facebook chemtrails and an about face…

I should really search chemtrail facebook more often, near zilch to present yet heres much to confirm chemtrails are real and something to question and certainly take note of.

I’m not fighting anyone, nor creating a ‘war’ with any government, merely hoping to bring some sensible awareness that indeed chemtrails are real by bundling together my observations and useful material to strengthen my position.

In the material below we can see older (same day) hazed and aluminized sky, medium term broadening chemtrail into bands of haze and new ‘as being laid’ chemtrail.  I’ve photographed chemtrail here in NE England at night in the dark an hour or more before first light of day, which in that particular morning was so blatant I think would never have been perpetrated in daylight (pics pending).



Scouting around we find many pages or sites that fizzle out over time. I also note how few visitors or followers this material actually gathers considering how ‘big’ or apparent in the sky above the problem actually is.

Rosalind Peterson appears and I know from prior knowledge was a peculiar case of a lifetime chemtrail acknowledgement and activism and latterly a complete about-turn and denial before she passed away in Feb 2018, assuming I’ve got my facts correct of course.

Heres bits and pieces to build a picture ….

Welcome to California Skywatch



Then the bombshell from Rosalind Peterson in later life, a complete ‘about-turn’, also I’ve pasted some transcript from this specific youtube page beneath the vid below. I wish no disrespect here, merely bringing in material to form a fuller more informed discussion.

I quote …

Rosalind Peterson, founder of California Skywatch, says there’s no evidence that those trails in the sky are anything other than normal contrails, aircraft emissions. Transcript of that portion:

“We have to stick with what we can prove. We have to stay away from opinions and beliefs. And if we go to sue someone, we have to have enough rock solid evidence that is so tight to make a case so that we don’t lose the case, and that we have many many people, in other words experts in various fields, to testify on our behalf. This mean university professors, this means people that can come and back up our statements, back up the studies, where we can prove that the jets for example reduce the amount of direct sunlight reaching the earth, they change the climate.
And so what happens is, that when I see though, that we are talking about suing, … who? In other words, I find that the direct proof to link up who’s doing what …, and also I can tell you that in ten years of research, other than aluminum coated fiberglass, chaff releases by the US Military, I have no proof whatsoever that the jets are releasing anything but jet fuel emissions.
Now I can prove that the rocket programs in the United States are releasing trimethylaluminum, aluminum oxide, barium. I can prove the rocket programs in the United States are just coating us with toxic chemicals all the time. And these programs are listed at NASA, NOAA, the US Air Force, the US Navy, I mean there’s tests going on all the time. The US Navy CARE program is a prime example. So I can prove, I have so many documents I couldn’t even put them all on the internet, even if I tried, because there’s Pentagon reports, there’s all kind of reports dating back twenty, thirty years.
When it comes to proving what the jets are releasing, I don’t have the documentation, and I don’t have a single study, I don’t have a single solitary verifiable evidence that the jets are releasing anything except military releases of aluminum coated fiberglass by military aircraft.
So there’s a differentiation for me in putting my name or associating myself with something where I can’t back it up. Now if anyone has direct proof, they’ve got university studies, if you’ve got documents, government documents, if you’ve got reports, then that makes a big difference. But right now, after ten years of research, I can’t do it.”

end of quote.

All she’ll talk about is probably what is known as ‘chaff’ ie something to confuse enemy radar, a v old technique.

Disclaimer, you have to realise material online may not quite be what it purports to be, there are bound to some ppl that delight in twisting and turning the facts to suit their own viewpoint, to possibly hijack a subject and in effect attempt to misinform and damage the facts as best presented. Therefore of course, read diligently, be sure to get at the intention of the text or material; wolves in sheeps clothing etc.

Currently USA scientists and environmental experts are held in the cleft stick of shut-up or lose your funding.




How to find chemtrail / geoengineering.


Gleanings from NASA Worldview third week October 2019.

This a loose chemtrail review of the last few days, some spectacular chemtrails to be seen from NASA Worldview and also a few observed in the sky above (no pics) of chemtrail in northern England. Maybe being a consistent blogger on this means my ‘cone of view’ above is avoided.

Liverpool and Manchester chemtrails Wed 30 October 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2N10mGo
Liverpool and Manchester chemtrails Wed 30 October 2019. A lot of what you see here is man-made / chemtrail. https://go.nasa.gov/2N10mGo
Rome, Naples chemtrails Wed 30 Oct 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2qYrgGn
Rome, Naples chemtrails Wed 30 Oct 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2qYrgGn Note Italy and the Adriatic often are the target for chemtrails.

To save endlessly consuming storage, heres a link for the same day for chemtrail / geoengineering in the skies above Greece ie … Thessaloniki, Macedonia chemtrails geoengineering Wed 30 Oct 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2WvPBz8

As usual the Baltic Sea and Gdansk find chemtrail; geoengineering in the skies above … https://go.nasa.gov/2Wz2mcc

The previous day Tuesday Oct 29th we find the Mediterranean sky above Sardinia, Corsica and the Balearics to be a complete geoengineering dogs dinner ie https://go.nasa.gov/2oAb8dm

Corsica, Elba, Rome and the northern Mediterranean; lots ofchemtrail geoengineering in the skies above for 28 Oct 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/34gWE1i
Corsica, Elba, Rome and the northern Mediterranean; lots of chemtrail geoengineering in the skies above for 28 Oct 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/34gWE1i
Southern England, English Channel chemtrails in the sky above / geoengineering. https://go.nasa.gov/2Wt2M3R
Southern England, English Channel chemtrails in the sky above / geoengineering. Sunday 27th October 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2Wt2M3R

Look also to southern France trending to central Europe Sunday 27th Oct 2019 ie https://go.nasa.gov/2PxzjnW

For Saturday 26th October look at Bay of Biscay ie https://go.nasa.gov/2NvfbzU

A huge band of chemtrail for a few days ie https://go.nasa.gov/2Wrp9GJ

Offshore chemtrail geoengineering for Lisbon, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean ie https://go.nasa.gov/2MZBFKj

Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering Friday Octiober 25 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2MZCgf1
Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering Friday October 25 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2MZCgf1

Also, chemtrails northern Med, Corsica and the Ligurian Sea ie https://go.nasa.gov/2pfughb

La Rochelle, St.-Nazaire, western France Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering. https://go.nasa.gov/2MZotFf
La Rochelle, St.-Nazaire, western France, Bay of Biscay chemtrail geoengineering. October 24 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2MZotFf

Also, chemtrails Baltic Sea ie https://go.nasa.gov/36ivetF

Going back to Monday 21 Oct 2019 we find a chemtrail corridor extending across southern Scotland and into central Ireland ie https://go.nasa.gov/2q20lsT

Friday 18 Oct chemtrails geoengineering Cyprus, Rhodes, the Med ie https://go.nasa.gov/2PwWsGV

Tuesday 15 October 2019 Denmark, Lolland, Rugen chemtrails ie https://go.nasa.gov/2phL3Ag

Theres lots I’ve omitted re chemtrail geoengineering especially the big wide corridors of chemtrail activity and its mostly for where I live ie Europe.  Most links here are to the ‘spectacular stuff’, there lots I’ve missed and remember using NASA Worldview is only part of the story, often there is chemtrail activity above in the sky that NASA Worldview doesn’t display or has missed due to either afternoon and evening  chemtrails deposited after NASA sat has collected its data or real time chemtrails were far earlier in the day and nothing but indistinct haze or maybe nothing at all to be the result on NASA Worldview.


Postscript: as is my habit lets go look for chemtrail youtubes in the skies above the mentioned locations.

Chemtrails Liverpool, below.


Chemtrails Manchester, below.


Thessaloniki, below.


Chemtrail geoengineering Rome, below.


Chemtrails Napoli, below.


Chemtrail geoengineering Italy, below.


Chemtrails La Rochelle.


Chemtrail geoengineering France, below.


Can I find chemtrails ?

Yes I can, lots of them. A few weeks ago here north east England an hour before sunrise looking up it was like a Regency wallpaper at all the BIG parallel lines in the sky. This would never have been done in daylight, it really would have been too obvious. And so as with yesterday Thursday 3rd October 2019 the morning chemtrail geoengineering was a subtle yet persistent affair but by mid morning was painfully obvious ramped up to a chemtrail free-for-all in that both obvious chemtrail lines in the sky and the randomness of compass heading / directions utilised was quite insulting and yet NO-ONE seems to be savvy enough to look up and wonder what is happening. Most folk know little or nothing about such things, ie no observational experience yet quite openly and immediately will refute the phenomena known as ‘chemtrails’. General media has indeed done a good job at ridiculing such things, remember that anything chemtrail is always bundled up with nonsense and a term I detest … ‘conspiracy theories’.

Most certainly the weathermen / meteorologists must be tied and bound with the Official Secrets Act.

What I need is accurate and archived weather sat images more detailed than the obscure fuzzy offerings of   http://www.sat24.com/gb  which is near to useless for my purposes.

Maybe I need this … https://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/goes-s-next-generation-high-definition-weather-satellite-set-to-launch-forecasting-into-the-future/96497/

To recap, Thursday 3rd Oct 2019 saw obvious chemtrail activity here in NE England.

As the NASA Worldview sat image collected yesterday afternoon demonstrates as witnessed, there indeed was a visible edge to the grey blanket of morphed chemtrail aluminium visible as shown say twenty thirty miles out into the North Sea.

Europe and the UK suspected chemtrail Thursday 3 Oct 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2Ol8QJs
Europe and the UK suspected chemtrail Thursday 3 Oct 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2Ol8QJs

In my opinion and so far developed ‘eye’ to these things the outer right hand curving rim of the above weather system provides an excellent means of laying down chemtrail but what doesn’t follow through is how so much above yesterday was in random directions and also three big arcs of wide-hazing chemtrail. By lunchtime the sky had modified to a grey fug; therefore I would tend to say the above sat image is certainly data from after twelve noon.

Paris, Rheims, Luxembourg, chemtrail geoengineering 3 Oct 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2AGhWIO
Paris, Rheims, Luxembourg, chemtrail geoengineering 3 Oct 2019. https://go.nasa.gov/2AGhWIO

In the above there is both visible recent chemtrail lines in the sky which are quite obvious and previous ie two or three hour resultant grey chemtrail fug / chemtrail aluminised haze. The links are clickable, the only drawback is that there is a limit to magnifiable definition.

Latest points to note of chemtrail activity 2019 are broken / intermittent chemtrail spraying and pre-dawn chemtrails.

As is my habit, lets look for chemtrail youtubes for Paris, Reims, Luxembourg.

Climate change, a laymans guide.

I often feel there is difficulty in finding or locating the latest on climate change ie increasing methane, ice loss, feedback loops etc.

This overview by Sam Carana holds up well, succinct and eminently digestible for the layman; I am a layman.   http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/p/extinction.html

It illustrates the stacking pernicious influences which in themselves arithmetically ensure sufficiently our downfall and even for this guaranteed scenario Sam Carana plays a light touch re the inevitable compounding and accelerating positive feedback loops that will push us into a whole new series of situations. Its all a quite dire mix, highly ironic as its mainly the consumption of oil and gas from ancient diatoms that has led to our demise, taking away the fundamental first layer of oceanic food chain and 20% of the worlds CO2 >O conversion. And yet no-one has ever seen a diatom with the naked eye.

I think I’m correct in saying it was independent scientist James Lovelock that discovered the gas DMS a product of oceanic plankton and its importance. I suggest read his autobiography, an instructive blend of practical science, talent and an independent thinking mind.

Also …  https://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/feature/dms–the-climate-gas-youve-never-heard-of/

Sam Carana in a more recent post highlights the disregard paid by the latest IPCC (Sept 2019) briefing / report in which NO FIGURE IS QUOTED for the effects of subsea methane in its three forms, frozen hydrates, microbial, capped gas deposits. The IPCC are criminal in this neglect. However not as criminal as donald trump in the rolling back and eradication of decades of wise strategies to husband the planet more sensibly; but of course trump would know nothing of the natural world.


Lines in the sky.

UK chemtrail diary Fri 13th Sept 2019.

Loads of crappy lines in the sky this morning, would have to be blind or stupid or both not to notice, but hey presto …. few take notice.

NASA Worldview luckily displayed lots of lines in the sky ie chemtrails yesterday at 14:40 basically as soon as the data was available for southern England, however six hours later the criss-cross lines in the sky as revealed by NASA Worldview for southern England had disappeared.  Luckily I took a screen shot of the chemtrails at first viewing ie 14:40 hrs.

Six hours later this chemtrail pic was replaced at NASA Worldview to one with far less number of chemtrails. England chemtrails Fri 13th 2019 1440 hrs
Six hours later this chemtrail pic was replaced at NASA Worldview to one with far less number of chemtrails. England chemtrails Fri 13th 2019 1440 hrs


Here below is what we find a day later when we view retrospectively chemtrail / lines in the sky for southern England Fri 13th Sept 2019 ie my chemtrail diary.

second version of southern England chemtrails published by NASA for 13th Sept 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/31ktrBi
second version ie altered to eliminate chemtrails of southern England lines in the sky as published by NASA for 13th Sept 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/31ktrBi

On the above elimination of the lines in the sky for southern England ie chemtrail data  note slight difference in area encompassed by the screenshot.

Same day further in northern England as was most certainly obvious early and mid morning we see an obvious ‘corridor’ of chemtrail material. Chemtrails in corridor fashion is one technique as is ‘on and off’ chemtrail spraying when making a more random / any direction chemtrail performance. Another trick often used in North America chemtrail spraying is to tag onto the outer limits of a cloud system as posted here a few days ago; link pending.

Below, is heavy chemtrail action across the Irish Sea, Anglesey, Lancashire and onto the North East as captured and still remaining accessible for Fri 13th 2019.

Irish Sea chemtrails, Anglesey, Lancashire, North East England Fri 13th Sept 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2ZYt81B
Irish Sea chemtrails, Anglesey, Lancashire, North East England Fri 13th Sept 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2ZYt81B

Note I am always keen to use the particular name of the day, to try and see some rythmn to the weekly routine of chemtrails.

Heres another for that Friday, Hudson bay ie https://go.nasa.gov/31kuEsk

As is my habit lets go look for some youtubes to accompany these locations …

As the first embed narrator tells us “Its the big elephant in the room nobody is talking about”. 


Methane and climate change – the basics.

arctic-news-blogspot.com in my opinion is the ‘touchstone’ for up to date climate change info. http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/

Here is a previous post from Sam Carana that explains the methane conundrum / problem / emergency…  http://methane-hydrates.blogspot.com/2013/04/methane-hydrates.html

I can read a text based post much quicker and is a more satisfying and efficient experience than listening to a fifteen minute recap of what I could read in a text format much quicker.  Paul?

It is all irreversible, is by its own nature of interconnected climate change feedback loops irreversible. Who would have thought warming ‘dirt’ would be so dangerous!

Note also the demise of diatoms, a particular keen interest if mine; the gas DMS a product of diatoms and algae is fundamental to ocean cloud formation. We think ourselves so slick and clever but our lifestyles are anathema to this planet.


We will all know the Lena and the Ob.

Most certainly as these immense rivers bigger than we westerners can visualise every minute every day supply vast quantities of warmed water onto the East Siberian ice shelf, the home of vast up to 20km deep stored carbon in oxygenless ie anaerobic conditions; the perfect laboratory for the production of vast amounts of methane as well as a catastrophic volume of methane ready to blow. The underwater ice cap itself has luckily sealed the methane, that is now going fast as it anywhere and everywhere on the circumpolar map of the Arctic where it shows white or pale blue, theres lots.

We should also realise the rivers Yenisey and the Kolyma.

Its a simple fact even a small portion of this impending methane release will destroy all CO2 conversion as we know it and us with it, last week at last a news story carried re ocean cloud formation and plankton (DMS) … to my mind too little reporting, too light ie no mention of the irony of diatom collapse (see where our oil and gas originated) and CO2 reduction quite futile. As in the link below the IPCC report is way off target (the usual plain underestimation / reduced easier to swallow figures misleadingly put forward) … but hey … why alarm anyone or Governments when we can trundle onwards with half a smile and half a conscience.

Mostly I know where we are going and this latest s/h windows 10 acquisition seems to thwart new or latest links. I cannot listen to Paul Beckwith now, only a briefer zippier presentation could hold my interest. Names I will still google for are Prof Kevin Anderson, Prof Peter Wadhams, Prof Paul Erlich, links in order below.

Prof Kevin Anderson  … https://tyndall.ac.uk/people/kevin-anderson

Prof Peter Wadhams … http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/pw11/

Prof Paul Erlich … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_R._Ehrlich



Heres Sam Carana ie arctic-news.blogspot.



And below a screen capture and a link for Siberia, it is big, the biggest landmass and the shallowest iceshelf we could imagine. Yet who in the west until now thinks of the rivers Lena and the Ob? Note vast plumes of smoke from forest fires, zoom in to see the areas alight.

Siberia worldview screenshot 11 Aug 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2OPxvI4
Siberia worldview screenshot 11 Aug 2019 https://go.nasa.gov/2OPxvI4

I honestly don’t think I’ll be sat here in ten years time, in 2029, its quite impossible; there is just no way basic laws and interactions of physics and chemistry can be thwarted.