Chemtrail geoengineering 31 Oct 2019.

Chemtrail diary, UK and Europe  Рongoing.

North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.
North Sea (south) German Bight, Denmark, Bremen chemtrails.

The above image / data has just been available and so later today other layers / filters may be available to possibly enhance the above. But no doubt, these are not clouds of any natural shape or form.

Sweden …

Chemtrails Isle of Man Irish Sea bottom of capture and another batch extending Firth of Forth to Glasgow.

On the above Isle of Man / Irish Sea location, if we select the base layer aqua/MODIS we obtain

Northern Spain chemtrails …¬†

What did not show up were the half dozen very persistent chemtrails here north east England nearly all parallel but unusually open spaced high altitude corridor trending SE by NW strangely stationary for a couple of hours yet from 2:30pm until after 4:30pm consistently present and remaining dense ie not particularly breaking up or dissolving. If up there above our cloud cover there is something we shouldn’t be breathing we are certainly being fooled or compromised or both.