Ongoing chemtrail diary north east England.

Yesterday 18th May ’22 not much early on, later in the afternoon very visble chemtrail, pics below. NASA Worldview doesn’t reveal much maybe reflecting low activity a.m. but masses of chemtrail southern England, English Channel, Dutch coast.

Chemtrail north east England 18th May 2022. Mid morning towards noon.

I can see seven trails in that chemtrail pic above, the oldest maybe from two hours ago. To argue the case for chemtrails being real, I suggest chemtrail has whitened the sky, obscured what should be a bright blue sky.

Chemtrail NE England, 18th May ’22. Mid afternoon looking west.

Chemtrail NE England, 18th May ’22. Mid afternoon looking west.

Here below is the best from NASA Worldview the same day …..

I don’t know about ‘chemtrails over the country club’ but they are certainly all over France and southern England …. https://go.nasa.gov/3wDzIJ7

Chemtrail pic 18th May 2022. https://go.nasa.gov/3wDzIJ7

Lets take a close up of the above and see if the available filters can enhance the chemtrail effect.

Below, using second from bottom filter ie Aqua/MODIS… https://go.nasa.gov/3wolEo6

Chemtrail southern England, sea area Thames, Rotterdam, the hague. 18th May ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3wolEo6

Chemtrail diary contd … However this morning 19th May ’22 lots of chemtrail, very obvious, saw the first at 0600 BST. By 0800 to my experience an obviously ‘aluminised sky’.

Below, first chemtrail pic of the day … 19th May ’22.

Chemtrail 0745 BST north east England.

Theres at least four chemtrail in the above pic. The older ones are from two hours previous. This is an ‘aluminised sky’ …. who knows how the chemtrail day will develop, its only 08:35 as I type this.


Chemtrail English Channel.


Very tempted to proffer ‘it ain’t fairy dust’ …. Thursday 12th May 2022 chemtrails over the English Channel, sea area Thames, Dover, Wight.

Some of these chemtrails are fifty miles long, quite modest by chemtrail standards but yet another image from NASA Worldview that should open up debate and have people wondering.

Thursday 12th May 2022 chemtrails over the English Channel, sea area Thames, Dover, Wight.


Yesterday 7th May 2022 using NASA Worldview (ie 1/3 possibility NASA picks it up) chemtrail found northern Spain and southern Ireland. chemtrail links …

Chemtrail norther Spain … https://go.nasa.gov/3ym1SuN

Chemtrail southern Ireland, sea area Shannon, Fastnet… https://go.nasa.gov/3KOZ4sB

However its the sky this morning the 8th May that prompts this chemtrail blog post. Horrendous. Nothing seen when I peeped out at 06:10 but at 07:50 the lines in the sky prompt me to leap out of the bed and get into action.

Whatever is the chemical mix this morning the chemtrail streaks are certainly long lasting; here at 10:00 am BST its a sky full of lines and broadening belts of chemtrail. On mere observation alone its obvious this is a man-made whitening of the skies. I didn’t ask for it and so prefer not to have it, however right now with the catastrophic heatwave in India they would be delighted with some shielding from the rays of the sun, they’ve gone beyond ‘wet bulb temperature’ and hence the body can not function as it should. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet-bulb_temperature

I quote from the above link to wiki …

Even heat-adapted people cannot carry out normal outdoor activities past a wet-bulb temperature of 32 °C (90 °F), equivalent to a heat index of 55 °C (130 °F). The theoretical limit to human survival for more than a few hours in the shade, even with unlimited water, is a wet-bulb temperature of 35 °C (95 °F) – theoretically equivalent to a heat index of 70 °C (160 °F), though the heat index does not go that high.[3]

Not good eh?

Lets get some pics from 0800 BST this morning until 0930. I have a feeling that as the day progresses it will just become a uniform white fug in the chemtrailled sky above, perhaps NASA Worldview mid afternoon will yield something worthwhile, but as experience has proven is not guaranteed.

Chemtrail UK

Chemtrail UK

Chemtrail UK

Whitening of the sky /chemtrail UK. All of this is chemtrail.

Chemtrail UK, three parallel belts of chemtrail, its all chemtrail.

Chemtrail UK, all of this is chemtrail on my Sunday morning.
Chemtrail UK, not enhanced, as seen in my Sunday morning sky 0930 BST.

I’ve limited image capture to 0930am BST cut-off as I’ve got lots to do today as with every day. Note how these lines in the sky broaden, persist for easily an hour or two as in the case this morning and hence modify the sky above. My grumble and this vexes me is that chemtrails are the butt of jokes, are ridiculed; its already destroyed a very good friendship of mine. However keeping a record ie this blog and from simple observation proves I am right.

postscript: here we are 1900 BST north east England and NASA Worldview provides imagery that tallies with todays chemtrail performance in the sky above. Following from 3pm not much to see, a clearing and brighter sky, the 50% white fug disappearing. Using my DQA Reporting System so far today at 1900 it warrants DQA 7-6-5 ie not a dark grey sky and thankfully not the ‘turmoil’ witnessed two or three years ago when chemtrails were in much greater profusion due i think to either miscalculation or basically an experiment to see what too much chemtrail can do.


Chemtrails NE England Sunday 8th May 2022. https://go.nasa.gov/3wgnsOA
Lunchtime NE England chemtrail today. That is two parallel chemtrail laid at around the same time, they are v high altitude; I’ve read it takes four days to drift down to earth, I’ve seen some chemtrail on NASA Worldview five miles wide.

More chemtrail NE England, 12:30 lunchtime.
Four chemtrail in parallel, oldest fully more than an hour, early afternoon, same day.

Chemtrail pic northern England. Note hazing, all older than an hour.

All the above are the same day of chemtrail activity. I dread it actually now, as it causes me to spend time documenting this stuff when really theres other things I’d rather be doing. It is only the apathy of everyone else that drives me to do this, to develop a resource, a record of what happens in the sky above. Many low level chemtrail days I don’t bother to list here, often there will be a chemtrail emerge from lower cloud its not worth the chunk out of my life to record it here. For instance, that last pic contains more chemtrail than is immediately apparent, four distinct horizontals as well as say some two hour turning to fug chemtrail and also the vert chemtrail again must be 90-120 minutes old. That is what bugs me, if it were ‘mere’ condensation trail then WHY does it hang around for so long? Retired fisheries biologist Frances Mangels has done lots of this over at Mt Shasta, CA, USA. Aluminium levels are way too high, lower level water food chain in disastrous state, caddis etc.

ie … https://eu.mtshastanews.com/story/opinion/2009/03/25/citizens-seeking-answers-to-aluminum/49541931007/

I quote from the above …


Citizens seeking answers to aluminum contamination concerns

Staff Writer  |  Mount Shasta Herald

Guest opinion by Rose Taylor, Francis Mangels, Dane Wigington, Dave Casebeer, Rosalind


Last year citizens from Siskiyou and Shasta Counties submitted water tests results to their city and county officials.  These tests came from snow pack, rain and pond water samples taken in both counties.  Basic Labs, a state certified lab in Redding, performed the testing.  The citizens urged local governments to conduct their own water tests (costing no more than a hundred dollars for each county).  If these tests produced similar results, then the citizens expected the proper agencies to be contacted to investigate the off-the-chart levels of aluminum showing up in their counties’ surface waters.

Of the three-dozen tests submitted, all showed near or over the MCL (maximum contaminate level) for aluminum in drinking water for the State of California. The following are some of the highest samples documented:

Snow pack sampled at Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta tested for aluminum at 61,000 ug/L or 61 times the MCL. After 1-½ years of exposure to the atmosphere, a Shasta County pond (rubber lined) tested for aluminum at 375,000 ug/l or 375 times the MCL.  This came as a surprise to the property owner because the pond tested “0” for aluminum when it was first filled and is in a “filtered location” (forested hilltop away from highway or industry).  When a hydro-geologist was shown the tests, he stated, “unless you live near an Alcoa Aluminum plant, there is no way these types of metals (barium has also been detected) should be showing up in your pond or rainwater samples, in any quantity.”  The Pit River sample tested at 4,610,000 ug/L, which is 4,610 times the MCL.

Aluminum and barium are considered highly toxic to humans, animals and plants. The accumulation factor of these metals should not be discounted.  To ignore them, we do so at our own peril.

What we do know about aluminum in CA waters

Rosalind Peterson Co-founder of Agriculture Defense Coalition and former USDA Agriculture Crop Loss Adjustor, researched California State Department of Health Drinking Water data between 1984 and 2008.  She has some compelling questions for our local and state officials:

1) “… Barium, Magnesium, Lead, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, and Specific Conductance (the ability of water to conduct a charge) were being found under unusual circumstances in our drinking water supplies. Unusual spikes were occurring in almost all drinking water sources in Mendocino County and in other counties throughout the State of California.”

2) “Prior to 1990, these spikes were not evident in many drinking water tests results (most tests results were -0-) … test results do show that in non-spike years these contaminants were not found in most water sources. Why?”

We believe there is enough evidence to warrant an immediate investigation.  Our federal, state and county water and air quality officials have a legal and moral responsibility to locate the sources of these contaminants and protect the public welfare.  Until more people start to care, begin to speak up and put the necessary pressure upon local and state officials, our children, our loved ones, our animals and eco-systems will continue to be exposed to dangerously high levels of aluminum and other toxic contaminants.

We encourage everyone to do their own research and suggest the following links as a good place to start:

http://www.californiaskywatch.com/; http://americanskywatch.com; http://www.sciencedaily.com/search/?keyword=geoengineering+and+drought


Rose Taylor, Teacher

Francis Mangels, Retired Forest Biologist

Dane Wigington, Electrical Contractor, Solar Energy Specialist

Dave Casebeer, Advertising Specialist, Concerned Citizen

Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition

End of quote, however pls click the link. Quote pasted here just in case it goes 404.

Heres another link, aligns with my thinking … re wildfires seem exacerbated by aluminium from chemtrails … https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/aluminum-dust-from-geoengineering-fueling-super-wildfires-according-to-author-1027513869

And all the while those huge lines in the sky are present theres not one person run out of their house screaming “Oh my God …. what the hell are they doing!”


Chemtrail on satellite imagery.

I’d prefer a realtime fee paying service for this sort of information, but at the moment I’m stuck with the ‘one snap-shot’ NASA Worldvew.

Lets look how filters can help or hinder the presence of chemtrail on NASA Worldview, this is for chemtrail southern England, English Channel, Channel Islands and out into the Atlantic, looking to be a favourite location for chemtrail pollution.

Chemtrail for sea area Sole, Plymouth, Portland, Wight. This is for terra/MODIS filter … https://go.nasa.gov/3Odwh41

Chemtrail Sole, Plymouth ie English Channel 14th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3Odwh41

The two larger E-W chemtrail are visibly 150 miles long. Vertical trending ‘jagged’ interrupted is also imho chemtrail, theres lots of it.

Now, lets utilise another filter, say NOAA-20… https://go.nasa.gov/3jZ0VjT which gives a nastier amount of chemtrail to the East, its the colour that is a give-away.

Chemtrail English Channel, 14th April 2022. https://go.nasa.gov/3jZ0VjT

Heres the above in close-up … v definitely a chemtrail geo-engineered sky … https://go.nasa.gov/3M1EhTC

Each day nearly always brings something new, geo-engineering (or ‘whitening of the skies’ as some MP blundered on bbc r4 a couple of years ago) chemtrail North Sea, chemtrail Sardinia, Biscay, Baltic Sea, English Channel etc etc.

Same day 14th April, both vertical and zig-zag ‘cloud’ are chemtrail ie geo-engineering … https://go.nasa.gov/3JEnqVy

Below, same day, chemtrail geo-engineering over the Nederlands, North Sea, East Anglia, note split-screen effect, why I do not know, using lower filter ie Terra/ MODIS…https://go.nasa.gov/3xvofgL

Chemtrail / geoengineering 14 April ’22, https://go.nasa.gov/3xvofgL

For any random day this is more chemtrail than usually can be found, but there are days when it if more obvious and some days nothing. Using NASA Worldview in my experience only reveals at most a third of the geo-engineering shenanigans that occur above my own location.

Skipping to day previous the 13th, heres chemtrail geo-engineering over Italy and the Adriatic … https://go.nasa.gov/3jExaEC … hint: skipping filters from Terra to NOAA displays a later more mature chemtrail build-up, a more obscured sky for the citizens of Italy.

And the day previous 12th April we find chemtrail geo-engineering over the Nederlands, Thames Dover … https://go.nasa.gov/3xzgLcK

It just goes on and on …

Chemtrail diary / geoengineering / whitening of the skies … UK Saturday 16th April 2022… https://go.nasa.gov/3JPk7ei

Chemtrail geoengineering Saturday 16th April ’22. https://go.nasa.gov/3JPk7ei

The above image is ‘hot off the press’ so to speak, terrra / MODIS filter, I’ll try later for more filter options. Chemtrail galore Netherlands and across the North Sea to eastern England.

Are these chemtrails ?

Looking around the world we find these and what I am assuming look to be chemtrail; located Moscow, Novgorod and eastward to  Kazan.

Russia chemtrails Monday 25th Nov 2019 ...https://go.nasa.gov/2Oig6oY
Are these chemtrails? Russia chemtrails Monday 25th Nov 2019 …https://go.nasa.gov/2Oig6oY

Yellow Sea, Qingdao, Seoul chemtrail Monday 25th Nov 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2shqLb7
Yellow Sea, Qingdao, Seoul chemtrail Monday 25th Nov 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2shqLb7

Try also suspected chemtrail over eastern Med ie Cyprus link only … https://go.nasa.gov/2sa7qsb

Chemtrails ? link only … https://go.nasa.gov/35CDe7M

Below, obvious and pernicious chemtrail shenanigans, sea area Shannon west of Lands End.

West of Lands End ie chemtrails ... https://go.nasa.gov/2DiH3mq
Chemtrails !! …. West of Lands End ie chemtrails … https://go.nasa.gov/2DiH3mq

Suspicion of chemtrail geoengineering link only … https://go.nasa.gov/33mTg3Q

Wow look at this chemtrail activity North Atlantic link only … https://go.nasa.gov/2rrfep0








Chemtrail pics …

Chemtrail diary Tuesday 19 Nov 2019.

Its quite atrocious, this chemtrail activity over the UK and Europe is quite horrifying today, as explicit as a kiddies crayon picture of chemtrails, in profusion, they are all over the UK, arching from northern Spain,  France and northward throughout England.   Captured as soon as available on Worldview, too soon to alter the filters NASA provide.

Thames Estuary, Essex, London chemtrail pics; Tuesday 19th Nov 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2pBifCS
Thames Estuary, Essex, London chemtrail pics; Tuesday 19th Nov 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2pBifCS


Firth of Forth, Edinburgh, Lothians, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, South Yorks, Humber Tuesday 19th Nov 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2QEA5zI
Chemtrail evidence in vast quantity, Firth of Forth, Edinburgh, Lothians, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, South Yorks, Humber Tuesday 19th Nov 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2QEA5zI

Nearly everything you are looking at in the above is chemtrail, its all man-made.

Also, for instance chemtrails from the same drone / aircraft chemtrail activity ie over Northern Spain, Bay of Biscay, Northern France, Brest, Nantes, Limoges, Bordeaux. https://go.nasa.gov/2CZKuy9

As is often the case the chemtrails are added to the outer circumference of an existing cloud system. Heres an overall view of todays chemtrail activity as seen over the UK, note how we can discern between natures clouds and mans chemtrail …https://go.nasa.gov/2OqFSpV


Postscript… these last couple of days when its been an unusually heavy chemtrail performance NASA Worldview seemed to get ‘stuck’ and merely present itself as a black screen devoid of anything. So heres northern England and southern Scotland chemtrail from the 17th Nov 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2QEEQt4


Random chemtrail geoengineering sat pics …

Just showing a friend some old NASA worldview pics ie browsing at random and as totally expected Helen and I can find lots; theres some v convincing sat pics of chemtrails / geoengineering.

Lets look at the evidence; remember mainstream media has done a v convincing job at turning most folk to see anyone talking ‘chemtrails’ as some sort of ‘nut’!

Pure serendipity … ie chemtrail / geoengineering south of Vancouver in the Pacific.

west coast USA chemtrails geoengineering April 17 2016 https://go.nasa.gov/32e0Cr3
west coast USA chemtrails geoengineering April 17 2016 https://go.nasa.gov/32e0Cr3

As is my habit I tie in whatever I can find as youtube material pertaining to that area, I have no doubt theres lots.

ongoing miscellany, more to follow ….

ie my chemtrail diary.

Here today is Brittany, northern France 10th June 2019 …

Brittany chemtrails geoengineering 10th July 2019 ...https://go.nasa.gov/2xJJsU8
Brittany chemtrails geoengineering 10th July 2019 …https://go.nasa.gov/2xJJsU8

As is my habit I tie in whatever I can find as youtube material pertaining to chemtrail geoengineering northern France / Brittany.  I have no doubt theres lots.




Lines in the sky, a chemtrail diary.

Often theres obscured skies here in NE England, therefore its difficult or impossible to discern if theres chemtrail activity that day, I deal in fact not conjecture or fantasy.  However NASA worldview can offer glimpses, not always conclusive but a good starting point. Yesterday 25th June 2019 chemtrail evidence impossible to gain from direct observation overhead but NASA worldview gave lots of chemtrail in northern Europe, masses of chemtrail / lines in the sky down in the English Channel and the North Sea to Holland plus some Baltic chemtrail and Biscay too. Manned or drones or existing scheduled commercial or military or contractors I do not know, but its often tagged along existing weather / cloud systems, a semblance to make it look a little bit ‘natural’.

Theres ‘something to it’ certainly … I cannot let this go unrecorded or unquestioned, particularly what I see below.

I’m baffled why so many people are adamant chemtrails are spoof, or insist on that dreaded term ‘conspiracy theory.’  Look up, keep a note, deal with what you see with your own eyes; follow my tag  ‘DQA reporting system’ and also the many previous posts where I tie in worldview locations and appropriate youtube material to specific areas.

Lets look at yesterday Tuesday 25th June 2019 its quite apparent …

Western Europe Tuesday 25th June 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2X2XScl
Chemtrail geoengineering. Western Europe Tuesday 25th June 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2X2XScl

Overall view above, note chemtrail geoengineering northern Spain up to Dover and North Sea and on to Holland, Denmark, the Baltic.

Chemtrail geoengineering English Channel, Le Havre, Calais, Tuesday 25th June 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2WZjG8F
Chemtrail geoengineering English Channel, Le Havre, Calais, Tuesday 25th June 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2WZjG8F

Bornholm, Ystad, Kolobrzeg chemtrail geoengineering Tuesday 25th June 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2X2Mhdl
Bornholm, Ystad, Kolobrzeg chemtrail geoengineering Tuesday 25th June 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2X2Mhdl

Three screen captures above, lets go add some youtubes ie Ystad (Sweden), Bornholm (Denmark), Kolobrzeg (Poland) …  I have no doubt they will be easily found.


And below something from across the pond and worth including …






Aluminized sky – Friday 5th April 2019.

The unfolding day and how the objective appears to maintain aluminium levels ie a hazy sky.

Its 09:15 BST, at 0700 v bright and clear, by 07:30 chemtrail and by 08:30 haze developed probably from an aluminized sky blown in from chemtrail activity yesterday elsewhere in northern Europe as seen on NASA worldview. We needn’t have directly observable chemtrails to have the effects of chemtrail ie an aluminized sky.

Yesterday was v unusual in that no chemtrails were visible in the sky above ie my limited semi-urban cone of view say twenty miles in diameter.

The sky is now very obviously aluminized at 09:15 the Sun obscured. I’d rate at 3/10 or maybe 5/10 with hindsight for aluminization, no fast churn, no multiple chemtrail after 08:10

Below is this mornings chemtrails hard to discern against an already aluminized sky at 08:06 BST … theres four or five in there. NE England.

chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019  08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England.
chemtrail geoengineering 5 April 2019 08:08 BST, an already aluminized sky has blown in. NE England. Theres five chemtrail in this one B&W shot.

To be contd as the day progresses …..

Dribs and drabs of sporadic random chemtrail as the day progressed, my rating of 5/10 for chemtrail induced haze, no lower reaction clouds, no fast churn, more ‘a still deadness’ to the sky … clear bright blue never present, haze obscures further chemtrails being obvious. At teatime random chemtrails go crazy, see below. Thats what its all about, an ever-present chemtrail / aluminium haze. For a day i’ve shot on b&w hoping chemtrails wld register better without distraction of colour but now will move back to colour as I’ve lost the ability to convey the blue-ness or otherwise of the sky.




Using b&w is proving a bit of a washout, I’m not registering what i see with my own eyes, so lets ‘doctor’ the final image. On ‘open file’ we move brightness down one div, contrast up one div and gamma down one div to produce … ie -1,+1,-1

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this teatime, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, thats useful, nothing invented, merely bringing the picture onscreen nearer to what is seen with the naked eye. So lets try the same ie -1,+1,-1 on the brightness, contrast and gamma settings for the first image taken this morning …

chemtrails / geoengineering ... enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.
chemtrails / geoengineering … enhanced image to better convey what is actually seen of chemtrail this morning, ie north east UK 5th April 2019.

Above, five chemtrails plus a new one not seen on the non-enhanced image posted as first image top of page. From now on we’ll go back to colour photographs of chemtrail.

*next morning Saturday v overcast and hazy, nothing could be seen even if it were there.



chemtrail youtubes …

To quote the start of my profile “I don’t like being fooled.”

I make effort to find what others see happening in the skies above them, the point of this many-post blog is to help others get a quick fix on issues and links that help understand climate change, species loss, chemtrails and suchlike. A fortnight ago i realised adding a location to google searches produced reams of material that had been unfindable ie search  ‘chemtrail pics Vancouver’  or London, or Paris, Rotterdam, Seattle, San Diego, Manchester, Ireland, Spain  …. everywhere!

First youtube below does a good job, just what we see up here on an active day for chemtrails. Yet few if any take notice, or attach any curiosity when the matter is raised, impending reduced CO2 will only increase such lethargy and failing cognitive function. General media does a good job of bundling chemtrails with other unconnected nonsense so as to make ppl like me appear to be idiots. A bright blue day can be ruined with chemtrails – often is – the aesthetic viewpoint alone is damned jarring never mind thinking about the increased level of ‘heavy metals’ inc aluminium etc. We are being fooled and the populace is happy to concur. Likewise with carbon based personal transport, easy jet flights, beef and burger based meals … all will take a lot of prising from greedy hands …..

It must have taken a long time to convince pre-savvy distant man of a century and more ago that something such as  microbes, bacteria, pathogens, viruses etc actually exist in that you cannot see them but they can kill you; that clean hands matter. Likwise Dalton and his atomic theory, I’ve a feeling he wouldn’t have wasted his breath enthusing and trying to convince his neighbours of ‘such little things’,  poor man would only have his time wasted being collared to hear tales of atoms …  ‘ressin cross’t field chessed bi’t dogs’ or atoms nesting under the barn … “But I’ll get the buggers” replies the rustic  … or that only the other week he was bitten by one!

Enough of the comical aside, lets gather evidence …




chemtrail diary …

postscript, its now 16th Feb 2019 (my DQA reporting system 844) and its a chemtrail Saturday, looking at yesterdays NASA worldview we cannot see any of the chemtrail mayhem that flew in the skies all day up here in NE England !! I’ll post it above as a newer page; using the previous day worldview (I need a better set of sat images than worldview) … we find …


chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail pic Irish Sea / Liverpool / Blackpool 15th Feb 2019

Below, Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019


chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019
chemtrail Portugal gets a lot of chemtrail 15th Feb 2019

So, worldview doesn’t even give a hint, any hint whatsoever of what was up in the sky NE England yesterday, but elsewhere, Irish Sea and also Portugal we see lots of chemtrail; zoom in on that second pic ie Portugal from the link and see quite how many chemtrails there are. I reckon sprayed / deposited so as ‘to look’ like weather ie to disguise.  you often see on the edge of a weather system chemtrails tagged on. As with yesterday, later morning was low quantity to and fro in a corridor NE England…  chemtrails didn’t seem to stop around too long, only a 20% hazing of the sky ie first set of pics below and second set of pics reveal the distant haze in the west to be a corridor of chemtrail prob deposited for several hours as taken teatime. Today 16th Feb its Saturday morning chemtrail.
















DQA Thursday 14th Feb 2019 422 O/S (obscured sky); Friday 15th Feb 2019 833; Saturday 16th Feb looks to be as I guess 844. reporting system i have developed refers to duration, quantity, affect.


footnote: I’m using a tag and category of ‘weather modification’ but its not stricly true in that the term more accurately describes ‘cloud seeding’ where salt with propellant are sprayed in the sky from aircraft, Bloomberg has an interesting article on this for India ….  https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2015-cloud-seeding-india/