Are these chemtrails ?

Looking around the world we find these and what I am assuming look to be chemtrail; located Moscow, Novgorod and eastward to  Kazan.

Russia chemtrails Monday 25th Nov 2019 ...
Are these chemtrails? Russia chemtrails Monday 25th Nov 2019 …
Yellow Sea, Qingdao, Seoul chemtrail Monday 25th Nov 2019 ...
Yellow Sea, Qingdao, Seoul chemtrail Monday 25th Nov 2019 …

Try also suspected chemtrail over eastern Med ie Cyprus link only …

Chemtrails ? link only …

Below, obvious and pernicious chemtrail shenanigans, sea area Shannon west of Lands End.

West of Lands End ie chemtrails ...
Chemtrails !! …. West of Lands End ie chemtrails …

Suspicion of chemtrail geoengineering link only …

Wow look at this chemtrail activity North Atlantic link only …








Lines in the sky today…

chemtrail diary 17th July 2019

Its a forthcoming fact we are screwed; high arctic temperatures at plus 25 and 30 deg C spell nothing but methane release, super-quick ice extinction and a re-jigging of climate feedback loops that indeed is cruel to human kind.

I wouldn’t be so vociferous on this subject but for one person, a person that has zilch ability to reflect and modify, to knee jerk her way thro life, nothing really to show for her supposed cleverness and expects to fool everyone. A total anathema to myself and my way of thinking. What I wish I could ask for is development, ingenuity, something new to look at that proves she can really think. Posturing or clever-dick put-downs I find vile and silly. Worthless (as indeed they are) … so all I ask is for readers to reflect, to ponder, to learn … rare skills these days. Quietness leads to many rewards.

Lets look at NASA worldview and gain some idea of chemtrail / geoengineering, lines in the sky that in my opinion point to chemtrail and geoengineering that needs to be openly acknowledged as real and true.

Heres five screen shots from NASA worldview that  are worth looking at for 17th July …

  • Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019

With all these NASA worldview images please go back to the particular time and date and click to see expanded images, also experiment with the three layers that worldview provides, sometimes the differences can make the experimentation worthwhile.

My hope is that chemtrails and geoengineering will be accepted and believed as real.

Why is it so many refute such blatant and obvious activity?

… yes chemtrail activity up in the sky here NE England these last few days, too trivial to post here, I’m inclined to just post the ‘big chemtrail events’.


postscript: next day looking back over NASA sat imagery and choosing the aqua / MODIS overlay (middle of three NASA worldview overlays) we find over the North Sea below …

circles of chemtrail on NASA sat image 17 July 2019
circles of chemtrail on NASA sat image 17 July 2019 For scale the big loop is 35 mile diameter. 
Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, chemtrail geoengineering 17 July 2019
Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, chemtrail geoengineering 17 July 2019 Overlay used is terra /MODIS ie NASA worldview. 
chemtrails Lesbos, Limnos, Khios Greece 17 July 2019
chemtrails Lesbos, Limnos, Khios Greece 17 July 2019

The latter is a more detailed image from that posted in the initial group at first posting.

So what do i make of all this? I cannot discount and shrug this off as mere lines in the sky or anything conventional, it screams to be interpreted and record kept.

Lets scout around for relevant youtube material (tho i suspect my youtube searches are missing much that should be pertinent) …

On the above theres masses of links and info to click and follow up at the youtube page.



Theres no such thing as chemtrails!

… I can hear the ‘ready to dismiss brigade’ so certain in their brief glance at the sky above.

Cors not, not in the flippin sky you can see above in your particular ‘cone of view’ … but with the wonders of sat technology we are allowed to glean a little of what might be happening elsewhere. Here below is widespread chemtrail / geoengineering in the Baltic yesterday 26 June 2019 … England itself today is squeaky clean ie devoid of chemtrails (so far ie 4pm BST).

Wednesday 29th June 2019 chemtrail geoengineering Baltic Sea ...
Wednesday 29th June 2019 chemtrail geoengineering Baltic Sea …


At times like this I roll out my tried and tested analogy when the little child screams “The circus has gone the circus has gone” …. yes, the circus has gone (for now) but has merely moved to another town quite out of sight. This does not mean the circus no longer exists or is no longer spreading mirth and wonder, but will one day return just as with chemtrails and geoengineering.

postscript … Thursday 27th June 2019 nothing all day chemtrail but at sunset yes one v distinct chemtrail in front of the setting sun and a couple of hazed / broad trails lingering.

Australia … chemtrails and France too!

As noticed this last week adding a distant location to a google search (Vancouver or Seattle or San Diego, Algarve, Rotterdam etc etc) brings home new information ie ‘chemtrail pics darwin australia’ provides good quality material worthy of time to read and ponder. Philippines, Sulu Sea etc look to get a lot of chemtrails. .. see the pics he took when over in Europe.


UK chemtrail diary 5th Feb 2019 …  today here in north east UK it was overcast, later verging to obvious moderately aluminized sky, only twice in all afternoon did i see a gap in the cloud and hey presto got a pic of two or three large chemtrails expanding and hazing for the first instance and at second occasion two hours later again there is chemtrail to be seen. I need something better than free version NASA worldview.


Wed Feb 6th 2019 chemtrail diary, I wake up to a mid-level aluminized sky (ie thankfully insufficient for the dreaded fast churn) typical aluminized rippled haze, and associated bright glare of an obscured Sun, and yes there are new trails every five minutes. Remember, its the days of no chemtrails that highlight the activity. Last years IPCC Report will have opened the door for more obvious and massive chemtrail activity. Looking at NASA worldview hints that chemtrail activity is laid at the margins of existing cloud cover or as in the case here yesterday above cloud cover, the latter aluminized / obscured sky being i assume induced from whats up there already ie previous days deposition; pics to follow. Looks to be a biggie today and an experiment i assume to just keep short of inducing ‘brown reaction clouds’ which are immediately bogus / manmade. Not of course that many or even anyone would notice….


Yes, masses of chemtrails ie southern England this morning … appears on worldview at 1300 GMT …

ditto Northern England …

Obscene and dastardly! …  the sky here this morning has been continual chemtrail, if they can’t be seen they can be heard.

Out in the North Sea …

Convincing proof of chemtrails …

Grid chemtrails … southern England …


Thurs 7th Feb 2019 … chemtrails strangely absent from my cone of view today compared to yesterdays madness, only one or two all day. Looking at NASA worldview chemtrails over Biscay …

Suspected chemtrails south west Ireland at a 6pm log-in … that heavy bank of cloud looks to be full of chemtrail. I suspect efforts are made to make it look like ‘weather’ … of course they do !

chemtrails Japan …

Fri 8th Feb 2019 … very overcast, v low pressure, 1pm gets out sunny. Peeps of chemtrail thro v occasional gaps this morning.

northern Spain / Biscay very obvious chemtrail a.m….

chemtrails Corsica Sardinia a.m…

chemtrail Balearics a.m….

taking a look at worldview at 1600 GMT we find northern Spain / Bilbao full of chemtrails  …. … the grey haze around the chemtrail area seems to often accompany chemtrail activity, therefore at lower mag look for the particular grey and hey presto u have chemtrails.

Logging in 2100 GMT to worldview brings chemtrail mayhem east of the Carolinas USA …

Continuing the idea of adding a distant city to the search words, using ‘chemtrails Paris’ we obtain …






Obscene chemtrails …

Yesterday 6th June 2018 teatime was quite horrible noth east UK with most obvious chemtrail activity. Remember mess media are most definitely slanted against anyone looking and questioning, they mix it all up with crap such as ‘conspiracy theory’ ‘mind control’ etc and this chemtrail topic is jumbled up say on youtube with garbage sensationalist listings.

This is weather modification and Governments sort of halfway admit its happening.

In the UK we had / were allowed a couple of clear bright weeks up to the Royal Wedding then as expected it gets darker, last week in the UK the skies have been most definitely uniformly grey and cold and to my mind not natural looking. Last three days blue is breaking through noticably later in the afternoon and chemtrails being noticeable. How much is being done above the cloud cover? However by yesterday teatime chemtrails were quite obscene. Clever job done by the media to frame any such looking up and questioning as ‘whacko’. Never mind, it’ll all come out eventually, where ‘we’ are going this is only the start.

Remember, chemtrails produce ‘free’ alunimium that would never normally exist in nature, though the element itself is abundant in a bonded form in the natural world. Its safe to assume that is why California burned the way it did (an incendiary in powder form) they’ve had lots of it for many years. Likewise autism is very high in California and along west coast USA life in lakes and rivers near absent due to chemtrails ie aluminium and other heavy metals ie in powder / nano-particle form. These are facts confirmed by fisheries biologists, at least those with the strength to say so publicly and not gagged by the chaos, cynicism and evil of trump and Pruitt and the lobbying by regressive out-moded nasty old white men with far too much money and self concern.  Likewise the silence on west coast USA / Pacific seabird die-off two years ago.

Checklist to get a handle on this chemtrail problem…….

non-fading aircraft trails

fast morphing and obstruction of clear skies

forming an overall haze

what should be a bright blue ‘high pressure day’ ruined

Also be aware organic growers are suffering most definitely, aluminium promotes disease and malformed growth. Bees are being destroyed by it, developing dementia. Here in the UK I notice the small shrub hebe and also conifers suffering first, never mind catastrophic diatom and plankton dieback, but the marine side also suffers acidification.  Yet its streams and rivers that are going back fast. Last night spied a whole small spinney of a single species immature looking most definitely browned and I would say irrecoverable. Monsanto have worldwide patents for their proven to be aluminium resistant seed, something that the farmer has to go back for each year as farmer grown crop is sterile seed.

The more that green growing things sense increased CO2 the less they transpire and produce converted CO2 to oxygen … and their dieing releases yet more carbon. Its a multiple never ending lose-lose situation. The machinery of nature and the complexity (one could say beauty) of its interconnected feedback loops is quite something to behold. See previous posts for lots of high quality links, vids etc.


weather modification UK

I don’t think ‘they’ know what they are doing. If we read online we find various pro and anti arguaments and justifications for so-called weather modification – none of them ‘stack-up’ as to being valid. If California has been plagued with this airborne aluminium spraying then why are they suffering such dire drought and recent ie 2017 raging destruction by fire. Powdered aluminium is an incendiary, witness Thermite, the fires there were certainly ‘un-natural’.

Its four months ago I ‘turned on’ to climate change, since then its the priority in my life to become informed on the subject, my previous daily foraging for trump data has dwindled in the face of far more important matters than a retarded man in the White House.

Tuesday 20th Feb 2018 we had bizarre chem trails here at 0800, turning to haze at 0900 and brown grey clouds at 1000 hrs, all on a clear blue sky. Next day we get an impending forecast of snow (the whole thing I reckon is weather front / barometrically related) and today Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 late afternoon ie 5pm we get more chem trails and criss-cross  chem flight paths where planes normally never fly. What is this really all about ???

It is sinister, it is covert as covert as it can be in plain view yet several ppl I speak to register total blank/ zilch! Its as if the sky doesn’t even exist for them. Wow, are we disconnected from nature !!

First pics are 0800 Tuesday, last is late afternoon Thursday.


These chem trails an hour later have in the east formed peculier coloured brown grey clouds. You have to look carefully, notice the vertical stripe and how it is drifting over a quarter width of the frame.


Northern UK chem trails Tuesday 20th Feb 2018 0800 …. these are not natural or ordinary con trails !! Nothing here is a valid and ordinary flight path.  ie seven across and one at an angle to the viewer, note how they disperse and drift to form continuous hazy cover. What happens to solar generation, to agriculture ??


Wake up Britain, we are being screwed !!


Above is Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 1700. Its been a week or two since I last observed such chem trails, now its forecast snow and likewise previously we had snow/ hail, but not much. There ordinarily are never flights in those locations.

WTF ???

The UK population seems to be way way behind in realising this is going on. Its early days for me as yet on this subject of chem trails, but i have been curious inrecent years at what i was seeing in the sky. so the links below i cannot ‘vouch for’ in that as to date I’m not well enough read on the subject. But why is this being done, chem trails we are told incorporate aluminium and barium. Many think its linked to the loss of insect populations ie 75% down on forty years. Chem trails block out the sun and render less useful solar generation, never mind hindering agriculture. All the way its bafflement as to common sense !

Why why why ???