Things microscopic …

Exc pic of chalk as per White Cliffs of Dover … coccolithophores.


A man that is fascinated with such things and he too talks of diatoms – a vast genus that will prove so crucial to this planets unfortunate demise as we know it, for instance symbiosis with coral reef ie Bryozoans and its the exploitationof ancient oil and gas from diatoms ( 70% originates from diatoms) that with cruel irony is our demise. Diatoms produce DMS a gas discovered by James Lovelock in the 1970’s that is fundamental in weather systems / cloud formation out in the oceans, likewise diatoms provide 20% of the worlds CO2 to O conversion. And invisible to the naked eye. No expensive microscope, a secondhand students microscope set to low mag ie x100 will do all you want.

and from the above wiki we get a link to DMS ….

Interesting to see Lynn Margulis, i have a most fascinating book here, beautifully illustrated bought say twenty years ago ‘What is Life’ exploring the ideas of Ernst Shrodinger and his book of three quarters of a century ago. Note Sagan as in wife of Carl.

Another book, important and packed with knowledge is James Lovelock ‘Gaia’ a most incredible Independant Scientist, i’ve also his autobiography a very interesting read, easy too. But the Gai I have here suffers from too much colour in its explanations, more confusing than helpful in many cases. Never mind, i’m sure James Lovelock can hardly be held responsible once the publishers get their hands on it.


Chemtrails UK today …

Its Sunday 8th April and I stupidly slept in, first observation and pic taken at 0745 … v obvious chemtrails and 50% – 60% of hazing taking effect. At 0900 completely fugged / hazed. One would never have guessed what had been happening, neither would my neighbours. And I can tell my garden is suffering, peculier leaf burn too.

I decided to use my brain and went to online aircraft radar and yup what I see above leaving chemtrail is what I can see on the screen circa 0805. Lets assume theres no disparity, nothing covert or concealed other than the non-admittance to what, frequency and likely outcome of so much nano particle aluminium, barium, strontium, etc and its effects on green growing things as well as humans and bees etc.

So I invented a trick, using x36 replay from 0535 until 0741 and even in our liddle iddy biddy map of remote England I sketched a full x300 flight paths in the two hour playback, probably more as they are coming incredibly ‘thick and fast’ ! I was flabbergasted and to be honest frightened. Any CO2 stays with us forever and this proves the aviation lobby and the use of aviation is utterly obscene. Its ironic really, the only populations on this Earth that COULD live sustainably ie Thirld World poor are in fact the very populations that will be lost when sea level rises and food production fails. Which will happen quite soon.

James Lovelock at the end of his book ‘Gaia’ tells us that putting humans in charge of climate change is like putting a goat in charge of the garden.

To quote James Lovelock …”I would sooner expect a goat to succeed as a gardener than expect humans to become responsible stewards of the Earth” unquote.

Consumerism, advertising, pre-packaged foods, airflights, our love affair with motor transport and distribution, fragmented multiple duplication of parcel delivery, consolidation and centralisation of production, plastic ‘everything’, the un-wholesome endless Economic reach for growth and profits, white men in the boardroom, hubris ….  all these things appear to be unstoppable and contribute to our downfall. And meanwhile trump fiddles  ….


Realise also the GM crops (non-fertile seed so even the poorest farmer has to go back every year for more) have patents written as being tolerant of unbonded ‘free’ aluminium as per chemtrails.



Above is at least x300 counted flightpaths in two hours early Sunday morning northern UK 0535 – 0741BST. Interesting to see set patterns or routine corridors. Above is using a whiteboard marker with set at x36 speed replay. Its all free. No wonder I see so many to the south, we are at the intersection. Interestingly without the free online radar I would never ever have guessed at so much airborne activity from what is visible to me. Would be interesting to plot per hour in 24.


That is NOT natural.

Lets look around  …


Postscript: Twelve hours later in the evening I try a re-run and the radar replay is not working. A full twenty four hours later I replay the two hour plot and exclude edge of horizon activity to the west ie anything left of centre, which I wld assume wld give me say half ie  x150 flightpaths (this time not counting anythat land within the one airport in the frame. Curious difference, count is now around thirty three only ie a tenth and nothing in the centre of the scren and likewise nothing in what were dense activity. Heres the pic of the plots …. a supposed exact re-run of the initial plot.


Forget about what was on the left, same time period, same map configuration; upper right hand is what I’m concerned about, everything right of logo.

To communicate this data as a grid start zero in left upper. One solitary path for at left 3 down to 10 easting at top, when yesterday two hours maybe 20 or 30 on that path alone, all spaced a little not the exact same line travelled. Ditto 5 easting from bottom to 6 easting top one flight indicated when there would be thirty.

Etc etc  … a vast anomoly.

Which replay is correct ??

As far as I can see no-one has done the whiteboard marker before.

This is an experiment that needs to be conducted a few times more. For instance all over haze early on, at 0800 brightening to blue so …. (wait for it)  … chemtrails starting to the south toward the local city.


Postscript 17th May 2018. Regarding media manipulation. Maybe half a dozen times to different people I’ve pointed upwards to the sky not really getting anywhere and today it was a revelation.

“Oh you don’t believe in that mind control” ….


“Of course not but what I am saying is that those straight lines that haze and merge are not conventional aircraft trails, they’re full of aluminium and organic growers are having problems with it, its also why California burned the way it did.”

(Remember …. Monsantos GM patents include aluminium resistance).

So who the heck is talking abt mind control? As with the first two people I mentioned this to and avid Fox News fans, as I did determine from that encounter there is concious effort to broadcast material that ridicules the ‘look at the chemtrail activists’. That indeed is nasty and explains why its so difficult to get ppl to look up and take notice. Thats why its so difficult, they have been set against any such enquiry by it being framed in the media as a crackpot notion. Framed to automatically be seen as a nutcase enthusiasm. You see, theres no tv in this house so how wld I know their prior knowledge is so affected, so conditioned to ridicule my concern?





Interconnectedness of weather systems.

Every day or two I broach the subject of climate change with whoever / anyone and its hard for ‘ornery folk to realise how complex and interconnected are the effects of increased CO2 therefore global warming and the impact on weather systems, including Jet Stream, ocean circulation, Arctic ice loss, plankton, food chain disruption and collapse etc etc.

This morning we hear on UK radio news that the ocean circulation systems and pathways could well be for a greater disruption and modification that previously realised.  see second link below. Here in the UK we depend upon the Gulf Stream to keep us away from anything like Siberian winters.

Its difficult for many at first to comprehend the interconnectedness of all this and the speed at which all of this is happening. Each system is subject to increasing ‘positive’ (ie disastrous) feedback, in turn influencing each other as further feedback which again spirals to further interconnectedness, feedback, change, feedback, change etc etc. Its as if some perhaps malevolent higher force has decided to hit the ‘wipe’ button.

page 4 – degrees of warming.


Two degrees in all reality in my opinion will soon appear as wishful thinking. The Arctic is already at 10-12 deg C warmer and the Antarctic is also melting faster than scientists thought possible, with massive as yet invisible undercutting by warming sea water into the ice massif itself.  But its not ‘how we feel’ as humans in a warmer environment it is the effect upon individual and cascading and interconnected feedback loops and weather systems and hard to believe they could be so sensitive! Each exacerbates the other. Already the jet stream is looping over and crossing the Arctic, also looping onto and below the Equator, this should not be happening! This all brings about a much changed situation and all for the worst, none of hundreds of points of consequence is a move for the better. We have lost sea ice, therefore turbulence increases, subsea permafrost releases increased methane and there are vast deposits that at the moment are relatively stationary of this most unwelcome visitor at 20-100 fold the potency of CO2 depending upon timescale.

It is shameful and sad that a distorted White House is heeding so easily the lobbying of the soon to be extinct coal and oil industries ie companies wanting to extract whatever profits remain to be made and contrary to the will and desire of the worlds population. The American Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, with Scott Pruitt has been gutted and castrated, scientists dismissed or placed in menial or irrelevant job positions and no free exchange of information; the denial of the facts, of data. Even the term ‘climate change’ is banned. This is chaos and evil of the order of magnitude that would serve as storyline for a Marvel  comic; theres no limit to where trump will  get his claws into and wreck all good sense.

Last year ie 2017 dipped below the upwardly curving mean, so in all probability 2018 will see many horrible weather events.

All this will happen much quicker than most mainstream predictions want to forecast as ‘likely’. For instance what the IPCC forecasted as total loss of summer Arctic sea ice as 2080 is already here.

Here experts discuss the need and likelihood of getting down to a 2deg C limit  ….

James Lovelocks book ‘Gaia’ as mentioned in I think page two here on my blog is a most valuable primer for the layman. If you can read it and understand and memorise it then you will be able to take part in many and most discussions re climate change. He discovered the gas DMS the product of oceanic plankton and which influences planetary cloud formation; a man of breadth as well as depth. His biography is a most fascinating read, originally self taught, naturally talented; NASA have utilised him as an independant scientist. Here below he tells us that with the loss of Arctic sea ice the absorption rate will escalate and heat the worlds oceans as much or more than all or any CO2 emissions. Ice in a sense was our ally, it reflected sunlight.


see also ….