver’ or seattle or algarve or Nederlands etc etc.

The Meteorologists and Weathermen must be gagged / bound by The Official Secrets Act so as not to spill the beans on this chemtrail crap.


There will hardly be anyone look over my previous posts therefore its sensible for me to keep ramming home the message.


postscript 2nd Feb v light late in the day chemtraisl yesterday, my DQA 111(LP)

I’ll add more to this post, searching ‘chemtrail pics NY ‘ or whatever brings lots of material otherwise unseen … below in Pennsylvania the chemtrails look just as we get them here in north east  England.


Heres a link to chemtrail seen in the mid Hudson Valley NY USA ….

Now here i go out on a limb and post material below that i cannot verify, that puts forward ideas and information that we must happilly view but be careful. However, as chemtrail watchers will tell you even the simplest basic fact of lots of air traffic / chemtrails where normally flightpaths do not occur is in itself enough to question and realise something is ‘not right’.


Lets face it tho … until now nuclear is on a steady-state hold so to speak, treaties etc so of course the tech geniuses are looking into other more exotic activities. If they were to do nothing then that in itself would be unbelievable!



Obscene chemtrails …

Yesterday 6th June 2018 teatime was quite horrible noth east UK with most obvious chemtrail activity. Remember mess media are most definitely slanted against anyone looking and questioning, they mix it all up with crap such as ‘conspiracy theory’ ‘mind control’ etc and this chemtrail topic is jumbled up say on youtube with garbage sensationalist listings.

This is weather modification and Governments sort of halfway admit its happening.

In the UK we had / were allowed a couple of clear bright weeks up to the Royal Wedding then as expected it gets darker, last week in the UK the skies have been most definitely uniformly grey and cold and to my mind not natural looking. Last three days blue is breaking through noticably later in the afternoon and chemtrails being noticeable. How much is being done above the cloud cover? However by yesterday teatime chemtrails were quite obscene. Clever job done by the media to frame any such looking up and questioning as ‘whacko’. Never mind, it’ll all come out eventually, where ‘we’ are going this is only the start.

Remember, chemtrails produce ‘free’ alunimium that would never normally exist in nature, though the element itself is abundant in a bonded form in the natural world. Its safe to assume that is why California burned the way it did (an incendiary in powder form) they’ve had lots of it for many years. Likewise autism is very high in California and along west coast USA life in lakes and rivers near absent due to chemtrails ie aluminium and other heavy metals ie in powder / nano-particle form. These are facts confirmed by fisheries biologists, at least those with the strength to say so publicly and not gagged by the chaos, cynicism and evil of trump and Pruitt and the lobbying by regressive out-moded nasty old white men with far too much money and self concern.  Likewise the silence on west coast USA / Pacific seabird die-off two years ago.

Checklist to get a handle on this chemtrail problem…….

non-fading aircraft trails

fast morphing and obstruction of clear skies

forming an overall haze

what should be a bright blue ‘high pressure day’ ruined

Also be aware organic growers are suffering most definitely, aluminium promotes disease and malformed growth. Bees are being destroyed by it, developing dementia. Here in the UK I notice the small shrub hebe and also conifers suffering first, never mind catastrophic diatom and plankton dieback, but the marine side also suffers acidification.  Yet its streams and rivers that are going back fast. Last night spied a whole small spinney of a single species immature looking most definitely browned and I would say irrecoverable. Monsanto have worldwide patents for their proven to be aluminium resistant seed, something that the farmer has to go back for each year as farmer grown crop is sterile seed.

The more that green growing things sense increased CO2 the less they transpire and produce converted CO2 to oxygen … and their dieing releases yet more carbon. Its a multiple never ending lose-lose situation. The machinery of nature and the complexity (one could say beauty) of its interconnected feedback loops is quite something to behold. See previous posts for lots of high quality links, vids etc.


An altered chemtrail sky …

I wouldn’t have blogged on this so quickly following my previous chemtrail post, but after yesterdays noon to 3pm performance of chemtrails in the sky above (UK) and this mornings most un-natural  ‘quilted’  uniform cloud cover I am adamant this receives serious consideration. This mornings 0700 uniformity of rippling cloud cover to me is most obviously not natural, is phoney, contrived. Little bit of an odd light effect too, dare one say ‘metallic’ ? I’m sure theres tie-in with sore eyes, nowadays more of a problem for me, but I hold back from too many unproven connections, my eyes are my problem but the sky can be seen by everyone and we share in it.

Interestingly in the first vid we are told millions ££ -$$ are spent to debunk the idea and the evidence of chemtrails, to ridicule anyone that looks up to the sky and questions what they see. Of course there is – look at the workings of Cambridge Analytica, Bannon, crooked Trump etc etc

I’ve seen a lot of sky – ‘cos I’ve spent a lot of my life ‘skiving’ (no pun intended) being out when others are stuck to their fixed work hours,  I get the work done when it suits me, I will not allow work to be my Master – I’ve had forty years of continuous hard effort. Clear blue days (at least when we used to get them) are very precious to me, hence a ‘power of observation’ many seem not to have.

Its a minefield out there when trawling for data, for information. As proven with Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook quandary there are some suprisingly strange forces at work to manipulate what it is we find. How I utterly hate the term ‘conspiracy theory’ very lazy English thrown about when often theres little knowledge behind it and digging deeper to develop a discussion proves to be futile.





The last posted youtube is a full lenghth documentary of Rosalind Peterson, very active in questioning the chemtrails and problems caused in California, they appear to have suffered longer than anyone, many decades I think, witness the build up of aluminium particles exacerbating the California wildfires in 2017 – it was an ‘un-natural’ incendiary at work. Organic growers are suffering and bees have levels of unbonded ie free aluminium that seems to have caused their decline from Alzheimers! The EU tells us 89% of our grown food depends upon pollination from insects and bees.

Yesterday on the most incredible bright blue afternoon (apart from crazy chemtrails) and a chance to get some work done in my garden I saw two bees at work among my patches of crocus. Only ones I’ve seen so far this year, very few bright clear days.

Real people, real problem  …


Postscript – at 0930 its brighter, but I would say a v noticeable aluminised sheen if I may be allowed to make non-tested unscientific conjecture,  near blinding and the start of what looks to be more trails being laid. A most unreal brightness.