trump and his pantomime …

Quite an accurate comparison, we certainly have a full cast.

trump Friday as usual swims against – no that is too dynamic a word – feebly, limply  utters the usual predictable contradiction to world opinion for what went on in the Embassy with a now dead  journalist. He tries so hard to sound authorative but sounds like a weekend dad putting forward the usual empty promises. He has probably the worlds most powerful and comprehensive Intelligence organisations to provide data but they go unheeded and are belittled and disregarded. That is because their abilities, level of performance etc are something trump despises. Its also because only they can keep tabs on him and get a real view as to how entangled he is with Russia and Russian money.

He’s trying so hard to appear the big man, to have the angle. His favourite press chat lately being to the whirr of the helicopter waiting to whisk him away to his golf course, to hold Court on his terms for the weekend. I couldn’t care less about him but he certainly should not be a President.  He’s a Presider, nothing else.  Being a President matters not one jot to him, playing the idiot pantomime character whilst everyone else is scurrying around doing their own thing and the villains gaining advantage every minute. Or like some buffoon in a traditional childrens pantomime when everyone is screaming “Its the Russians its the Russians” … yet this old dame acts and speaks nonsense … unheeding to anything obvious to everyone else.

to recap  …

  • two hours alone with Putin, no minutes kept this is treason.
  • destruction of world trade agreements, no valid reasoning.
  • denigration of established world security, NATO etc.
  • introducing trade tariffs where no-one wins, US farmers will be hard hit.
  • Puerto Rico most ineptly handled…..
  • a thoroughly ignorant denial of Climate Change.
  • every insult hurled is most applicable to himself….
  • the world is screaming ‘Its the Russians’ and Donald is deaf ….
  • only past experience is immense financial comfort, tax avoidance on a massive scale, reality tv and selling his name as a franchised brand.
  • a six times bankrupt, as reliable as a slithering snake.
  • creating chaos as in evil.
  • destruction of much that has taken many people years to build and implement, environment, healthcare, human rights, equality etc etc.
  • denial of free speech, denigration of a Free Press, veering to Fascism.
  • insulting to all women, a deliberate denigration of ppl of colour.
  • lies, fakery and obfuscation on a massive scale.
  • trying to turn America into a tribal angry country (this is Bannon)  anxiety, again chaos.
  • trump applauds thuggery and ignorance.

That is one heck of a record, a negative record.


trump and his multi-pronged attack on decency and morals …..


Kanye West ….

Poor man,  I feel so sorry for him.

Totally out of his depth, thinking that trumps outward projection for mass consumption ie tv Showman ‘straight from the hip’ antics were the real thing and Kanye responded accordingly. Sadly perhaps he was incapable of anything else, I cannot determine as I’ve never seen him perform, never heard him speak before and have never read anything about him. He must feel like shit this morning.

Was that Ivanka at trumps left, looking very ‘white’ … using fashion to make a point.

Very odd that trump wanted the media in on the encounter. I have a feeling the lunch soon after went quickly.

As with I assume most people I couldn’t bear to watch more than a minute or so. trumps body language was quite something. I wonder how much the Administration knew of the likely outcome beforehand?

I’m thinking that all this was a set-up, all staged to push an image that plays to the requirements of the bitter, twisted and regressive GOP.  No wonder trump has been chuckling to himself these last few days.

Pots of money and endless to-ing and fro-ing from restaurants and ‘leisure lifestyle’ does NOT a life make; the photo-op is not the reason we are on this planet surely? He needs calming and some work on what he probably missed at school, to work with pen and paper, write his thoughts down and see how they re-read to himself, to realise where one stands with ones abilities; to dip into books, to follow an exposition or arguament on paper, or even go to youtube and listen to for instance Noam Chomski. This comes back full circle as to my saying for years that all kids would benefit from the study of ‘rhetoric’ at school.

I think now there will be many homes all over the USA seeing the need to make more effort at Education. Maybe Kanye has done some good after all.


postscript two days later …Kanye to my mind showed a life too (web) connected, a life removed from real practical work that can help to keep us grounded; too tied in to the American projected ideal of a ‘leisure lifestyle’.  He needs to work with his hands, not just hang around poolside with girls and not some government ‘make believe’ programme but real working people whose livelihoods depend upon getting things done, maybe market gardening for fruit and veg or even high quality grounds maintenance. A couple of hours hand weeding and edging lawns will focus the mind, I am talking from thousands of hours of my own practical experience. To garden is useful and valuable and if he could find talented focused people to work with so much the better. At present a case of idle hands perhaps.

To work with animals, Riding for the Disabled actually stems from the First World War when working with horses was the only thing that could ‘reach’ shell shocked and damaged men when they returned.

I certainly would not allow the so-called professionals to get involved (from what I’ve seen here in the UK) ….  free form art therapy for instance is the last thing he needs right now unless its to develop hand eye co-ordination the old fashioned way, to aim to a standard ie to throw a pot well.  Theres lots of young men out there that would be challenged to complete simple tasks to a high standard, to stay focused, to make the effort. Theres too much idle chatter.

Learn a poem! Reciting fifty and a hundred times to get the thing embedded into ones mind makes us look at every word and phrase from every possible angle. I’m sure there are cleverer people than us that have lived on this planet and their words can teach us, enlighten us.

And what else, go trekking or backpacking for a long weekend. Go fishing with a mentor. Most kids now have no sense of history or the art that can telescope us back to past times, I really enjoy looking at old etchings and engravings, for Kanye I’d say use books, but not walking gallery visits, at least not until much later;  books to help him to sit down and focus.

Get away from the pool, get away from restaurants; cook your own food, garden, make things, read, learn, study, attend to nature. These are what I do.

I wish him well.

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