Chemtrails north east England.

Chemtrail diary Sat 28th August 2021.

As with yesterday its been a chemtrail day, not so much in the morning but certainly chemtrail is here and certainly more noticeable early and mid evening. I didn’t take photographs as its a common occurrence, for today my DQA reporting system as observed in the sky above from north east England is DQA 7-3-4

Early evening provided very obvious criss-cross chemtrail patterns. These are definitely not condensation trail.

NASA Worldview as usual only provides a slim chance of catching anything, however for today it has captured chemtrail activity over Scotland ie https://go.nasa.gov/2WB5skj

chemtrail detective …

Last couple of days hazy sky, impossible to determine from direct observation if chemtrails are active or not. NASA worldview gives some idea, huge swathes of straight line cloud and with chemtrail mixed in. This morning clear blue until 0900 then v quick reaction  (the weather man told us earlier cloud from the south) as haze quickly forms in the characteristic ”aluminized’ manner as the drift reaches from the south.

The difference between a chemtrail and non-chemtrail day is very very obvious and is what triggers my concern to do all this blogging and effort re chemtrails. Increasingly as I’m getting cleverer at this I can surmise (admittedly merely my own personal supposition) … drift from other unseen areas say 100 or 200 miles can alter the day up here without having to see lots of the usual aircraft and long lasting trails as per chemtrails / geoengineering. If i cannot get people to accept the main points of my observation ie am met with ridicule, then imagine the problem of trying to discuss things unseen such as radio waves, atoms as structure of all matter, germs, viruses, innoculation, the earth circling the sun etc etc !

So lets look at yesterday ie my chemtrail diary Wed 24th April 2019 …

chemtrails Mediterranean 24 April 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IXyJME
chemtrails Mediterranean 24 April 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IXyJME

chemtrails Tyrrhenian Sea 24 April 2019 .... https://go.nasa.gov/2UZgpKi ... note with even slight mag we can see lots of chemtrail
chemtrails Tyrrhenian Sea 24 April 2019 …. https://go.nasa.gov/2UZgpKi … note with even slight mag we can see lots of chemtrail

chemtrails geoengineering Europe 24 April 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2UV8hdY... note horizontal E-W band across northern England
chemtrails geoengineering Europe 24 April 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2UV8hdY… note horizontal E-W band across northern England

chemtrail geoengineering North Sea 24 April 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2IW8oyB
chemtrail geoengineering North Sea 24 April 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2IW8oyB

The above wld demonstrate a band/ broad corridor of chemtrail material as opposed to my hunch it was drift from the south. In my opinion chemtrail is intentionally aligned with existing cloud drift, it makes sense to be as barainy as this! Otherwise its a random anywhere pattern that really does not make sense but yet still can occur.

chemtrail geoengineering Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Chicago 24 April 2019 ...https://go.nasa.gov/2UVaG8u
chemtrail geoengineering Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Chicago 24 April 2019 …https://go.nasa.gov/2UVaG8u


postscript …. clicking back to Saturday 20 April chemtrail how did i miss this below?

chemtrail geoengineering 20 April 2019 very obvious chemtrail geoengineering
chemtrail geoengineering 20 April 2019 very obvious chemtrail geoengineering


Lets go look for chemtrail youtube tagged Milwaukee, Chicago …

Above, chemtrail conversation starts at 02:00 and is worthwhile listening. I don’t align with all that is said (for instance a connection to quelling crime at 07:40) but at this early stage i’m willing to listen to all comers on this problem of chemtrail. Note theres a doubling of material ie repeat but still some valid content.

From the above vid we find … https://www.facebook.com/SkyderALERT/

Above, I can understand this mans anger. I had to run through the beginning a couple of times to realise he is recounting a conversation at his friends house and the anger we see here is probably that which he couldn’t open display, again i fully appreciate his position.  Luckily the vid has more views (6.7k) than the usual 100 views max over two years which is typically at how little interest there is in the subject. Remember general media have done a good job at bundling up chemtrail with all sorts of nonsense material so as to render ppl such as myself and the man above as stupid.

Heres the mans channel on youtube ie  IL chemtrail watch …  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1ogjLGLHcLJkdx4hRSeGg

Oh dear, the three vids on his channel are Oct ’16 and nothing since. I hope he’s okay? Many ppl that have at one time been active posting chemtrail material soon seem to fizzle out.

As promised youtube for chemtrail Milwaukee …

ie  … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwH8ZYwdmVLeKvLyMXp1Dg



From IL chemtrail watch previously, the rant above we find from his subscription list we can see a youtube of lots of chemtrail in Lancashire seven years ago as below …

Also found  …. https://paper.li/Chemtrail_Watch/1324362937?edition_id=2b5d9730-11a5-11e8-a367-0cc47a0d1605#/


Thats enough data for today, we all have lives to lead and we need to try to compartmentalise online activities, get outside, breathe fresh air, do stuff that is not a keyboard and screen.

youtube chemtrails …

I am not stupid, those that know me will say likewise but the chemtrail thing is highly emotive, ruins friendships and one has to be very careful how this subject is broached, often for the sake of sanity is left unspoken. Yet if I’m ever outside and chemtrail crap is being produced then I’ll often point them out to anyone that is nearby. What I point to cannot be refuted.

Sometimes the chemtrails are …. random, sometimes in a corridor as if mimicking a cloud formation, on worldview chemtrails can be tacked on the edges of visible cloud / weather system.  I also find they are laid in a corridor say on the hardly populated mid Pennine flightpath and next day have drifted above here, a common trick using drift as the chemtrails drift eastward over USA western seaboard. Obscuring skies do not aid observation, but often in a break in the cloud bingo theres mature chemtrail.

Another chemtrail phenomena usually when its been an intense deposition as say last year 0700-0830 is ‘fast churn’ in the sky above that is really quite horrible. This can also lead to lower brown ‘reaction clouds’. There can also be an ‘aluminized sky’ and quite common to see this.

I also have developed my own DQA chemtrail reporting system ie duration, quantity and affect, all on a scale 0-10.

The point of this blog is to provide a repository, a quick fix of and succinct data of climate change and chemtrails for people . They are interconnected. And with chemtrails we will get nowhere unless we observe and record … and this is what I’m doing.

Googling is aided by adding locations to the search box, Vancouver, Seattle, Rotterdam, Bremen, Liverpool, Portugal, Sardinia etc etc wherever, people around the world are seing these things. Aluminium levels i believe exacerbated the CA wildfires, produce alzheimer in bees, destroy caddisfly (food chain) in west USA rivers and streams and its also my belief that diatoms at the base of the marine food chain are probablt also compromised. Witness the hardly reported Pacific seabird die-off of three and four years ago, hardly reported and never mentioned is the symbiotic relationship between diatoms and the bryozoans of coral reef. Highly ironic as burning the worlds reserves of oil and gas which is mostly derived from diatoms has led to their and our demise. I’m no expert but i find it impossible to just sit back and fiddle as Rome burns … much like the retard in the White House, fed his ideas by dirty old people drunk on monetary wealth. Oh yes and earthworms we heard last week on bbc r4 are in decline.

Here are some very useful youtubes that advance the arguament that chemtrails are real and cannot be ignored or refuted …





Thanks to youtuber nord 80 and material he’s collected.

chemtrails UK …


Diary format chemtrail geoengineering for the Christmas period until 31st Dec 2018.

Its been chemtrails near every day, odd time of year but I assume this is to get us used to lines in the sky and general chemtrail activity so that when the big stuff, the fast churn and un-natural appearance arrives in early spring we will be ‘used to it’. If this were not from a Government or Officially approved source it would be classed as rank subversion and create outrage.

Yesterday 22nd Dec 2018 was a good example, an obscene example of the newly noticed trick of laying masses of chemtrail into a corridor of air activity. At some points simultaneously say two aircraft one way, another the other direction all completely visible.  No-one is looking up. Well done Fox, well done general media to wrap all this up into the nonsense / nutcase bundle.

Main pic below shows a huge tranche of chemtrail built up by numerous up and down aircraft chemtrails. The same afternoon we could see one or two high alt contrail not producing any haze or trail, old style as we used to have and not prompting any suspicion from yours truly.

What further proof would you ever need of the reality of chemtrails, below.


UK chemtrail corridor...
All of this is man made, is chemtrail. NE UK 22nd Dec 2018. Note lower brown tinged cloud in response, this is typical.


Two batches of pics below from the same afternoon, activity lessened but even in the dark another big trail arrived. Nothing is altered or photoshopped, exactly as out of the camera. I never alter images posted to this blog.







All of the same afternoon, UK Chemtrails. So few people blog on this, so few people take even any notice at whats happening above their heads.

Here below ten months later I have inserted some NASA Worldview screen captures that back up my reasoning that indeed chemtrails are real and need to be taken seriously.

Cork, Waterford, southern Ireland chemtrail geoengineering NASA Worldview 22nd Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/33Dvh19
Cork, Waterford, southern Ireland chemtrail geoengineering, sea area Shannon, Fastnet, Lundy … NASA Worldview 22nd Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/33Dvh19

Lisbon, Porto, Portugal chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/35ztmfs
Lisbon, Porto, Portugal chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/35ztmfs

London, Midlands, Cambridge, Oxford UK chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/35xL03q
London, Midlands, Cambridge, Oxford UK chemtrails geoengineering 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/35xL03q

Below, the last pic in this collection of recently added material is the north east of England and from my experience 50-60% of the cloud captured by NASA Worldview is in fact chemtrail geoengineering. See also chemtrails in Irish Sea and out across Ireland into the North Atlantic, also the Adriatic, all on this one day.

North East England UK chemtrails geoengineering not as distinct as could be, but proof nonetheless. 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/2MEdj7D
North East England UK chemtrails geoengineering not as distinct as could be, but proof nonetheless. 22 Dec 2018 https://go.nasa.gov/2MEdj7D

Meanwhile back to the original post of ten months ago.


Whats going on? Are they playing around at this singular visible corridor to learn how to reduce alarm, to make it less obvious? Main pic bottom set illustrates well the lower alt brown tinged clouds in response which is a typical sight. Click on each pic to get full screen.

Its generally believed these trails contain aluminium, barium and strontium, aluminium contributes / can generate autism in kids, dementia in older folk. Fisheries biologists in the USA can demonstrate that alumium levels have sky rocketed particularly over in the western USA and caddisfly are near to non existant, I wonder if also the diatoms and protozoa (ie all termed algae) are likewise hit? These are essential foundation blocks of the marine and freshwater food chain, without them nothing else will exist on the next levels. Its like having humans but removing all human food in any form whatsoever … nothing.

Scientists now acknowledge a factor in bee decline is Alzheimers.

Theres a vid I posted say ten months ago, he is a retired Fisheries Biologist, professionally qualified and active professional in this field all his life  … pls click links.

UK chemtrail diary: Christmas Day 25th Dec 2018 some chemtrails, prompting a moderately aluminized sky, near zero air movement. Trails ‘stayed put’ so to speak, but still noticably ruined what should have / could have been a clear blue sky. Air pressure is high.

Additional pics period 23 – 26 Dec 2018 below.







Above 23rd Dec 2018. Much of this chemtrail activity has been on days of high pressure, so I make the assumption this midwinter and needless chemtrail activity is merely to deny us any expectation of ‘bright blue days’ being any longer possible in England.

24th Dec nothing of note !

25th Dec 2018 below. Look at the feinter distant band of chemtrail haze and the chemtrails at botton pic, ignore the dark nearer cloud.

chemtrail pics UK
25th Dec chemtrails UK, lots of distant trails, mostly obscured with low cloud until sunset.

I’ve dumped lots of chemtrail pics to aid brevity here, above for 25th Dec 2018 characterises the day, that is when the sky actually cleared to allow observation after sunset. Note one third from top a veil of aluminized sky extending downwards to the horizon.






Above, 26th Dec. morning till after sunset. As mostly a HP day ruined, hazed by chemtrails. Level of activity / saturation below any fast churn of lower cloud as witnessed several times earlier in 2018. My point is that these trails do not disappear as they should, instead they add to the hazed sky, is man-made and not explained.

Below is a miscellany of more difficult to see chemtrails, but chemtrail activity all the same. All from 26th Dec 2018 north east UK.








Here below are Dec 27th chemtrails NE England … ALL of the haze is man made ie chemtrails.

chemtrail UK
27th Dec 2018 … wow look at the expansion of the chemtrail; we are being screwed.









Below, 28th Dec (Friday) late afternoon was a suprise, no chemtrail above but at a distance say ten degees above the horizon theres masses of chemtrail. This is the NNW trending flight corridor that runs above or west of the Pennine chain and looks as if it included the west coast flight path.  I travelled a few miles to get a better view, what you see below is stacked full of chemtrail, yet viewed nothing in the twenty mile perimeter of the ‘viewing cone’ here at my house.

Conforms to the up and down corridor I witnessed above here ie 22nd Dec (first pic at start of this post)… so this is perfecting a technique. The sky itself overall contained continuous light haze, certainly not clear blue as it could be. Again, a high pressure day. Chemtrail stays suspended for days (nano-particles of heavy metals we read) and so the effects are persistent long after the visible trail has disappeared.







Main pic above Fri 28th is still struggling to convey the parallel chemtrail corridor viewed over to the West. Not many ppl see distant horizons or bother to look.

29th Dec Saturday is a mild westerly wind blowing all of yesterdays west coast chemtrail over to us on the east coast …. obvious aluminized skies all morning. Some chemtrails. Short of the turmoil and fast change, I expect that in Spring. Basically otherwise another HP day that should have been clear blue sky.

30th Dec Sunday 2018 chemtrails UK … yup, low level activity chemtrail all day, I suspect signs of 28th heavy layers drifting over still in the air. Visible trails from early morning, lower cloud sometimes obscures but when a break occurs yes theres the trails. On my half-forgotten DQA reporting idea/ system I’d say …..

Duration is 9/10; Quantity is 2/10; Altered sky 3/10… DQA 9,2,3.

We can also add the barometric pressure, chemtrails seem particularly prevelant when its a high pressure day, as if intentionally to ruin the bright clear sky. Therefore DQA 9,2,3, HP.

Its continuing HP into January, the mostly cloudy days being at odds with HP. Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 under-cloud ‘ripple’ did not seem right. Remember I’ve now realised one method is that they chemtrail heavily on the west coast flightpath knowing it will drift east to my location (exactly as per the USA). Thereby not alerting the width of the UK at any two or three day period. However late Thursday afternoon at the end of glancing / looking whenever I could there was the tiniest of gap in the cloud and bingo there is a chemtrail; I had a sneaking suspicion this wld be the case. My DQA chemtrail reporting system also needs a blocked sky ie ‘NO’ not observable tag therefore Thursday wld be HP, NO. Rather clever I think … just like me ! With IO for intermittent observations. I’d prefer to disregard the observer and simplify to observable conditions or otherwise.

Its occured to me that Meteorologists will be now required to sign the Official Secrets Act, no way can anyone be involved in weather forecasting or data handling and not be required to do this.

I need other people to speak out re chemtrails, none of the professionals in the vid below sound like nutcases to me (west coast USA)  …. at 02:90 I recognise Francis Mangels, I had been unable to recall his name, he is the retired Fisheries Biologist mentioned above and has other material on youtube worth looking at, his recording the disappearance of caddisfly for instance (essential life in lakes and streams). Looking online it seems that many bloggers looking at chemtrail fizzle out.






Below is from North London, has to be seen to be believed, obscene and horrible …. an exaggerated version of what we are seeing up here in the North.