Climate, news, trump …

Its all interconnected.

Its hard to know with trump what is the greater crime, his apparent denial of climate change, his deliberate and wilful inversion of truth or his desire to control the news. Blame equally rests with the Republican Party, to allow such mindset to rot and eat away at decent honest values.

All of these things are crimes. Much too important to let some barely literate showman steer the course.

Heres an article today that exposes the frustration of news reporters over at  Fox, a news channel much criticised for its pro-trump stance and often unwilling and unable to reveal the bigger picture of what actually IS going on. A sort of myopia. Any news channel that regularly invites the opinion of Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton and promotes that opinion as widely held is most certainly failing its viewers. Yet as explained, its far easier and at lower cost to ask such as Sebastian Gorka or John Bolton for a front of camera interview than use traditional reporters digging out the facts. Maybe it helps ratings when viewers see ‘famous’ heads talking the familiar spiel, its a no-brainer to merely accept such nonsense. So much that is projected is angled, nuanced, worded to make it all the more acceptable to the ordinary voter as in the old adage … ‘Give em what they want’.  There is an obsession with market share, quantifiable numbers and data, not to see the activities of man as righteous and noble but maximising clicks, viewers, votes. So no wonder shit floats to the stop.