Open debate re trump the conman.

Makes for worthwhile viewing, Carl Cameron has the juice!

Note the distinction he wishes to be made clear, Fox opinion hosts are not Fox News, the latter he stresses as journalists that make journalistic effort, to quote Carl “Bust a gut to strike fair balance in their reporting.” I cannot vouch for this, I do not have Fox News but Carl Cameron whatever is worth listening to.

But it is a frightening fact that the opinion hosts both cheer lead and help form the opinions held by trump himself. Look at Hannity and trump speaking most nights before bedtime, as if both are reporting in to sum up the day, its progress or lack of it and where next. This is dialogue that should occur with Oval Office briefings, meetings and dialogue with top notch experts, not tv folk; trump likes the easy ‘tv way’. Yet realise so much of trump is tv, his inputs, his view of the world, his earlier training on his reality show ‘the Apprentice’, he both milks it and platforms/ performs from it.

From this it is obvious trump policy, mindset and forward vision is very much tv shaped. And of course the other twisted old white men of Industry and Business that have vested interests, ever mindful to protect and nurture their special interests form the remainder of his input. It is human nature to do so for ornery folk, but with trump as President his game should much excel this ordinary existence, sadly and lamentably this so-called presidential operational level is without the air and light of intellect, knowledge or real world experience, ie Diplomatic outreach, beneficial overseas programmes; looking after the less fortunate, working along with, beneficial trade. All are incomprehensible to trump. A trillion to the already super-rich is not caring for society as a whole. Inclusivity is a term trump would be unable to grasp or explain.