A clear sky …

… warrants a blog post. I am here in north east England.

So seldom we get a clear blue sky during daylight, I mean clear not just hazy chemtrailed clear’ish hint of blue … that you know is not the real clear sky we used to know. I have pics too, its that big an event. I suppose with the May Cumulus it would be insane to try and do otherwise, to ruin it after all the chemtrail bods as blatant as they can be still need to convey a sense of ‘normal’ … the chemtrail people / contractors tend to work with / tuck in with what is displayed on the wx satellites.

This mornings NASA worldview for Sat 4th May 2019 reveals Yellow Sea, China, Japan are being chemtrailed / geoengineered today ie in my opinion formed from a hundred hours self taught imaginative interpretation.

chemtrail geoengineering suspected Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2DJxj4X

Lets draw back from the above for an overall picture …

chemtrail geoengineering yellow sea China Japan 4 May 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm
chemtrail geoengineering Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm


Also look to Aland, southern Finland as shown NASA worldview 13:50 BST. Lets find youtubes from these geographical locations …

Below from the same channel as above I see we both agree in how we interpret NASA worldview for chemtrail geoengineering.






Chemtrail diary 1st April 2019.

We are now onto BST here in England, my dog doesn’t realise its a sixty minutes disjoint in his demanding ‘hund fodder’, but it still feels bloomin’ early. He’s old and he ‘wants’ all the time, always was a difficult dog, its tiring. Some days better than others, we have our routines, cooking etc which helps compartmentalise his ‘wanting’ and also the better mornings are when I have a near continuous dialogue with him, the words seem to feed him.

0700 BST (tho my mind is keen to tell me its 0600GMT)…  significant chemtrail above, strong and hazing, say 6-8off visible at any point. Also a distinct ‘turn-on’ of chemtrail visible in a flight as pictured below. Its a high pressure (HP) day so odds are high its will be ‘a chemtrail biggie today’, last big chemtrail day was a Saturday 23rd March just over a week ago ie https://climate-change-briefing.com/2019/03/23/three-dozen-by-0900/

I can hear them flying above, but the chemtrail bods are those much higher, near silent. With global warming its going to be near impossible to get both individuals and corporations to throttle back on air travel. Like SUVs and a beef diet it will take some ‘cracking’. My latest crackdown/improvement here at the hacienda is to wash by hand and drip dry, works fine!

In my opinion the chemtrail people have now realised how to stop short of the dreadful ‘aluminized churn’ witnessed here three or four mornings last year, was quite obscene, lower brown reaction clouds, fast churn etc.  Realise too it can be random, or corridor, or nothing visible in your own cone of view but laid say corridor fashion close to or over the horizon. West coast chemtrail USA to drift mid western has been going on for many years we read from many sources. Look at youtube and be sure to include a place name in the search box.

Okay its another thirty minutes, I’d better lok out, I’ll be missing the action …

… its potent chemtrail up there today ….. you f###### b#####ds.

07:45 BST … theres a horrible bank of very dark cloud coming in from the west, I can only assume laid over to the west yesterday, yes nasa worldview indicated as such over the Irish Sea and shipping areas Fastnet and Shannon. Already the open sky is mostly hazed and significantly subdued fom its earlier bright blue, I’d say 50% lost / obscured of this bright HP day. To what extent is this hindering agricultural production?  Realise that Monsanto worldwide have patents that include their GM crops being specifically resistant to free-borne aluminium. Free-borne / unattached aluminium is extremely rare (non-existant?) in nature. Last year the only clear sky was a fortnight before the Royal Wedding. A sunlight recorder read in conjunction with data ten and twenty years ago would be a useful move. Also I read, ozone is destroyed by geo-engineering ie chemtrails.

pics and worldview to follow as the day progresses …

0800 BST north east England, thats it! …  sun soon to be obscured, very dense dark what i assume to be aluminized cloud drifting over to the east coast. I’m glad I witnessed this, at a guess twenty significant chemtrails now obscured and this morning quite potent ie a lot of ‘material’. An hour later i can hear high alt aircraft which possibly are still laying chemtrail.

0940 BST and the grey canopy is thinning / moving out over the north Sea. looking at weather sat i will be able to determine how many hours for Shannon / Fastnet chemtrail to reach us. So lets look at the pics up till the arrival of the obscuring bank of grey cloud 0800 …




11am BST Monday, camera now cleared for the remains of the day, at any time at least ten chemtrails visible in the sky above, limited cone of view say twenty mile diameter max because of the semi-urban ie built landscape around me.

noon / one o’clock … sky now back to oppressive grey, immobile too, not moving anywhere; same all afternoon and hence i can hear aircraft but cannot see the chemtrail result good or bad. Here below remaining photographs from later morning, its tricky to capture a distinct image of widening hazing chemtrail.

A day later Tuesday we hear on bbc r4 morning news of increased charges for polluting vehicles entering London (okay i understand) the Mayor so determined to clean up the air; on my last visit eighteen years ago i thought it cleaner anyway, much cleaner than twenty years previous in 1980. A point he made is that they have now determined children are only developing smaller sized lungs, smaller lung capacity … surely the problem there is screen time !! … no-one plays outside, no-one hops and skips, no-one chases a ball. THAT IS the problem. The little mites are ferried to and fro in mummys SUV. My BS meter is starting to twitch …

Kids are unable to apply themselves, cannot complete a task, have poor hand eye co-ordination with any implement or tool, have no interest or realisation of the value of books, their content. I assume their handwriting and sketching skills must be several years behind.

Point is, what about all the crap up in the sky, the chemtrails? That is certainly one big polluter they will NOT be talking about  ….

Lets try and find a few chemtrail youtubes for London to round off this one day post. remember to add a location or city to the search box, general terms only yield v limited results.

UK weather modification – more of it…

Today Fri 23rd Feb they are going crazy, looking out of doors at 0855 was too late, already many of the chem trails had drifted and joined together. I’ve started to learn about ‘weather’ so I can say with a certain cockiness at the moment we are experiencing high pressure and therefore calm bright blue skies or SHOULD have been blue, its all hazy and many multiple streaks at all angles across the sky. I wonder how many years this has been going on in my own backyard because from years of briefly looking and hoping to catch a bright blue afternoon for me and my canine pal its nearly always turned dull/ hazy. Yesterdays chem trails were late afternoon, today its early morning and continuing and still being spewed four hours later; remember, this stuff destroys ozone, its use cannot be justified. Its one in the afternoon now and all bright blue clear sky has gone, a peculier colour to the clouds and yet still more chem trails being deposited !! Damn them.

Heres a top quality link ….


The ‘combatting climate change’ does not stack up here in NE England as any viable reason for these shenanigans, we don’t have any Arctic ice here, nor methane laden permafrost. We need bright blue skies for crops, for solar panels, we are being denied them. We need bright blue skies to make flowers open and serve for bees. This year is a continuing decline for now its looking to be no bees, so far none have been observed visiting my masses of already open spring flowering bulbs. This is catastrophic. I shall look more frequently but it looks like all the valuable pollen is going unused.

You mention geoengineering to people, chem trails, aluminium, barium, suspected childhood autism, loss of solar power, ozone depletion, reduced crop performance etc and its quite shocking how peoples minds are so ‘switched off’. They refute any such things yet have read nothing or next to nothing on the matter and hardly use their eyes or minds. I cannot stand the term ‘conspiracy theory’!

We read that Monsanto have monopolies on patented crops and are delighted to step in when drought or adverse weather render traditional crops useless, anywhere in the world. Remember GM crops do not produce viable seed, you must go back to them and buy again every year. Because only Monsanto have the product ie disease and drought resistant varieties it will soon become the only version that will survive and yield. Organic growers already are reporting only half the output as compared with ten years ago.


This is unrolling as a massive subject, weather manipulation, false reasons for doing it, chem trails, GM stepping in with the only viable food, to my mind ‘the only story in town’ so to speak.


Below is a sane and valuable video, it is very worthwhile, contributors are various ie qualified professionals, hands on farmers, retired scientists  …

Note acidification is a result of weather modification, drastic changes in pH; it might be interesting for me to get back up to the Breamish at Ingram and take some plankton samples, maybe I can observe a reduction in the twenty years since I last did such things.

An important mover in getting ppl to wake up  .. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ads/dane-wigington/

I need also now to spend a couple of hours getting some basic meteorology ie pressure systems, weather fronts etc. I’ve a book here in this house somewhere on that exact subject, found in a skip twenty years ago at work, fancy throwing a book away!