Chemtrails lately …

Chemtrail diary 7 Aug 2019.

Theres lots of chemtrail that are picked up on NASA worldview and many more from observations here at the homestead that worldview does not reveal. Firstly, NASA worldview screen capture is today over in Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai. There is some natural cloud formation at right of pic but most is chemtrail geoengineered and not just the distinct straight lines, more mature heavy deposition leads to a distinct colour and haze, chemtrail haze.

Chemtrail geoengineering over Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai.
Chemtrail geoengineering over Japan ie Yokohama, Kawasaki, Sendai.

Then below we can see Corsica and Sardinia are getting another blast of chemtrail geoengineering.

Corsica Sardinia chemtrails today 7 August 2019 ...
Corsica Sardinia chemtrails today 7 August 2019 …

Going back to say 4th Aug we find chemtrails over the North Sea, wash, Humber.

North Sea, Humber, Wash chemtrail geoengineering 4 Aug 2019
North Sea, Humber, Wash chemtrail geoengineering 4 Aug 2019
Bay of Biscay, Gironde, Bordeaux chemtrail geoengineering
Bay of Biscay, Gironde, Bordeaux chemtrail geoengineering 3 Aug 2019
 Rockall, Shannon, North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 1 Aug 2019
Rockall, Shannon, North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering 1 Aug 2019


What further proof could one possibly require that chemtrail geoengineering actually exists?  I shall continue to blog on chemtrail / geoengineering and please delve into the 320+ posts so far on this medley of chemtrail revelations, climate change latest and a  critique of trump that comprises ‘my blog’. My feeling re chemtrails is that any active blogger such as myself is given a wide berth, I’d say in comparison to what I witness in the previous year. However a new trick is ‘interrupted’ on and off chemtrails.

Postscript … here below a day later is a worthwhile vid. For instance listen to what the man has to say about chemtrails at …

02:05 “Todays spray job above us”

02:20 … “Does this look natural to anybody? All activists right now all we want is for you to believe us”


As foretold.

This newer replacement stack with Windows 10 does not help me get at new information so easily as XP, I feel distanced and I am not being presented the latest discussions. But then again we know where climate change is going. There is so much that is not reported, my own fascination with diatoms is central to the climate change arguament but no-one mentions them. Invisible to the naked eye, yet are responsible for 70% of the worlds oil and gas resources, (were) as oceanic algae responsible for DMS production, something which is essential for ocean cloud systems … a point which only last week is termed ‘news’ when in fact none of the scientific modelling even included !!! Beggars belief. Has no-one even remembered reading James Lovelock or have looked and learned about algae through a microscope? Diatom demise is the reason for coral reef decline.

Likewise Paris and the IPCC does not even include methane release in its (near worthless) predictions. I’ve a one-sided wager with a friend that we are the wrong side of 3 deg by end of 2026, which means catastrophe and our certain demise and my £1k will be safe, not that its going to be of any use, apart from some oxygen bottles and some synthetic food, all quite futile. trumps approach to climate change needs to be regarded as a War Crime.

Ponder on the problems of an absent or interrupted electrical supply, moving money and people, web, communications, sewage, water etc.

As an antidote to present and forthcoming stress I found this youtube v useful, I don’t have the ability (or patience) to sit quietly and watch in linear fashion, but hopping along I got what I could.

Note at night time its an all enveloping dark, and sleep comes quickly and easily. Contemplation comes easy and a good book would be treasured. Many times at my favourite place I have stood and delighted in the landscape around me as daylight turns to dusk and then to a starry night; quite magical, impressive and always a joy.

The stupidness of where we live, the lies.

trump and his many pronged attack on decency
trump and his many pronged attack on decency, truth and a forward moving, inclusive and enlightened society…

Yup …

Lier-in-Chief installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue indeed must assume all human beings are far beneath him. This is not conjecture, it is observable fact.

We are indeed witnessing the base layer of ‘the swamp’.

trump continues to attempt to ridicule others (note I deny him upper case) … but in fact he barefacedly denigrates himself to garbage day after day.

My utmost sympathies and ongoing strength to his victims.

trump should in fact should be tried for War Crimes once this sham debacle works its way to an honest conclusion, his refusal and downright utter refusal to incorporate ‘climate change’ into official USA scientific vocabulary is indeed a crime to Humanity.

And yet Pence the Eunuch stands in attendance.

Thank God for Free Journalism.



How to find chemtrails …

…easy answer is to look up; also NASA worldview gives some inconclusive hints  and look at youtube and twitter etc for fellow irritated citizens and mainstream medias refusal to recognise / acknowledge what is going on. Why? What for … I don’t know.

Last few days not much above from here in NE England, but today Wednesday 3rd July 2019 its a bit more active chemtrail and a bit more obvious. Likely chemtrail locations are Bay of Biscay, English Channel, Irish Sea, North Sea, Denmark, Baltic Sea.

I’ve some pics here from chemtrails above but short of time, quick screen captures will suffice for now …

chemtrail geoengineering North Atlantic 3 July 2019.
chemtrail geoengineering North Atlantic 3 July 2019.

In the above the arching trail of ‘modified weather’ starts lower left to extend to upper right, generally six hundred miles west of Ireland. It is in the nature of chemtrail / geoengineering to ‘bolt it on’ in many instances to existing weather patterns. Sort of elementary when one thinks abt it, wld be really moronic to do otherwise. But, from ground level as here today theres nothing to bolt it onto in my say thirty mile cone of view and so its obvious whats happening but the sheeple cannot assimilate such things, general media have done a good job at ridiculing people such as myself.

Below, lets get some convincing detail from the general pic above …

Detail North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering Wed 3 July 2019.
Detail North Atlantic chemtrail geoengineering Wed 3 July 2019.

Note chemtrail can age and drift according to when deposited.

Below is yesterday, south of Ireland, in sea area Fastnet and Sole.

Sea area Fastnet, Sole, chemtrail geoengineering Tuesday 2 July 2019.
Sea area Fastnet, Sole, chemtrail geoengineering Tuesday 2 July 2019.

I cannot find any results for youtubes re sea areas Fastnet and Sole, so heres worthwhile chemtrail / geoengineering evidence casting a wider net …

Lines in the sky …

UK chemtrail diary 17th June 2019. Its been quiet for a month, some days nothing (as per last May) some days just little bits as per last year, now its chemtrail gone mad. Concensus now is that they are drones, no need for a hand on the wheel when remote and pre-programmed can serve just as well, I’m guessing and possibly correct. Also, NASA worldview helps but is not conclusive. Note pic middle right below, how can anyone refute ‘the lines in the sky’ are in any form legitimate???


I’m so very glad I record what I see above from here in north east England, I would be an utter fool to let this go unrecorded. But so few if anyone takes any effort to document this obscenity, taysidechemtrails and scottishchemtrails are other lonely voices, likewise youtube ie a few clips then often the author doesn’t bother anymore. Its mostly hopeless pointing this out to anyone that cannot take the time to ‘consider’, luckily my new g/f has taken little time to quite rightly realise that these things, lines in the sky ie chemtrail geoengineering are cause for concern.

Note below is later in the day, less distinct lines and now mostly a general spread or haze of what was deposited earlier.


And the final batch below, of pics of chemtrail geoengineering north east England all for one day in June Monday 17th. Not intermittent observation as like with other people I have things to do, a life to lead.

The next part of my covering this single day of UK chemtrail activity is to look at NASA worldview and look around Europe to find any hints as to chemtrails and geoengineering.

Heres a link for the 17th June 2019 worldview and I’d guess nearly all of the SW – NE trending ‘cloud’ is chemtrail.

A day later it also looks suspicious ie chemtrail geoengineering; a very man-made sky and artificial cloud and weather system over the North Sea  ie

North Sea NASA worldview sat pic of v definite chemtrail geoengineering 18th June 2019 ...
North Sea NASA worldview sat pic of v definite chemtrail geoengineering 18th June 2019 …

For instance for the day previous to the 17th again the North Sea and Firth of Forth got hammered with man-made cloud and weather manipulation. ie

To sum up June 17th 2019 heres my DQA reporting system … DQA 7; 7; 7; AS (altered sky).

Hint:  roam around Europe and click to change the daysetting. Areas that get hammered with geo-engineering are Irish Sea, North Sea, sea area south of Ireland, sea area west of ireland, northern France, Biscay, sea area west of Portugal, central Med, Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, Black Sea. Later in the year i reckon look to northern France to Bremen, Denmark. See all my many previous posts to see a tie-in with youtubers that all adds to the convincability of my arguament that the lines in the sky …  ‘amount to something’.





I fear for and of Greenland …

Any google search for  ‘Greenland ice melt latest’  brings nothing but a picture of accelerated melting, which we knew fine well would happen and the much bandied around ‘by year 2100’ was just a load of baloney.


lines in the sky, trump, whacky UK politics …

Friday and at most breaks in the lower cloud here north east England I can see chemtrail. Several previous days of dark cloud and rain forbid any such sightings. And as per last year this time ie middle May to June we seemed to be given a break from such things. So I guess from now on here in north east England it’ll be busier for seeing lines in the sky and yes next morning Saturday its an aluminised sky and at first opening of my eyes …. chemtrail.

Britain is going down the pan, the comedical notion of even a summer recess for politicians when they should be working overtime is tragic farce. All sort of pointless anyway when one observes the mire of Parliament; sense, good reason and getting things done has evaporated to leave partisan self-interest, obstruction and pandering to a very questionable four percent swing that does not warrant both the present and forthcoming turmoil. Brexit will be the death of so much of UK industry and financial, you can wave goodbye to the UK car industry and its supply chain. I actually think Theresa May did as best as could be done with such an emotive intractable conundrum as Brexit and shame upon Corbyn for basically doing nothing but harp, carp and obfuscate.

trump waves good bye to another liar, SHS …. and this week his talk of welcoming dirt from foreign interests unglues his many months of denying he never colluded. trump certainly brings nothing but shame and scandal to the Office of President, even to the hallowed and famous desk which for a small number of hours each week he seats himself, not reading anything, disregarding experts and phoning buddies as if still a teenager. Wheres Ivanka and Melania? … oh yes they are in make-up, wardrobe, spa, sauna, beautician, hairdresser, bespoke fitting, therapist, dietician, grooming, personal shopper etc etc etc …..

Click to enlarge and get an eye to what can be seen on NASA worldview, its not conclusive, never is but its better than nothing.

North Sea and the Irish Sea got hammered today, chemtrail geoengineering. 14 June 2019 ...
North Sea and the Irish Sea got hammered today, chemtrail geoengineering. 14 June 2019 …

Also, look toward the Arctic … (link only).

Theres also some chemtrail in the Baltic, some west of Sweden …

Lastly, a well presented resume of the fix we are in re climate change, presenting well the idea that not all inhabitants of this planet are hooked into cars and consumerism. Note the harrowing information that Albatross will bring anything red back to their chicks ‘as food’ including red plastic Coca-Cola bottle tops.

At 12:30 below we see the opened gut of a dead Albatross full of plastic crap.