A clear sky …

… warrants a blog post. I am here in north east England.

So seldom we get a clear blue sky during daylight, I mean clear not just hazy chemtrailed clear’ish hint of blue … that you know is not the real clear sky we used to know. I have pics too, its that big an event. I suppose with the May Cumulus it would be insane to try and do otherwise, to ruin it after all the chemtrail bods as blatant as they can be still need to convey a sense of ‘normal’ … the chemtrail people / contractors tend to work with / tuck in with what is displayed on the wx satellites.

This mornings NASA worldview for Sat 4th May 2019 reveals Yellow Sea, China, Japan are being chemtrailed / geoengineered today ie in my opinion formed from a hundred hours self taught imaginative interpretation.

chemtrail geoengineering suspected Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2DJxj4X

Lets draw back from the above for an overall picture …

chemtrail geoengineering yellow sea China Japan 4 May 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm
chemtrail geoengineering Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm


Also look to Aland, southern Finland as shown NASA worldview 13:50 BST. Lets find youtubes from these geographical locations …

Below from the same channel as above I see we both agree in how we interpret NASA worldview for chemtrail geoengineering.






Aluminized sky – Friday 5th April 2019.

The unfolding day and how the objective appears to maintain aluminium levels ie a hazy sky.

Its 09:15 BST, at 0700 v bright and clear, by 07:30 chemtrail and by 08:30 haze developed probably from an aluminized sky blown in from chemtrail activity yesterday elsewhere in northern Europe as seen on NASA worldview. We needn’t have directly observable chemtrails to have the effects of chemtrail ie an aluminized sky.

Yesterday was v unusual in that no chemtrails were visible in the sky above ie my limited semi-urban cone of view say twenty miles in diameter.

The sky is now very obviously aluminized at 09:15 the Sun obscured. I’d rate at 3/10 or maybe 5/10 with hindsight for aluminization, no fast churn, no multiple chemtrail after 08:10

Below is this mornings chemtrails hard to discern against an already aluminized sky at 08:06 BST … theres four or five in there. NE England.

chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019  08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England.
chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019 08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England. Theres five chemtrail in this one B&W shot.

To be contd as the day progresses …..

Dribs and drabs of sporadic random chemtrail as the day progressed, my rating of 5/10 for chemtrail induced haze, no lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, more ‘a still deadness’ to the sky … clear bright blue never present, haze obscures further chemtrails being obvious. At teatime random chemtrails go crazy, see below. Thats what its all about, an ever-present chemtrail / aluminium haze. For a day i’ve shot on b&w hoping chemtrails wld register better without distraction of colour but now will move back to colour as I’ve lost the ability to convey the blue-ness or otherwise of the sky.




Using b&w is proving a bit of a washout, I’m not registering what i see with my own eyes, so lets ‘doctor’ the final image. On ‘open file’ we move brightness down one div, contrast up one div and gamma down one div to produce … ie -1,+1,-1

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, thats useful, nothing invented, merely bringing the picture onscreen nearer to what is seen with the naked eye. So lets try the same ie -1,+1,-1 on the brightness, contrast and gamma settings for the first image taken this morning …

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, five chemtrails plus a new one not seen on the non-enhanced image posted as first image top of page. From now on we’ll go back to colour photographs of chemtrail.

*next morning Saturday v overcast and hazy, nothing could be seen even if it were there.



Three dozen by 0900 …

Chemtrail diary for Saturday 23rd March, 2019. NE England.

In the two hours to 0900 its three dozen chemtrails at a guess, most certainly an ‘aluminized sky’  … big swathes of built-up man-made aluminized sky, rippled, pockmarked, strange haze; yet so far short of the sometimes ‘lower brown reaction clouds’. Maybe seeing the latter were trials to determine how much chemtrail could be deposited without bizarre fast churn, something witnessed three or four times last year. Noon onwards overall grey and getting colder, teatime was dark and chilly.

to be contd as the day develops….

Until late morning the number and frequency of chemtrails was quite obscene, from noon an obscured sky and by 2pm total haze, all random, none in corridor fashion.  Some lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, but still an obviously aluminized sky. My DQA reporting system for the morning only …  ie DQA 10,7,7; HP, IO, AS, NFC (ie high pressure day, incomplete observation,  altered sky, aluminized sky, no fast churn).

Curiously nasas worldview even when viewing Europe as a whole screams obvious chemtrail activity, the tone of grey is the giveaway. https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD

chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD
chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2WiXfLD

I would love to hear what digital communications occur regarding this.


chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2WfZ5go
chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2WfZ5go

Very seldom do i get worldview chemtrail evidence such as links to what is seen from the ground. Click the above embeds and links to magnify the image, it is one very nasty build-up of chemtrail and i assume nano-particles of aluminium etc.

chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2YgTdW6
chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2YgTdW6

As is often the case the Irish Sea / Anglesey gets a lot of chemtrail. Note all of the above grey is in fact chemtrail.

Pics from NE England period 0800 – 10:30am  for Sat 23rd March 2019 … highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering.

Heres more highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering for the same Saturday morning, remember this led to a very overcast and cold afternoon and as is typical the chemtrails were sprayed on a day of high barometric pressure.  I have a recording paper drum barograph that keeps permanent record for comparative purposes.

What more evidence, more obvious material could i provide than this? I got a couple of conversations late in the afternoon, ppl new to me but pleasant conversation all the same,under a spooky grey manmade sky and at tail end I mentioned “Look – aren’t they chemtrails?” … and its a surefire way to have ppl wrap up the chatter and move on. ordinarily i would not mention them, but on consideration perhaps its a 50% chance that i do. As stated previously over my many chemtrail blog posts the general media have done a good job in bundling up the chemtrail idea with all sorts of nonsense material.

youtube chemtrails …

I am not stupid, those that know me will say likewise but the chemtrail thing is highly emotive, ruins friendships and one has to be very careful how this subject is broached, often for the sake of sanity is left unspoken. Yet if I’m ever outside and chemtrail crap is being produced then I’ll often point them out to anyone that is nearby. What I point to cannot be refuted.

Sometimes the chemtrails are …. random, sometimes in a corridor as if mimicking a cloud formation, on worldview chemtrails can be tacked on the edges of visible cloud / weather system.  I also find they are laid in a corridor say on the hardly populated mid Pennine flightpath and next day have drifted above here, a common trick using drift as the chemtrails drift eastward over USA western seaboard. Obscuring skies do not aid observation, but often in a break in the cloud bingo theres mature chemtrail.

Another chemtrail phenomena usually when its been an intense deposition as say last year 0700-0830 is ‘fast churn’ in the sky above that is really quite horrible. This can also lead to lower brown ‘reaction clouds’. There can also be an ‘aluminized sky’ and quite common to see this.

I also have developed my own DQA chemtrail reporting system ie duration, quantity and affect, all on a scale 0-10.

The point of this blog is to provide a repository, a quick fix of and succinct data of climate change and chemtrails for people . They are interconnected. And with chemtrails we will get nowhere unless we observe and record … and this is what I’m doing.

Googling is aided by adding locations to the search box, Vancouver, Seattle, Rotterdam, Bremen, Liverpool, Portugal, Sardinia etc etc wherever, people around the world are seing these things. Aluminium levels i believe exacerbated the CA wildfires, produce alzheimer in bees, destroy caddisfly (food chain) in west USA rivers and streams and its also my belief that diatoms at the base of the marine food chain are probablt also compromised. Witness the hardly reported Pacific seabird die-off of three and four years ago, hardly reported and never mentioned is the symbiotic relationship between diatoms and the bryozoans of coral reef. Highly ironic as burning the worlds reserves of oil and gas which is mostly derived from diatoms has led to their and our demise. I’m no expert but i find it impossible to just sit back and fiddle as Rome burns … much like the retard in the White House, fed his ideas by dirty old people drunk on monetary wealth. Oh yes and earthworms we heard last week on bbc r4 are in decline.

Here are some very useful youtubes that advance the arguament that chemtrails are real and cannot be ignored or refuted …





Thanks to youtuber nord 80 and material he’s collected.

Chemtrail diary contd …

Tuesday to Tuesday seems to align with my own habits and preferences. Today Wed 27th Feb 2019 we get yet another clear day other than as usual just a few chemtrails early morning. Theres got to be a biggie soon, though last year it was clear sky a whole fortnight before the Royal Wedding. A lot of what I do is intuitive, part obscured snap shot of what might be the real picture and part trying to see if theres a rythmn or routine to any of it.

Tonight nasa worldview shows lots of chemtrail out over Rockall, Malin ie west and north of Ireland. Worldview is not conclusive, we can have chemtrails here yet nothing shows up on worldview.


chemtrails northern Ireland and west of Scotland 27th Feb 2019
chemtrails northern Ireland and west of Scotland 27th Feb 2019

I have no idea, are these a group of dedicated aircraft flying specifically to lay chemtrail (as contractors) or just a few of many aircraft on routine flights with installed spraying apparatus, controlled say by some distant Ops Centre ? Or a mixture of both ?

My thoughts so far is that chemtrails are real and true, that there is increased aluminium due to these shenanigans as is widely repoted from around the world and its probably a genuine objective to increase the reflectivity of the sky. I’m baffled that crops in the field can grow when theres so much obstruction of sunlight. Likewise organic growers complain of aluminium levels affecting their crops, negating disease resistance.  I also think general media bundles up chemtrails with lots of unconnected crazy nonsense so as to ridicule ppl such as myself. Something different altogether ‘cloud seeding’ is basically salt to induce rainfall, a quick search and its used in India, low tech.

Also west of Portugal, Trafalgar looks messy and chemtrailed …. https://go.nasa.gov/2IFM5Ph

chemtrails Trafalgar ie Atlantic west of Spain worldview 27th Feb 2019
chemtrails Trafalgar ie Atlantic west of Spain worldview 27th Feb 2019

The split image above and below is worldviews output, nothing is altered by me.


chemtrails closer look Trafalgar 27th Feb 2019
chemtrails closer look Trafalgar 27th Feb 2019


Chemtrail diary UK Thursday 28th Feb 2019… Its 2pm so we can get to see worldview of northern and western Europe ….


chemtrails Portugal Trafalgar 28th Feb 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IRanWO
chemtrails Portugal Trafalgar 28th Feb 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IRanWO

Also chemtrails as is often west of Denmark and east of Brittany. Weather system arching over to northern UK also may contain chemtrail, very difficult to distinguish. Increasingly as I ‘get accustomed’ to looking at this material i would say there is deliberate positioning of chemtrail activity, to hide its most obvious appearance when searched for on worldview.



chemtrail diary 2nd March 2019 Saturday … days of grey sky preclude seeing chemtrail if any are being laid, today Saturday mid morning is blatant and a ‘fluke’ gap in the clouds at 5pm likewise allows us to see the obvious (pics below). I cannot use my DQA reporting system as its a day of incomplete observation. from what i’ve seen I’d say DQA 423, IO, AS3. (Same on Sunday the day after).



Note above the four pics taken teatime Saturday and how easily the chemtrail is obscured by lower cloud. Initially for twenty minutes I couldn’t see anything but luckily there was a gap in the clouds. A new big chemtrail was being added every seven or ten minutes, thats six a hour directly above. Theres just no-way ornery folk can latch onto something so ‘subtle’ and remember general media does a good job at bundling up anything chemtrail with all sorts of spurious nonsense.

Meanwhile worldview shows us horrendous chemtrail activity at the usual places ie Biscay ….

chemtrails galore Biscay Saturday 2nd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2ILq4OZ
chemtrails galore Biscay Saturday 2nd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2ILq4OZ

I think theres a little bit of alteration in the results or the images that we can see from worldview in relation to chemtrails.

below … https://go.nasa.gov/2GXwmcK

suspected chemtrail NE coast 2nd March 2019 ...https://go.nasa.gov/2GXwmcK
suspected chemtrail NE coast 2nd March 2019 …https://go.nasa.gov/2GXwmcK

Increasingly i feel the difference in grey (partridge, french?) colour hides / minimises the presence of chemtrail. As is often the case worldview does not reveal the chemtrails that i see overhead.


chemtrail diary Sunday 3rd March 2019. Its going to be a lot of work in the coming nine months to catalogue / record the chemtrail shenanigans here in the UK; someone has to do it, v few ppl seem bothered!

Occasional chemtrails up above, mid afternoon to the west ‘an aluminized sky’ no fast churn, therefore i guess at (my own DQA reporting system) AS3.

Lets glean from worldview whatever we can ….

chemtrails NE Coast 3rd March 2019 ...https://go.nasa.gov/2IPRR0V
chemtrails NE Coast 3rd March 2019 …https://go.nasa.gov/2IPRR0V

This image above from worldview is both highly ‘suspect’ but also extremely relevant to my task here. That upper band of a ‘different grey’ tells me so much. Here NE UK the sky was much obscured, occasional glimpses of chemtrail, not even enough time to dash downstairs and get the camera.  Notice to the upper edge of the chemtrail band, yup thats chemtrails.

North Sea larger view Sunday 3rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IOoifW
North Sea larger view Sunday 3rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IOoifW

The above certainly demonstrates what a crazy world chemtrail activity has produced. Ditto below ….

Biscay chemtrail Sunday 3rd March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IPsb4w
Biscay chemtrail Sunday 3rd March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IPsb4w


chemtrail diary Monday 4th March 2019 … all morning three or four significnt chemtrails per hour, afternoon nothing seen, slightly aluminized / altered sky therefore DQA 4,2,2 AS-2  … however it is all a cumulative build up of aluminium and cannot be ignored.

suspected chemtrail NE coast 2nd March 2019 what a mess of artificial cloud !!!
suspected chemtrail NE coast 2nd March 2019 what a mess of artificial cloud !!!

I am highly suspicious of the above, we can see some chemtrail yet the instant giveaway is the clour of the grey as revealed on worldview. Here on the ground it was an unusual sporadic three or four chemtrails an hour.






UK chemtrail diary 17th Feb 2019

Sunday today, chemtrails started here NE England 0900 GMT, I’d rate so far as looking to be a DQA 833 day; MP-F (medium barometric pressure) and falling; AS3. (ie altered sky 3). Middle hours of the day lots of cloud cover, probably induced from the earlier chemtrails. For my DQA reporting system search prev posts. Some good convincing photographs to follow. When you’ve been brought up on the resistor colour code and radio operator RST all this is second nature. All reports are from a max of 10, God help us if we ever hit the max ….

Lets look at NASA worldview … data collected 13:30 GMT …


chemtrails English Channel and Belgium Sunday 17th Feb 2019
https://go.nasa.gov/2IfM6sP … chemtrails English Channel and Belgium Sunday 17th Feb 2019

I want to post another screenshot of up here in NE England but the resolution is abysmal …. perhaps ‘they are on to me’ ? I’ll try agn later but certainly today Sunday morning chemtrails are plain and clear up above. So far DQA i would say 833; AS; MP-F.

North Africa / western Med is getting chemtrails today …. https://go.nasa.gov/2STH0H8

15:00 GMT worldview update …. the little cnts are flying up from Spain (whoops a Derek and Clive moment) …  as is their method tagging along a weather system, sufficient brains to ‘blend in’.  Sorry, I mean Contractors and Third Party Beneficiaries. Its called money, it opens doors, lubricates efficacy, is a near universal motivator particularly among men.


… expand the image, its all blurred but sufficient is provided to realise / confirm this is man-made. As stated many times before, I need something better than worldview is providing.

Active up to date bloggers are rare, much material is old, of previous years. So, its unusual or more correctly not many people blog currently. Its my opinion we are being monitored, of course we are, the web is the all BIG thing. Therefore to avoid a few areas in England – those of the active bloggers – and there is a significant reduction of online kickback to the crap in the skies. This brings in to focus the last few photographs taken today, i have refrained from photographing a previous ‘cross’ in the sky as a pointless giveaway but this afternoon at sunset it was most impressive, as if devised for some poor sap to photograph and upload. My IP alone will be sufficient for the authorities to obtain my location … is everyone aware google street view also registers IP addesses along the pics of your house ?


Note also a small amount of what I term ‘aluminisation’ as at RH second from bottom, ditto to the left. It is the aluminized sky that annoys me, presses me to observe and try to get a handle on what is happening; we are being denied bright blue days. At this point all I can say is chemtrail spraying most likely is to increase reflectivity, that in 2019 we will see lots more of it and the aluminium levels are destroying bees (alzheimers), possibly insects and most likely caddisfly in rivers and streams. I also  wonder of earthworms and diatoms.



Chemtrail diary …

After fourteen months I’ve now learned to take a daily peek at NASA worldview; here in the UK worldview shows UK sat images from 1pm ie six hours after sunrise, lots missing, only a fraction of chemtrail that is visible above ever gets revealed on worldview, as mentioned before i need a better weather satellite!   I also have learnt to add geographical tags to the search terms ie ‘chemtrail Brittany’ (see below).

Monday Feb 11th 2019 chemtrail diary. https://go.nasa.gov/2SrFPio …. note I add the day to the title, I’m trying to see if theres a routine / rythmn to chemtrail activity. Already i think theres a link to spraying on HP bright blue days. The conclusion of the day here NE England yes chemtrails extremely vague random pattern a.m. but later afternoon a little more obvious, in a ‘corridor’ over central Pennine flightpath; very convincing. My DQA reporting system warrants … 433 HP all day hazy from chemtrail and a slight to moderately aluminized sky.

Looking at NASA worldview we can find …

Chemtails Fastnet / Lundy / west of England … https://go.nasa.gov/2I9wxTE

Suspicious – categorising as chemtrails … Irish Sea / Isle of Man … https://go.nasa.gov/2I58bdS

Chemtrails west of Ireland ie Shannon … https://go.nasa.gov/2SoaehC

Chemtrails central Ireland … https://go.nasa.gov/2I5ab5S

NASA worldview does not display any of the chemtrail shenanigans as viewed from NE England today. As stated before, i need a better sat service. Anyone?

And so googling the above location Brittany we find …. http://m.el-libertario.webnode.es/en/chemtrails-para-envenenarnos/

also … https://www.facebook.com/Chemtrails-A-World-Wide-Ban-Now-132692550246388/

Tuesday 12th Feb 2019 its 0930 GMT nothing to see as chemtrail so far but looks to have a slight aluminized effect, of course it has, the sky seldom is allowed to be without chemtrail somewhere above or on the horizon.

looking at NASA worldview 13:50 GMT we get chemtrail in the English Channel … https://go.nasa.gov/2SFSRIH

chemtrail East Anglia / Dover, Thames, Humber … https://go.nasa.gov/2SIQdSh

I cannot see the chemtrail thats up here, but certainly I’ve seen it lunchtime in the distance to the west.

Chemtrail Netherlands Belgium … https://go.nasa.gov/2SKWexU

Chemtrail northern Spain / Fitzroy … https://go.nasa.gov/2SNYILW … what i would prefer to call Finisterre !!

Chemtrail California / Pacific coast collected 21:45 GMT … https://go.nasa.gov/2IaKbpL

Chemtrail plain as day southern England / English Channel  … https://go.nasa.gov/2IjqJH4

At end of day ie teatime 12th Feb yup theres plenty of chemtrail above the lower cloud cover all seems mostly to the west as often is; pics below…



Heres a link to a previous post full of links to worldview and pics / observations to back-up my words  …. https://climate-change-briefing.com/2019/01/22/chemtrails-caught-on-nasa-imagerey/

I try not to jump to conclusions, to not assume, merely to observe and document.