Chemtrail testimony.

I’ve pasted this before but at four hundred plus posts this needs pasting again re that chemtrails are real. I detest terms such as ‘conspiracy theory’ in this house and anyone that knows me, it is ‘loose’ and sloppy thinking. What I do hold is that something is happening and we need to observe and record.


below in a few hours I’ll post the last weeks chemtrail as they appeared here in NE England.

Lines in the sky mid-Feb 2020.

These lines do not disappear quickly as should conventional aircraft condensation trail but in fact increase as the minutes pass and half an hour later can result in a man-made haze ….. ask any Californian or resident of the Baltic Sea area, Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Black Sea etc.

Due to these lines in the sky retired Fisheries Biologist Francis Mangels and many others link this to increased and I state here alarming levels of free-borne aluminium ie present as a toxic elemnt, not bonded as it should ordinarily be in nature. Witness seabird die off, lack of life in water ie from diatoms to caddis and higher.

Note trump has the USA and particularly the EPA trussed up, everyone fearful, scientific ethics and knowledge banished for fear of retribution ie sackings, budgets withdrawn etc. trump too is now disassembling the American Intelligence community, he also has done the same by installing stooges to do his bidding, lets hope Mr Barr can reclaim his self respect and fight this evil. Fingers crossed Mitt Romney can fight this avalanche of disaster known as trump. As at mid-Feb 2020 we now have the pardoning of white-collar crooks and Stone laughing all the way to the Bank.

Recall trump endlessly repeating he was going to ‘drain the swamp’? trump will do anything to catch votes, anything to feed his absurd extreme money obsessed and unreal, unethical, immoral outlook. Sitting there with his Big-Boy Marker he scans the newspapers for mention of his name, hardly able to read, most certainly not intending to read (witness his absurd and embarrassing teleprompter wrangles) and certainly never picking up anything new from the printed word. Its not even his own fingers that push out the tweets. The machinery of nature to use a Paul Erlich book title is now set in revolution to dissolve ice-caps, unfreeze the much needed permafrost and release both terrestrial and subsea methane, merely a slight sea level rise will unhinge the multiple Antarctic ice shelf and now weather systems are working against the tiny little humans that scurry around, most certainly nature laughs last. Meanwhile clown trump inhabits the White House …

Below I include lucky glimpses of chemtrail here in NE England these last few days. Its near impossible at this stage of the climate game to impress upon anyone that these things are undesirable and mock a so-called free society, only time will prove me right.  In my opinion it is free-borne nano-particle aluminium as the reason California wildfires burned the way they did. There must be a reason for chemtrail but I cannot work it out, I am wary of that dreaded term ‘conspiracy theory’ thrown around, bandied with little thought behind it; which is in fact something we are not very good at these days ie ‘thinking’ … no time, no rest from little screens and endless un-needed information. The bright and clever will still gain academic excellence but for the rest of us, the ordinary, I fear the ordinary person knows less now than for many generations previously, likewise this two-edged so-called wonderful thing the web far too easily feeds prejudice and polarises thought, the web hardly seems to nurture tolerance and compassion particularly among the less advantaged that are not used to evolving a balanced consideration, a discussion. I’ve always thought that in schools rhetoric, the art of talking and discussion needs to be more fully embraced.





I also use NASA Worldview (see prev posts) which only gives me a hint say a third max of chemtrail activity as observed overheard here in NE England, but at least allows me to look at Spain, Bay of Biscay, Balearics, Italy, Baltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel etc that receive a lot of chemtrail.


Chemtrail pics.

I’m working through chemtrail pics here for NE England, I’ve half a years worth to sort out, grouping into one gallery per month, many are discarded, I’m having to be quite brutal to get to easily managed quantities.

Its my opinion (Jan 2020) that my prolific chemtrail blogging has reduced chemtrail incidence in the skies above me, a sort of being avoided. My cone of view is approx twenty / thirty mile radius and hence I’m easily quietened.  Note also NASA Worldview is very limited in the extent of what it presents to me as chemtrail imagery, its a snapshot in time, a particular time of day.

I pursue this chemtrail phenomena as I don’t like being fooled and I am vexed at the general media put-down of people such as myself, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ I particularly abhor, it is lazy English, explains nothing and immediately destroys any meaningful or constructive debate. Dig deeper on this blog, its 400 plus posts.

Its my opinion chemtrail aluminium affects ocean food web, diatoms being a fascination of mine an absolute indispensable water based lower food chain, chemtrail aluminium HAS destroyed west coast USA life in lakes and rivers (see retired Fisheries Biologist Francis Mengels) and in my opinion chemtrail aluminium exacerbates wildfires such as in California, they have been having chemtrail aluminium dumped on them for years.

We know fine well contrails quickly disappear, this is okay but what I’m trying to capture on my camera is the hazing and spread and deliberate man-made alteration of our skies due to chemtrails, note the difference contrail / chemtrail. And as others have said “Its not perfume they are spraying.” Reasons for spraying I’m not sure, all I want to do is record what I see and hopefully get a few blog visitors to start questioning the lines in the sky.

Chemtrail pics July 2019 …

chemtrails UK 3 July 2019 20:48
Chemtrails UK 3 July 2019 20:48 … Note lower additional chemtrails.


All above are chemtrails for July 2019, north east England.

Now lets look at August below.


Chemtrails/ lines in the sky NE England for September 2019, below.


Above is chemtrail pics for Sept 2019, next four months to follow in another post.

Lines in the sky today…

chemtrail diary 17th July 2019

Its a forthcoming fact we are screwed; high arctic temperatures at plus 25 and 30 deg C spell nothing but methane release, super-quick ice extinction and a re-jigging of climate feedback loops that indeed is cruel to human kind.

I wouldn’t be so vociferous on this subject but for one person, a person that has zilch ability to reflect and modify, to knee jerk her way thro life, nothing really to show for her supposed cleverness and expects to fool everyone. A total anathema to myself and my way of thinking. What I wish I could ask for is development, ingenuity, something new to look at that proves she can really think. Posturing or clever-dick put-downs I find vile and silly. Worthless (as indeed they are) … so all I ask is for readers to reflect, to ponder, to learn … rare skills these days. Quietness leads to many rewards.

Lets look at NASA worldview and gain some idea of chemtrail / geoengineering, lines in the sky that in my opinion point to chemtrail and geoengineering that needs to be openly acknowledged as real and true.

Heres five screen shots from NASA worldview that  are worth looking at for 17th July …

  • Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Cherbourg, Le Havre, English Channel chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Thames, Humber, chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Black Sea chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Greek Islands, Aegean chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019
Denmark, Copenhagen chemtrails geoengineering Wednesday 17 July 2019

With all these NASA worldview images please go back to the particular time and date and click to see expanded images, also experiment with the three layers that worldview provides, sometimes the differences can make the experimentation worthwhile.

My hope is that chemtrails and geoengineering will be accepted and believed as real.

Why is it so many refute such blatant and obvious activity?

… yes chemtrail activity up in the sky here NE England these last few days, too trivial to post here, I’m inclined to just post the ‘big chemtrail events’.


postscript: next day looking back over NASA sat imagery and choosing the aqua / MODIS overlay (middle of three NASA worldview overlays) we find over the North Sea below …

circles of chemtrail on NASA sat image 17 July 2019
circles of chemtrail on NASA sat image 17 July 2019 For scale the big loop is 35 mile diameter. 
Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, chemtrail geoengineering 17 July 2019
Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, chemtrail geoengineering 17 July 2019 Overlay used is terra /MODIS ie NASA worldview. 
chemtrails Lesbos, Limnos, Khios Greece 17 July 2019
chemtrails Lesbos, Limnos, Khios Greece 17 July 2019

The latter is a more detailed image from that posted in the initial group at first posting.

So what do i make of all this? I cannot discount and shrug this off as mere lines in the sky or anything conventional, it screams to be interpreted and record kept.

Lets scout around for relevant youtube material (tho i suspect my youtube searches are missing much that should be pertinent) …

On the above theres masses of links and info to click and follow up at the youtube page.



Aluminized sky – Friday 5th April 2019.

The unfolding day and how the objective appears to maintain aluminium levels ie a hazy sky.

Its 09:15 BST, at 0700 v bright and clear, by 07:30 chemtrail and by 08:30 haze developed probably from an aluminized sky blown in from chemtrail activity yesterday elsewhere in northern Europe as seen on NASA worldview. We needn’t have directly observable chemtrails to have the effects of chemtrail ie an aluminized sky.

Yesterday was v unusual in that no chemtrails were visible in the sky above ie my limited semi-urban cone of view say twenty miles in diameter.

The sky is now very obviously aluminized at 09:15 the Sun obscured. I’d rate at 3/10 or maybe 5/10 with hindsight for aluminization, no fast churn, no multiple chemtrail after 08:10

Below is this mornings chemtrails hard to discern against an already aluminized sky at 08:06 BST … theres four or five in there. NE England.

chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019  08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England.
chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019 08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England. Theres five chemtrail in this one B&W shot.

To be contd as the day progresses …..

Dribs and drabs of sporadic random chemtrail as the day progressed, my rating of 5/10 for chemtrail induced haze, no lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, more ‘a still deadness’ to the sky … clear bright blue never present, haze obscures further chemtrails being obvious. At teatime random chemtrails go crazy, see below. Thats what its all about, an ever-present chemtrail / aluminium haze. For a day i’ve shot on b&w hoping chemtrails wld register better without distraction of colour but now will move back to colour as I’ve lost the ability to convey the blue-ness or otherwise of the sky.




Using b&w is proving a bit of a washout, I’m not registering what i see with my own eyes, so lets ‘doctor’ the final image. On ‘open file’ we move brightness down one div, contrast up one div and gamma down one div to produce … ie -1,+1,-1

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, thats useful, nothing invented, merely bringing the picture onscreen nearer to what is seen with the naked eye. So lets try the same ie -1,+1,-1 on the brightness, contrast and gamma settings for the first image taken this morning …

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, five chemtrails plus a new one not seen on the non-enhanced image posted as first image top of page. From now on we’ll go back to colour photographs of chemtrail.

*next morning Saturday v overcast and hazy, nothing could be seen even if it were there.



Three dozen by 0900 …

Chemtrail diary for Saturday 23rd March, 2019. NE England.

In the two hours to 0900 its three dozen chemtrails at a guess, most certainly an ‘aluminized sky’  … big swathes of built-up man-made aluminized sky, rippled, pockmarked, strange haze; yet so far short of the sometimes ‘lower brown reaction clouds’. Maybe seeing the latter were trials to determine how much chemtrail could be deposited without bizarre fast churn, something witnessed three or four times last year. Noon onwards overall grey and getting colder, teatime was dark and chilly.

to be contd as the day develops….

Until late morning the number and frequency of chemtrails was quite obscene, from noon an obscured sky and by 2pm total haze, all random, none in corridor fashion.  Some lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, but still an obviously aluminized sky. My DQA reporting system for the morning only …  ie DQA 10,7,7; HP, IO, AS, NFC (ie high pressure day, incomplete observation,  altered sky, aluminized sky, no fast churn).

Curiously nasas worldview even when viewing Europe as a whole screams obvious chemtrail activity, the tone of grey is the giveaway.

chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 ...
chemtrail UK Sat 23rd March 2019 …

I would love to hear what digital communications occur regarding this.


chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 ...
chemtrail north east coast England Sat 23rd March 2019 …

Very seldom do i get worldview chemtrail evidence such as links to what is seen from the ground. Click the above embeds and links to magnify the image, it is one very nasty build-up of chemtrail and i assume nano-particles of aluminium etc.

chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 ...
chemtrails Irish Sea Sat 23rd March 2019 …

As is often the case the Irish Sea / Anglesey gets a lot of chemtrail. Note all of the above grey is in fact chemtrail.

Pics from NE England period 0800 – 10:30am  for Sat 23rd March 2019 … highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering.

Heres more highly aluminized / manmade weather ie geo-engineering for the same Saturday morning, remember this led to a very overcast and cold afternoon and as is typical the chemtrails were sprayed on a day of high barometric pressure.  I have a recording paper drum barograph that keeps permanent record for comparative purposes.

What more evidence, more obvious material could i provide than this? I got a couple of conversations late in the afternoon, ppl new to me but pleasant conversation all the same,under a spooky grey manmade sky and at tail end I mentioned “Look – aren’t they chemtrails?” … and its a surefire way to have ppl wrap up the chatter and move on. ordinarily i would not mention them, but on consideration perhaps its a 50% chance that i do. As stated previously over my many chemtrail blog posts the general media have done a good job in bundling up the chemtrail idea with all sorts of nonsense material.

youtube chemtrails …

I am not stupid, those that know me will say likewise but the chemtrail thing is highly emotive, ruins friendships and one has to be very careful how this subject is broached, often for the sake of sanity is left unspoken. Yet if I’m ever outside and chemtrail crap is being produced then I’ll often point them out to anyone that is nearby. What I point to cannot be refuted.

Sometimes the chemtrails are …. random, sometimes in a corridor as if mimicking a cloud formation, on worldview chemtrails can be tacked on the edges of visible cloud / weather system.  I also find they are laid in a corridor say on the hardly populated mid Pennine flightpath and next day have drifted above here, a common trick using drift as the chemtrails drift eastward over USA western seaboard. Obscuring skies do not aid observation, but often in a break in the cloud bingo theres mature chemtrail.

Another chemtrail phenomena usually when its been an intense deposition as say last year 0700-0830 is ‘fast churn’ in the sky above that is really quite horrible. This can also lead to lower brown ‘reaction clouds’. There can also be an ‘aluminized sky’ and quite common to see this.

I also have developed my own DQA chemtrail reporting system ie duration, quantity and affect, all on a scale 0-10.

The point of this blog is to provide a repository, a quick fix of and succinct data of climate change and chemtrails for people . They are interconnected. And with chemtrails we will get nowhere unless we observe and record … and this is what I’m doing.

Googling is aided by adding locations to the search box, Vancouver, Seattle, Rotterdam, Bremen, Liverpool, Portugal, Sardinia etc etc wherever, people around the world are seing these things. Aluminium levels i believe exacerbated the CA wildfires, produce alzheimer in bees, destroy caddisfly (food chain) in west USA rivers and streams and its also my belief that diatoms at the base of the marine food chain are probablt also compromised. Witness the hardly reported Pacific seabird die-off of three and four years ago, hardly reported and never mentioned is the symbiotic relationship between diatoms and the bryozoans of coral reef. Highly ironic as burning the worlds reserves of oil and gas which is mostly derived from diatoms has led to their and our demise. I’m no expert but i find it impossible to just sit back and fiddle as Rome burns … much like the retard in the White House, fed his ideas by dirty old people drunk on monetary wealth. Oh yes and earthworms we heard last week on bbc r4 are in decline.

Here are some very useful youtubes that advance the arguament that chemtrails are real and cannot be ignored or refuted …





Thanks to youtuber nord 80 and material he’s collected.

chemtrail diary Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 and following days …

Chemtrails started here NE England 0900 GMT and quite obvious, pics to follow, by 11:30 sky mostly obscure and by 12:30 quite hopeless to see if theres any further chemtrail being deposited. Its a MP (medium pressure) day after falling and till mid morning was bright blue and beautiful, we’ve lost all that now at 2pm. with heavy hazing my DQA reporting system is inoperable but is reported as OS (obscured sky) Therefore DQA 844 MP; OS; AS4 (aluminized sky). I think that is quite effective shorthand and allows me to compare days and diary notes instantly.

I wonder at the strength of the material being deposited, can it vary per chemtrail/ per plane ? We’ve had the brown tinged reaction clouds below indicating lots of chemtrail, there can be many days when chemtrail does not produce them, so far i’d say its a DQA 844; AS4 (aluminized sky). I wonder at how food producers cope with this, organic producers complain of aluminium levels reducing their crops resistance to disease.

Unusually worldview gives a picture of the chemtrails today, its the grey streaks that indicates chemtrail and their hazing.





Below …  ... chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh … chemtrail 19th Feb 2019 Firth of Forth and Edinburgh


In my opinion most of the above is chemtrail.

South coast of England chemtrails today …

chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019... ...
chemtrails south coast of England 19th Feb 2019…
chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019 ...
.chemtrail pic Irish Sea and Anglesey 19th Feb 2019..

In my opinion theres a lot of chemtrail in the above pic, chemtrails around Isle of Man to north, Anglesey to south, Dublin to the west. See bottom of post for Anglesey chemtrail pics found on youtube.


contd …

Chemtrail diary UK Thursday 21st Feb 2019. Obvious chemtrail to the east early / mid morning coming in from the NorthSea, fortuitously / coincidentally as shown on worldview below; nothing seen afterwards …  worldview below has captured something.




below …

chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail North Sea 21 Feb 2019


chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter 21 Feb 2019

All i can say is that ‘it doesn’t look right’ and that the worldview data is very inexact, no time stamp, only the day and that even when we have had v obvious chemtrail days here in NE England it often does not show up on worldview.


Chemtrail diary Friday 22nd Feb 2019 … incomplete observations and intermittent chemtrail activity but mid morning and teatime provided firm evidence. Shipping area Trafalgar / Finisterre ie west of Gibralter got lots according to worldview … …. scroll upwards to look at Portugal and Galicia  …

Likewise eastern UK shows lots of chemtrail …

I wonder if nasa worldview is intentionally de-sensitised when showing chemtrail areas? As chemtrail activity is often not all day long it would be easy to place images online that contaion as little as possible of the offending activity. Likewise its obvious meteorologists / the weathermen must sign documents to be quiet about all this.

chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019
chemtrail Gibralter and Portugal Fri 22 Feb 2019

link for above …


Chemtrail pics Friday 22nd Feb 2019  see below, aluminized / hazy sky assuming leftover from previous days of chemtrail (Tuesday) etc  …. DQA 624 HP; IO; AS4

  • HP = High Pressure (F falling; R = Rising)
  • IO = Intermittent observation
  • AS = Aluminised sky
  • All are from a 1-10 scale;
  • DQA = Duration; Quantity; Altered sky.

The larger pic of the three below contains far more chemtrail that at first glance, its the central Pennine flightpath and seldom contains ‘random’ chemtrails as we see in the sky here in the north east of England.




Chemtrail diary north east England Saturday 23rd Feb 2019. As expected its a chemtrail day with spectacular chemtrails late morning, light chemtrail deposition for the last half week necessitates ‘topping up’ the cheimtrail levels.  I cannot help but feel that anyone that does not have their curiosity tickled by such shenanigans needs to have paid more attention at school ! Dull fellows indeed I wager !


In above, look carefully at bottom LH (click to expand) that is a lot of very deliberate chemtrail activity. Again, below same day, now it is teatime ….


This is not a natural sky.

Lets look at what worldview can reveal for Saturday 24th Feb 2019 …. northern Spain, Biscay, Brittany, I suspect a high volume of holiday flights. But still there is i think surreptitious chemtrailing, click to expand and see how the chemtrails are revealed ….

chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrail Biscay 23rd Feb 2019 …

click to expand, that is a massive amount of chemtrail.

chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrail southern England and Portsmouth 23rd Feb 2019 …
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 ...
chemtrail Flamborough Head and Bridlington Saturday Feb 23rd 2019 …

I think there is ‘editing out’ going on here or image modification. If not, then the chemtrail people work hard at making it look like a natural thing.

Tootling around Europe here below we look at Amsterdam, Groningen, Bremen and Hamburg ….

chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrails Amsterdam and Hamburg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 …
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 ...
chemtrails Bremen, Oldenberg Sat 23rd Feb 2019 …

A quick google for ‘chemtrails Bremen’ and we find  …





postscript …

Here below is a quick search to find chemtrail pics for Anglesey, north Wales as mentioned at the beginning of this lengthening post.


I exercise copyright on all my own material, please ask etc to re-use.

copyright 2019

Nederlands Denmark get chemtrails today …

Saturday 16th Feb 2019 chemtrail diary. Lots as revealed on worldview. Though notice right of screen how all signs of this are eliminated east of Denmark … a re-drawn previous image or some means to eliminate the evidence? Worldview offering no signs of the all-morning chemtrail shenanigans here NE UK ie my DQA 844 for this period to 1pm, afternoon slowing up to 633 (or 522) at most for the complete hours of daylight, middle of the hours as expected obscured skies. My DQA reporting system allowing me to see in an instant how the day has gone and only applied to actual ‘observations first hand in the skies above. Worldview is more of a novelty, a side order of excitement, not the real thing by any means.

The chemtrails observed firsthand in the skies above are real and deliberate, there can be no misunderstanding, a CONTRAIL being a different thing. I don’t think it could be termed cloud seeding as done in say India, see prev post for links etc.

Anyway, using worldview to get a hint of what is happening elsewhere … chemtrail Sat 2pm worldview, Denmark. chemtrail Sat 2pm worldview, Denmark.

chemtrail Nederlands Saturday 16th Feb 2019
chemtrail Nederlands Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Yet in my own patch here ie NE England nothing is shown on worldview, the morning Saturday being a most obvious and irritating spectacle of chemtrails. This year will be worse for the chemtrail thing as the IPCC have given the green light.


Australia … chemtrails and France too!

As noticed this last week adding a distant location to a google search (Vancouver or Seattle or San Diego, Algarve, Rotterdam etc etc) brings home new information ie ‘chemtrail pics darwin australia’ provides good quality material worthy of time to read and ponder. Philippines, Sulu Sea etc look to get a lot of chemtrails. .. see the pics he took when over in Europe.


UK chemtrail diary 5th Feb 2019 …  today here in north east UK it was overcast, later verging to obvious moderately aluminized sky, only twice in all afternoon did i see a gap in the cloud and hey presto got a pic of two or three large chemtrails expanding and hazing for the first instance and at second occasion two hours later again there is chemtrail to be seen. I need something better than free version NASA worldview.


Wed Feb 6th 2019 chemtrail diary, I wake up to a mid-level aluminized sky (ie thankfully insufficient for the dreaded fast churn) typical aluminized rippled haze, and associated bright glare of an obscured Sun, and yes there are new trails every five minutes. Remember, its the days of no chemtrails that highlight the activity. Last years IPCC Report will have opened the door for more obvious and massive chemtrail activity. Looking at NASA worldview hints that chemtrail activity is laid at the margins of existing cloud cover or as in the case here yesterday above cloud cover, the latter aluminized / obscured sky being i assume induced from whats up there already ie previous days deposition; pics to follow. Looks to be a biggie today and an experiment i assume to just keep short of inducing ‘brown reaction clouds’ which are immediately bogus / manmade. Not of course that many or even anyone would notice….


Yes, masses of chemtrails ie southern England this morning … appears on worldview at 1300 GMT …

ditto Northern England …

Obscene and dastardly! …  the sky here this morning has been continual chemtrail, if they can’t be seen they can be heard.

Out in the North Sea …

Convincing proof of chemtrails …

Grid chemtrails … southern England …


Thurs 7th Feb 2019 … chemtrails strangely absent from my cone of view today compared to yesterdays madness, only one or two all day. Looking at NASA worldview chemtrails over Biscay …

Suspected chemtrails south west Ireland at a 6pm log-in … that heavy bank of cloud looks to be full of chemtrail. I suspect efforts are made to make it look like ‘weather’ … of course they do !

chemtrails Japan …

Fri 8th Feb 2019 … very overcast, v low pressure, 1pm gets out sunny. Peeps of chemtrail thro v occasional gaps this morning.

northern Spain / Biscay very obvious chemtrail a.m….

chemtrails Corsica Sardinia a.m…

chemtrail Balearics a.m….

taking a look at worldview at 1600 GMT we find northern Spain / Bilbao full of chemtrails  …. … the grey haze around the chemtrail area seems to often accompany chemtrail activity, therefore at lower mag look for the particular grey and hey presto u have chemtrails.

Logging in 2100 GMT to worldview brings chemtrail mayhem east of the Carolinas USA …

Continuing the idea of adding a distant city to the search words, using ‘chemtrails Paris’ we obtain …