Checking on chemtrails.

UK chemtrail diary Monday 12 Aug 2019. North East England.

The whispy , streaky sky yesterday morning (Monday) indicated an aluminized sky, chemtrail I suspect being deposited to drift in and alter the chemistry of the sky above. This often happens, as does chemtrails being chopped short and an ‘on and off’ type chemtrail / geoengineering technique being employed of late.

Six hours later when NASA Worldview imagery appears on my screen I am proven correct, in the screen capture below from NASA worldview there is the evidence! Worldview is not infallible, it can be a leaky sieve re exposing chemtrail but its a worthwhile 50% chance I reckon.

North Sea chemtrails 12 Aug 2019
North Sea chemtrails 12 Aug 2019

Note above how the chemtrails DO NOT fly over land, its an ‘all at sea’ performance. You will sea lots of chemtrail sprayed over the sea, ie Baltic, Biscay, sea area Shannon, sea area Rockall, chemtrails on the English Channel, all are easy to find. Also chemtrails over Corsica and Sardinia and the northern Adriatic are also of late easy to find.

postscript: day following ie today Tuesday three or four big and significant chemtrails early morning (NE England here) hence a ‘whitening/ hazing’ of the sky above.