Corbyn is a many headed snake …

Corbyn is so predictable, today Saturday we hear Corbyn wants teenage trainees to receive the full adult minimum wage ie UK politics, ie Labour the working mans party (supposedly).

What fantasy world does Corbyn inhabit?

How so obvious can he be to harvest votes fom the unwitting?

All this nonsense emanates from addressing a pre-21 focused rally today. It is all so predictable. As predictable as his twee little blue battle bus as he ups the ante and says it like it is in his beloved public appearances.

I feel sorry for Theresa May with Brexit, her hoping that negotiating with this woolly nonsensical and ultimately impractical Corbyn will give her the arithmetical clout to push Brexit forward. It can never be!

Visualise, you are a small business owner, extra help/ manning sort of handy / essential but from day one you are to be paying some gauche slow motion unkempt twit the full hourly rate !!

To hear the incompetence and unreality of Labour listen to Dianne Abbot.

Nuff sed.