Insanity of bbc radio weather forecasting ….

Beautiful afternoon, so quiet, peaceful, nourishing ….  walking along beloved and known country lanes bathed in sunlight.  As if a fine wine, an elixir.

Yet bbc radio news tells us that rain will cease (never has been) and a cold night (yes) will follow.

If I was to plan my life according to the nonsense of bbc radio weather ie north east England …. then I wld be wasting my life. Its often been the case, a decade and two ago when keen to paint my window frames I soon cottoned on to the fact that whatever the weather bods forecast was mostly to be ignored.

Look out the window, trust your instincts.

QQ Photo20161228194407
totally irrelevant by 20C but a cute image anyway …..all the way from China.

Almost forgotten a penpal on qq  … a quite useful and interesting medley of random contacts that never were irrelevant, all worthwhile.