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To quote the start of my profile “I don’t like being fooled.”

I make effort to find what others see happening in the skies above them, the point of this many-post blog is to help others get a quick fix on issues and links that help understand climate change, species loss, chemtrails and suchlike. A fortnight ago i realised adding a location to google searches produced reams of material that had been unfindable ie search  ‘chemtrail pics Vancouver’  or London, or Paris, Rotterdam, Seattle, San Diego, Manchester, Ireland, Spain  …. everywhere!

First youtube below does a good job, just what we see up here on an active day for chemtrails. Yet few if any take notice, or attach any curiosity when the matter is raised, impending reduced CO2 will only increase such lethargy and failing cognitive function. General media does a good job of bundling chemtrails with other unconnected nonsense so as to make ppl like me appear to be idiots. A bright blue day can be ruined with chemtrails – often is – the aesthetic viewpoint alone is damned jarring never mind thinking about the increased level of ‘heavy metals’ inc aluminium etc. We are being fooled and the populace is happy to concur. Likewise with carbon based personal transport, easy jet flights, beef and burger based meals … all will take a lot of prising from greedy hands …..

It must have taken a long time to convince pre-savvy distant man of a century and more ago that something such as  microbes, bacteria, pathogens, viruses etc actually exist in that you cannot see them but they can kill you; that clean hands matter. Likwise Dalton and his atomic theory, I’ve a feeling he wouldn’t have wasted his breath enthusing and trying to convince his neighbours of ‘such little things’,  poor man would only have his time wasted being collared to hear tales of atoms …  ‘ressin cross’t field chessed bi’t dogs’ or atoms nesting under the barn … “But I’ll get the buggers” replies the rustic  … or that only the other week he was bitten by one!

Enough of the comical aside, lets gather evidence …




chemtrail diary …

postscript, its now 16th Feb 2019 (my DQA reporting system 844) and its a chemtrail Saturday, looking at yesterdays NASA worldview we cannot see any of the chemtrail mayhem that flew in the skies all day up here in NE England !! I’ll post it above as a newer page; using the previous day worldview (I need a better set of sat images than worldview) … we find …

chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019

Below, Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019

chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019

So, worldview doesn’t even give a hint, any hint whatsoever of what was up in the sky NE England yesterday, but elsewhere, Irish Sea and also Portugal we see lots of chemtrail; zoom in on that second pic ie Portugal from the link and see quite how many chemtrails there are. I reckon sprayed / deposited so as ‘to look’ like weather ie to disguise.  you often see on the edge of a weather system chemtrails tagged on. As with yesterday, later morning was low quantity to and fro in a corridor NE England…  chemtrails didn’t seem to stop around too long, only a 20% hazing of the sky ie first set of pics below and second set of pics reveal the distant haze in the west to be a corridor of chemtrail prob deposited for several hours as taken teatime. Today 16th Feb its Saturday morning chemtrail.
















DQA Thursday 14th Feb 2019 422 O/S (obscured sky); Friday 15th Feb 2019 833; Saturday 16th Feb looks to be as I guess 844. reporting system i have developed refers to duration, quantity, affect.


footnote: I’m using a tag and category of ‘weather modification’ but its not stricly true in that the term more accurately describes ‘cloud seeding’ where salt with propellant are sprayed in the sky from aircraft, Bloomberg has an interesting article on this for India ….



Chemtrails … or not?

Tricky subject this, highly emotive.

I personally don’t know which way to go on this, I’m trained to be analytical, to think  (my work which can be often original and of a high level amply demonstrates such) to operate a certain rigour and look further than the merely apparent, however lets try to calmly evaluate what we see.

Yesterday morning Thursday 9th March 2018 say 0800-1000 what had originally been a bright blue sky was chopped up and obscured with fast evolving haze that at present I view as chemical/ particle additives or chemtrails, part of the admitted ‘geoengineering’ activity that the Government admits to. So therefore deniers are already in the wrong ‘cos the UK Government admits to it. I only turned on to this whole subject a few weeks ago, but cannot help wonder why our bright blue mornings and days are ruined by non-disappearing aircraft trails that meld to a continuous sky of haze, a huge hotch-potch of non-conformity. I pointed this out yesterday morning at nine to a neighbour and its like banging ones head against a brick wall, nothing but refusal to read the picture and an immediate use of the dreaded lazy cover-all ‘controversy theory’ to patronise to piss-take, as if teflon coated to refute anything and everything. But another nearby resident was open to the idea that things were not quite right overhead and I can see I set her mind to think on the problem.

We had three days of this before the week of snow recently, observed 22-24th Feb 2018.

The day before yesterday ie 8th March there was none of this hazy contrived sky-scape, just a bright blue sky with the what was usual minimal aircraft activity. But watch out for mornings of high pressure ie a bright blue sky, I know fine well succeeding clear blue mornings would be more likely to produce the phenomena. As with all early sciences and laymans observations we need to develop a formalised reporting card or evaluation, otherwise the observed data itself merely becomes hazy!

My question is,  why is it on ‘chemtrail days’ we see aircraft flying repeatedly where aircraft to my mind normally never run?  Why do the trails persist, whats the high pressure to chemtrail connection? Why the extreme turbulence and rapid change in appearance continually morphing over the two hours I observed yesterday? Why are people not prompted to engage brain cells when what we see above is so contrived, so unreal?  … how I detest the term ‘controversy theory’ a sound-clever lazy catch-all.

The parallel spaced trails may occur because of repeated runs of trail that drift therefore spacing them apart. But so far with early observations the spaced trails often remain where they are planted and looks that the aircraft themselves are spaced sideways, though I do realise the sky above can be highly stratified re wind direction, speed etc.  However, the drift is always at right angles to the flightpath, is this engineered, intentional or is it after all the fingerprint in the sky of repeated journeys? California has had many years of this aerial activity and its thought the aluminium caused the catastrophic incendiary type of effect in recent fires, the second embed below has a parade of intelligent scientific, medical and technical people that all question and condem this activity as certainly to be chem trails and the associated much higher levels of aluminium nano particles that it is believed cause Alzheimers and autism, ie instead of autism in children ocurring at say one in ten thousand its now one in forty eight for boys.  We can also see on ‘busy days’ several aircraft in the sky at once, we are a backwater here, its hard to see why or justify such intense aerial activity.

What also bugged me about yesterday mornings apparent chemtrail activity when the previous day there was nothing was the turbulence and fast evolving haze/ ‘cloud’ system that constantly churned and evolved at a peculier high rate of knots, not at all a ‘steady state’. These were not high altitude Cumulus, merely strands of haze. Every five minutes looking out the door the spectacle had changed. It would have been interesting to capture this on stop-motion photography, maybe I will. I would also hazard that lets say it was a chemical deposition, to my mind it looked to have descended quickly to lower altitude, if we are correct in connecting flight activity with being a man-made and artoficail obscured sky. Thres lots of conjecture here but what we are observing cannot help but prompt questions.

We know that with the present levels of CO2 that plant protein is a third down, transpiration and planetary cooling and CO2 conversion reduced, also plankton loss, ice loss, Jet Stream circumpolar circulation now split and flowing as two loops over the Arctic, arctic temp up a staggering 30C (not a misprint) impending Antarctic ice shelf collapse due to sea undercutting, Arctic methane release in three forms …. etc etc …. and so I realise everything is changing extremely rapidly, much quicker than anyone would have dared to predict and so maybe the atmospheric reaction to air traffic is a natural cause of needless haze and manufactured skies … but I think not. Chem trails are admitted as a multi-million industry, lots of vested interested. But the reasons DO NOT STACK UP.

Incidentally, the whole odea of such chemtrail and weather manipulation activity originated from the Military, to control the weather in the battlefield and cause disaster in your enemies homeland.

Its up to you to find what you wish on this emotive subject; some are hell bent on denying what I write about when its obvious there is some validity. All I wish in this post is to open readers minds and get what I see above into the open for discussion.

In balance here Paul Beckwith tells us chemtrails are phoney  …




Incidentally proving the Government is not squeeky clean  ….

Note on the above link the trail goes dead.

postscript …  Sunday 11th March 2018. At 0700 its v obvious to see chemtrails above our local city in a clear blue sky, twenty minutes later hazed over, would be hard to convince anyone unless having seen the earlier observation; three planes in the sky and two 90 degree turns added to the oddness of the first observation. Its the speed at which the sky/ haze develops that raises questions and churns and develops every few minutes also planes on flightpaths we would never normally see. Yesterday was drizzle then fog, previous day my irritating encounter with a neighbour at 0900 trying to get them to realise something is wrong – not to introduce whacky conspiracy crap but merely to engage some brain cells instead of offering ridicule. Many people just do not ‘see it’.